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myelofibrosis life expectancy

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myelofibrosis life expectancy

Essential thrombocythemia platelets is not the cause of overproduction. Platelets are essential for blood clotting. Symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding, respiratory, urinary tract or skin, bleeding from the gums, bloody diarrhea, dizziness, easy bruising; extended lymph nodes (rare), headache, epistaxis (nosebleeds); numbness in hands or feet; long bleeding surgery or tooth extraction; ulcers in the fingers or toes; conditions, and may even cause some people move . treat life-threatening if the patient has complications, a procedure to remove the blood (platelet pheresis platelets directly), can rapidly lower platelet count . long-term use of drugs to reduce the platelet count can both reduce the bleeding and clotting complications. The most commonly used drugs include hydroxyurea, interferon-α, or anagrelide. Coagulation in patients who tend to, aspirin may help reduce the number of patients with thrombotic episodes . do not need any treatment. However, health care providers should be monitored because of their status .
Essential thrombocythemia is a disease that has been slow. This is because too many cells are used to make the growth of blood cell types. Although most of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells also may be involved in the disease . in the same family as the disease. Chronic myelogenous leukemia; bone marrow fibrosis, polycythemia vera, usually affects middle-aged. It can also be seen in young patients, especially women, people under the age of 40 . This situation too many platelets, there may be a blood clot
(thrombus) problem. Since these platelets do not work, bleeding is a common problem . testing and diagnosis of this condition is often detected in the blood of other reasons to test, before any symptoms . examination may show a swollen spleen or liver . Other tests may include. Bone marrow aspiration; the central bank, genetic testing; uric acid levels; Forecast
The results vary. Most people go to for a long time with no complications, and have a normal life expectancy. In a very small number of patients, from the bleeding and prevention of thrombotic complications leading to death .
Complications of acute leukemia, bone marrow fibrosis, severe bleeding, thrombotic events (stroke, heart attack, blood clots or limbs); when to contact a doctor
Call your health care provider. If unexplained or prolonged bleeding, if the chest pain, leg pain, confusion, weakness, numbness, or other new symptoms develop;
Most of the slow onset of symptoms of the disease early may not have any symptoms, then the gradual emergence of fatigue, night sweats, palpitation, pale. Shortness of breath, weakness and other symptoms and abdominal pain, abdominal mass, bone pain, jaundice and so on. Most of the slow progress of the disease, duration of 1-30 years, and general self-
However, the average duration of bone marrow fibrosis in 1 5-7 years, some can be transformed into acute leukemia. A small number of bone marrow fibrosis in acute performance, its short duration and the risks of death more than a year. The disease is a rare disease, the incidence rate of about 0.2/10 case 2 / 10 people. More in age of onset between the ages of 50-70, also found in infants and young children, men, slightly higher than the female. No significant relationship with the seasonal incidence. Sub-classification of the disease two categories of primary and secondary, were the primary cause is unknown, secondary to those found in chronic myeloid leukemia, polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, multiple myeloma. Bone tuberculosis, configuration by disease, osteomyelitis, and benzene, fluoride and other chemical poisoning. Who have clear secondary diseases caused by acute myeloid fibers have been placed in recent years, the scope of human AML corner, does not belong to the scope of discussion in this section, the book will focus on primary chronic myelofibrosis. Medical classics in the motherland, "myelofibrosis" according to their clinical manifestations are essentially within the "accumulation," "Consumption" category. The occurrence of this disease and Laojuan excessive, impassioned internal injuries, diet disloyal, exogenous cult poison and other factors. Generally believed that its pathogenesis is Laojuan excessive, impassioned internal injuries, internal organs dysfunction caused by diet disloyal, is bad Qi, cult poison took the opportunity to attack, disrupt the blood, evil Yun blood stasis, qi stagnation or blood stasis Erzhi poor blood, spleen the stopping of renal impairment is wet, wet cohesion sputum, phlegm, phlegm cult poison the organs in the meridian between the left and not to
