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reactive personality disorder

Reasons for the formation of personality disorder is more complicated. A lot of research data and clinical practice shows that the biological, psychological, social and environmental factors will impact on personality formation. Therefore believe that some sort of personality disorder is not based on innate qualities of sound, or the adverse social and environmental factors in acquired under the influence, two cases both. Show:
1. Bio-genetic factors. People often say: "born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse holes will be born." This shows that certain behavior may be affected by genetic factors, the scientists sent to the transmission of personality disorder were interesting study. For example: Some people have family trees, and found that relatives of patients with personality disorders in the incidence of this disease is proportional to blood relationship, the closer the blood relationship, the higher the incidence; vast majority of experiments show that the monozygotic twins than in dizygotic twins in personality disorder, negligence and other aspects of the same crime rate higher. Slater 8 on the same survey, such as twins and 43 pairs of eggs dizygotic twins and found that the same personality disorder and neurosis disease rate: 25% monozygotic, dizygotic and 20%; on the adoptee and their birth parents consistent rate of pathological personality research. As the adoptee and their biological parents separated early on, and did not influence acquired by the natural parents, the results show that: the birth parents have personality disorders, the adopted child has a high rate of personality disorders. Which shows that genetic factors play a certain extent.
2. Pathophysiological factors. Although not found in patients with personality disorders nervous system anatomy, physiology, on the lesions, but is generally believed that their innate qualities of the nervous system where there is not sound. It was found that 31 to 58% of patients abnormal EEG, slow wave activity mostly in the form. The brain may prevent the patient does not improve learning, so that they can not get lessons learned from the experience. This explanation seems reasonable, but not enough evidence to accept. Psychologists in the Ken and Hal, have a lack of anxiety for patients with personality disorders and guilt to the circumstances of a very valuable research. The results show that in the classical conditioning experiment, the personality disorder of the skin conductance response activity level lower than the non-personality disorder. In one work, give a shock to find an error, maximum error of personality disorders, non-personality disorder at least, to prove that personality disorder is not the expected anxiety. Hal is also on the primary and secondary personality disorder patients and normal static reaction, stress and strain were measured, and measurements included heart rate, skin response and breathing. Found that patients with personality disorders and exc
itement to the static level of self-reactive lower than normal, which further proves the lack of personality disorder tends to anxiety, and therefore can not learn from experience and so on. This indicates that some sort of personality disorder in the nervous system are obstacles, but generally do not have the pathological changes of nervous system morphology.
3. Acquired living environment and social factors. This is the external formation of abnormal personality, and a very important factor, sometimes even a major factor. Some scholars believe that the personality disorder of abnormal emotional reactions and behaviors are learned during child development, children's period simply by observation, imitation, emotional response, and many can be learned behavior, including acts of social misfits , and through the mechanism of conditioned reflex to consolidate down. Retrospective childhood personality disorder often can be found on its adverse environmental impact of personality deviation. Childhood for family members, especially parents in the behavior of the most influential, parents divorce, the death of one or both parents have mental illness or criminal behavior, parental abandonment, abuse, tyranny, neglect, doting, indulgent, are Children may form abnormal personality. School education, discrimination against children of poor performance, due to not feel at ease in the classroom lectures Menzuo do not know of studies taught completely disappointed with the lure of abetting the bad partners, so that out of school and street children increased. Darkest of the media, movies, novels attract, social unrest unrest triad cliques, so that society can increase in the incidence of personality disorder. In addition, adults under severe long-term mental blow (such as the unjust imprisonment, incommunicado detention), will leave behind a significant personality change.
In short, the formation of personality disorders have many causes, they may play a role in an integrated manner, but in each specific case of the share or proportion of primary and secondary position slightly different.
Individual's personality, once formed, tend to have a certain constancy, to change is not easy. As the old saying goes: "leopard change its spots." What it means. But there is an old saying: "Where there is a willing heart." So if they can strengthen a variety of self-adjustment and treatment of personality disorders can be corrected.
Personality disorder as the main obstacle is the self-evaluation, choice behavior of the barriers and obstacles to emotional control, the concentrated expression of the social environment of maladjustment, the external environment that is not based on the feedback information to adjust their own behavior. Therefore, the treatment of personality disorder psychological treatment should be based, including the training of environmental capacity for adaptation, the recommendations of choosing a suitable career guidance and improve behavior, adjustment and interpersonal relationships, and the strengths and expertise to play and so on. In particular, cognitive therapy and behavior modification therapy can play its role, but the treatment takes a long time and extreme patience, and dependence and to prevent the entanglement of patients. Drug treatment is only temporary symptomatic effect, tranquilizers, anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants can be selected as appropriate, long-term is more harm than drugs, especially drug dependence should be stopped. Of particular note is the treatment of personality disorder and prevention should be combined. Although adult personality disorder to be stereotypes, but most begin in childhood forms. Therefore, children with a good family and social environment and education is extremely necessary, and this is to prevent and reduce the effective means of personality disorder.
reactive personality disorder

Personality disorder should be treated?
(A) treatment
Because the nature of personality disorder and the cause has not yet resolved, so the valuation of different treatment, Kraft (1965) review the information on the treatment that even the most severe cases, after a stage treatment can be improved, in the treatment of personality disorders should be clear pessimism powerless to take a positive attitude to treatment.
1. Drug therapy should first clear the drug can not change the personality structure, but the performance of certain personality disorders may have some effect, the present study suggests that the spirit of Pharmacology, antipsychotics, MAOI, lithium, carbamazepine, BZ drugs , antiepileptic drugs,
Title personality disorders: personality disorder (psychopathic personality) Affiliation parts: the first treatment department: psychiatric symptoms and signs of mental and psychological subjects: Introduction to other symptoms of personality disorder
Personality (personality) the term has many different uses, there is no uniform definition. In the spirit of the price of medicine generally refers to a person's relatively stable and sustained mental activity patterns or behavior patterns, often with the character, personality mix of the words. Personality disorder in the past, also known as psychopathic personality (psychopathic personality) or personality metamorphosis, some of these personality characteristics of over-prominent, affecting the lives of people around me or harmony, thus causing the attention of others, or that must be addressed. I generally can not know or refused to admit these shortcomings, personality disorder because there is no clear "disease", "wave condition" and medical treatment, it is generally not as a disease, but because some of the original character of normal mental or device quality can occur in patients with encephalopathy symptoms of personality disorders, or the performance of some personality disorder like mental illness, personality disorder as a result one of Psychiatry personality disorder personality disorder causes of knowledg
e: the formation of personality in the past that mainly determined by environmental factors (the "near Chu . personality disorder symptoms were: common personality disorders are the following types: paranoid personality disorder
. Personality disorder examination: the main organ is excluded from functional imaging lesions, such as the frontal lobe of the disease (. in the differential diagnosis of personality disorder: "The Chinese Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Mental Disorders Second Edition" in personality disorders Prevention of . personality disorder diagnosis: personality disorder parents to their children in their behavior must deviate from the harmful effects of the complications of . personality disorder: abnormal personality can also be caused by the disease, mainly the frontal lobe brain diseases (such as the treatment of personality disorder brain .: There is no good treatment, but should have an integrated approach to treatment. personality disorder articles
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