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ureterolithiasis emedicine

Of traditional medicine that the urinary tract is the kidney stone formation, heat, blood stasis result of multiple factors such as: "Renal Division II will, kidney and bladder relative to table, insufficient kidney bladder gasification is negative, the urine by suffering heat, over time, coagulation and turbidity became gravel. " Millennium Medical Classic of "Danxi Heart" already concluded: "Zhu Lin of the hair, kidney and bladder are also hot."
This shows that the internal factor is the formation of stones kidney, so the waist is the treatment of kidney stones kidney strong key. Only a strong qi in order to give full play to their transporting water liquid, excluding the role of sedimentation, so as to achieve the fossil, behind stone purposes. In RONGSHI, fossils, based on the row of stone, together with strong lumbar kidney drug, not only the cure rate is high; and therapies to cure kidney stones in patients with fossils, the stone of the constitution can be radically improved, to ensure that no recurrence.
Fang Shi Ling Capsule group net wide consumption of fossil money grass firm, on the calcium oxalate crystals (calcium oxalate crystals as the main component of urinary stones) growth, aggregation has a strong inhibitory effect, in the private enjoyment of "fossil Dan" in the world ; Bodhisattva, Gallus gallus domesticus to acidification of urine, dissolves stones, stones to melt serve to narrow, smooth edges, which will help discharge the role; Prunella, talc, Dong Kuizi, peach kernel, the role of Plantago diuretic Tonglin can increase the urinary tract smooth muscle contraction and relaxation rate, increased diameter of the ureter; Epimedium, Morinda officinalis, warming yang is a classic name drugs, you can restore and enhance the physiological functions of kidney and bladder; Astragalus, Angelica , licorice is replenishing the body upright and the mediation of various drugs.
Seventeen stone Capsule net-name drugs in the group taste the traditional parties syndrome differentiation and effective, with fossils, cited stone, stone row, warming "one" special effects. The treatment of kidney stones, ureteral stones and bladder stones authority has been fully endorsed by the medical profession, is the non-surgical treatment first-line treatment of urinary calculi in clinical. By the Ministry of Health, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a national protected species (number: ZYB20720060462). Since the exact effect of stable, relatively low cost of treatment, and security is very reliable, has been Affiliated Hospital of Jilin, Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, four hundred sixty-five Hospital of PLA, two hundred twenty-two top three hospitals, more than 20 hospitals for the treatment of selected clinical use of urinary stone varieties.
ureterolithiasis emedicine

Wang Fengqi
1967, graduated f
rom Beijing Medical University (now Peking University Health Science), after graduating from Peking University Third Hospital Affiliated worked in a hospital, the hospital
Yue Ming
Urology Director, MD, graduated from Fourth Military Medical University, Urology, currently director of the PLA 306. In
Tao Lihua
Tao Lihua, deputy director of the physicians, nearly 20 years in urology. Specializes in kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones and other urinary stone diagnosis and treatment.
Wang Xiaojun
Wang Xiaojun Jiamusi University, received medical degree, doctor. More than ten years in clinical urology, specializes in male infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases such as men, in "Modern Epidemiology", "Chinese Journal of Science" and other international publications published several papers, on the .
Du Wei
Du Wei, Third Military Medical University 1991 graduate, received medical degree, the attending physician. In urology, general surgery and anorectal surgery more than twenty years, especially in urological clinical work and research, has accumulated rich experience, versed.
Liu Xiaoyong
Liu Xiaoyong, physicians, MA, graduated from West China Medical University. Treating urinary tract diseases.
TANGENT, Associate Professor, Ph.D., graduated from the Third Military Medical University. Specializes in treatment of prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infections and other urinary tract diseases.

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Symptoms of ureteral calculi
Ureteral stones more men than women. 20 to 40 years the highest incidence. In addition to the individual is due to ureteral calculi prior ureteral obstruction disease itself, such as stenosis, tumors, urinary retention and the formation of stones, most of the smaller stones into the ureter.
As more is not smooth stone surface, it is generally not result in complete obstruction. However, if the long-term stay in the ureter stones to stimulate the ureteral mucosa, edema, infection, fibrosis will increase the degree of obstruction of the ipsilateral kidney function.
Ureteral stones symptoms are usually reflected as follows:
Pain: About 90% of the patients symptoms are pain, about half of the patients presented with severe colic, and the other half was on the waist or abdomen dull pain. Colic attack, the onset can be sudden, can not endure the pain within a few minutes, the patient table careless yung hard, irritability, rolling in bed and can not quiet supine, this and other organs such as perforation caused by acute abdominal supine afraid of moving patients is very different. Radiation of pain along the ureter to the pubic bone on the way down, groin and perineum. Colic attack is likely to short burst, or sustained an abrupt end after a few hours, but the dull pain for several days.
Gastrointestinal symptoms: Most patients are often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension. Obvious in patients with angina, which easily lead to misdiagnosis of gastrointestinal symptoms.
Bladder irritation: Ureteral stones can cause the bladder wall section of urgency, frequent urination and dysuria, which may be due to the lower ureter and bladder trigone muscles Muscle connected and directly attached to the posterior urethra due.
Hematuria: general performance of microscopic hematuria, gross hematuria in some patients.
Systemic symptoms: patients generally do not fever, body temperature should be considered if the possibility of infection, this is a dangerous signal, because any infection, and obstruction and not be released soon, can develop into kidney empyema.
Signs: ureteral lumen small stones likely to cause obstruction. Cause ipsilateral hydronephrosis and infection. Physical examination, tenderness may reach the kidneys and, sometimes walking along the pedestrian area of ureteral tenderness. Digital rectal examination or female vaginal bimanual may reach the lower ureteral calculi.
Abdominal and pelvic ureter in the retroperitoneum, the last from the renal pelvis. Only under the bladder, full-length 25-30cm, diam
eter 0.4-0.7cm. Clinically ureter at the upper, middle, and lower segment, also known as abdominal segment, basin segment and the bladder segment. Starting from the upper ureteropelvic junction to the iliac artery crossing; middle from the iliac artery to the bladder wall; lower oblique line from the bladder wall openings of the ureter to the bladder mucosa.
There are 3 physiological ureteral stricture: the first one in the ureteropelvic junction stenosis, 2 through the common iliac artery stenosis in the bifurcation, the first three narrow section of the bladder wall. Kidney stones down, it is easy stranded in the three narrowest. According to statistics, in the treatment of ureteral calculi in the pelvis about 70%, 15% in the ureter in less than one third, one-third were at least in the ureter. 0.4cm diameter small stones easily and automatically drop with the urine of bladder, not too much trouble.
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