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physical therapy for carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Carpal tunnel
syndrome), also known as carpal tunnel syndrome, commonly known as mouse hand, pianist hand, is a common occupational disease, mainly in the computer (keyboard, mouse) users, professional pianist, carpenters, assemblers and other needs to be done repeatedly
Occupation of wrist activity, the muscles of the wrist caused by physical damage. Female and male disease ratio is about 3:1, especially middle-aged women. In addition to the use of excessive wrist, other women, such as late pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease, alcohol, disease, cancer and wrist fracture or dislocation, may cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
What wrist tunnel syndrome:
The so-called wrist tunnel syndrome is the median nerve (through the carpal tunnel, the nerve symptoms caused by compression. And it is carpal tunnel wrist and the transverse carpal ligament posed by a tunnel from the median nerve pass to the fingers and then dominate inner thumb muscles. If the transverse carpal ligament of this hypertrophy, or trauma to become a narrow carpal tunnel, will be to the following median nerve compression.
There are two types of this syndrome have mechanisms:
(1) narrowing of the carpal tunnel: wrist fractures, degeneration, deformation.
(2) organized within the carpal tunnel inflammation, hyperplasia hypertrophy.
Clinical symptoms:
1. Fingers, especially thumb, index finger, the third refers to the abnormal feeling numb, especially after sleeping at night, the habit of buckling wrist, causing carpal tunnel is more narrow, so numb pain is more severe, often wake up at night and sleep disturbance .
2. The power and flexibility of the fingers and hands will be weakened sense of swelling.
3. Palm tingling, arm pain also have been implicated, and even the inside thumb muscle (thenar muscle) will shrink and become flat, can not make on the palm of the action, there will be a serious monkey hand (ape
hand) hand deformation.
1. Feilun-type test (Phalen's
test) (Figure III): put your elbows on the table, hands vertical, wrist bent 90 degrees sag thirty seconds to a minute to maintain, there will be tingling symptoms.
2. To mention the inner ear's sign (Tinel
test): tapping the center of patients with light-controlled region of God, there will be an electric shock or tingling of patients, may have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
3. Check the nerve conduction velocity: If the diagnosis of median nerve conduction velocity is slow, can be roughly determined as carpal tunnel syndrome.
Rest and protection: to prevent further injury, to prevent further excessive use of the wrist, wrist often can effectively reduce the symptoms of the most effective is to give rest Bracket (vertical wrist and hand support), can be worn during the day and night, rehabilitation occupational therapists can specialize in design and production.
Rehabilitation, relie
f of symptoms without the side effects of most, including infrared, heat, water therapy, wax therapy, transcutaneous electrical stimulation and ultrasound, etc., physical therapists design of the wrist joint movement and strength training, there are very good results.
Drug treatment of such drugs, including non-steroidal analgesics, promote blood circulation agent, vitamin B group, diuretics and topical pain cream, etc., need to avoid long-term use.
Serious anesthesia injection pain, and emotional impact of daily life, can the local injection of steroid, can relieve symptoms right away, but the effect is only temporary, and it is not often injection.
The conservative surgical treatment by those who no progress, or the degeneration of nerves, muscles begin to shrink, the need surgery as soon as possible, usually done with local anesthesia outpatient surgery, surgery without hospitalization, the actual
Operation time to be only about 10-15 minutes, you can lift the transverse carpal ligament nerve compression. Postoperative limb should be elevated to avoid swelling, should limit the excessive activities of the wrist a few weeks to a month. Patients usually can get after that
To significant improvements in symptoms or completely removed.
Tunnel syndrome is the wrist and daily life, work activities, have an absolute correlation, when we were feeling numb hand or no effort, it is best to discuss with the physician and the treatment, in order to avoid disease continues.
physical therapy for carpal tunnel

And treatment of wrist injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome, excluding fractures can be treated with the following!
Generally can be physical therapy, like massage!
The following diseases are common knowledge, do the reference, or your situation and treatment of the details!
Is a common hand disorder, mainly related to hand movements dominated occupation, such as computer operators, the pianist, packaging workers, etc., are particularly vulnerable to suffering from "carpal tunnel syndrome."
There are eight small wrist bones, called carpals, was slightly curved in the palm side of the arrangement, they are palm of the ligaments surrounding the formation of a fibrous sheath, like the "tunnel" as medically known as " carpal tunnel. " In the "tunnel" There are nine within the flexor tendon and a median nerve. As some occupational or customary relationship, do wrist duplication, easily lead to wrist synovial hyperplasia, an increase in carpal canal contents, so that "the tunnel" crowded and oppression which the median nerve will be "wrist tunnel syndrome. " Mainly for patients with the gradual emergence of hand numbness, burning, night intensified the pain often woke up in my dream. Many patients will be accompanied by swollen wrist, hand movements are not flexible, weakness and other symptoms.
