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treatment of mentally handicapped

About mildly mentally retarded intellectual development of mentally handicapped is slightly behind or below the normal level of intellectual peers. The disease mainly in patients with social adjustment than the general level of comprehension is poor, but life can take care of themselves. Disease patients, according to World Health Organization report, about mankind as a whole the proportion of
Temporal lobe lesions can lead to impaired spatial perception and balance 30 ‰, if coupled with adult patients, is also higher. Some scholars even think that: the population has at any time prevalence of almost 1%. There were significant gender differences, male about 2 times more than women, the reasons are considered and related sex chromosome genes. The study also found that most of the mildly mentally handicapped children has significantly abnormal EEG waves, and their nervous system development lagged far behind the development of normal children. This shows that prenatal, birth and postnatal period of the various harmful factors have hindered the development of the brain and nervous system caused by mental retardation. Mildly mentally handicapped alias alias: "mild mental retardation" or "mild cerebral hypoplasia." Mild mental handicap caused by the reasons (1) → ① Clinical mildly mentally handicapped can be spent in the amniotic fluid during delivery takes too long to cerebral hypoxia caused by the formation, ② child traumatic brain injury (particularly coma, including birth trauma), ③ Lead and mercury poisoning in children to eat (to a certain concentration, including lead dust) the mechanisms of lead neurotoxicity are currently found → 1: blood-brain barrier development is not sound. 2: Lead on the role of intracellular second messengers → Lead by affecting adenylyl cyclase and calcium ions to affect the function of brain cells. 3: Lead on the neural cell adhesion molecules → study found that chronic low level lead exposure can delay the brain tissues of neural cell adhesion molecule from fetal to adult transition process so that the various components of brain development can not be synchronized , resulting in abnormal structure of the nervous system, ④ electric shock (there may be damage to nerves, although this is rare), ⑤ inadvertently practicing qigong (there will be continuing psychological damage), ⑥ and long-term social isolation (such as "wolf child" phenomena, including the lack of maternal love and have no education), ⑦ mother received electromagnetic radiation, ⑧ served over some of the drug during pregnancy caused by poisoning (such as tranquilizers, marijuana, etc.), ⑨ when narcotics use in labor too much, ⑩ malnutrition, ⑾ pregnancy affected by mental stimulation, ⑿ pregnant women drink alcohol smoking, ⒀ infant iodine deficiency (causes cretinism), ⒁ pregnant mothers deficient in vitamin B12, ⒂ lack of
folic acid during pregnancy the mother, â’ƒ baby suffering from meningitis, encephalopathy (including "skull door closure delay "and" intracranial infection ", etc.), â’„ child gas poisoning, â’… the mother during pregnancy with infectious diseases (such as" RV "), â’† sugar can also cause many children with mild mental handicap (especially in the raw down to 6 years old, even in childhood and adolescence should control the children to eat candy.), â’‡ child suffered severe child abuse, (21) pediatric cranial bleeding, (22) in children suffering from bilirubin encephalopathy ( high concentration of bilirubin in neonatal blood, complicated by severe bilirubin encephalopathy, or "kernicterus" also called "severe jaundice," many and complex reasons, common for the mother and the fetus Rh blood type between the ABO blood group or factors and other blood group incompatibility, causing hemolysis), (23) folklore: a pregnant woman facing the moon to sleep (unconfirmed; but rather to believe them, its not credible.), (24) pediatric rhinitis (including the sinuses go far) Huo gall balls available drug treatment, (25) children metabolic disorder, (26) reproductive age, (27) umbilical cord of a variety of reasons (knotted, twisted, too long, too short .) (28) children cerebral ischemia (severe cases may be complicated by epilepsy), (29) too much amniotic fluid of pregnant women, (30), anemia in pregnant women (31) Environmental pollution: for example, Japan's "Minamata disease" (32) development of obesity, increased fat oppression of cerebral brain {Obesity exceeded the scope of organization: Male waist circumference ≥ 85 cm, female waist circumference ≥ 80   } .
