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splint for humerus fracture

The right humerus bone trauma related replies backbone of the upper shaft fracture, transverse fracture line video display. Stump no obvious signs of displacement. Humeral shaft fracture fracture of the right humeral head articular plate rejection joint necrosis after surgery, the backbone to continue downward after the signs of necrosis. Humeral head articular fracture of the right plate rejection joint necrosis after surgery, the backbone to continue downward after the signs of necrosis. Anatomical neck of humerus fractures of the right and the greater tuberosity avulsion fracture of the humerus, no obvious displacement, joint space was normal. The need for hand . 4-year-old girl and a half, left tibial shaft spiral fractures, bone fracture site line has now disappeared, but the soles of the feet when walking outside in the . humeral shaft fractures and fractures of the right humerus of Kashin-Beck backbone of the upper shaft anatomical neck of humerus fractures of the right humerus greater tuberosity avulsion fracture and fracture of the right humerus fracture, right elbow ulnar olecranon fractures, radial olecranon fractures, humerus fractures of medial malleolus fracture reduction practices related to the article, the paper added bandage splint treatment of closed 269 cases of distal radius fracture fixation and analysis of whether treatment of tibial shaft fractures fibula? Backbone and metaphyseal fractures of children accepted standards, shaping the general course of fracture healing fracture of humerus in the diagnosis and treatment of proximal humeral fracture treatment of humeral condylar fracture of the principles of
splint for humerus fracture

Humeral shaft fracture is the most common clinical fractures, if not handled properly, can cause nerve, vascular damage, stump separation and delayed union or nonunion fractures, and even the serious consequences of muscle necrosis contracture. Therefore, external fixation of humeral shaft after a small splint should note the following issues:
(1) should be closely observed fracture splint after the location and the tightness of banding, especially after the fracture within the first 4 to 5 and be ready to adjust the straps to prevent too tight or too loose, causing a fracture displacement or physically far end of ischemia, etc., while Zhu Huanzhe more fist activities, and appropriate activities, shoulder, wrist.
(2) the role of the overhanging limbs of gravity, often separated displacement fracture fragments may occur, should stick with the neck Zhu Huanzhe wrist strap, if necessary, application of elastic bandages were tied to try to move closer to the fracture fragments.
(3) regular X-ray, if it appears that the shift into a corner stump separation, etc., should be promptly stopped.
(4) functional training guide:
â‘  practice that after reduction and fixation, palm,
wrist joint activities, and take the initiative to do upper arm muscle relaxation and contraction exercises to strengthen the two fracture in the extrusion pressure on the vertical axis. Rotate the upper arm forbidden activities.

â‘¡ fixation after 2 to 3 weeks to practice the shoulder, elbow joint activities.
Shoulder flexion, elbow: Kin hand holding the affected side of the wrist, the limb stretched forward, and then elbow extension arm. Shoulder rotation: the body tilted to the affected side, elbow 90
Home> Experts> Content Document Name: humeral fracture fixation with small splints screw plate fixation compared Introduction: January 1993 -1998 in December we have 41 cases of humeral fracture were randomly divided into two groups with small splint screw fixation and plate fixation. The results of two treatment (healing rate, healing time, elbow shoulder-length activity) were compared, are summarized below. 1 Clinical data of 41 patients with humeral shaft fracture cases. With small splints treatment of 21 cases, including 8 males and 13 females; aged 16 to 65 years, mean 36 years. Fracture site: the humerus on the 1 / 35 cases, in 1 / 39, under 1 / 37 patients. Type of fracture: transverse fracture in
8 cases, 6 cases of oblique fracture, spiral fracture in 3 cases, 4 cases of comminuted fracture. Using steel screw fixation in 20 cases, 7 males and 13 females, aged 19 to 54 years, mean 38 years. Fracture site: the humerus on the 1 / 34, in 1 / 3 of the 10 cases, the next 1 / 36 cases. Type of fracture: transverse fracture
Document Name humeral shaft fractures with small splints screw plate fixation compared Article Name
English (English) Translation Comparison of internal and external fixation for the treatment of the fracture of the humerus shaft; of Ping Shao; Wu Dong; Xin Zhi-ping; car Tao; AuthorSHAO Ping; HU Dong; XIN Zhiping; CHE Too; Author
Author Agencies Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shanghai; Shanghai, Shanghai Chinese Medicine Hospital; Document Source
Article From Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy; Materials Physics and Chemistry (Professional) PhD thesis in 2000 Keywords humeral fracture; fracture fixation; KeywordsFracture of humeral shaft; Fracture fixation;
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