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ruptured colon complications

Or external colostomy complications
Or external colostomy stoma complications â‘´ proximal to reverse: the colon due to stoma location inappropriate place, the occurrence of torsion, the difficulties caused by postoperative fecal obstruction. Prevention: â‘  surgery must be placed in the abdominal wall with a side of the colon; â‘¡ colon loop colostomy must be fully free, the external should be no tension. Treatment: Mild to reverse, expansion of the finger after the stoma put a thick soft rubber tube to the proximal support feces; severe blood circulation disorders caused by torsion, the occurrence of colon necrosis or peritonitis should redo the stoma re-operation.
Or external colostomy stoma complications ⑵ retraction: reasons: ① colonic stoma or disposal of the free top and bottom is not sufficient; ② stoma outside the skin less than 3cm; ③ stoma exposed though longer, but poor blood circulation and after retraction of necrosis; ④ stoma and sutured to the abdominal wall layers is not strong, thread off; ⑤ type with intestinal loop colostomy, the colon is not removed with the formation of adhesions around the stoma caused by supporting the glass rod retreat. Treatment: mild retraction, adhesions have been formed around the feces may contaminate the wound, the first can be observed, such as the retraction into the abdominal cavity causing peritonitis, urgent surgery, after resection of necrotic bowel loops proximal colon of another activity for colostomy .
Or external colostomy stoma complications ⑶ next to the small intestine prolapse: the muscles around the stoma, such as separation of too much, not with peritoneal colon, external oblique aponeurosis sutured layer by layer close postoperative recovery of intestinal function after sometimes irregular peristalsis of small intestine from the stoma prolapse next to such external or common in sigmoid colostomy. Shall immediately after the occurrence of the small intestine is also satisfied in the abdominal cavity, re-suturing the colon.
Colostomy or within an external hernia complications â‘· sigmoid colon: such as external or sigmoid colostomy, the failure to the sigmoid colon and its adjacent parietal peritoneum suture, and the remaining one compartment, after the resumption of postoperative small bowel, small intestine from the off into outer space sigmoid colon caused by internal hernia pelvic, and even intestinal obstruction or strangulation of the occurrence of intestinal necrosis. Surgery as soon as possible after diagnosis to reset the small intestine, small intestine, such as incarcerated necrosis underwent intestinal resection and anastomosis with intraoperative colonic parapharyngeal space should be mended to prevent the re-formation of the hernia.
Or external colostomy stoma complications ⑸ mucosal prolapse: causes: ① stoma outside the colon too long exposed in the abdominal wall; ② stoma ste
nosis, after partial obstruction, or postoperative constipation that often have to force defecation, occurred after a long time relaxation mucosal prolapse, a few emerge as long as 10cm or more. This complication occurs gradually, long after the wounded have become accustomed to, can also be satisfied after their own hands.
Or external colostomy stoma complications ⑹ stenosis: reasons: ① stoma opening is too small skin or fascia; ② stoma healed wound infection next to a narrow scar contraction; ③ ignored time after stoma finger expand anus. The case of mild stenosis, feces can still be out as soon as possible for the two closed ostomy surgery, such as stenosis caused by obstruction, it would take stoma incision scar tissue around the colon and to expand the stoma.
Colostomy, or an external incision infection and postoperative complications ⑺ wound dehiscence: Colon had abdominal injuries and more pollution, the postoperative wound infection rate is high, such as surgery, a longer time from injury, colonic stoma or external to improper , especially in the laparotomy incision on the stoma or external, feces into the wound after surgery, the more susceptible to wound infection, once the infection-prone full-thickness dehiscence, small intestine exposed, increasing the difficulties of post-processing and even life-threatening. Prevention: external colon colostomy or not on the original incision should be separate incision in the abdomen was closed after surgery before the saline flush with large amounts of the abdominal cavity, and placed antibiotic solution. Have occurred in the whole abdominal incision dehiscence, stool into the abdominal cavity, the importance of timely surgery, the proximal stoma in the original alternative to fecal stream diversion colostomy, no pollution, and the abdominal incision.
ruptured colon complications

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Abstract Objective To investigate the characteristics of colonic injury and surgery, and in order to improve treatment, prevention and treatment of anastomotic leakage, eliminating the second surgery. Methods in our hospital in January 2000
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