Frontal lobe lesions can lead to such language impaired ability to understand and calculate the clinical performance of mildly mentally handicapped (1) → mildly mentally handicapped children in all aspects of development are relatively slow. Language development, especially late. Although the wording in life is not difficult, but very few master the abstract vocabulary, understanding, synthesis and analysis, the lack of logic links. He (she) who can perform simple calculations, but difficult to understand word problems. Can carry into a recitation section, but not correct use. Most of the strengthening counseling, can reach second grade primary school level or higher again, but learn to look at the current middle school curriculum is also not likely that he (she) through training and education, can be engaged in simple tasks. Another rough comparison of their language and lack organizational skills, poor language skills of others to refute. There are slow to comprehend, lack of reasoning ability to judge, memorizing slow, emotional experience simple and superficial, self-control is weak, dependent personality, immaturity, sometimes stereotyped action and so on. (To develop social interaction skills; sensorimotor mild developmental delay; grew up front is difficult to see abnormalities; almost to the adolescent can learn to sixth grade curriculum, under the guidance of able to adapt to society in general have access to social and professional skills, can maintain a minimum standard of living individuals, but without the usual social or economic pressure, need someone to guide and help) the value of mildly mentally handicapped defects (1) → mild intellectual impairment, IQ 50 to 70, are Yulu type . Mildly mentally handicapped at birth age, duration of treatment and the best development (1) → a baby in the brain, mental and physical development of the fastest times. Starting from the newborn to 7 years of age, brain weight is close to adult brain weight. Differentiation of cerebral cortical cells from fetal 5 months to start, 7-year-old has been completed (except for individual constitution). After birth, the brain cortex did not increase the number of nerve cells, brain weight and neural cell volume increase was mainly the increase of the number and length of synaptic and nerve fibers in the myelin formation. According to the data: at birth within three months, a 100% cure rate; within three years, only 65% cure rate; six to seven years old, the cure rate below 12%, or a fundamental rule is not Okay, so the mildly mentally handicapped to early detection, early treatment, they are not to regret extremely Mo; but now universal prenatal care, which can not be said to be a blessing! Mildly mentally handicapped patients in the growth of adult phenomenon (1) → some of the mildly mentally handicapped people in the adult, and intelligence may be some increase of the phenomenon of reasons: It may be experienced over time and experience to be leaving increase; In addition, during adolescence, as mildly mentally handicapped person's body and mind is also accelerating development, and this is the same as normal; efforts during this time if the treatment would be more effective. In addition, because some of the features in brain metabolism and other factors, the mildly mentally handicapped patients in case of no treatment to adulthood can be partial improvement after the intelligence. Mildly mentally handicapped person's specific brain function (1) → there are some special skills for mentally handicapped people, such as super-memory, more than normal, and this should be regarded as a special phenomenon of the brain; However, this part of the human logic and thinking skills are poor is the fact that this is a mystery! Mildly mentally handicapped children on educational methods (1) → patiently teach him (her) read, repeatedly stresses the basic method of spelling, and to do icons. (2) → to take him (her) to wild outings, nature awareness, cultivate their minds and enlightenment. (3) → induced him (her) to talk, exchange ideas, raise awareness. (4) → let him (her) to work, exercise the flexibility of hands and feet. (5) → with colorful pictures or sounds of music (classical music is better), or an interesting toy to develop his (her) ability to learn and appreciate. (6) → give their children some history vividly to tell the story, which allowed analysis of the content (there is considerable progress for children) (7) → so many boys and girls to talk and exchange thoughts, which is in the traditional treatment of mental retardation is important on that! (There is considerable progress for children) (8) → mentally retarded teachers should take their children out of contact with the community, understanding of reality, to distinguish right from wrong. (Note: not recommended for mildly mentally handicapped children into the mentally retarded, as many mentally retarded children was moderate in 90% and 10% of the severe form; training teachers in the general level of intellectual, lacks a good way, that is, daily life management, let the children listen to songs, teaching children to read and labor, etc.; mildly mentally handicapped children not go after it in place, targeted education, training and treatment, the white wasted time; the best of parents with more to the outside or their own career in order to increase the insight!) (9) → to teach them some life skills, so that he (she) had a good self-reliant future.
