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transsphenoidal resection of pituitary adenoma

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transsphenoidal resection of pituitary adenoma

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Request on the basis of literature review, an overview, analysis, review of the subject areas of new domestic and foreign research results, development of new trends and that their point of view, to subject the development of the forecast, make constructive comments and suggestions. New topics, reasoning and thorough, clear layer, language fluency, with a comprehensive, advanced, evaluating characteristics.
On the
Has high academic value of the field of medicine thesis, highlighting the scientific, innovative and practical. Point clear, reliable information, text, refining, levels of clear, accurate data, experimental design is reasonable, with charts and other visual forms of instructions, diagrams should be self-evidence. Statistically reasonable description specifications; text title concise, eye-catching, to reflect the theme of the article. And communication of the first of 100 words or less can be attached to the personal profile.
Short of the
Question papers set a high academic value, and a certain degree of scientific and innovation. Point clear, reliable information, text, refining, accurate data, experimental design is reasonable, results mainly in the chart shows, and make the appropriate text description, diagrams should be self-evidence. And communication of the first of 100 words or less can be attached to the personal profile.
Experimental study
The field of medicine experimental and theoretical research papers, topics rigorous, argument clear, accurate and reliable data, table design and reasonable. Experimental animals must be marked with the name of research, germ line, grade, quantity, origin, gender, age, weight, feeding conditions and health status. And communication of the first of 100 words or less can be attached to the personal profile.
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Drugs and clinical
Main drug coverage (including an old drug new use) clinical trials, clinical application, drug treatment, rational drug use, interaction and drug evaluation. On the need for rational design methodology, some results were statistically analyzed and the corresponding conclusions, careful examination of the body text of the drug dose, the number of cases, the percentage of such data. And communication of the first of 100 words or less can be attached to the personal profile.
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Concerning the preoperative diagnosis of biopsy pathology, body fluids, secretions, biopsy material, exfoliated cells in pathological diagnosis, autopsy pathology diagnosis, pathological diagnosis, rapid paraffin section, introduced disease mechanisms and clinical pathophysiology.
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Hot spots include nursing, nursing research, basic care, specialized care, rehabilitation care, emergency care, preventive care, community care, experience and innovation, health education, nursing education, nursing management.
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Explore new ideas in medical education, new methods, new technology papers, including the administration of medical colleges, school characteristics, and status of education reform, teaching management, education research study, elite culture and so on. Reported that medical institutions and medical research institutes for teachers and educational administrators to explore medical disciplines in education, teaching reform process of the new ideas, new practices and their effects, as well as domestic and foreign reports the latest achievements in medical education and medical fields related to subject building.
Case reports
The main report and supplementary sections of the department of clinical diagnosis and treatment encountered in rare, rare case, including diseases, clinical manifestations are not common, rare adverse drug reactions, as well as a new disease or clinical events occurred in the first report .
Clinical work reported in the main causes of misdiagnosis and mistreatment of various cases of misdiagnosis factors, to arouse the attention of the general clinical health workers to reduce the recurrence of similar incidents.
Adverse reaction monitoring
Mainly the monitoring of adverse drug reactions reported cases of adverse reactions to factors descriptive, analytical, experimental or investigative studies. Summary of adverse drug reactions should be more randomized controlled clinical trials, cohort studies or case-control study based on both rare cases of adverse reactions reported to promote systematic review. Also reported that drug-induced disease diagnosis and prevention and control.
Including drug treatment and other treatment or drug treatment programs have different economic - The Comparative Analysis, in particular, drug imports and domestic drugs, new drugs and old drugs, special agents and general agents of the comparison; single disease drugs analysis cost - effectiveness analysis, cost - effectiveness analysis and cost - benefit analysis. And communication of the first of 100 words or less can be attached to the personal profile.
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Prevention and control of major areas of medical reports of new theories, new technology, new achievements and new methods. Particularly in relation to public health emergencies, public health monitoring and service improvement, progress in prevention and control of communicable diseases and so on. Include: labor hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and food hygiene, child adolescent health, radiation health, health toxicology, epidemiology, disease surveillance and immunization, disease prevention and health promotion, health care and health chemicals and Inspection and other aspects of scientific research and effective prevention and treatment experience.
Medical equipment
Mainly reported medical equipment, reagents, materials, product development, manufacturing, clinical applications, market analysis and forecasting, and other related aspects.
Research Management
Investigate and report on management of medical research and progress within the research to the national health administration, medical colleges, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention agencies and leading research institutions, research administrators and management activities involved in medical research experts in other disciplines, scholars, academic researchers and technology developers as the main target, the report discuss the theoretical methods of scientific research management, scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, subject construction and technology talent management, learning dynamics and domestic and international research on the market. Presentation content should be scientific, logical, and theoretical and practical significance, refining the text to be accurate, fluent and focused.
Pharmacy Administration
Concerning the quality of management experience in pharmaceutical production and discussion of drug quality standards and quality checks of the results of the analysis, drug storage, storage, supply and business management experience, drug research, development, approval, protection, patents, national essential drug list, the State basic medical insurance drug list, prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs, out of variety of management experience, pharmaceutical organizations (government agencies, societies, information agencies, pharmacies, pharmacy, education and training, etc.) and pharmacists in the work of the problems found and the related views and recommended, pharmaceutical analysis and other policies and regulations.
Policy Research
Main areas of coverage for major national health policy development and adjustment, as well as the effect of the implementation, problems encountered and rationalization recommendations. Include: medical and health service system reform, medical price adjustment, health economic, social health insurance implementation, health care medical administration, health services drug reference information on health inspection reports and management policies. Involving medical, pharmaceutical, medical advertising management, health management. Requires contributions of high political and ideological content, analysis and thorough, profound, words appropriate to express simplicity.
Regulations and standards
Existing laws and regulations of the field of medicine and a variety of standards and the inadequacy of measures to improve; reported that the field of medicine recently enacted laws and regulations, and specific projects to develop the appropriate standards in the implementation of its results, questions, suggestions, etc. to interpret. Include: Drug Registration Regulation, administrative rules and regulations of medical pharmaceutical, medical and health service standards and administrative regulations to prevent commercial bribery, medical, health economic regulations, drug and food hygiene standards, drug advertising regulations, health care laws and regulations and so on. Requires contributions of high political and ideological content, analysis and thorough, profound, words appropriate to express simplicity.
Industry and Market
Reports Upon the pharmaceutical industry and the main market of the industry analysis, management, market research, marketing strategy and industry dynamics and so on.
Medical supervision
The quality of medical care, health care reform, hospital management of various departments, pharmacy management, hospital culture, talent management, implementation; of drug supervision and management, basic drug management, drug storage management, drug price regulation, health insurance agents and fixed-point pharmacy management, pharmaceutical research and development quality control, drug production and operation of quality control, quality control of pharmaceutical care, medical insurance, pharmacy drug sales management activities, problems and countermeasures.
Reports on the medical and health sector management theories, methods, personnel managemen
t, continuing education, primary health institutions management, non-public sector management, hospital management and related disciplines share the progress of work and experience. Presentation requirements of scientific and practical content, the argument clear, reliable information, is close to reality; text seeks to refine, accurate, fluent, the problem should be concise, eye-catching, reflecting the theme of the article. The accompanying text references should be concise.
Reports and medical and health, health-related research reports, including health statistics, surveys and statistical physical development, life survey and research, investigation and research of disease, drug-related investigation and research.
Reported that the work of the pharmaceutical industry-related positions, including management practices, research and ideas, learning and education methods.
Health Care Forum
Reported health care experiences in clinical work and experience.
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