Myelofibrosis, falling hair to "accumulate"; the cause of more damage internal organs. Blood, yin and yang, and blood stasis in, the new blood does not of Health, spleen and gains and losses, then into "Consumption", "blood deficiency." If the spleen and congenital deficiencies, combined with re-acquired a sense of evils is more susceptible to the disease. Bone marrow fibrosis are "Consumption blood deficiency," "thin accumulation of" category. The main clinical manifestations looking Shaohua, Shenpi fatigue, spontaneous sweating or night sweats, chest distention ask satisfied food loss, hepatosplenomegaly. We believe that its fundamental deficiency and blood stasis. Governing Law kidney stasis should be the fundamental law throughout the entire treatment. Primary myelofibrosis, the cause is unknown, at present there is no specific treatment, they should be symptomatic and supportive treatment based on the method of Integrative Medicine treated with appropriate, give full play to advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Such as bone marrow fibrosis and early, showed only splenomegaly, mild anemia without obvious clinical symptoms, according to syndrome differentiation, treatment with traditional Chinese medicine alone, clinical generally divided into Qi stagnation and spleen deficiency, qi and blood of two other type of virtual stasis. Chinese medicine can improve clinical symptoms, but also through the beneficial blood, liver or kidney, to improve the hematopoietic microenvironment, and promote the recovery of hematopoietic function. Clinical manifestations 1. The gradual emergence of fatigue, weakness, weight loss and weakness; 2. Mucosa pale skin, purpura; 3. Some patients have bone and joint pain, renal colic, fever, left upper abdominal discomfort, heavy pressure or pain; 4. Hepatosplenomegaly swelling to a significant splenomegaly; 5. terminally ill patients can have severe anemia and bleeding. Diagnosis is based on 1. Splenomegaly and hepatomegaly; 2. Anemia, peripheral blood immature red blood cells and immature granulocytes; 3. Marrow several "dry pumping" or hyperplasia was low; 4. The liver, spleen, lymph node biopsy shows a blood source; 5. Bone marrow biopsy section showed that collagen fibers or (and) significant proliferation of reticular fibers. Treatment principles 1. Anemic available stanozolol oral or intramuscular injection of testosterone propionate; 2. Hemolysis may increase with prednisone; 3. Leukocytes with splenomegaly significantly high dose chemotherapy was feasible, the choice of busulfan, hydroxyurea, tumor Ning, Ara Gan, etc.; 4. to try interferon and 1,25-hydroxy vitamin D3. 5. Splenomegaly causing severe compression symptoms or splenic infarction, splenic immunogenicity significant thrombocytopenia, intractable hemolysis and portal hypertension will be considered for splenectomy. Prevention of bone marrow fibrosis prevention to avoid contact with the conditioning radiation and benzene, lead, chemicals. Require frequent exposure to occupational factors such damages under the protective measures should be strictly enforced. Daily life, daily diet should be laws, work and rest, eating sparingly, with particular attention to not eat too
Myelofibrosis and more fried, smoked, burnt, Jiaozhi food, avoid, exclude the impact of negative emotions, to be optimistic, lively state of mind, make the appropriate sports activities such as jogging, shadow boxing, etc. in order to clear air blood, regulating body and mind. If suffering from CML, osteomyelitis and bone tuberculosis and other diseases, should be positive, patient, persistent, standardized treatment, to prevent the further development of the disease changes, with particular emphasis on application of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment to reduce the side effects of western medicine, tune up the body, reduce the secondary pulp fiber. Conditioning (a) conditioning of life appropriate strengthening exercises to enhance physical fitness, in order to reduce the incidence of infection. Regular daily life. (B) food conditioning to enhance nutrition, add more protein and various vitamins. May be appropriate into the kidney, nourishing foods such as walnuts. Red dates, peanuts and so on. For anemia, weakness and other symptoms and bone marrow suppression after chemotherapy were. (C) Mental conditioning to keep open-minded optimism, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease to develop a strong will. Cause has not been elucidated, some scholars believe that some sort of abnormal bone marrow fibrosis is due to stimulation of hematopoietic stem cells to make abnormal reaction, leading to fibrosis, and even new bone formation, bone marrow hematopoietic tissue involvement eventually led to hematopoietic failure. MF to the main pathological type of bone marrow fibrosis and spleen, liver lymph node extramedullary hematopoiesis. Bone marrow fibrosis is a week out from the center by the development, starting with the spine, ribs, pelvis and femur, the proximal humeral epiphysis start, after gradually spread to the distal limb bones. 1) Early proliferation of whole blood cells of bone marrow fibrosis with mild bone marrow cells showed varying degrees of proliferation. Red, granulocyte, megakaryocyte cell lines were proliferation of megakaryocytes to the most obvious. Fat vacuoles disappeared, reticular fibers increased, but not affect the normal structure of the bone marrow. 70% of hematopoietic cells, bone marrow stromal mainly to an increase of soluble collagen. 