Development of the human cerebral cortex Figure (10) → teachers and parents to find ways to show great concern and let him (her) feel a kinship and love of moisture, because the sheer power of love is great. (11) → child's progress should be given a sincere compliment. (12) → full development of the child's curiosity, to promote their communication skills. (13) → digestion him (her) some incorrect and confusing ideas (such as jealousy, hatred, and a number of scientific issues, etc.), to give a formal explanation, let him (her) who learned the correct approach or bearish ( This is extremely difficult, may charge for a long time, the effect is not necessarily good) (14) → object to the comparison children were similar training to enhance their ability to judge. (15) → find ways to let him (her) a correct and firm belief, to develop their outlook on life → → formation of the concept of values. (16) → parents in tutoring their own child, to teach language and mathematics; to teach the language to try to stimulate children's imagination, teaching math to try to develop their logical thinking. (17) → to take their children to watch the sunrise, sunset, and sad at home and watch some TV series, to stimulate the child's emotional response. (18) → Early sex education (preventive measures), because of the mildly mentally handicapped adolescents to children, will be more trouble, but also to teach him (her) how to protect yourself! (19) → certain amount of study time the child (especially a textbook of cultural knowledge), game time, thinking time (think of nature in some of the issues or some "fantasy") ★ Note: This fantasy is fantasy quotes when made according to the reality of the imagination, the parents must be guided well and try not to let children have some idea of confusion because it can trigger some "distortion of personality" phenomenon! (20) → there is considerable progress for children (into the "marginal intelligence," IQ of 75 to 85, normal IQ 90), parents should give children books to see some philosophical enlightenment (Note: must be the philosophy of translation of foreign books, China less to see or not see, to see if recommended "Confucius" and "The Analects of Confucius" and "I" and "moral"), the best teachers or the parents themselves asked the teacher to give guidance; Here are two good and simple some of the philosophical enlightenment book: "Sophie's World" and "hog and self-righteous pig"; child impatient, parents should find ways to "vivid" to speak to attract children's attention. (21) → sleep at night, be sure to let the heart of their hands oppression, so that the child would dream, and so after his wake, the parents let their children do so in the repeat, it is not, on the bed to monitor, because the scientific research show that the dream of the recovery of some functions of the brain and human heart has a special role. (22) → it is necessary to develop a wide range of interests, but also develop a single-minded spirit. (23) → Parents can see some of the children, "Guinea-meter book," because it demonstrated inside the "cartoon character" emotions are rich and have a profound reality, and can subtly let the children think and to maintain a sensitive and let go of the mind (for there is considerable progress in the child.) (24) → respect for children, protect their self-esteem. Mentally handicapped children have self-esteem, parents and teachers a bit more love and patience, not to treat him with contempt, when children learn to do what should be timely and give praise, it will not help him when to be patient. (25) → children's diet and reasonable. (26) → to the children create a relaxed, fun environment, remember to mind, beaten, neglected, or ridiculed the attitude towards children, but they can not spoil accommodate the lead for fear or other reasons can not learn to avoid loss of training to improve the condition to improve the intellectual opportunities. (27) → children returning to nature for example allows children to Wanni Ba etc., get their heart shaped. (28) → able to do so can be Montessori education method, which Montessori education method. Mildly mentally handicapped children of drug therapy (1) → higher safety factor puzzle drugs and health products, Chinese patent medicines: γ-Aminobutyric films, film piracetam (piracetam), Pyritinol hydrochloride tablets ( complex new brain), brain protein hydrolyzate peptide small molecule drug for the drug, is a biological extract, "neuropeptide" one, will be in the title 【neuropeptides in the mechanism of intracellular signal transduction in the description】 "neuropeptide" mechanism of action (cerebrolysin), chondroitin sulfate, porcine brain powder, beads layer powder, the brain tissue fluid, ("cretinism" Early use of "hormone" or "three-triiodothyronine" treatment is effective), nerve Day glycosides fat, aniracetam tablets (also known as aniracetam tablets), brain Aetna, brain ammonia peptide, apolipoprotein E4 (natural medicine), nerve growth factor (NGF), brain resurrection, lysine ( This drug has some effect on the pre-school children), glutamate (disabled patients with epilepsy), chondroitin enzyme, coenzyme Q10, brain