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symptoms of cyanide poisoning in dogs

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Dogs can not eat chocolate
Leisure time in the afternoon, put a piece of silky smooth chocolate in the mouth, what a pleasant experience. At such times, how much you want to share this moment.
Of course, the side piece Liuzhuokoushui dog may be a good sharing of objects. Keep a dog's friends certainly know that these friends do not speak like himself, is very keen on sweets. So, how do you lock eyes innocent eyes bear it is saying it?
But I must tell you, quickly stopping!
Dogs eating chocolate poisoning, although it sounds more like
symptoms of cyanide poisoning in dogs

It was under the poisoned dogs, suspected of poisoning dogs reward points: 30 -
Solve the time :2009-10-9 11:57
My home in the countryside, feeding the dogs 13 years of a male. Last night, walk the dog out, middle of the night found that it suspected poisoning symptoms, limb weakness, unable to stand, a stand that is down, no vomiting, but the sticky secretion of saliva, with the limbs twitch. No toilet, no water. 7:00 2mg atropine sulfate injection, injection of 1.5mg atropine 15:30 PM. Now not improve, but also seen worse. Sometimes convulsions, and sometimes sleeping! According to neighbors said there was before the drug world, my dogs and strangers from the wild do not eat anything, up to smell, may now have a more toxic drug, a toxic smell it (just my guess.) Do not know who can help me! Thanks! Something about the problem: 1, I described the symptoms to look, the dog is not poisoned? If it were not poisoning how that is? 2, the need to treat what drug or how? (Not to the pet hospital, our hospital did not pet)
Questions added:
Thank you! What is needed more symptoms? Secretion of saliva is very thick, colorless and transparent. No bowel movement now! Conscious, see also Xiangpaqilai people, shaking hands in front of it, and it has stress reaction - blink
Love love rhyme 7 fans
8 House is ah, most of them were poisoned, the earth people know, how do you thing that I dog ten years, every year by drug before, but the old pathetic life large, escaped several, was also found in my house with the chicken bag over the wax seal of the toxic stuff, so careful to eat dog meat,
Speaking from a drug dog events
Huang Xiaohua

Core tips】 【Recently, a stolen dog Tugou home users who poisoned to death. Autumn and winter have been non-toxic dog new, but people worried about is that it's "not fresh." Caring people can not help but worry that some people have been poiso
ned dog theft to the final where the flow? Their own dog food on the table in the end come from? I asked, can not help but let those who wish to stimulate the taste buds by eating dog meat, nourishing food, the body's patrons stopped chopsticks.
Autumn by many to be the best tonic season, the fall is also a lot of food, we all want some gluttonous, belly full of oral, long points, "autumn fat." In fact, autumn is the most likely to occur throughout the year season of poison, drugs, illegal dog meat is still the product of some unscrupulous persons, and those delicious crab, seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade dishes beans entirely consistent with the laws of nature, but also has its hidden sources of drugs, people have to prevent.
At 23:00 on the 1st of this month, users "Whitewater zero" to which the Tugou family life in two minutes to gently end. According to the friends on, this Tugou usually always clever, and rarely went outside. That night, it went for a walk, came back down to the ground after the master hand caress, this gentle dog bit the owner of a sudden. Within two minutes, it does not twitch, do not Tubai Mo, died in the home compound.
"Whitewater zero" their own dog is suspected of being deliberately poisoned. Because before the East in their own Jindong where the streets have heard a lot of filial Tugou stolen things. That night, the family dog carrying back a few chicken bones, a pickup truck outside the door slowly passing. This made him think of those who stole the dog's trick, put bait, lead dog food, dog killed immediately after the consumption of bait, and then easily carried away by them.
According to his description of the symptoms, the urban elite club Zhou Zhengbing fairly certain pet judge, which is cyanide poisoning, due to toxicity onset time soon, potency and theft can easily succeed, even if the users like this name as lucky dog home escape the hands of thieves, but also no time to treatment.
People killed in two minutes a Tu
gou toxicity of cyanide has been very emotional awareness. If the dog swallowed poison what results? According to City CDC staff, the cyanide is highly toxic, the state banned use of dog poisoning, the body will be residual toxins, the human body after ingestion, the light will appear unwell, severe or even fatal. Normal human intake of greater than 100 mg orally once or will occur within a few seconds mandatory cramps, difficulty breathing, can die within minutes.
Where the flow of those drugs have a dog? Basically because the dog in the city of seasonal food, dog trading basically civil slaughter, sale, forms, relative to other meat products, transaction management is on the loose dog. City Jindong Gong Security Branch Caozhai been arrested this year, several police stations put bait theft Tugou by the lawless elements, according to account, they are generally illegal to sell dog meat obtained near the towns or cities and counties in the small restaurant.
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