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post prandial abdominal pain

Treating the elderly experience postprandial abdominal pain
Traditional Chinese Medicine 5, 2000, 41 Clinical experience
Of: Wangrui Bin Shen Qiuhua
Unit: public health hospitals in Henan Suiping Traditional Chinese Medicine, Henan Suiping 348 463 100 Jianshe Road, City
Key words: abdominal pain; Chinese medicine; elderly
Clinically, such a class can often be seen in elderly patients, recurrent paroxysmal Cullen postprandial epigastric pain or cramps, similar to Western medicine "chronic ischemic bowel disease", the results are poor with conventional therapy, after several little experience in exploration, now and Treatment Characteristics of the syndrome laws set out below.
1 Symptoms Features
1.1 postprandial pain, food and more particularly: Common 15 to 30 minutes after the meal occurred in paroxysmal abdominal pain or cramps Cullen, occasionally radiating to the back, usually for 2 to 3 hours, also showed persistent nausea upper abdominal pain or fullness; eating more pain more severe, longer duration; Instead, fasting is not eating very little or pain occurs. The pain of hard to eat heavy food, and eat soft food mild pain, swelling of the liver to eat oily food nausea and pain, pain without swelling of the liver to eat light food. A small number of patients or vomiting, stool sticky and cold, slow course.
1.2 night pain heavy winter highlight: Despite the pain can occur after each meal, but the most important 2 hours after dinner, especially evident in winter and spring.
Although the weight of 1.3 symptoms and signs of minor: abdominal cramps or men Tong readme patients, and moan constantly, irritability, sweating, lips cyanosis, resembles angina or myocardial infarction, but the attack was no change in ECG and myocardial enzymes, there abdominal pain and vomiting for patients, bowel constipation, but no signs of acute abdomen of.
1.4 tongue and pulse and more virtual, low blood pressure: pale or greenish, thin tongue, little coating or white, pulse small, slow and weak, can and see the string, Shen, signs of pulse Shibuya. Low blood pressure, mostly for the lower limit of normal.
Treating type 2
Old stomach gradually declined, and the system of blood transport from the weak features, in addition to systemic blood deficiency, the stomach's own blood is bound to be more important dysfunction, both inside and outside of the evil, easily humiliated invasion, leading to ischemia, stasis, stagnation and other pathological changes, the formation of the virtual real, actual situation mixed with the card. "Abdominal pain to treat patients on the waiting a long time," pointed out: "a long abdominal pain, viscera deficiency, cold, off the intra-abdominal, and even stagnation prodigiously, attacks sometimes made the bowel and abdominal cramps, cold in that. Cold in pain does not recover from illness for a long time, the cold into the large intestine, diarrhea is variable. why they were, it is also bowel deficien
cy. "Ye Tianshi has" stomach for a long time and repeatedly made, there must be sputum condensate accumulation stasis "," long pain into the network, "said. The discussion on the treatment of this disease has important significance, our clinical treatment to the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation for the law of hysteresis.
2.1 warming middle invigorating spleen, promoting blood circulation of the delay: see symptoms of abdominal pain for the rain, thermophilic hi press, after eating pain, tingling, Shenpi body tired, limbs not warm, stool is not solid, greenish pale tongue, white coating, pulse small and weak. Medicinal: Aconite, Gui, Astragalus, Angelica, white peony root, red sage root, Chuan Xiong, safflower, Citrus aurantium, villosum, betel nuts, dried tangerine peel, Divine Comedy.
2.2 Spleen Qi, stagnation of blood: for postprandial abdominal pain in this disease, see inflation, while the potential sting of pain relief, more eating, more severe pain, epigastric fullness, belching and groaning, palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue lazy words, or abdominal bulge, dizziness, pale greenish or ecchymosis tender, slow pulse nothingness or to thin and astringent. Medicinal: Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, red peony root, angelica, red sage root, Amomum, Gallus gallus domesticus, Magnolia, Wulingzhi, Corydalis.
2.3 nourishing the blood and spleen, stagnation of blood: for epigastric abdominal pain in this disease, see, or tingling, swarthy, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, abdominal skin, a mistake, dark red tongue with cracks, thin tongue, pulse string thin and astringent. Medicinal: Rehmannia, Angelica, white peony root, Chinese yam, Codonopsis, Salvia, Corydalis, Eupolyphaga, Poria, The Divine Comedy, hawthorn, pangolin, Gallus gallus domesticus.