2) medium-term bone marrow atrophy and fibrosis of prominent fibrosis, bone marrow accounted for 40% to 60%, 30% of hematopoietic cells, giant cells are still proliferative. Trabecular bone increased, thickening, and adjacent parts of the bone marrow of new bone formation. Scattered in the blood of each area is the reticular fibers, collagen fibers, the formation of plasma cells and stromal cells in parallel bundles or spiral separator material. 3) late sclerotic bone marrow fibrosis and end stage of MF. A small bone to bone Liangzeng Sheng, accounting for 30% of the bone marrow to 40%. Sclerotic tissue fibers and significantly accretive, canal stenosis, in addition to megakaryocytes still visible, the other hematopoietic cells were significantly reduced. The aggregation of protein in bone marrow stromal component-based, mainly fibronectin, external connections and TENASCIN distribution of protein increased. Most of the clinical manifestations of occult disease, progress is slow. Many patients are at the onset of symptoms for months or years after diagnosis. Most common is fatigue, weight loss, and splenomegaly caused by a variety of symptoms oppression. Initially, the general condition is still good, the gradual emergence of increased spleen
Bone marrow fibrosis, metabolic hyperthyroidism, anemia, exacerbation of symptoms, later may have bleeding symptoms. The clinical manifestations are: 1) spleen, hepatomegaly splenomegaly is the most important clinical manifestations, the occurrence rate is almost 100%. Occasionally, patients themselves found a mass in the left upper abdomen or the physical examination was found. Some people think that the degree of disease progression splenomegaly, spleen ribs on behalf of one year duration for each 1cm. Because splenomegaly is often full or heavy feeling of abdominal pressure. Spleen touch of solid, usually no tenderness; but if the spleen increased too fast, partial splenic infarction may occur due to local pain, or even hear the sound of friction. 2) systemic symptoms in most patients with advanced fatigue, weight loss, heat intolerance, sweating and other symptoms. General or decreased appetite. Advanced weight loss is particularly evident. 3) both early mild anemia anemia, with hemoglobin decreased gradually increased, the late pale, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath after physical activity, heart palpitations and other symptoms more apparent. 4) The early symptoms of bleeding or increased platelet count normal, no bleeding. Late thrombocytopenia purpura or ecchymoses of skin often appear, may have epistaxis. 5) Other small number of patients may have bone pain is not clear. Very small number of patients because of increased blood uric acid occurs secondary to gouty arthritis. National diagnostic criteria for diagnostic criteria: 1, spleen was enlarged; 2, immature blood cells and nucleated red blood cells, a varying number of teardrop-like red blood cells, red blood cells may have in the course of the disease, there are tears of varying the number of red blood cell samples , course of disease can have red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets increased and decreased; 3, bone marrow biopsy repeated "dry pumping," or was "low proliferation"; 4, spleen, liver, lymph node biopsy revealed obvious proliferation of fibrous tissue. IMF should have the fifth diagnosis plus any of the other four except 2 and to secondary MF. Conventional treatment of bone marrow fibrosis as insidious, slow progression, early in the disease, such as obvious symptoms, severe anemia and splenomegaly are not generally require special treatment or symptomatic treatment. Bone marrow fibrosis according to the disease, duration of different options. 1, the male hormone can accelerate the maturation of red blood cells in the bone marrow and release, so that to reduce anemia, which normally takes 3 months or more commonly used drugs: â‘  stanozolol 2 ~ 4mg / time, 3 times a day, oral; â‘¡ danazol 0.2mg / times 3 times a day; â‘¢ testosterone propionate 50 ~ 100mg / time, daily or every other day 1, intramuscular injection. 2, adrenal cortex hormones can inhibit the antigen-antibody reaction, the destruction of red blood cells within the spleen to reduce or suppress the immune complexes stimulate the immune destruction of red blood cells, and to improve capillary permeability. Hemolysis or bleeding on the merger can be applied in patients, the general use of prednisone 40 ~ 60mg / day, 2 to 3 weeks after the gradual reduction, to reduce bleeding or blood transfusion can reduce the number. 