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potassium permanganate toxicity

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Potassium permanganate, toxic, and has some corrosion. Inhalation can cause respiratory damage. Splash in the eye and stimulate the conjunctiva, caused by severe burns. After stimulation of the skin was brown-black. Concentrated solution is corrosive to the skin or the crystallization of tissue irritation.
After oral administration, can severely erode the mouth and digestive tract. Burning sensation in the mouth occurs, epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, oropharyngeal swelling. Large oral doses are, oral mucosa were stained dark brown to black, swelling, erosion, bleeding, liver and kidney damage, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, shock, died of circulatory failure, pure lethal dose of potassium permanganate is about 10g.
Hazardous nature: This product combustion, corrosive, irritant, can cause the body burns.

First aid measures
Skin contact: Immediately remove contaminated clothing, wash with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment. (If available gasoline is a serious cleaning)
Eye contact: immediately filed eyelid, with plenty of water or saline thoroughly washed at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
Inhalation: rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airway open. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, artificial respiration. Medical treatment.
Ingestion: Wash out mouth, to blues or egg white. Medical treatment.
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potassium permanganate toxicity

【Secondary References CJFD ago 10 1 Jimmy Chow; catfish on several common fish medicines for acute poisoning and endurance test [J]; Fisheries Science; 1992 04 2 Lu Mai new sassafras Han, Xiao Xuezheng, Wu Rui full, Xie Jun; American eel on several drug sensitivity [J]; freshwater fisheries; 2000 05 3 Wei Kaijian, Zhang Guirong, Wang review, Ruan Yibing; "g worm King" on Catfish acute toxicity test [J]; freshwater fisheries; 2000 12 4 Wang Weimin, Yanan Sheng, Zhou Liguo, Charkin seedlings, Zhiguo; four drugs tests on the toxicity of catfish species [J]; freshwater fisheries; 2001 06 5 Hua-Ping Zhu, Huang Zhang Han, Xie Gang, Lu Mai new, Huang Xing, Xiao Xuezheng; Culter on aquatic drug sensitivity testing [J]; freshwater fisheries; 2003 02 6 SONG Wen-hua, Yu Xiang, Wang Lei, Wealthy static; dichloroisocyanurate cyanuric acid sodium, bromine, chlorine Hein, Decis on the acute toxicity of catfish [J]; freshwater fisheries; 2003 02 7 Dengguo Cheng, Jiang Lan, Xu Shuying, Li Huanlin; California perch seedlings of ten drug susceptibility testing [J]; freshwater fisheries; 1994 03 8 Xu Shuying, Xie Gang, Qi Bao Lun, Ye Xing, Pang Shixun; Hainan redfish white drug sensitivity of aquatic [J]; water fisheries; 2001 01 9 Huang Kai, DOORS, Huang Zhikai; 7 common drugs on the Southern Catfish acute to
xicity studies [J]; water fisheries; 1999 04 10 Ho Yi Jin, Xing Hua, Xiong Jiajuan, Chen Jiayou; chlorine dioxide control of the European eel bacterial diseases [J]; Zhanjiang Ocean University; 2000 01
(Rpm) Toxicity of potassium permanganate medicated bath for reference ~ ~
Toxicity of potassium permanganate medicated bath
【Indications】 The product used as a disinfectant, deodorant, water purification agents. Potassium permanganate as strong oxidant, the case of organic compounds that release oxygen while new ecological role in killing bacteria, bactericidal strong, but less easily for the organic matter, so the effect of short-lived. Potassium permanganate oxidation occurs at the same time, restore the formation of manganese dioxide, a convergence effect. For skin and mucous membrane disinfection and Bath.
Adverse reactions and the crystallization of the product high concentrations are corrosive, and sometimes even the repeated use of dilute solution can also cause corrosive burns.
Dosage for external use, the concentration of 0.02% ~ 0.1%.
