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to treat hyperprolactinemia

Hyperprolactinemia should be treated?
I, on the causes and treatment of primary disease
Mental stimulation, such as get rid of bad, disable cause HPRL drugs, active treatment of primary diseases such as pituitary tumor, hypothyroidism, Cushing psychosis.
Second, the anti-PRL - Bromocriptine Therapy
Bromocriptine is a semisynthetic ergot derivative dopamine agonists, via receptor mechanisms, and promote the synthesis and secretion of PRL-IH, inhibition of PRL synthesis and release, and directly on the pituitary tumors and PRL cells contain Inhibition of tumor growth and PRL, GH, TSH and ACTH secretion.
Bromocriptine therapy for all types of HPRL, is pituitary adenoma (micro / macro adenomas) preferred therapy, especially for the young and fertile natural look forward infertility, the dose 2.5 ~ 7.5mg / d, oral, and other anti-PRL drugs, including: levodopa (Levo-Dopa), eight hydrogen benzoquinoline (CV205-502), vitamin B6 and so on, see Chapter anti-PRL sections endocrine therapy.
Third, the induced ovulation
For HPRL, anovulatory infertility, bromocriptine in the treatment alone can not be successful ovulation and pregnancy, that is mainly used to bromocriptine, compatibility of other ovulation induction drug combination therapy: â‘  bromocriptine-CC-hCG; â‘¡ bromocriptine-hMG-hCG; â‘¢ GnRH, pulse therapy - such as bromocriptine, combination therapy can save anti-PRL and shorten the treatment period, and increases ovulation rate and pregnancy rate.
Fourth, surgical treatment
Oppression for macroadenoma symptoms appear, and tumor resistance, bromocriptine in the treatment ineffective and too many tumor cells by pituitary hormone secretion.
Transsphenoidal microsurgery current (trans-sphenoidal microsurgery), safe, convenient, easy, effect similar to bromocriptine therapy, before and after surgery can improve the efficacy of compatibility with bromocriptine, surgery drawback is: no pituitary tumor capsule , ill, surgical difficult to completely or injury caused by the nasal cavity into the cerebrospinal fluid fistula, secondary to pituitary dysfunction.
V. Radiotherapy
HP system for non-functional tumors, and ineffective drugs and surgery, radiation methods include: deep X ray, 60Co,
to treat hyperprolactinemia

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How to treat hyperprolactinemia? First, let's look at what is hyperprolactinemia? Hyperprolactinemia is a common gynecological endocrine disease, refers to the internal and external environmental factors, and the PRL increase (
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