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tumor in left parietal lobe

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Brain tumor - occupying the left parietal lobe (metastasis) lung and brain tumors using proton therapy can
Illnesses: lung cancer, brain metastases
Q: Zhao Dafu: Hello! Mu Mingdeng door for help, very presumptuous, please forgive me. The following: my mother 73 years, most recently to the upper and lower teeth chattered more than a month, right on the .
Department of Oncology, Beijing Cancer Hospital, Chest Zhao reply:
Recommended whole brain radiation therapy, as lung cancer, pathological need to be clear, and then decide whether according to the type of chemotherapy or targeted therapy more>> What does a doctor of Chinese medicine to brain tumor therapy, the patient is not found the primary lesion, .
Illnesses: multiple brain metastases, the primary lesion was not found
Q: The incidence of patients has been three months when the disease, Britain left a strong attack, mouth crooked eye oblique, there are a number of brain metastases, the incidence of date, there are faint eyes deafness occurs
Medical Xu Hu department of neurosurgery with three Hall of mine back:
Multiple intracranial metastases, primary tumor first, we should! Second, pathological data have! If you are not! ! For pilot applications hormone; radiation therapy! ! Details>> right side of the pituitary fossa and parasellar related lesions, lesions of the right cavernous sinus invasion
Pediatric brain tumor
Cerebellar tumor occupying. The nerve compression is still unsteady gait after 3 years.
Pediatric brain tumor
Pediatric brain tumor
The treatment of the most radical form of brain tumor surgery
Memory after brain tumor surgery will recover?
69 years old, suffering from a brain tumor, surgery can
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• 4-month-old child brain tumor
* (Brain tumor)
* N
PC brain tumor myelodysplastic syndrome
* Malignant brain tumor
* Lung and brain cancer
* Suspected brain tumor
* Brain tumor is suspected
* Will not be a brain tumor
tumor in left parietal lobe

Description disease (onset time, major symptoms, visiting hospitals, etc.): left parietal glioma brain cause epilepsy, the first right after the convulsions, coma or even half an hour. Two years ago, left eye blindness, found in a few days before the first convulsion, followed by CT and MRI done and found that the left parietal lobe brain 2 cm * 1.6 cm in size of the tumor.
MRI findings: left parietal sheet shows a long T1, T2 signal, irregular shape, edema, five significant mass effect, I showed no abnormal parenchymal signal, no significant expansion of ventricle pool, central center, brain dry, pituitary, optic chiasm, bilateral acoustic neural stem no obvious abnormalities.
After injection of GD-DTPA enhancer: irregular-shaped lesion was enhanced during the period, small pieces can be seen to strengthen the size was about 20 * 16MM, I no abnormal parenchymal enhancement.
MRI diagnosis:
Left parietal abnormal signal, consider the possibility of large metastatic tumors, gliomas do not rule out, please Medicine. And effectiveness of treatment was: In addition to dizziness before the outside did not find any symptoms untreated. Want kind of help: help us have a look this surgery can do, how much risk, about how much costs will relapse after surgery.
Intracranial tumor response in patients with 62-year-old, thyroid cancer, cancer had not spread. However, to suppress tumor suppress artery, inoperable, could . 62 years old with iodine, leg and back pain, spinal tumor at a 12mm, how to treat? 30-year-old brain cancer patient, pancreatic tail also has a large tumor, hydrocephalus associated with pleural effusion and ascites. Italy . five days in patients with diagnosed pancreatic cancer patients in April, 3.8 * 4.5,5 month tumor chemotherapy, the tumor is now 0.8 * 1.2, the next step . how to treat female patients, 66 years old, multi-block and neck cancer quite big in size. Now frequent headaches
, body weakness. Suitable for surgery? . Gallbladder cancer, liver cancer there are three, and the patient has 78 years, how to treat cancer patients in the palliative treatment of psychological changes during the cancer drug market prospects of constipation in patients with tumor thrombus in patients with lung cancer patients treated Treatment of fever is often the reason two after cancer treatment has changed a lot and the hard tumor cancer patients with cancer-related articles made three mistakes often (only to find a specialist doctor, blind faith in results, not after they cut the cancer treatment) same summer, the same romantic - on cancer patients, cancer expert advice from the consolidation of patients with cancer treatment, rehabilitation treatment and review of early diagnosis and early treatment, cancer patients the right choice for the standardization of treatment of cancer patients to make individualized treatment of tumor survival of patients with tumors no longer a dream
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