【Formulation】 external tablet, powder (When you use the concentration of the solution prepared as above)
This is the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" a summary of the above
I sacrificed the following test is almost 11 dragon eyes 5cm results do come out, hoping to play a role in attracting valuable opinions:
Concentration of potassium permanganate (hereinafter referred to as concentration) at room temperature: 18 degrees Humidity: 35% of the vessel: 500ml beaker, 100ml graduated cylinder, glass, electronic scale (precision 0.01g) and other fish: goldfish in the same batch of dragon eye 10 , body length 5cm (not tail), within the error of 0.3cm
Concentration of 10%: potassium permanganate completely unable to melt, the water was black ink; into the fish died after 17 seconds
Concentration of 5%: potassium permanganate, not all melt, the water was black ink; into fish deaths 59 seconds
Concentration of 1%: beaker at the bottom of the melting of potassium permanganate is not large particles, the water was black ink; into the fish, 2 minutes 34 seconds to death
Concentration of 0.5%: beaker at the bottom of a very small amount of potassium permanganate is not melting small particles, water, purple nearly black; into the fish, the first symptoms are urgent travel, about 40 seconds after the arrest, 5 minutes after the fish into the 100L water for breeding; 24 worrying too much oxygen playing hours, 6 hours after death
0.1%: at the bottom of the beaker almost no visible grain, water purple; into the fish, the fish swim about 10 seconds after the acute stagnation of water after 5 minutes into the environment of Appeal, 6 hours after the normal; 24 hours after death;
Concentration of 0.02%: no visible particles at the bottom of the beaker, water, dark red; into the fish, almost no anomalies appear, the appeal of water after 5 minutes into the environment, 6 hours after the normal 24 hours after the normal
Concentration of 0.01%: the situation above, from simple
At a concentration of 0.1%, 0.02%, 0.01% and 500ml water into the case of 1g of potassium permanganate were thrown into a fish disease Ergasilus anchor head
Results are as follows:
0.1%: water can be seen floating in the wreckage of anchor head Ergasilus, no fish eye
Concentration of 0.02%: a small amount of water can be seen floating in the wreckage of anchor head Ergasilus, no fish eye
Concentration of 0.01%: a very small amount of water can be seen floating in the anchor head Ergasilus the remains of a small amount of fish is not clearly visible under the microscope complete anchor head Ergasilus
500ml: 1g Potassium: no anchor head Ergasilus surface debris, a small amount of fish visible
Containers all over my location in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory to do, whatever the outcome, through the national certification. Use of potassium permanganate, the recommended method of sterilization
First, the recommended method of disinfection:
1, concentration: 1 / 100 ,000 - 1 / 5000 to five per one hundred thousandth of a thousandth of the concentration; the country, the factory of the plant and the differences can not be fixed values caused a huge problem and needs to meet the observed Visibility and color of the methods to adjust the specific see below.
2, the fish tanks, filtration equipment, grass, sand, stones and other equipment for the disinfection method - soak, scrub for 30 minutes (this method is commonly used in hospital disinfection);
3, disinfection methods for fish - dipping 10 to 15 minutes, during the period to ensure adequate oxygen, preferably air pump gas; medicated bath only side effects found during the fish should immediately change the water or into other containers, and fully oxygen; people who fish for well water, the fish should not use potassium permanganate to disinfect. This concentration can eliminate most of the bacteria. You can also use 15 or parts per million concentration of 20 ppm soak 2 hours, basically you can fully sterile.
4, when the recommended disinfection of fish, grass and equipment sterilization methods separately.
5, should not be used with well water or groundwater and other water containing ferrous iron mix.
Second, even when the conditions are insufficient to bring the fish tank together with disinfection methods:
1, the visibility determination method: in the main tank was added slowly transferred into a liquid solution of potassium permanganate, and rapid dissolution of the solution as far as possible to the main tank, until the visibility is about 60-70 centimeters to stop running; in to fish during the disinfection at least ensure that the work of a pump, and all the running. Found in fish during adverse water changes should be promptly reflected in the oxygen out of the fish;
2, color observation: According to the above method, when the water reaches the color pink stop, the other above;
3, about the quantitative method: the volume per mg of potassium permanganate and 1 / 3 to nearly half the size of sesame seeds, about one gram of potassium permanganate, a soybean and almost as big as a simple measure ;
4, in a fish to make the emergency disinfection means, such as good enough to save the fish reserves of water. And should not not use well water or groundwater with potassium permanganate, it is not a small vessel that can be brown gel precipitation test there, which is a high concentration of divalent iron symptoms.
5, wait 10 hours
This method is done in and with vitamin C, almost no damage to the fish. Drawback is the performance of the fish must be carefully observed. Too early to late is not good. Can not accurately grasp the premise of better early than late. Starved for 10 hours after dipping .
After raising the fish for some time, many of my friends always want to go to their tank to add or update a little fish. But the slightest mistake, there will be new entrants into the fish before the good, but I soon "white feather" is too limiting. If so, do not panic. You can soak it with potassium permanganate solution. As long as the fish used to be healthy, potassium permanganate solution can be transferred into the original water tank deep rose red, soak 5 minutes, back into the tank, a total of two times a day sooner or later, or at least adhere to the three days (a course). Note: 1. Always observe the fish, in particular, to be salvaged unstable; 2. Depending on the status of fish recovery may be shortened or extended treatment; 3. Mucosal surface of individual fish, damage to the phenomenon or even be bad, but it will soon be restored; 4. solution can be based in a small container (I use pots of daffodils), this can reduce drug waste, for us to repeat operation; 5. feel bad master the content and use time friend, operation rather less not more medication, not a long time rather short! ! !
I think they still have on the use of potassium permanganate that feeling, so in accordance with the above, who never misses. If necessary, and friends can try. However, as long as the "over water" technology to cross the border, it may not need to do so, this method is said to have been a problem and I do not know how to solve the friend.
