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symptoms of abdominal hernia

What are the symptoms of abdominal wall hernia? Kang Yadi hernia following medical experts from the detailed answers to your questions.
User Q: Hello experts! I am 52 years old, had surgery at age 45, most recently in the abdominal incision site occasionally find a lump, but generally after a while I lie down and stay a while or disappear, the daughter of abdominal wall hernia that may be, let me go examination, diagnosis, then hospitalized, but I do not want to go to the hospital, I would like to ask experts, what are the symptoms of abdominal wall hernia? How treatment should be? Experts to help answer, please? Thank you!
Expert Answer: Hello! Thank you for your trust in us! Abdominal wall hernia in your case the symptoms are the following details of your knowledge.
Experts interpret "the symptoms of abdominal wall hernia," the details Click to consult a doctor Kang Yadi Institute
Abdominal wall hernia is the incisional hernia and more, showing a mass prominent abdominal incision, supine may be gone, patients are generally able to clear the edge of touch the hernia ring. Abdominal wall hernia more common in the lower abdomen of the longitudinal incision through the rectus abdominis is the most common incision. Abdominal wall hernia patients often have indigestion, bloating, pain and other symptoms.
Abdominal wall hernia treatment in order to avoid incentives to stay there again, experts recommend that you use a conservative approach to therapy, magnetic therapy with the treatment of hernia treatment results are good.
Kang Yadi online booking intelligent hernia treatment with magnetic cards and enjoy the benefits.
Kang Yadi hernia content is more than medical experts for the "symptoms of abdominal wall hernia," the answer. Hernia Medical Research Institute, Beijing Kang Yadi brought together leading experts at home and abroad, the introduction of advanced high-tech means to develop intelligent hernia treatment with magnetic therapy, used in hernia conservative treatment. Human help the friend out of the hernia disease problems, to not suitable for surgery, recurrence after surgery and those who do not want to bring good news.
symptoms of abdominal hernia

ma *** abdominal wall hernia
1 #, and his exchange
Abdominal pain
Disease description (main symptom onset):
Had surgery eight years ago, leaving giant hernia port, 15 * 10cm, between the position of the chest to the navel, is now unbearable abdominal pain when standing, lying on the symptoms disappeared completely, while erosive gastritis, gastric axis slightly reversed, cirrhosis (liver function is normal), splenectomy. Age of 55 years of age.
Testing, test results (check the time, content):
Diagnosis of abdominal wall hernia, and the other did the whole gut check, no problem
And effectiveness of treatment was:
Le abdominal gi
rth over with the beginning, effective, and later failure, due to Le on the girth and uncomfortable after the disabled, the traditional role of the navel hernia can not be over with, do not use. Later, suspected cause of gastritis, stomach eaten for a long time, effective after taking a day or two, after the failure.
How do want to help:
Now the patient can tolerate it, but is very uncomfortable, not long standing, lying down without any symptoms. Now not sure what causes. Another patient health than weak. Do not know whether the surgery would like to have your good advice
Posted at 2008-10-28 11:26:38 Shao Yongsheng Re: abdominal wall hernia
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According to describe the diagnosis of abdominal incisional hernia in patients with relatively clear. Given its age of 55 years of age, laboratory, test results normal, it is estimated to tolerate surgery, we recommend early surgical pain relief. Due to defect size 15cm * 10cm, is a large incisional hernia, we recommend looking for more experience in incisional hernia surgery surgeon. General Surgery, Sixth Hospital of Wuhan City, Shao Yongsheng
General Surgery, Sixth Hospital of Wuhan City, Dr. Shao Yongsheng Posted at 2008-10-29 22:13:20 ma *** 3 #, and his exchange
Shaoda Fu, first of all express my heartfelt thanks!
There is also a case to add that the patient is now the site of abdominal distension in the left chest and the abdomen connected to the navel, and not the hernia orifice, I'd like to, this pain is not caused by the hernia port, and the other , due to gastritis, lower chest pain again.
Now the question is more uncomfortable pain patients suspected for many reasons, not in addition to hernia surgery population, other methods are tried, but the results are not good.
Would like to hear from you.
Thank you.
Posted at 2008-10-30 08:40:17 Shao Yongsheng 4 #
Estimates chosen by all of the symptoms caused by hernia surgery solve the problem. General Surgery, Sixth Hospital of Wuhan City, Shao Yongsheng
General Surgery, Sixth Hospital of Wuhan Posted at 2008-10-30 23:01:10 Dr. Shao Yongsheng
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How to treat abdominal wall hernia
Patients Sex: Male
Age: 34
All symptoms: abdominal bulge of a millimeter large nail, feeling the air, superficial
Onset time and the reasons: three months ago found that some
Treatment conditions: no treatment, just done a B-, before we know called abdominal wall hernia.
Want to get help: want to know how the treatment
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Condition analysis:
Abdominal wall hernia is the intra-abdominal organs or tissue incision through the abdominal wall hernia outstanding. Mainly as a hernia at the incision standing block prominent, more obvious when coughing or exertion.
You are young patients, consideration should be given to surgical treatment. Incision laparoscopic hernia repair is an alternative treatment.
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Dr. Zhang Hui l
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Condition analysis:
Now your hernia is still relatively small, we do not require treatment, primarily to observe.
Usually can use a heavier things, the pressure in the above, to see whether their own back hernia. If the hernia growing, has not his back, and you feel pain, you need to go to hospital for treatment.
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Condition analysis:
Hernia treatment is mainly based on patient age, usually less than two years old children and the elderly can be a simple hernia sac ligation is possible, while the need for radical treatment of young people in general.
The so-called radical trea
tment is through surgery to patients with hernia sac into the abdominal cavity and sutured to the abdominal wall cracks and another way is through the minimally invasive laparoscopic approach to a metal plate implanted in the abdominal wall, the hernia sac from the to cover the role, you can choose according to their own treatment wishes. hernias can cause intestinal necrosis once the increase, when the need for bowel resection in order to save lives, so we recommend early treatment.
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