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pictures of perianal abscess

I learned from Jinan anorectal hospital recently increased significantly in patients with perianal abscess, waiting for surgery patients one by one. According to experts, perianal abscess is a common disease of young men, about populations Bacheng incidence of more than academic male sex hormones that may be strong about. About perianal abscess, anorectal Hospital of Jinan experts made the following detailed analysis. Enteritis
Cause of anal fissure perianal abscess
Although the high incidence of perianal abscess, but many people do not know the etiology of perianal abscess. Anorectal Hospital, Jinan, according to experts, anorectal abscess caused by many causes, mainly the following aspects. Anal fistula
First, infectious factors:

Modern medicine, infection is the main cause of this disease.
The best treatment for hemorrhoids
1, because of anal fissure, hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, inflammation around the anus and anal skin, sweat glands around the hair follicles and other skin infections, abscesses can form around the anus and rectum. Hemorrhoids
2, there are certain diseases such as ulcerative colitis, aplastic anemia, general malnutrition, debilitating, reducing resistance, and induced abscess around the anus.
Second, iatrogenic factors: hemorrhoids
Clinically, iatrogenic causes of anorectal abscess is not uncommon.
Blood in the stool
1, D hemorrhoid treatment hemorrhoids plug dry, dirty due to improper operation or pharmaceutical infected submucosal abscess formation.
Blood in the stool
2, perirectal injection of chemicals to stimulate, cause tissue necrosis, resulting in rectal abscess. Anorectal Hospital of Jinan City
3, sigmoidoscopy, peritoneal perforation caused by infection, after the gap caused by rectal abscess. Constipation
4, infected with local anesthesia, or after the oil solution into the absorption, the formation of abscess. Anal fistula
Experts stressed that want to avoid iatrogenic factors in perianal abscess, the patient should go to regular professional treatment of anorectal diseases hospital. Anal fistula
Third, post-operative factors: blood in the stool
, Can be found in clinical infections caused by anorectal surgery, and the formation of rectal abscess, and urinary tract infections after surgery, postoperative perineal infection, postpartum perineal infection after rupture of suture, the end of sacral osteomyelitis caused by postoperative infection, abscess. Blood in the stool
Fourth, Other: blood in the stool
Such as a gun, knife wounds, rectal foreign body injury infection, lymphogranuloma, actinomycosis, rectal diverticulitis infection, ulceration or anal cancer spread to deep infection, and physical weakness, lower the resistance, or suffering Chronic wasting disease, or malnutrition, are the incidence of anorectal abscess causes. Anal fistula
Perianal abscess caused by different reasons, its symptoms and treatme
nt is not the same. Therefore, patients with perianal abscess must first to formal professional hospital for examination, to identify the cause, then symptomatic treatment. Anal fistula
What are the symptoms of perianal abscess? Anal fissure
In general, the incidence of acute perianal abscess, short duration, usually within a week to abscess formation. Moreover, the patient severe pain, limited mobility, but also often accompanied by fever and other symptoms. Enteritis
1, sclerosis tumor: anal fistula
The beginning of a sclerosis around the anus protruding mass, and gradually increased, a long time and some self-rupture. Hemorrhoids
2, pain: anal fissure
Pain is the most common symptoms of perianal abscess, the swelling gradually increased persistence or rebound tenderness. Patients with difficulties in walking, sitting is limited. Anorectal Hospital of Jinan City
3, fever:
Anorectal Hospital of Jinan City
Patients with perianal abscess, local swelling occurs and the phenomenon is accompanied by fever, often as low fever, sometimes high fever, body temperature can be between 37-40 ℃. In addition, patients will not have general malaise, loss of appetite, poor sleep and so on. Anal fistula
Also, according to the location of the different abscess, perianal abscess can be divided into different types, and each type of symptoms are not the same. Constipation
1. Perianal subcutaneous abscess: mainly pain, initial pain, suppuration when the rebound tenderness, pain during bowel movements increased, abscess, urinary retention can occur in front of the anus, anal abscess in the caudal end of the back pain occurs. Mild systemic symptoms, local swelling, redness, tenderness, a sense of volatility. Enteritis
2. Ischial rectal fossa abscess: patients with whole body discomfort, fever, chills, fever and other systemic symptoms of poisoning. See anal side of local swelling, redness, burning, throbbing, tenderness, restless, activities, and increased pain during defecation, urination difficulties. Anorectal Hospital of Jinan City
3. Pelvic rectal fossa abscess: patients with systemic symptoms of weight, the first chills high fever, aches and fatigue, severe sepsis may have symptoms of poisoning. Local mild symptoms, only the rectum, a sense of falling, the performance of pain or discomfort can also occur dysuria. Blood in the stool
4. Abscesses after rectum: rectal fossa systemic symptoms of pelvic abscess with similar, but the local symptoms of soreness in the lumbar sacral tail falling pain, radiation to the back and both sides of the thigh, tail bone tenderness, the patient can not sit. Blood in the stool
5. Rectal abscess following: patients with whole body discomfort, fatigue and fever. Mainly local irritation to the rectum, with tenesmus, straining, it plays more or be intended to flu. Anal fistula
Different types of perianal abscess, not only different symptoms, their treatment methods are different. Therefore, patients with perianal abscess must be timely to the regular professional hospital professional examination for the early identification of the cause, symptomatic treatment.

