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treatment for prurigo nodularis

Related to the treatment of nodular prurigo Diary [wutongbaobao] treatment of prurigo remedies, therapeutic prurigo
? Treatment of prurigo of the recipe - the early prurigo prurigo special knowledge to a grain of rice for the needle cap papules, gradually increasing as soy bean to a large, hemispherical, solid surface uplift papules and nodules of skin, brown or grayish brown, skin lesions Local often unbearable itching, scratching things, except in patients with pinch, pull or even destroy a way that local produce pain itching temporarily leaving [momoxing] erythema nodosum pathology and health
Erythema nodosum is not in front of lower leg ulcers, characterized by red inflammatory nodules in allergic skin disease, is allergic vasculitis and subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous lipid membranes) to form an inflammation. Mainly in the lower leg before the two sides, may also occur in the thighs and buttocks, nodules pink to bright red, old nodules may be dark red. Generally heavier central color is surrounded by gradually fades [wutongbaobao] How to prevent prurigo, prurigo prevention
? How to prevent prurigo - prurigo prurigo special knowledge how to prevent? First thing to do in everyday life is to protect their own skin! Start from the basic necessities of life to prevent prurigo: clothing: underwear, and underwear should be kept clean, soft and loose underwear should be wide, to cotton as well. Chemical fiber clothing is easy because of static electricity, static electricity to stimulate the surface cells is not easy to produce, the [aa459117992] cholinergic urticaria Chinese medicine, treatment of large cholinergic urticaria rash
? Cholinergic urticaria medicine, treatment, large cholinergic urticaria rash, with Wie cholinergic urticaria security suite?? Cholinergic urticaria, the treatment of cholinergic urticaria Please Wie safety lamps alkaline suite can be urticaria, cholinergic urticaria medicine to the United States in St. Ann. Cholinergic urticaria, cholinergic urticaria, cholinergic urticaria Chinese medicine, treatment of cholinergic urticaria [Gardenia open every day, Mom] rash illness of children at home identified
Home identify rash illness of children playing games with the children every day have fun. This would enable each of the "little sun" is no longer alone. But most likely, which has a child suffering from infectious diseases, other children will be infected, which should not isolate it? A few days ago, a man named Meng Meng's baby, who out of a rash, high fever is also more related to the treatment of nodular prurigo Diary
treatment for prurigo nodularis

Pathogenesis: Nodular prurigo is a chronic intractable skin diseases, itching to play and is characterized by nodular lesions. Specialized books on dermatology, said the disease and insect bites, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine and metabo
lic disorders and neuropsychiatric factors, the current treatment of nodular prurigo commonly used antihistamines, anthocyanin sodium, oral or topical corticosteroids drugs, but the effects are not satisfied with no cure. In particular, side effects of hormone not only serious but also reduces the immune function, resulting in steroid-dependent, the condition gradually worsened. Our theoretical pathology, pathogenesis and experimental results, clinical information on the incidence of nodular prurigo key to immune dysfunction. Theoretical and experimental results from the clinical application of regulation to improve the recovery information on immune function resulting in immune function is normal, nodular prurigo is curable. Since 1990, our center to improve the clinical observation that regulate immune function is the treatment of allergic diseases such as prurigo nodularis the most important and critical that the proper treatment methods, should be vigorously publicized introduction. Therefore, we are "treating people" (regulating the body's own immune-based total) rather than simply "medical treatment" (many hospitals are still using hormones and large doses of antihistamines relieve itching, often a temporary solution), so we treatment more effective and thorough. We all know the truth: there is no breakthrough in theoretical understanding, naturally not in effect a breakthrough. Treatment principle: According to our understanding of the Chinese medicine mainly to regulate the skin of patients with immune-based, with the Court Deputy Director Liu "quadruple therapy" instead of hormones, fast and safe treatment of prurigo nodularis, prurigo simplex adults, generally 10 -15 days to fully itching skin lesions, 1-2 months to subside. Even if individual patients relapse, the disease is also very light than before. Specific treatment programs to determine the actual condition, but the application of the "Lau therapy" the essence of the development of personalized programs. This method is highly systematic and targeted to increase the cure rate polar, less recurrence. First, the treatment characteristics 1. With nearly all types of cases successfully treated patients with nodular prurigo experience, the courage to promise: those in poor efficacy, refund the full cost. 2. Dialectical therapy: use of type, stage and individual treatment; treatment more targeted, more thorough treatment. 3. Liu quadruple therapy, the Court original, breaking the routine, to break the limitations of textbooks, both inside and outside wen, tackling the problem. 4. During treatment: treatment to provide full tracking service, ready to accept patients with advice to ensure that a second cured. 5. Specialist post-disease clinic, strong technical force, efficacy can stand the test reliable. Second, should not use the treatment 1. Deputy Director Liu resolutely resist the use of hormone treatment of the disease, whether oral or topical steroid. 2. Should not be treated by partial closure, because it contains hormones. 3. Should not use frozen, laser, plasma and other physical therapy, injury big, big pain, a palliative. Third, note 1. Prohibition hot water to wash, even if not itchy skin lesions disappeared completely, and it is not hot wash. 2. Should not blind taboos. Possible, avoid scratching or friction, to avoid worse. 3. Treatment of the disease, requires patience, care, perseverance, confidence. By drug treatment to prevent recurrence.
Reference: http://www.pfk120.com/cjjb/20080318/15094954.shtml
How should the treatment of nodular prurigo?
(A) treatment
There is no effective therapy, general symptomatic treatment to prevent insect bites.
1. Hebra prurigo reference to systemic treatment, the disease can be serious short-term oral steroids.
2. Local treatment
(1) 20% salicylic acid collodion or loose suppression tincture, pure ichthyol, pine distillate oil compound ointment, can also be used steroid cream packets.
(2) 0.5% procaine 10ml plus prednisolone 5mg, as prurigo nodules around the closure, each at 0.5 ~ 1.0ml, closed 2 times per week.
3. Physical therapy can be used carbon dioxide snow or liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, also electric coagulation or laser treatment.
4. On a few isolated sc
attered radiation therapy of nodular prurigo in the shallow X-ray irradiation can be used or radioactive, 32P, 90ASr paste.
5. Herbal Remedies
Governing Law: dehumidification detoxification, Shufeng itching.
Recipe: Whole insect side addition and subtraction, for intractable skin lesions should blood circulation, add saffron, SM, Qi Astragalus can also choose four things Xiao Feng San, dehumidification Weiling Decoction.
Unilateral medicine: Gentiana pills, desiccant pill.
Local treatment:
(1) Chinese Typhonium plaster paste.
(2) realgar added one hundred and detoxifying herbal powder 30g 100ml wine outside the rub.
(3) Black pull cream stick (see the book Zonglun topical drug therapy
Special therapy sessions) plus thermal paste nodules.
(4) external crystal cream corrosion.
(5) Acupuncture: the light of pruritus acupoints acupuncture can also direct the central nodular prurigo nodules.
(B) prognosis
After a slow, be persistent for many years.
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