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pure autonomic failure prognosis

Cited reference】 【with China Academic Journal ago 9 1 Yang Hong; sympathetic skin response in detection of type 2 diabetes in the evaluation of the significance of autonomic nerve damage [J]; Guangxi Medical University; 2002 05 2 Tang Ji Zhi, Zhang Xiaohong ; heart rate variability in patients with early repolarization syndrome, evaluation of autonomic function [J]; Hangzhou Medical College; 2001 05 3 Pan Yang, Zhuo Dehua, Chen-free village, Cao Chengji, Zhu Jian; normal blood pressure variability analysis methods and physiological significance [J]; clinical aged care; 2002 03 4 Chen Chen; any dream; Chen Mai;; chronic heart failure in patients with heart rate variability analysis [J]; Electrocardiology; 2007 02 5 Zhouhui Yun, Lan Xi, Liang Yiming; sympathetic after acute myocardial infarction QT interval dispersion [J]; Chinese Circulation Journal; 2001 02 6 everywhere; oscillation of autonomic dysfunction and clinical evaluation Significance [J]; of Behavioral Medical Science; 1997 01 7 Jiangde Qin, Yu rehabilitation, Tian Jie, Qian Wing, Zhongjia Rong, Xiao-Yan Liu, Luo Shunqing; monitoring of heart rate variability in children with hyperthyroidism on the autonomic nervous function assessment [J]; of Clinical Pediatrics; 2002 03 8 Chun-Bo Li, Wu Wenyuan, He Kangmei, Liu Meilan, Cui Haisong, Li Yushan; anxiety disorder reaction of psychophysiology [J]; Chinese Mental Health Journal; 2000 05 9 Liu revolution, Song Lijuan, Ma Chengfu; Tat Xin on heart rate variability in patients with chronic heart failure effects [J]; Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine; 02, 2004
pure autonomic failure prognosis

Home> academic journals> of Critical Care Medicine> 2002 3> in patients with congestive heart failure biological characteristics of autonomic nervous time for a change
Patients with congestive heart failure biological characteristics of autonomic function changes in time
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Congestive heart failure (CHF) in patients with cardiovascular events (arrhythmia, sudden cardiac death) were significantly higher, one of the reasons is the cardiac autonomic nervous system (ANS) function was significantly damage [1]. With the heart rate variability (HRV) to carry out extensive research, people ANS dysfunction during CHF have more understanding of the situation and found that reduced HRV in patients with this type have important prognostic value. Recent studies have shown [2], HRV time biological characteristics to more accurately reflect the cardiac ANS function, but the indicators on the CHF HRV time when little was known about the biological changes. To this end, we conducted a study on the part of patients and healthy control group were compared, are summarized as fo
llows. of: Zhang Guo Yi-fang to the Shao Bing Chen Shuchun Song Guangyao Author: Gerontology Institute, Hebei Province People's Hospital, Shijiazhuang, 050051 Title: CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE ISTICPKU English title: CHINESE JOURNAL OF CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, the volume (of) : 2002 22 (3) Key words: R541.61 Keywords: Machine Standard Classification: R54 R96 machine standard Key words: congestive heart failure in patients with primary cardiac autonomic nerve function of time biological characteristics of the nervous system cardiovascular events heart rate of sudden cardiac death variability of biological changes of prognostic indicators of the incidence of arrhythmia control group, the value of damage to damage to the health fund projects: Hebei Science and Technology Agency research project DOI: References (10) Airaksinen KEAutonomic mechanisms and sudden death after abrupt coronary occlusion 1999 Malik M. Farrel T. Camm AJCircadian rhythm of heart rate variability after acute myocardial infarction and its influence on the prognostic value of heart rate variability 1990 Nelson W. Tong YL.Lee J-KMethods for cosinor-rhythmometry 1979 Cornelissen G. Bakken E. Delmore PFrom various kinds of heart rate variability to chronocardiology 1990 Appenzeller OCircadian rhythms 1990 Panina G. Khot UN.Nunziata EAssessment of autonomic tone over a 24-hour period in patients with congestive heart failure: relation between mean heart rate and measures of heart rate variability 1995 Stein PK . Kleiger REInsights from the study of heart rate variability 1999 Casolo G. Balli E. Taddei TDecreased spontaneous heart rate variability in congestive heart failure 1989 Kim SG.Yum MKDecreased RR interval complexity and loss of circadian rhythm in patients with congestive heart failure 2000 Guzzetti S . De Angelis GCardiovascular circadian behavior in diabetes 1989
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Pure autonomic failure and multiple system atrophy progression and prognosis of comparative study - "the world's core medical journal abstracts. Neurology Volume" 2005 10 www.cnki.net the literature sources CNKI
【Author】: Department of Neurology Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine Nagoya 466 - 8550 Japan Dr.
【Keywords】: R741
】 【DOI: cnki: ISSN :1671-3141 .0.2005-10-040
Snapshot】 【text:
Objective: To clarify the pure autonomic failure (PA F) autonomous symptoms and functional progress of degradation, especially with multiple system atrophy (M SA) when compared to the situation. Methods: The study included 8 patients with PAF patients (male / female = 7 / 1; mean age 57 years) and age matched patients with suspected M SA (M / F = 14 / 8; mean age 56 y
ears). Of subjects for more than 7 years of follow-up, follow-up the content package
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