2.4 Yin Yipi, stagnation of blood: for the disease, see postprandial abdominal distention pain, dry mouth and throat, the two heads dry, dry stool, red tongue, little fluid, multi-string thin veins. Pharmaceutical: Radix, Radix, Rehmanniae, Angelica, white peony root, peach kernel, Salvia, Corydalis, Toosendan, bergamot, Gallus gallus domesticus, licorice.
3 typical cases
Ping Mou, female, aged 70, December 9, 1996 for treatment. Cullen postprandial pain for 12 years, recurrent, good times and bad, light in summer and winter weight. 1 month ago suddenly cold weather, increased abdominal pain, food is colic, acute stay in a hospital, and all tests were normal, atypical angina treatment to 7 days, pain relief can not be automatically discharged from our department treatment later. Carved diagnosis: pale, lips cyanotic, body twist, palpable abdominal protection abdomen, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness. Examination: heart rate 80 beats / min, breathing 24 times / min, body temperature 36.8 ℃, blood pressure 92/60mmHg (1mmHg = 0.133kPa). Abdomen soft, normal bowel sounds, liver and spleen not palpable, heart and lungs normal. Tender pale greenish, tongue side of teeth marks, thin white fur greasy thin astringent. Fine asked the medical history, known as postprandial abdominal pain, gradually increasing, particularly in winter, abdominal straining, stool dry, has repeatedly endoscopy, colonoscopy, B ultrasonic examination no abnormal electrocardiogram was normal. Previous multi-motility drugs, vasodilator drugs and digestion Daozhi, Qi painkillers. According to postprandial abdominal pain, recurrent, non-organic disease of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis: abdominal pain (stomach qi deficiency, blood stasis blocking network), Western diagnosis: chronic ischemic enteropathy. Governance when the Spleen Qi, stagnation of blood. Medicinal: Astragalus 20g, Codonopsis 15g, Bai Zhu 15g, red peony root 15g, angelica 12g, Salvia 20g, Amomum 12g, Sunburn Gallus gallus domesticus 12g, betel nut 10g, Magnolia 12g, Wulingzhi 10g, Corydalis 15g. Modified drug: abdominal Tong Shen, add fennel, aggregata; stool dry, Koro rhubarb; belching, add bergamot, Cyperus rotundus; palpitations, shortness of breath, plus red ginseng. Have medication 16, told more. Nursing and rehabilitation services Xiangshayangwei pills a day, gently massage the abdominal, Cullen, pubic region and other parts of 2 to 3 times daily diet, emotional tone photo, regular exercise. 2-year follow-up, no recurrence.
4 Experience
The disease postprandial abdominal pain, recurrent, characterized by long duration, in the gastrointestinal disease, affecting the blood, the virtual real, actual situation mixed, virtual in the spleen and stomach qi, blood stasis is food stagnation. Due to lack of stomach, blood is not sufficient, stasis blocking network, air-negative, food is heavier congestion, it will be pain after eating; stomach no longer, stasis resident, it is recurrent, long duration. If the pain of the disease was reduced to virtual food, to eat is a real pain, drama, and abducting stagnation with digestion, qi and blood circulation, or to take effect temporarily, to continue to use is invalid. If only the spleen, Needless to stasis, obstruct air-resistance, disease potential anti-drama. However, spleen and stomach, stagnation of blood circulation, side to Masaharu. Once the drug in the pathogenesis, slow side to keep maps, frequently can not be more parties. Also note that in the course of treatment the growth and decline between good and evil, at any time adjust the ratio of righting and dispelling evil drugs and weight. The heavier if the patient's condition, early treatment may be temporary plus dipyridamole, isosorbide dinitrate and the like to fold an illness. Illness, you can take Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan intermittent, Guipi, Danshen Tablet supplement the spleen and stomach qi and blood transfer. In addition, the Diet, Eat more meals, regulating emotions, do not jump crafts, gently massage the abdominal Before and after, Cullen, pubic region and other parts, to maintain the right amount of sports, the consolidation of efficacy, relapse prevention, but also have a positive effect .
Received Date :1999 -09-03; Revised Date :1999 -12-06
post prandial abdominal pain

Prone to eat cold spring, postprandial abdominal pain, stomach children should be careful http://www.sina.com.cn 2005   04   27   05:53 City Express
Patients: Zhu Min, primary school sophomore, 9-year-old
Symptoms: On Saturday afternoon, happy to play later, Mandy eating ice cream in root, did not take long to Zhirang stomach pain, my mother quickly sent him to the hospital in Hangzhou Hongqiao.
Diagnosis: The diagnosis, Xiao is suffering from stomach cramps, is acute gastritis, mainly due to consumption of cold foods.
