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natural cure for hemorrhoids

"Massage and guidance," Collection 1986 03 for the latest talk about qigong cure hemorrhoids Wang Faqi Abstract: This disease is not only easy to treat hemorrhoids, and often relapse, treatment is more delicate in the. In recent years, I teach patients to practice non-polar type of hemorrhoids, there are to take effect, brought laughter to many patients, happiness, such as: our region two patients who suffered from second to third degree hemorrhoids, after nearly half a year hospital by ligation over injection therapy and therapy, still no more. In the end of its tether, to teach them to practice non-polar power (ie, tone the body: posture is a three-point line, aligning: intended to keep the navel, the interest rate adjustment: natural breathing), through months of training, and finally cure their own disease. Example One: Wang × ×, male, thirty-year-old, farmers, daily stool constipation, stool continued for half an hour each time, then bleeding a lot. And wine, such as eating spicy food stimulation, then after bleeding. Practice months hemorrhoids cure. Example Two: Chen × ×, male, five-year-old, cadres, suffering from hemorrhoids twenty years, more than a year hospitalized, there is no cure, anti 【Author】: Hainan Island, Tunchang, Nymphoides race hospitals
Key words: hemorrhoids natural injection therapy qigong breathing keep the interest rate adjustment adjustment adjustment mind body therapies food ligation
】 【DOI: CNKI: SUN: AMYD.0.1986-03-031
Snapshot】 【text: hemorrhoids treatment of this disease is easy, and often relapse, treatment is more delicate in the. In recent years, I teach patients to practice non-polar type of hemorrhoids, there are to take effect, give many patients fight to laughter, happiness, such as: our region two patients who suffered from second to third degree hemorrhoids, after nearly half a year hospital by ligation over injection therapy and therapy, still no more. In the end of its tether, to teach them to practice non-polar power (ie, tone the body: posture is more similar three-Download full text PDF format document format text CAJ
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natural cure for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids anal area due to poor blood circulation, resulting in the formation of varicose veins but thrombosis. Thrombus removal surgery is just out this only, or before the appearance of blood, the same flow is not good, removed the side of the thrombus, the other side will emerge a new thrombosis. Surgery can not solve the fundamental, more hateful is that many patients had surgery with stool not wait any longer, one must immediately go to the bathroom have feelings.
I used the magic of folk remedies hemorrhoids preparation lotion, pure Chinese medicine, no side effects, does not contain any synthetic drugs, for internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids, anal itching, and other anorectal diseases. General 10 - 20 bottles can be recovered. No surgery, no surgery! Welcome to call Tel: 13953151790
Typical cured cases:
Mr. A, aged 38, Temple Town of Hebei Province, Yuan Jia Pingquan County chomchon villagers, external hemorrhoids for many years, anal itching, pain, go to the hospital for surgery and after fifteen bottles of lotion after using this recovery has never recurred. Tel :0314 -6,328,465
A lady, aged 44, on the valley town of Chengde County, Hebei Province Goddess Temple Village, hemorrhoids, bleeding, transfusion, after injection of ten bottles of the lotion, hemorrhoids fully recovered. Tel: 13283399065
Mr. A, 30-year-old town of Chengde Feng Yingzi Village Road, Bend, ready to go to hospital for surgery, the FDA ten bottles recovered after the external hemorrhoids, Tel: 13831432707
Mr. A, aged 33, County of Hebei Province Kuan, bleeding hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids using the product recovered after five bottles, Tel: 13643249333
Feet shoulder-width apart, the specific approach: standing. Hands naturally hang down, and then forced his arms stretched back, walk away. Once every rejection, two toes while a grasping force on the ground, big calf muscle forced a reduction, but also forced move up the anus shrink it. Nature arms reduction, the whole body to relax, but also with the breath. Walk away when you inhale, relax when the breath, one should walk away from 100 to 300 times. When severe hemorrhoids prolapse, edema, inflammation, bleeding, this method should not be used.
There will be many unrecorded in the annals of medical methods. Here are some people, hemorrhoids treatment commonly used in folk remedies tips. Civilian life is a kaleidoscope.
Hemorrhoids cure peroxide cream
Once young and old, regardless of size or traumatic birth boils abscess, general household peroxide paste i
s an essential drug. Are coated with it, often soon be cured.
Wash the anus, use the following: the morning after stool. With a sterile cotton swab, peroxide cream on a rolling four to five times, then gently spread into the internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids ensure hundred percent oxygen cream painted double. After the evening showers, according to the law to do it again.
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui cure hemorrhoids
Internal and external hemorrhoids commonly used Chinese medicine Huoxiangzhengqi water, mixed hemorrhoids are more satisfied with the results. Clinical findings.
After the first steam washing. Hemorrhoids: 1 day, medication Method: Add boiling water Huoxiangzhengqi 450ml water 20ml mixed with the drug. 7 times; external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids: After the first steam wash, towel dry and coated fluocinolone acetate cream, 1 day for 7 times. In addition, Ageratum wet liquid on anal itching and effective.
Walk away and prevention of hemorrhoids (Editor: admin)
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