phospholipids, lecithin, are welcome (this drug is expensive), the U.S. music phospholipids (AChE inhibitor), Ginaton (Ginkgo biloba extract) and so on. (2) → have mild to moderate side effects of drug puzzle: B of pentoxifylline (Trental Patrol) → activation of cerebral metabolism drugs, ondansetron (5 - HT 3 receptor antagonist), lysergic bromine smoke ester, Changchun ethyl, vincamine, cyclandelate, papaverine hydrochloride, hydrogenated ergot drug base plate (Hydergine), Huperzine A (Hup A) the drug can significantly protect nerve cells against β-amyloid can peptide produced by oxidative stress; also against hydrogen peroxide, protein kinase C inhibitors induce apoptosis of nerve cells, citicoline sodium, back to Su Ling, tacrine (tetrahydro aminoacridine), oxiracetam (is cerebral metabolism drugs, less side effects), D-amphetamine, pemoline, imipramine, caffeine, methylphenidate → Alias: Ritalin (cerebral cortex stimulant), aspirin enteric-coated tablets (product is anti-inflammatory drugs, have anti-thrombotic effect, a small dose of 20 mg mental retardation of the fetus has some help), donepezil hydrochloride (may be slow due to lack of study of cholinergic dysfunction, slowing hippocampal atrophy process, protect nerve cells), flunarizine (This product is attending migraine drug, for mildly mentally handicapped slight improvement in the role of depression disabled), nimodipine (this is the treatment of hypertension drugs, but the mildly mentally handicapped also have a certain effect), cinnarizine, physostigmine, galantamine (used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease), Latin Kabbah bitartrate, memantine hydrochloride the drug is "N-A base-D-aspartate (NMDA) "receptor antagonist, can inhibit the NMDA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity while the mildly mentally handicapped have some help, {Park for Ruilin (drugs), Bangladesh for Rui Lin (drugs), nitrogen for Ruilin (drug)} → The three drugs are "thyrotropin releasing hormone" (TRH) analogues, can regulate the neurotransmitter, have some help in learning, Chennai Non-Shitan (drug) → The drug is "a selective nAChR agonist nicotine," rivastigmine (drug) → major improvements in patient orientation and attention, cytidine triphosphate disodium (nucleotides drug), Mi Pu Lining (drug) → can stimulate axonal growth, rich neurotrophic synthesis, acetyl L-carnitine (drug) → is a cholinergic agonist, L-carnitine esterified, can take the initiative through the blood-brain barrier transport of acetylcholine, a membrane stabilizer, clau (drug) → is yellow Rutaceae extracts can stimulate the glutamatergic synaptic transmission in the mammalian brain, and regulation by calcium, and dependent on the activation of NMDA receptors, when the long-term depression occurs, it will promote the memory and cognitive function, vinegar glutamine (acetyl glutamic acid, also known as: acetyl-glutamine) → Valley After acid treatment and are acetylated, Ohm Shitan (India drugs), chlorine esters wake up → Alias: enuresis D (cerebral cortex stimulant) and so on. (3) → adjuvant: Breviscapine, nicergoline (Ni Shu), folic acid, Ginkgo biloba, niacin, vitamin B12, Danshen, Vitamin E, selegiline (the drug is "a selective inhibition of monoamine oxidase agent, by adjusting the concentration of catecholamines mild awareness, and 'he Brooklyn' better compatibility "), Lee Ke-jun (the drug for the treatment of epilepsy patients who took anti-epileptic drugs cause leukopenia), cytochrome C, aluminum crab mixture, "Qi Ju Di Huang Wan" and "Guifu Di Huang Wan" (such a tonic to take selective), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) → growth and development of synthetic materials, twenty- EPA acid (EPA) → growth and development of synthetic materials, static forest oral, mental static syrup, baking soda and water (scientific name: sodium bicarbonate), glucose (the brain's supply of energy metabolism in the main agent). (4) → estrogen therapy: ★ ★ ★ ★ NOTE estrogen talking about here is the phytoestrogens, such as soy beans (soy isoflavones contained within) (must be cooked, half-cooked poisonous and can cause vomiting and other reactions .), ginkgo (because the nuts are slightly toxic and can not eat.), rape, soy milk, lentils, wheat, black rice, red clover, fennel, flax seed, Kudzu (Pueraria lobata Wild preferred), purple alfalfa, verbena, etc., in the growing season to take on the brain development of intelligence is absolutely good; for drug estrogen and androgen: diethylstilbestrol (estrogen drug), nilestriol (three females, after metabolism of alcohol drugs), danazol (androgen drug) and so on, because they are artificial or synthetic derivatives products, in the liver hydroxylation, oxidation, methylation, reduction and the binding reaction, the liver off the liver Activity (detoxification system) there is a strong side effects, so as to achieve destructive effect, but also carcinogenic. Therefore, estrogen or androgen such taking is prohibited! ! As for the youth drug use of estrogen or testosterone has some effect, it is because internal organs in the "adolescence" in the protection of adolescent metabolism, drugs in the