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pericardial effusion status post window

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pericardial effusion status post window

Acute radiation is often sub-clinical heart damage, and can be expressed as ECG ST segment changes and cardiac contractility decreased. Post-injury performance as pericarditis, but rare. Certain classes of chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin and radiation can increase the damage to the heart, to avoid both. Generally believed that the dose of radioactive pericarditis radical than the amount of high-Hodgkin's disease, the occurrence of rare cases of pericarditis release. However, several situations prone section of surface radiation pericarditis.
1. One radical dose of radiation given before the wild.
2. Mediastinal mass in a huge, most of the pericardium was wrapped in the radiation field, especially after the booster dose of conventional radiation were.
3. Doxorubicin used before exposure to the patients. Toxic effects of adriamycin on myocardial.
The clinical manifestations of radiation pericarditis and exudative pericarditis generally similar. Mainly as chest tightness,
shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, severe heart failure symptoms. X-ray showed signs of pericardial effusion. ECG low voltage performance. Ultrasound detected pericardial effusion.
Prevention】 【Traditional Chinese
Given diuretics in the treatment of primary and hormone treatment, most patients with the disease under control after treatment. The development of individual patients with chronic constrictive pericarditis, pericardial incision to be done.
TCM Differential Treatment and more in the following syndromes:
Syndrome: palpitations, dizziness, looking not Chinese, fatigue, weakness, pale tongue, pale, thin fur, thready and weak pulse.
Governing Law: blood nourishing the heart, Qi Anshen.
Recipe: Spleen Decoction.
Angelica 20g, longan 20g, ginseng 15g, Huang Min 30g, Atractylodes bait Zhigancao ravioli, Suanzaoren 30g, must God 15g, Polygala ravioli, ravioli wood, jujube 15g. See, for example heart palpitate and vein junction on behalf of the persons, is less blood deficiency, blood does not raise heart so, it is appropriate Zhigancao Tang Qi and blood, yin Fumai. Medicinal Zhigancao ravioli, ginseng 15g, jujube 15g, Gui ravioli, ginger ravioli, Huang 15g, donkey-hide gelatin 15g, Ophiopogon ravioli, Maren 15g and so on.
Jorge Poison yin or deficiency of heart yin deficiency falling Erzhi who are using ShengmaiYin to Qi, medicinal ginseng I5g, Ophiopogon I5g, Schisandra 9g and so on.
【Introduction】 Books
Easy to learn at the beginning of time and obstacles encountered to illustrate the confusion and will help the followers of Confucius written to the "Ten Wings", a brief introduction, hoping to "progressive approach", "what you want," the way "progressive" "depth the leading edge," such as the fog and see the blue sky, into the mountains derived treasure. Governance has always been easy to those already revealed us, only to be easily read the "The Scripture", that is, "Biography" solution "by" (that is, first read the Ten Wings, talk about Scripture). This recognition of the Big Easy and the use of the body, there would be no deviation, a misunderstanding. The writing of the "Book of Hexagrams light solution", boldly changed the traditional method, the first "by" after "Biography" of the order. To enable readers of the Book of the "principle" and the symbolic significance of hexagrams have a concept, so that from shallow to deep, difficult to easily find the book in addition to "easy cases" listed in the frontispiece of Chapter eighteen, so that readers "learn" an idea. Special to easily understand the "Ten Wings" column in the volume, but relatively difficult to understand the "scripture" arrangement in the volume, so that beginners before and after the reference card, realize the true meaning of the Book of Changes. Classic historical study, nothing more than "after Chengfu Qi", "future", although this book is easily read nearly a decade of insights and experiences in both teaching and learning, in fact, still from the sages - Reading Network | DuShu.com 【Catalog】 book
Chapter Structure and pericardial influence on cardiac function
I. Overview
Second, the anatomy
Third, the endocrine function of the pericardium
Fourth, the physical properties of the pericardium
Fifth, the pericardium Shí hemodynamic effects produced by the heart
Six, pericardial expansion of chronic heart hemodynamic effects produced by
Chapter pericardial disease diagnosis and treatment of clinical thinking and points of
I. Overview
Second, clinical characteristics and develop thinking
Third, the theory of diagnosis of pericardial disease
Fourth, the clinical diagnosis thinking
Fifth, a hospital in Barcelona, the system diagnosis
Sixth, several specific syndrome
Chapter congenital cardiac disorders