Problem extension: the summer yet to come, because of premature to eat cold, cold, children frequent stomach. During this time, to the hospital for gastrointestinal Hangzhou check the increasing number of children, many of which were diagnosed as acute and chronic gastritis.
Many children because the greedy, just a little warm in the spring to drink too much to eat, cold fruit, etc., plus learning and tension, fatigue, stimulate the function of the stomach, over time, loss of appetite, stomach pain, gastritis, etc. occur.
Medical experts, children are in the growth and development stage, development of internal organs function has not been perfect, if there is no restraint on the raw diet, the formation of toxins, the course of time there will be loss of appetite, indigestion, leading to a variety of stomach disease. If not treated or treatment is not symptomatic, it may affect children's growth and development.
So, when the child has occasional abdominal pain after meals, usually not eating, pale complexion, bad breath or morning mouth pain, constipation, parents should be careful.
Hangzhou Hongqiao Hospital, director of gastrointestinal disease treatment center Yao Shumei reminder, always pay attention to proper nutrition, less for children to eat drink, cold drinks, etc.; work and rest, not to overload the pressure on the children; have stomach discomfort or a poor diet, to early treatment as a preventive measure.
If you really had gastritis, do not panic, Chinese and Western medicine can cure. Especially the Chinese digestion spleen, Thanh Hoa heat and other methods, both symptomatic treatment, and promote digestion and absorption. Health Tip: chaos services easily cut stomach flu cold medicine containing antipyretic analgesic anti-inflammatory medicines usually ingredients to stimulate the stomach, empty stomach, can cause serious stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding, life-threatening.
Cold medicines is best taken 15-30 minutes after a meal can reduce the stimulation of drugs on the gastrointestinal tract is conducive to drug absorption.
Hangzhou Hongqiao Hospital Center for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, Olympus introduced the first electronic endoscopy, color Doppler ultrasound examination of gastrointestinal multimedia device, QK Nami Bo technology to effectively painless examination, treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases.
Research Medical Center created the "Trinity" treatment, according to "Chinese Health Qi, blood stasis, Nami Bo get through Xuexun, comprehensive treatment" principle, according to the patient's characteristics, for different treatment of gastritis, erosive gastritis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases, a significant effect, won the praise of patients, Tel :0571 -87828888.
Yao Shumei, Hangzhou Hongqiao Hospital, deputy director of gastrointestinal diseases clinic physicians, in 30 years of diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, clinical experience, specializing in the treatment of chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases.
(Xinhua Yan Zhiyan City Express)
Anorectal Hospital experts in Zhangzhou, in patients with ischemic colitis due to large amounts of blood meal concentration on the human digestive tract, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the colon that had been more reduced the blood or absolute insufficiency, resulting in acute ischemic necrosis of the colonic ulcers and there blood in the stool.
The elderly, sudden postprandial abdominal pain, dark stool blood in recent years by our department e-discovery and colonoscopy confirmed by pathological examination in patients with ischemic colitis have been dozens of cases.
Ischemic colitis is due to insufficient blood supply caused by acute colonic colon necrosis and ulceration of the acute colonic disease. Lack of intestinal blood flow can be due to mesenteric vascular occlusion, but also because these vessels to changes in the blood circulation dynamics. The disease is usually in the elderly, a few also occur in young people or children. The most common symptoms are sudden onset of postprandial patients with mild or moderate abdominal pain, stool blood appears, a few cases, there may be severe abdominal pain. May be associated with diarrhea or constipation, abdominal distension, the patient extreme anxiety, sweating and other symptoms. The reason may be that a lot of blood concentration after a meal on human digestive tract, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the colon that had been more reduced the blood or absolute insufficiency, resulting in acute ischemic necrosis of the coloni
c ulcers and there blood in the stool. The disease is not specific precursor symptoms, abdominal examination often only mild tenderness, mostly in the left part of the abdomen. May be suffering from any part of the colon, but most often involving the splenic flexure and descending colon.
This disease in people with atherosclerosis, structural heart disease, atrial fibers tremor, thromboangiitis obliterans, nodular nodosa or other connective tissue diseases on the basis of the disease, after an operation and some disease. The disease for colonoscopy, can be clearly bleeding site and make the diagnosis. Microscope, single occurrence of colonic mucosa, and longer linear shallow ulcers, ulcers of the mucosa is often normal. Light of this disease by timely treatment, prognosis is usually good. In severe cases, shock and even death can occur. Therefore, patients with the clinical occurrence of the above symptoms, should go to hospital for examination and treatment, do not delay treatment.
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