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a ruptured ovarian follicle

Hello! Typical symptoms of ovarian rupture due to lack of diagnosis more difficult, and often occurs on the right, very easy to be confused with acute appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy is also easy to mix with the wrong. Correct diagnosis, the most important is asked in detail about menstrual history and clinical examination combined with a comprehensive analysis. Ovarian rupture time have a certain relationship with the menstrual cycle can be used as the main basis for diagnosis. 80% of ruptured ovarian corpus luteum or luteal cyst rupture, which generally in the ovulation period, the majority of the end of the menstrual cycle, 1 week, even in the first two days of onset of menstruation. Small number of cases for the follicular rupture usually occurs in mature follicles, and thus the general incidence of the tenth day of the menstrual cycle to eighteen days. Ovarian rupture ovarian dysfunction patients without a history of general, most with ovulatory cycles. Abdominal tenderness not obvious, but bimanual pelvic tenderness is very obvious, with the menstrual history, and more can make a diagnosis. After the onset of any history of sexual intercourse, the more likely. No general history of menstrual irregularity or amenorrhea history, most of the medium or in the period before the onset of menstruation, rapid onset, sudden abdominal pain, short-term pain after a continuous fall, and then gradually reduced or they were transferred. Even may have nausea, vomiting, but not significantly. General no vaginal bleeding, severe internal bleeding may have shock symptoms. Yantai Xin General Hospital, I wish you good health!
a ruptured ovarian follicle

Birth, the ovaries, there are about 2 million follicles. Near puberty only 300,000. Number of follicular growth and development of each month, which usually only one dominant follicle can reach full maturity, and discharge eggs. Women's lives are generally 400-500 follicles mature and ovulate. Follicle rupture means ovulation is the egg and its surrounding cumulus granulosa discharged along with the process. How long after follicular rupture to discharge? In the normal process of ovulation, the ovaries of a mature dominant follicle in the menstrual cycle, mid-term rupture, discharge of eggs, and also the formation of corpus luteum, a large number of preovulatory estrogen secretion, After ovulation, the secretion of large luteal progesterone. In the estrogen and progesterone under the influence of the proliferative endometrium into a secretory phase; cervical mucus from the Qingxi, transparency into thick, muddy; basal body temperature was bipolar characteristics. However, in luteinized unruptured syndrome patients have two characteristics: â‘  the performance of a mature follicle, with the peak of estrogen and luteinizing hormone peak, but the mature follicle is not broken, do not discharge the egg but to cont
inue to increase. â‘¡ unruptured follicles formed corpus luteum, the role of the secretion of progesterone in the cervix and endometrium; basal body temperature was bipolar. What are the symptoms prior to follicle rupture? Follicle rupture in the main cause lower abdominal pain, which is the egg from the ovary within the discharge signal before ovulation to occur in abdominal pain on one side, often occurs when the pressure rise in the follicles; after ovulation As ovulation pain and more contraction of uterine tubal or ovulation bleeding caused by stimulation of the pelvic organs; abdominal pain before and after the rise in basal body temperature.
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How can we know the follicle rupture
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How can we know the follicular rupture, ovulation girl anything unusual, you can feel it ah!
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Most women are no clinical manifestations. There will be a small number of female abdominal discomfort, bloating and so on. Suggested by B-to observe. W
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Hello, ovulation generally no obvious symptoms, vaginal discharge will be transparent in the egg secretions like drawing, you can look at. You can also use ovulation test strips or the quantity of basal body temperature method of ovulation period.
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Hello! Mature follicle is 18-25mm, usually within 24-48 hours of ovulation. Abnormal ovulation, usually imperceptible.
In the menstrual cycle suggest that you first 12 days, to the hospital every day to monitor follicular B-development of the situation, until follicular rupture detected so far. So that you can know whether the normal follicular development.
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