body system functioning and absorption speed's sake; but the same principle , drug residues expelled from the body faster the speed, but once after puberty, it will cause a chronic accumulation of toxic metabolism slows down, causing bodily harm! ! Drug synthesis and pure natural plant essential difference is between: "allotrope" problem, to determine the chemical structure of their small differences and toxic! ! In addition, women using the drug on the function of estrogen: the drugs can increase 5-HT could, can affect the secretion of pituitary hormones and control of the limbic system, the main role in the hypothalamus - pituitary system, small doses can be improved women's emotions. Mildly mentally handicapped children in traditional Chinese medicine therapy (1) → TCM theory on the treatment of mildly mentally handicapped: Chinese medicine, mild mental retardation due to a actual situation two types of evidence in the minority, the majority is a deficiency due to deficiency or gas Heart Kidney essence deficiency causes loss of blood, kidney qi deficiency, lack of marrow produces mild mental retardation, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine treatment of mild mental handicap "crazy close to God soup" Modified, "soothe the nerves Dingzhi pill" subtraction, "Nine to yellow fine Dan "," ginseng Yang Yung-pill "," Wen Dan Tang Shiwei, "" Ho-creating a big pill "(Ho-is" Placenta ")," all deer pill "and" brain regeneration pill "and other prescriptions to treat . <1> → Here are five traditional Chinese medicine treatment: ①, walnut 8 about 10 to 15 grams (easy to smash the kind of skin) because a large walnut oil, so it may appropriate reduction stool thin, Schisandra 2 6 grams, 15 grams of Pueraria 10, Polygonum 9 to 12 grams, 15 grams of Gorgon 10; cook four times a day (not with meals while taking, it is recommended every 2 and a half hours and then served), the next day a new one, two and a half as a course of ten days and then stop, then the next course of treatment; these herbs can be long-term use. ②, Placenta 1.5 grams to 10 grams, 10 grams to 50 grams lily, Polygonatum (scientific name: luxuriantly), hypoglycemia, tachycardia who, hypertension, 9 grams of the drug is used cautiously to 15 grams, blame child 3 grams to 5 grams, 3 grams to 10 grams Magnolia, Chuanxiong (female patients with caution, menstrual period and pregnancy disabled) 4 grams 9 grams, 10 grams of Salvia to 16 grams, 4 grams of turmeric to 9 grams, Polygonatum 12 grams to 20 grams; cook 3 times a day (not with meals while taking, it is recommended every 4 hours and then served), day 2 renewals, 15 days for a course, and then stopped 20 days before the next treatment; these herbs in addition to the "Yu-chu" and "Chuanxiong" Note, the "Placenta" and "SM" should pay attention to the proposed "Placenta" and "SM" to eat a course of treatment stop a course of treatment, based on this way the cycle continues. Side the actual situation of this group can take 5 to 10 years, taking 2 years later, those who have side effects, herbs can be stopped. ③, osthole 1 to 2 grams ("Cnidium" toxic, this is a great amount of 4 Albuquerque! Purified according to previous dose of drinking! This drug is for external use, but can also be taken orally, the "impotence Warming "effect, is" ginseng "compatible use, strengthening the role of adjuvant), 9 ~ 12 g ginkgo, ginseng and 2 to 7 grams (more expensive the drug, there is excitement neural effect, insomnia should note;" ginseng "If the amount is relatively high, then the" Cnidium "should further reduce the amount of that), earthworm (also known as" worms ") 3 to 10 grams (the drug and" ginseng "of the opposite, so adjust the dose to the attention of relationship between the two), Angelica 3 to 16 grams, peony 9 to 12 grams, 10 to 20 grams of Ur, berberine 1.5 to 5 grams. (May take a little while with the liquid food once a day, day 2 renewals, 10 days for a course of treatment, and then wait 15 days before the next course of treatment; the group side is not long-term use, take two and a half no effect that can stop.) ④, 15 grams of walnut meat, antler 5 to 20 grams (older used with caution, cardiovascular patients disabled), 25 grams medlar, peach, 3 grams, Zhechong (Eupolyphaga child) 7 grams, Shichangpu 10 grams, 6 grams Viticis (3 times a day, a month for a course, usually take 3 to 6 consecutive cycles.) ⑤, peach kernel 12 grams, 9 grams of saffron, and earthworm (earthworm) 3 grams, Angelica 9 grams, Chuanxiong 5 grams, 6 grams of Citrus aurantium, Rehmannia 9 grams, 6 grams of wood, Cyperus rotundus 10 grams, 9 grams of Cyathula, TPG 5 grams (decoction once a day, taking 500 ml; one month a course of treatment, usually 4 courses.) Note: taking the medicine should be based on actual body and your physical condition and symptoms and the addition and subtraction of different use, or easily go astray! ! Mildly mentally handicapped and functional training regimen therapy (1) → massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, language training and functional training neurological rehabilitation, botulinum toxin injection → this remains controversial (to strictly control