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varicocele testicular cancer

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Resolved Testicular varicocele can cause cancer? I just posted it has a post shopping said, scared me, everyone who knows the truth tell me, have I left . reward points: 30 -
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Varicocele causes testicular cancer? I just posted it has a post shopping said, scared me, everyone who knows the truth tell me, have I left varicocele, left testis had a number of smaller, but now suddenly increased, how is this going? This had not always touch it is not? Thank you, get out of medicine care. Asked by: cell phone users know that the best answer
â‘´ mild: In general, varicose veins can not see or touch, and only appears when increased abdominal pressure. 2
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Varicocele a half months after surgery, very long shopping street to accompany his girlfriend, also a relatively long time to open a motorcycle ~ just touched the surface of some blood vessels under the testicular 2009-10-23

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varicocele testicular cancer

Patients suffering from varicocele, the blood stasis, testicular temperature will rise, thereby affecting the ability of testicular germ, or cause testicular hypoxia, or adrenal metabolites upstream into the testis, and the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, changes in testicular function, may also be caused by varicocele causes male infertility.
Male infertility patients should be recommended for detailed examination to determine whether the risk of varicocele. While in patients with varicocele, if the semen is normal, do not over-worry about infertility problems, but need regular follow-up examinations.
Inspection, palpation method generally adopted, patients adopt a standing position, check whether there is swelling above the testis blood vessels. Slight varicocele, and only when forced to touch the patient's blood vessel swelling, severe eye the Tol Zeyi seen.
Swelling of the affected area may also be a tumor, lymphadenopathy, hernia or hydrocele, cryptorchidism, etc., where necessary, identification of the abdomen and renal ultrasound examination to rule out the possibility of other diseases. At present the development of Doppler ultrasound device, can detect the phenomenon of venous reflux, a more accurate diagnosis of whether the risk of varicocele.
Varicocele cause infertility mechanism is as follows:
â‘  retenti
on caused by varicose veins the blood of testis temperature increased spermatogenesis.
â‘¡ retention of testicular blood circulation, so the lack of necessary nutrition and testicular oxygen, so that the incidence of testicular sperm affected.
â‘¢ spermatic vein reflux of blood to the adrenal, kidney, endocrine products, such as steroids, catecholamines such as venous reflux into the testes, the incidence of testicular sperm.
â‘£ testicular varicocele that pathological changes occur that can lead to primary testicular dysfunction, testicular tissue microcirculation interstitial edema, seminiferous tubule basement membrane thickening, resulting in late spermatogenesis impairment and support the hypoxia degeneration. Sertoli cells constitute the blood-testis barrier is the main substances, blood-testis barrier damage caused by an autoimmune reaction to produce anti-sperm antibodies (AsAb), causing immune-mediated damage.
⑤ electron microscopy confirmed that patients with varicocele sperm cell maturation disorders, structural abnormalities, acrosome expansion, destruction or out, there are experts in the first cavity, reduce the rate of acrosome integrity.
Although the latest WHO guidelines to infertility treatment infertility Varicocele mentioned a very important position, but the domestic clinical studies have shown that only about 20% -40% of the people of varicocele infertility occurs, we it is difficult to predict which patients with varicocele, there will be infertile, do not know varicocele associated with infertility patients who can really improve the fertility. For early varicocele patients, high ligation of spermatic vein reflux is also a questi
onable improvement.
In view of the development of varicocele is a relatively slow process, not all patients will be gradually developed to grade â…¢, there could be sterile, have required surgery, so the case can be observed for early and avoid medical care, do not advocate that as long as the line of varicocele ligation approach.
Many clinical studies show that traditional Chinese medicine on varicocele infertility has a good effect, animal studies also confirmed that Chinese medicine can significantly increase Varicocele sterility gene in rat prostate tissue antiapoptotic Bcl-2 protein expression, reduced Prostate apoptosis gene Fas and FasL protein expression, inhibition of testicular germ cell apoptosis; reduced testicular tissue MDA and NO content and increased testicular tissue superoxide dismutase; increase plasma 6 - keto - prostaglandin / thromboxane B2 ratio of the testicular histopathological damage repair, thereby enhancing the quality of semen rats and fertility.
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