(This method is also the general use of potassium permanganate)
The general use of potassium permanganate over the water and Quarantine (outside)
I really never misses with potassium permanganate (in addition to those dead horse health.) I think it should be like this: 1. First soak into the fish tank bags; 2. Begins when water temperature rather "over water" (be patient); 3. "Over water" is completed (bag at this time almost entirely "over water "), begins to potassium permanganate; 4. The first dosage should be two (small grain size), 15 minutes; 5. drained half the water, the second place two (this time with the last More than drugs, more concentrated color), 10 minutes; 6. then drained half the water, put the third drug 3, 5 minutes. 7. And then conduct a "off (drugs) water", when this can be compared with the first "over water" significantly reduced. 8. When the bag of water and the color of the water tank is no big differences, for fish into the tank (I was directly poured in). If it is not sure, you can first potassium permanganate of the good, "as appropriate color and add" something more dependable. I do not so much trouble, and potassium permanganate will tip his hand out of the brown inattentive. On the amount of drugs in doubt about the proportion of cases, of good to be "color and increase the discretionary" approach, so simple - so I think if a little bit of color with a little change of potassium permanganate 20 - 30 minutes quarantine, the health of the fish seem to be negligible (reproduction of absolute caution!), so the proper amount of medicine is just the place to illness, with little harm to body.
Help, I have too much more than some of the above said, hope the new friends of potassium permanganate exposure with caution, must be observed at any time! More than purely personal point of view of private law, does not mean that the promotion of the practice. Last note, in addition to medical treatment, there are no good drugs for a tank of water, your favorite love fish!
This method is a problem to do in and with vitamin C, almost no damage to the fish. Drawback is the performance of the fish must be carefully observed.
[Another High Meng usage]
Most probably this: in the original cylinder doing a low concentration of the general, so that high-efficacy Meng fade, high concentrations of doing, remove the fish to taking a dip in ten minutes,
This approach has a drawback: low concentration for general quarantine also visit a doctor and more backward effect of the high concentration of fish will be killed when the mucosal surface, to go fishing in the fishing too much damage to fish.
I've learned a trick, used a few times well, basically no harm to fish, you fish, dedicated friends, for reference:
The first dimension for 10 C, a glass of water into the solution, set aside. High Meng diluted with water slowly poured into the tank, the tank water into wine red, sufficient oxygen to play, filtering has been open, this time to closely observe the fish state, about ten minutes later, the fish began to restlessness, then slowly poured into the cylinder-dimensional C solution, the best down in the filter outlet, the water to clear one but can not stop, never more than down, dimensional medium, and high C played a fierce do with, changing the water to normal the next day.
This approach should pay close attention to the status of the fish, pour-dimensional C bactericidal effect as early as poor, down late, to hurt the fish, not sure when the Ningke earlier, this method is more suitable for the bare cylinder. High fierce in the treatment of the effect of the water mold
When the original cylinder to do with the medium concentration of the general, so that high-efficacy gradually disappear Meng, open filter, and increase oxygen. 24 hours changing the water 50 / 100. 3 days 3 times.
Shortness of breath
1: water, ammonia, nitrite or high concentrations of carbon dioxide, more than a day or more, will cause shortness of breath. Measures: clearly bait, cleaning the aquarium, 100% water changes, changing the water, add 0.01-0.1% of the salt. 2: The gills are white worms, inclined tube worms, mouth and other filarial parasites, will stimulate gill mucosa, causing mucosal cells proliferated, resulting in colorful shortness of breath, respiratory rate accelerated to absorb enough oxygen. To take measures to: remove bait, cleaning the aquarium, 100% water changes, changing the water discharge of 0.05 malachite green oxalate, or 25PPM's Foma, three days after the 100% water change, then under the same medication, need to deal with 3 - 5 times to completely remove the gill parasites. 3: The gills have gill flukes cause shortness of breath colorful. To take measures to: remove bait, cleaning the aquarium, changing the water after washing 100%, changing the water after the release of the Fuma 80PPM ,8-10 hours, 100% water changes, repeat the treatment after three days, to be treated 3 -5 times to completely remove gill parasites. 4: gill parasites, but also by bacterial infection, inflammation caused by cross infection shortness of breath, red gills. To take measures to: remove bait, cleaning the aquarium, 100% water change. After changing the water soaked with potassium p
ermanganate 2PPM day, 100% water changes, and then soaked in potassium permanganate, a day after 2PPM 100% water change, then the Foma 25PPM 100% after soaking for three days changing the water, welfare Malaysia also needs to deal with 3-5 times to be effective. 5: change the water when the PH difference is too large to stimulate the mucosal injury caused by gills, which are colorful pressure in shortness of breath. Measures: the first release of 0.1% salt, and gluten 2 mg / l, soaked for three days! 6: frightened the fish will be short of breath. Measures: 0.1% of the salt water soak, and then use the yellow powder of 2 mg / L soak one day. 7: When changing the water temperature difference is too large, the fish caused by the stimulation of shortness of breath. Take measures to: Ditto! 8: change the water when the old and new not the same as water hardness will cause shortness of breath, colorful stimulation. Measures: 0.3% of the brine, add yellow powder in 2 mg / L soak one day.
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