the dosage of botulinum toxin, or a life Dangerous!!), orthoses wear. (2) → to eat small amounts of MSG to increase chi (three times a day, each 0.5 g, not eat, or have side effects), because MSG is an ingredient "corn" recipe ingredients as well as "glutamate Na ", which has a slight advantage of intelligence! (3) → old legend → The prawns cooked and eaten with vitamin C can hear puzzle, but to strictly control the amount of food (one day a shrimp and a vitamin C tablets), because the prawns and mixed with vitamin C together is the arsenic (highly toxic, but also traditional Chinese medicine, formerly known as: arsenic trioxide, chemical formula: As2O3), good news because the purity is not high, may be vomiting or diarrhea, eating, available antidote: dimercapto propanol, so it is not no special circumstances necessary to take the risk, do not listen to Quan Gaozhe at your own risk! (4) → edible longan meat, mushrooms, black sesame, grape, honey, pollen, peanuts (which are rich in zinc), jujube, mulberry, day lily, lotus and so on. And treatment of diseases associated with mild mental handicap (1) → with psychotic children can optionally use: chlorpromazine, perphenazine, haloperidol, risperidone, quetiapine fumarate tablets, etc. (Note : Psychiatric drugs can lead to seizures, so the children with epilepsy seizures have increased the dose!!) → A psychotic drugs to the general election, best to use atypical antipsychotics should not increase the cognitive impairment, this drugs are: risperidone and so on. Acupuncture mildly mentally handicapped children (1) → acupuncture therapy and acupuncture (for mentally handicapped children with epilepsy): ①, while mm needle with "hundred" Point (electric stimulation intensity: Strong) and two arm "Neiguan" (electric stimulation intensity: strong) → for epileptic seizures good children. ②, with cents acupuncture "Sishencong" Point (electric stimulation intensity: in) → treatment under ordinary circumstances. ③, mildly mentally handicapped can be used alone while needle stab → springs, Yamen (mild electrical stimulation), the full three years (knock knock the eye with his fist), after the river (this treatment twice a day, a course of 20 days, then stop 15 days, then the next course of treatment.) ④, scalp The bilateral language area, halo listening area; ear to take heart, brain and the quality of the next, and endocrine points; body acupuncture to take, "Leong", "between the", "Ojo", "Shenshu" " people "," the customs, "" wind pool "and other points. 【Note】: electrical stimulation of acupuncture points did not indicate the electrical stimulation, do not! ! ! ! (2) → water injection therapy: ①, in "Zusanli" points (bilateral) injection, "Angelica injection", each time the injection of 1 ml per hole, once a day, 20 times as a course of treatment. ②, in the "wind pool" points or "dumb door" injection point "acetyl acid injection Valley", each time the injection of 1 ml per hole, every other day, 20 times as a course of treatment. ③, in the "Sanyinjiao" points, "Neiguan" injection "Vitamin B12" (four points to be bilateral injection) 0.5 ml, once daily, 15 times as a course of treatment. Mildly mentally handicapped children with special therapy (1) → As the development of stem cell technology in recent years for infants less than 6 years old free of autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation to treat brain, a large number of appropriate ages to do! (Did not always very well). Because children with brain development in the 6 years old is still fast, this time to do stem cell transplantation because it is from the original brain tissue from the body (not received from the parent natural effects of brain tissue), has not yet mature, there are plastic space Therefore, it will greatly assist the treatment method has been applied. (This therapy is still at the research stage in the country, in foreign countries expensive.) (2) → → olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation under local anesthesia olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation, select the amount of radiation crown bilateral repair critical neural network point target for the graft injection, implantation embryo olfactory ensheathing cells 1,000,000 / side, (3) → → bone marrow stromal cells by bone marrow stromal cell transplantation, the vein and spinal injections once or several times. (4) → Laser → (mentioned here refers to the 650nm laser is safe and effective laser wavelength range: 630 ~ 780 nm nm, that for the human body, can improve blood rheology, enhance microcirculation, cerebral ischemia slightly lower due to mental role of adjuvant therapy.) (5) → Law → try embedding microelectronics microelectronics embedded neural channel bridge and signal method to stimulate the synapses of neurons, making the brain bioelectrical signal changes to the synapses on the dendritic spine growth leaving trace nerve function to be enhanced, this method is still in the research stage. (6) → → millimeter wavelength and frequency of use of some very high-frequency electromagnetic waves to study the metabolic activity of neurotransmitters and signal events, this