I. Overview
Second, the absence of the pericardium
Third, the pericardial cyst
Fourth, pericardial diverticulum
Chapter IV acute pericarditis
I. Overview
Second, the major cause of
Third, the main pathological changes
Fourth, acute viral or idiopathic pericarditis
V. exudation of acute pericarditis
Sixth, a clear common cause of acute pericarditis
VII Summary
Chapter recurrent pericarditis
I. Overview
Second, the historical review
Third, the clinical features and diagnosis
Fourth, immunological tests
Fifth, the complications of recurrent pericarditis
Sixth, the treatment of recurrent pericarditis
Chapter VI diagnosis and treatment of large pericardial effusion
I. Overview
Second, the major causes and mechanisms
Third, a large number of clinical manifestations of pericardial effusion
Fourth, clinical diagnosis and assessment
Fifth, clinical measures and implementation methods
Chapter VII of the concept of acute cardiac tamponade
I. Overview
Second, the major cause of
Third, changes in pathophysiology
Fourth, progress in the theory of
Five signs of cardiac tamponade theory
Sixth, clinical features and diagnosis
VII, cardiac tamponade emergency response methods
Eight, the implementation of pericardial puncture operation
Chapter VIII of the operation of clinical interventional cardiac tamponade caused by
I. Overview
Second, the interventional procedures cause of cardiac tamponade caused by
Third, interventional procedures caused the clinical manifestations of acute cardiac tamponade
Fourth, interventional procedures led to the diagnosis of acute cardiac tamponade
V. interventional cardiac tamponade caused by operation of emergency rescue
Six pericardial paracentesis and drainage of the clinical experience
Seven sub-acute cardiac tamponade and efficacy of Treatment
Eight acute interventional procedures actively prevent cardiac tamponade
Chapter IX pericarditis after myocardial infarction
I. Overview
Second, cardiac rupture after myocardial infarction
Third, the early post-myocardial infarction pericarditis
Fourth, delayed pericarditis after myocardial infarction
V. Summary
Chapter constrictive pericarditis
I. Overview
Second, the research history of constrictive pericarditis
Third, an important cause of
Fourth, the pathogenesis
Fifth, changes in pathophysiology
Six clinical features
Seven characteristics of laboratory tests
Eight, the differential diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis
IX, treatment and prognosis
Chapter restrictive cardiomyopathy and the differential diagnosis of pericardial constriction
I. Overview
Second, the history and clinical signs
Third, non-invasive imaging
Fourth, hemodynamics and angiographic identification clues
V. endomyocardial biopsy
Sixth, the implementation of surgical exploration
Chapter XII kidney disease and pericarditis final
I. Overview
Second, the etiology and pathogenesis
Third, uremia and dialysis pericarditis accompanied by clinical features
Fourth, to accompany pericarditis in the surgical treatment and prognosis
Chapter XIII pericardial disease caused connective tissue disease
I. Overview
Second, vasculitis and connective tissue diseases
Third, other immune diseases, and high sensitivity against the state of the heart
Chapter XIV endocrine and metabolic disorders and cardiac disease
I. Overview
Second, a power reduction of edema and mucus
Third, the cholesterol pericarditis
Fourth, hyperuricemia and gout
Fifth, diabetes and cardiac disease
Chapter XV of sexually transmitted diseases, and pericardial against cardiovascular
I. Overview
Second, the gonorrhea
Third, AIDS and related diseases of the pericardium against
Fourth, syphilitic cardiovascular disease
Five basic measures STD Prevention
Chapter XVI of the new biology and treatment of pericardial disease
I. Overview
Second, the new classification and the incidence of biological
Third, pathogenesis
Fourth, the main clinical features
V. cancer in the differentia
l diagnosis of pericardial effusion
Six, pericardial effusion and clinical value of reserve sample examination
VII pericardial paracentesis of the clinical advantages
Eight new biological treatment of diseases caused by pericardial
Chapter XVII imaging diagnosis of pericardial disease progress
I. Overview
Second, the pericardial effusion of imaging studies
Third, cardiac tamponade diagnosis cards that search and tracking
Fourth, constrictive pericarditis or pericardial thickening imaging
Fifth, pericardial cyst and the diagnosis of lesions
Six, congenital absence of the pericardium
VII Summary
Chapter XVIII of the latest surgical treatment of pericardial disease concept
I. Overview
Second, surgical Therapy
Third, the large group of clinical experience of pericardial resection
Fourth, surgical operations constrictive pericarditis
Fifth, the treatment of exudative pericardial disease
Six, recurrent pericarditis surgery
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