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recurrent squamous cell carcinoma

Objective: To analyze the recurrence and metastasis of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the relevant factors. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 210 cases of hospital untreated primary oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma, compared to the recurrence rate of different treatment methods, COX multivariate analysis of local recurrence, regional recurrence and distant metastasis-related clinical factors. Results: 210 patients, overall 5-year survival rate was 61.1%, the total recurrence rate was 31.9%, the local recurrence rate was 23.8%, regional recurrence rate was 16.7%, distant transfer rate of 8% for .5 shift. 5.7% more than factor due. Sub-analysis of pure single-operation Bureau in the Ministry of group re-hand, the pure rate of release of the single treatment group ring shadow, due to technical factors put before treatment group treated side, after the surgery method, put the T-class sub-treatment group, the total affected areas were the domain rehabilitation of the Development Council issued by the Ministry of impact rate of complex factors influence into another Board for the Department of Development 5 re .1%,, 4 and 2. away at 7%, a switch 7. shift of 3%, the impact of histological differentiation factors level and regional recurrence. Local and regional recurrence were 92.0% and 91.4% for 2 years after treatment there, and then relapsed after treatment by 24%, respectively, and 34.3% under control. Conclusion: Local and regional control is the key to the treatment of tongue cancer, tongue cancer may choose the simple operation early, comprehensive treatment should be selected with advanced tongue cancer, treatment should be closely followed for at least 2 years of recurrence for some patients still receive timely treatment good local and regional control.
【Author】: Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Head and Neck Surgery
Key words: squamous cell carcinoma; survival rate; local control rate; regional control rate; comprehensive treatment
【Keywords】: R739.8
】 【DOI: CNKI: SUN: ZGZL.0.2008-21-009
Snapshot】 【text:
Oral squamous cell carcinoma is one of common malignant tumors of the Department, representing the first oral squamous cell carcinoma [1]. Treatment is mainly surgical, radiotherapy and a combination of comprehensive treatment, the 5-year survival rate after treatment in 48.0% ~ 70.9%, the main cause of treatment failure are local and regional recurrence [2, 5]. In this paper, our hospital between 20 cases of tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the summary, analysis of recurrence and metastasis factors, in order to
Objective: To analyze the prognostic factors about recurrence of oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas. Methods: A total of 210 cases of oral tongue cancer were retrospectively reviewed. The recurrence rates of different methods were compared and the factors that influenced local, regional and d
istant control were identified with Cox regression. Results: The 5-year overall survival rate of these 210 patients was 61.1%. The over-all recurrence rate was 31.9%. The local recurrence rate was 23.8% and the regional recurrence rate was 16.7%. The rate of distant metastasis was 5.7%. The local recurrence rate was 5.1% in the group treated with surgery alone, 42.7 in the group treated with radiotherapy alone, and 17.3% in the group treated with preoperative radiotherapy and surgery, and 8.5% in the group treated with postoperative radiotherapy and surgery. In Cox regression, treatment modalities and T stages had significant influence on local control. Good regional control could be achieved without local recurrence. Regional recurrence and poor pathological differentiation would lead to high distant metastasis rate. At 2 years after treatment, the local recurrence rate was 92% and the regional recurrence rate was 91.4%. Conclusion: To achieve good local and regional control, surgery alone for oral tongue cancers of early stage and combined treatment modalities for advanced diseases were recommended, respectively . A follow-up of at least 2 years after treatment is necessary. Salvage treatment for some patients with recurrence can achieve good local and regional control.
【Keyword】: Oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma; Survival rate; Local control rate; Regional control rate; Combined treatment modalities
recurrent squamous cell carcinoma

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"Cancer" 2009 01 Collection for the latest recurrence of tongue squamous cell carcinoma related factors may Zhang Lun, ZHAO Jing-Chao Wu Yan-liter Yao Xiaofeng Zhang Abstract: Objective To investigate the recurrence of tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the relevant factors. Methods A retrospective study of 131 cases of tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the clinical and pathological data, using χ2 test and Logistic regression analysis of 11 clinical and pathological factors associated with recurrence. Results of local and regional recurrence were 57 cases, the total recurrence rate was 43.5%, recurrence of tongue squamous cell carcinoma tumor volume as the independent factors (P = 0.000); 34 cases of regional recurrence, regional recurrence rate was 26.0%, neck lymph node metastasis regional recurrence-related (χ2 = 11.603, P = 0.001). Conclusion The tumor volume was recurrence of tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the most important factor in assessment of tongue squamous cell carcinoma as an indicator of risk of recurrence; tongue squamous cell carcinoma of cervical lymph node metastasis is an important factor regional recurrence, surgical treatment of tongue squamous cell carcinoma should be Department's primary method of treatment. 【Author】: Head and Neck Cancer Hospital of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Tianjin Key Laboratory of Science;
Key words: Tongue cancer lymph node metastasis of tumor recurrence
【Keywords】: R739.86
】 【DOI: CNKI: SUN: SYAZ.0.2009-01-020
Snapshot】 【body: the tongue squamous cell carcinoma (TSCC) in a higher recurrence rate of oral cancer reported in the literature of 34% to 50% [1], after the salvage treatment of recurrent low success rate, recurrence tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the main reasons for treatment failure. This study retrospectively analyzed Tianjinyida Cancer Hospital from January 1994 to December 2005, 131 cases were treated in patients with tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the clinical and pathological data to explore the impact of factors related to recurrence of tongue squamous cell carcinoma, download the full text of more Pro CAJ Full-text PDF document format similar text format
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