method to find specific parts of the brain activity and to study the phenomenon based on the performance of mentally retarded. (7) → → omentum omentum arrogant small blood vessels in the brain injury in the spinal cord and brain access to transplantation research program, this method is still in the animal experiment stage. (8) → → hyperbaric oxygen to improve oxygen supply of brain cells, so that part of the survival function of brain cells to strengthen. (9) → → As long as the sick child psychotherapy have a basic verbal or non verbal communication skills, psychological treatment should be conducted, including: cognitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, family therapy, behavior therapy, etc., psychological therapy and mildly mentally handicapped general population similar to the purpose of psychotherapy, is not to promote the sick child's intellectual development, but rather to resolve inner conflicts, develop self-confidence, improve the ability of sick children, increasing their independence, expand their contacts, mainly to solve the adverse relationship problem. (10) → other → psychological therapy in addition to the ordinary, there is now into effect in the aesthetic treatment abroad, that the children's different levels of education and in particular the art of aesthetic experience, so that the child to grow spiritually. (11) → → role of Qigong therapy mainly come from the overall adjustment of people's "physical" and "psychological" system (the mentally ill careful training) (12) → → yoga therapy meditation can soothe the nerves and promote the normal development of emotional (mental patients to practice careful ) (13) → → hypnotherapy similar to "imply" role, and enhance people's self-confidence and appreciation of certain things. (14) → music → subconscious therapy as much as possible to let the child sleep, not less than 12 hours; and so the child is really asleep (beat without response), the children put on headphones to listen to music, the music volume to be controlled 15 dB or less, for 3 to 4 hours, the style of music to meet the child's personality, temperament, personality, hobbies, dreams of the features (this is particularly important, can not have a trace of sloppy, omissions and errors, can not understand or fuzzy Please be sure to experience professional growth of the joint children were measured and psychological ideas!!) issues related notes and supplementary (1) → any medication side effects are there, but the higher factor of safety of drugs is only in exceptional physical and large doses can be reflected under the long-term use. (2) → In reality, many patients with acquired mildly mentally handicapped is not simple, often accompanied by epilepsy, mental illness, cerebral palsy and abnormal personality issues, so quite refractory, efficacy can not be satisfactory. (3) → If it is the brain lesions (such as brain tumor compression of certain nerves) caused by the mentally handicapped, the surgery can remove all the recovery or partial recovery; but if there is brain atrophy, the mentally handicapped to difficult to cure, but if that brain atrophy earlier time, then perhaps there is hope to cure mentally handicapped, so early detection and early treatment; above-mentioned is caused by organic disease of the brain mentally retarded (that is, a change in the structure of the brain .) As for brain function caused by mentally lesions (areas of brain function deficiencies, anomalies and obstacles, is to use "CT", "NMR", "SPECT", "EEG" even the most sophisticated "Magnetoencephalography" are not out of view or the reasons for inaccurate), which some patients the cause is unknown or complicated because, in general treatment of them is difficult. However, not all of the brain lesions caused by the mentally retarded must be better than the brain caused by the mentally handicapped refractory organic disease, it depends on specific circumstances (such as personal physical fitness, gender, age, drug sensitivity, etc.). (4) → all of the above drugs on the day after the mildly mentally handicapped (in the youth before the mid-term) have a certain effect, little effect of youth is late! Moderately mentally handicapped on the day after the basic invalid! On the day after birth with severe mentally retarded and mentally handicapped is essentially null and void! (5) → Recommend a variety of methods used in combination treatment would be better! (6) → maximum treatment period of 30 years, the largest cut-off age was 35 years treatment, over this period, essentially no therapeutic value it! (Note: This treatment of the limit value is the significance of biology; However, as a modern man, in this very competitive society, is too old to learn to live the 【master scientific methods of learning is particularly important 】) (7) → CP (see "Further reading"), the disease is not the same and simple mildly mentally handicapped, mildly mentally handicapped because of simple psychological problems involved only up to the hands and feet and some do not agile, pay attention to identify. Intelligence test, diagnostic criteria and prevention (1) → level of intelligence of patients assessed