Suffering from a "carpal tunnel syndrome", the early symptoms of light, the Bureau of closure and physical therapy can often obtain better effect. At the same time let the wrist rest. The key to prevention is to always pay attention to the wrist posture, try to keep wrists straight, do not use excessive force on the wrist. Computer operator after 1 hour of continuous work should stand up and take a break, Shuaishuai hands, hand massage and stretching means, do make a fist and relaxing movements to the joints of the hand can be relaxed.
Wrist ligament short and thin, like a spring after the injury loss of toughness or tear (aseptic inflammation). Everything in life can not do without the wrist, so increase the burden on the formation of chronic fatigue. Conscious activities of the recommended daily injury to joints or soft massage to increase blood supply to promote nutrient absorption. Can be two or three times a day, not more. Otherwise, they strengthen the strain (as farmers in China are tired, you go to farming is exercise.) Normal recovery time for six months. State class of drug of choice for Western: triamcinolone acetonide (both for import and Kunming). Commonly known as "closed" low hormone levels, as long as no visceral disease, with a few harmless. Chinese black plaster, time, two to three months to more than trouble, but no negative effects. Article moxibustion can also play a role. Reference
Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Compendium of Materia Medica Brand: Musk cured pain liniment and a nourishing Qi tonic wine is probably more than 80 points the two together ~
Should be felt with the first day inside the hot joints hurt a long time ~ effect ~ I do not know good or bad within a month ~
Some time ago to play more frequently, the wrist may be too tired, unfortunately injured, no swelling no swelling, but the feeling of bending the wrist within the wrist pain, no access to power, I spray mist Ji Yunnanbaiyao also wounded on plaster posted there a week, despite the better, but still a little pain for a week without playing, hold is broken, the ball you can make friends what a good way to restore my wrist? Xianxie it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Online information that this sterile inflammation of the tendon is the most effective fighting closed. I still believe in science to spend 20 dollars to the hospital played a close. The doctor told me to rest a few days. Sure enough, the effect wonders. So radical a tennis elbow. Now more than a year, not a side effect. Believe it or not
First, my wrist playing tennis with the Douwan accidentally hurt a little action, no time after treatment began playing badminton training, careless play in the backhand and twisted a bit, which can not be under heavy stress, even a roll of toilet paper are provided pain. Particularly painful twist towel, no way complete. In the hospital after treatment, mainly magnetic and superconducting wave, the doctor said not to force treatment period to rest, coach says you can not stop training, strength training to strengthen the wrist, the injury is mainly amateur power is not enough. Which can not be quickly restored to professional athletes, doctors not to play in the closure, saying it was too much nerve, played much, it is not necessary, physical therapy and rest on it, but in the future to note the places where injuries should recur. There are more than a month and still in physical therapy, just play the right ball and playing the drop shot, and height, and spike the ball or not playing. I thought about it, I did not event open one and wounding injury, and second, playing the ball when the opportunity to see the urgency to jumped, resulting actions deformation caused by injury, third is not power, arms, wrists, legs and other forces must be strengthened practice. And I hope the landlord and the injury of golfers as soon as possible recovery.
What is a tenosynovitis, often easy to occur in which parts?
Set out in the tendon sheath is a double-tube-like synovial sealed tube, is to protect the synovial tendon sheath. It was divided into two packages around the tendon, there is a cavity between two layers of the synovial cavity, synovial fluid within the tendon sheath. Closely with the tendon attached inner phase, the outer lining of the tendon sheath fiber which together with the healing of bone, with a fixed, protection and lubricating tendon them from the role of friction or pressure.
Ganglion is located near the hand and foot joints, muscles around the tendon length. As part of activities of these frequent opportunities injury, if not pay attention to long-term friction, such as chronic fatigue or cold stimulation, tendon and tendon sheath could aseptic inflammatory reaction, local emergence exudation, edema. The machine of a long sheath, the sheath wall thickening, stenosis, tendon sheath caused by the activities of limited clinical symptoms (pain and dysfunction) and is the tenosynovitis.
The site of tenosynovitis often occurs at the radial styloid process is, at the flexor tendon, extensor carpi radialis tendon at the (dorsal wrist and upper wrist), biceps tendon Department.
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