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pathophysiology of oligohydramnios

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pathophysiology of oligohydramnios

Objective To investigate the amniotic fluid of fetal distress due to amniotic fluid concentration in the electrolyte, to provide an objective basis for its clinical application. Methods 30 cases of normal mothers randomly selected as the normal group, 70 cases of fetal distress, fetal distress as a group of persons, of whom 40 amniotic membrane cavity infusion for the treatment group, 30 received conventional treatment for the control group of intrauterine resuscitation. infiltrate every group concentrations were measured in amniotic fluid analysis; every newborn at birth and Apgar 1min 5min score line. Results of amniotic fluid in fetal distress group, Na concentration and Mg2 concentrations (respectively 106.30 ± 11.40mmol / L and 0.36 ± 0.11mmol / L) than the normal group (128.41 ± 11.00mmol / L and 0.51 ± 0.14mmol / L) was significantly lower (P <0.005, P <0.005) ; K concentration of Ca2 (respectively, 4.80 ± 0.19mmol / L and 1.68 ± 0.13mmol / L) than the normal group (4.14 ± 0.29mmol / L and 1.09 ± 0.28mmol / L) was significantly higher (P <0.005, P <0.005 .) line of treatment group after infusion of amniotic fluid amniotic Na concentrat
ion increased significantly; and K and Ca2 concentration decreased significantly, with the normal group there was no significant difference (P> 0.05). Mg2 concentration did not change. newborns treated asphyxia due to fetal distress and cesarean section rate (5%, respectively, 2.5%) than in the control group (16.7%, 13.3%) was significantly lower (P <0.05, P <0.05), but with the normal group ( 3.33%, 6.67%) was not significantly different (P> 0.05, P> 0.05). Conclusion The amount of amniotic fluid Amniotic fluid not only added to alleviate oligohydramnios due to pressure caused by fetal hypoxia, but also dielectric through the amniotic fluid concentration changes to improve the fetal position, fetal distress is an appropriate treatment technology.
Since the beginning of summer, as temperatures continued to rise, the occurrence of burn patients increased significantly.
Hot summer, people dress less skin exposed, is the peak season of burn. Extraordinary is 2 to 4 years of age, these children are just walking, self-protection was low, the simulation of power and strong adults, curiosity is also very strong, if slightly negligent parents, vulnerable to danger. Children of this age should give extraordinary care so that children from all kinds of dangerous goods, such as gas, hot water bottles, cooking pots and so on. Parents giving their children a bath, we must first put cold water, then add hot water, so the water temperature right after the kids a bath.
Most children's burns occurred in the family, many parents do not know how early family emergency, a look at the child burns, at the time scared Mongolia. Early treatment of burns in fact, a simple and effective.
First of all to maintain calm. Burns, immediately obvious from the blisters and feel pain, are shallow and can be taken immediately soaked in cold water or ice water or rinse the wound for 30 minutes to an hour, felt no pain, and the clothes off slowly, cover the wound with a clean cloth, wrap, and then taken to hospital. The early cold treatment on wound healing are of great benefit, that is able to reduce pain, reduce swelling, heat caused by deep tissue injury.
Burns can cause early vascular changes, a lot of plasma-like substance from the blood stream, after a cold treatment, edema, exudate reduction. Also makes the wound less attached to some of the toxic substances on the wound will reduce the secondary damage. Therefore, timely and correct treatment early, patients heal faster, the scar is relatively light late. Some burn size, depth of light, after soaking in cold water after washing, painted some prevent in
fection and promote wound healing drug, a few days will improve their own healing, and not even leave a scar.
Of course, if the burn area, the degree of relatively deep, cold water may increase the systemic response to treatment should be immediately sent to hospital.
If the burn site in the face, head and neck, perineum, as part of extraordinary, even if the wound area is small, there could be complications, except when emergency treatment with cold water, for the prevention of shock, patients can drink some light salt, add volume, reduce the shock level.
After the burn, do not apply to the wound soy sauce, vinegar, alkali, toothpaste, or gentian violet and the like, so not only can not reduce the injury, and will continue to stimulate the wound to enhance the degree of injury, increasing the chance of infection, to the hospital also caused difficulties for diagnosis and treatment of a doctor to cover up the disease, when in the wash of these Spreads will make the pain worse.
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