in the following ways: ①: Sidan Fu - Binet Intelligence Scale intelligence quotient (IQ) = mental age (actual age is in cognitive psychology) ÷ actual age × 100 ②: Raven expansion pack logical reasoning test, graphic awareness, puzzle, things relationship analysis and other projects. Three Intelligence Scale (see "Further reading"), although these Intelligence Scale for less formal, but it can refer to. Note: Scale of Intelligence who often tested by the living conditions and educational opportunities and other factors, but with some limitations, it is not the sole basis for diagnosis. (2) → diagnostic criteria → ①, onset before the age of 18; ②, difficulty learning difficulties (in the initial stage of primary and junior secondary); ③, social difficulties. (Generally three conditions are fulfilled, can definitely) (3) → focus on prenatal and postnatal care, improve living standards, improve the culture, pregnant women a better understanding of perinatal health care knowledge, the implementation of early education for children and prenatal care, genetic history of a family of pregnant women in 14 to 16 weeks for amniocentesis, amniotic fluid cytology, such as chromosomes and abnormal enzyme test results, shall terminate the pregnancy. These methods of prevention of mental defect has a positive meaning. (4) → to give a reasonable stimulus, including the sensory stimulation and emotional exchanges. (5) → train the child to the left of the campaign, because people get used to his right hand, ignoring the tendency to stimulate the activities of the left.
treatment of mentally handicapped

What is the treatment how to treat mentally handicapped at home ***
1 #, and his exchange
Congenital mental handicap
Disease description (main symptom onset):
And effectiveness of treatment was:
Want kind of help: can cure you
Testing, test results:
The last treatment the hospital:
Posted at 2009-12-02 21:01:58 Yan Hua Dafu Re: What is the treatment of mentally handicapped
# 2 children's rehabilitation center in Hunan Province Children's Hospital Associate Professor, MD, deputy director of the plus
The information you provide is not complete, I can not give specific advice, please seek medical treatment, diagnosis, and then consider the treatment of it. Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital Children's Rehabilitation Centre Yan Hua
Yan Hua Dafu Posted at 2009-12-06 17:56:25 I have information Huatai Fu Yan Yan, MD, Associate Professor, thank you, deputy director of China:
8 Love: Section: Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital Children's Rehabilitation Center specializes in: Children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and other children, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disease assessment . Profile: Yan Hua, male, assistant director, deputy director of the MD, Associate Professor, Master of Medicine, Provincial Rehabilitation Medicine . View complete profile consultation exercise Huatai Fu Yan Hua Yan consulting range: cerebral palsy, brain injury syndrome, mental retardation (or mental retardation), children alone .
Resuscitation, brain the past 20 years some well-known domestic Chinese medicine experts reported that mentally retarded cerebral palsy, according to statistics, the use of simple traditional Chinese medicine, because medicine molecular weight, can not enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier and therefore aspects of the treatment of encephalopathy almost ineffective. Traditional treatment of mental retardation with cerebral palsy it is still a major problem. And the most unique and effective treatment of mental retardation is pure natural Tibetan medicine. The development of Tibetan Medicine has been two thousand years of history, the treatment of mental retardation with cerebral palsy have a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in clinical practice, such as the classical masterpiece, "Four Medical Classics," "four drugs book", "difficult to light four continued release" and documented history of Tibetan living Buddhas are painstaking research and rich Tibetan Micronesia.
They use this high altitude Qinghai-Tibet Plateau roof of the world, cold and oxygen, no pollution, plenty of natural sunlight as a medicine resources of wild flora and fauna (there are 1,300 kinds of medicines and Western medicines were not recorded), the use of special processing, such as Sato and other child developed a series of treasure alchemy medicine, non-toxic non-exclusive. Used vary with time, vary, illness-specific special treatment methods, a reasonable understanding of the decision of the treatment of mental retardation, cerebral palsy when the perfect prescription for the third round due to therapy, hot West statue therapy Sa three due to heap Zi therapy, five sources secret therapy, Kanjur therapy, therapy, etc. to Tengyur uneasiness of mind, refreshing puzzle, to reconcile the dragon's blood, through the meridians and other treatment on the growth of nerve cells play two-way nature of the repair cycle to achieve effectiveness of healing mentally handicapped.
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