How to diagnosis and treatment of perianal abscess? Anorectal Hospital of Jinan City
For the diagnosis and treatment of perianal abscess, anorectal Hospital of Jinan to create a
pictures of perianal abscess

Anal canal, rectum or around the soft tissue within the gap of acute purulent infection and abscess formation, known as the anal canal, rectal abscess. It features self-rupture, or surgical drainage often formed after the anal fistula. Anorectal diseases are common, but also anal, rectal inflammation, the acute phase of pathological process, is a chronic anal fistula. Common pathogens are E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis occasionally anaerobic bacteria, often mixed infection of a variety of bacteria. The most common skin abscess around the anus, anal gland infection by more than the subcutaneous external sphincter or direct the Department of outward diffusion from the outside.
Psychosis due to proctitis perianal abscess spread to the surrounding formation is a thick cavity, pus can be less when high doses of anti-inflammatory Xx treatment, but more should be incision and drainage of pus, and to high-dose, prolonged use of anti-inflammatory Xx treatment (usually 7-10 days). Perianal abscess if not in time, the development of thick cavities formed after rupture of anal fistula, anal fistula is relatively complex, it is proposed that under the guidance of your doctor's anti-inflammatory treatment, if the concentration of too much liquid can not control, incision and drainage as soon as possible . Here is a picture of perianal abscess:
Perianal abscess prevention and health care
1. Active exercise to enhance physical fitness, improve blood circulation, strengthen the local disease and prevent infection.
2. To keep the anus clean and frequently changes the underwear, and after cleaning the anus, has a positive effect on the prevention of infection.
3. Anus to prevent and treat other diseases, such as inflammation and anal anal crypt papillitis in order to avoid occurrence of perianal abscess and anal fistula.
4. If not treated can lead to clinical manifestations of perianal abscess and other diseases such as ulcerative colitis, intestinal tuberculosis.
5. Avoid sedentary wetlands, in order to avoid cold by wet anal, causing infection.
6. Prevent constipation and diarrhea, to prevent the formation of perianal abscess and anal fistula is important.
7. In the event of anorectal abscess, should be treated early to prevent its spread, spread.
Perianal abscess Source: Chengdu Dong Da Hospital Anorectal :2010-08-11 17:41:06 Click: 0 times had proctitis how to do? Anal itching is how humid is it? How external hemorrhoids to prevent varicose veins? Chinese medicine treatment of perianal abscess surgery anal itching hemorrhoids what do need to pay attention away from your hemorrhoids, perianal abscess of colon polyps after initial treatment note describes a common anorectal diseases, anti-constipation, hemorrhoids, general how to do the first levator ani? Abscess around the anus and rectum occurred in an acute purulent infection, and its source of infection in the anus and rectum within the anal canal junction, is an organization called anal sinuses, infection is mainly fecal bacteria Escherichia coli.
Perianal abscess is different from the rest of the body of infection, age 20 to 40 years old are young, perianal abscess is characterized by a more acute onset, pain was even very intense.
Deep abscess less pain, inflammation is not apparent outside, but can be accompanied by fever, the formation of complex high anal fistula.
Incision and drainage of perianal abscess or rupture of their own after the formation of delayed healing of the wound fistula, subject to radical surgery.
Suffering from perianal abscess after the surgery as soon as possible once the diagnosis. If the location is rather deep abscess, pus not able to puncture tissue, they can muscle around the anus along the gap flows, not only to more complex conditions can also lead to sepsis and sepsis, which is more serious complications of surgery .
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Diagnosis and treatment of perianal abscess picture characteristics
Abscess around the anus and rectum occurred in an acute purulent infection, it is the source of infection within the anal . [more] got hemorrhoids how to solve in the near future? Related articles perianal abscess picture
Abscess around the anus and rectum occurred in an acute purulent infection, it is the source of infection within the anal . [more] perianal abscess can be a one-time cure it? Learn to make themselves more healthy perianal disease clinical classification of perianal abscess
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