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pesticide poisoning in dogs

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User Reviews 0 carbamate insecticides and herbicides developed rapidly, there metolcarb, pirimicarb. Some of these low-toxicity pesticides, and some highly toxic. Anti-Part> control methods and organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning is similar to when the application of insecticide carbofuran and other pesticides are not allowed to add water soaked granules carbamate pesticides and herbicides . rapid development, there metolcarb , pirimicarb. Some of these low-toxicity pesticides, and some highly toxic. Anti-Part> control methods and organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning is similar to when the application of insecticide carbofuran and other pesticides are not allowed to granules soaked with water spray. After application of poultry farms should not be allowed to enter. 60 days before the rice harvest should stop medication. Dry soil after application to use cover to prevent rainfall. Key words: pesticide poisoning after spraying some articles pig food a typical case of moldy corn poisoning
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pesticide poisoning in dogs

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