3, chemotherapy drugs can inhibit bone marrow hematopoietic tissue for giant spleen, high white blood cell and platelet count cases. Optional Maryland 2 ~ 4mg / day or 0.5 to 1.0 hydroxyl gland / day. Chinese medicine can alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, the series appears. One of the difficulties Difficulties and Solutions: How to improve the diagnosis of bone marrow fibrosis in myelofibrosis cases are typical of the diagnosis is not difficult. However, the clinical pulp fiber for the early onset of hiding, atypical symptoms, especially white blood cells is not increased, enlarged spleen not obvious, because this is a rare disease, lack of laboratory conditions, general hospital, and physicians also a lack of more experience, this time on the disease to make a clear diagnosis has become difficult, how to give a definite diagnosis as quickly as possible, we believe that awareness of the disease should be emphasized, familiar elements of the diagnosis, clinical tips as long as several Guchuan dry pumping or dilution, and bone hard, should pay attention to the possibility of the disease, routine bone marrow biopsy in time to avoid delay in diagnosis, delayed treatment, causing direct adverse consequences. The second difficulty: how targeted for the treatment of pulp fibers in the long course of treatment, efficacy showed slow, and there will be some side effects. After the establishment of diagnosis, treatment options in many choose the ideal solution is very important and difficult to implement in the treatment program began after a short time without markedly, and the invalid or simply have more side effects are discovered only after a longer period of time . How to avoid detours, long-term survival of the patients, and improve the quality of bone marrow fibrosis are the main purpose of medical care. Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, medicine righting solid, blood kin to ease map of soft, food conditioning, mental conditioning, mental induction therapy, thereby improving hematopoietic function, to correct anemia and bleeding, splenomegaly caused by pressure to reduce symptoms in the long term maintenance of the disease stability, and prevent other changes, with the exception of acute myelofibrosis, but should not be used although a certain effect, but side effects of chemotherapy drugs, so as to avoid serious adverse reactions, long-term effect of long-term survival. The third difficulty: how to relieve symptoms caused splenomegaly in patients with the disease most of the further development of myelinated fibers may be due to splenomegaly induced by inflammation around the spleen, mechanical obstruction, splenic infarction induced by spleen and other severe symptoms such as pain and fever, easy Concurrent esophageal or gastric variceal bleeding can be life-threatening. The clinical treatment of complications is one of the difficulties. Integrative Medicine at this time to take treatment, Chinese medicine has a certain effect and External, from the stasis, drugs, qi stagnation and so on governance, can be applied to blood Po Yu, detoxification soft Jian, Li Shun Qi blood medicine Oral and topical treatment of spleen, good efficacy in these drugs can be reused on the basis of insects drugs. Rehabilitation guidance to continue the take herbs to enhance nutrition, add more protein and various vitamins. May be appropriate
Add protein into the kidney, nourishing foods such as walnuts, dates, peanuts and so on. For anemia, weakness and other symptoms and bone marrow suppression after chemotherapy were. 1) Ginseng lean red ginseng or American ginseng 10g, lean pork, a little, add water, 200ml, simmer for 2 hours, a little salt for human consumption. Dabu strength. Qi obvious for those. 2) Element longan meat, mutton soup 5g black beans into a small black beans, 2 slices ginger, mutton 50g, simmer for 2 hours, a little salt for human consumption. Onyang kidney. Those for deficiency. 3) Keep the open-minded optimism, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease to develop a strong will. Progress in China Research Society of Hematology reported seven brooms traditional Chinese medicine, Danshen on cultured fibroblast cells, observed changes in cell morphology, cell survival and proliferation factor. The results showed that: a broom seven Danshen could fibroblasts in vitro significant morphological changes occur, and can inhibit cell mitosis and proliferation. Another study found that the growth of medicinal plants in the Taebaek mountains "Seven of immortality" series, rich in amino acids and enzymes for in vitro morphological changes in fibroblasts have a direct role in promoting, directly and indirectly involved in the fiber cells inhibition and proliferation. Doctors forum 1) the pathogenesis of primary myelofibrosis blood hematopoietic metaplasia essence of the role of the state depends on renal function, adequate kidney, bone marrow full of charge, fine vigorous blood, biochemical alive; kidney shortage marrow marrow plug; deficiency, the functional decline; kidney, the strong essence and blood, biochemical passive; kidney deficiency, blood loss less refined. 2) Cube based on "kidney essence", "Kidney main bone marrow," loss of kidney essence is not sufficient bone marrow, cord blood can not revive false is fine. 3) the use of drug blood circulation in the early primary myelofibrosis patients have no bleeding tendency, in the kidney, based on different levels depending on the severity of blood stasis selected as appropriate Chuanxiong, safflower, salvia, triangular, Zedoary, shells, turtle, leeches, etc., to be gradually reduced belly plot block, then gradually reduce the dose of drug blood circulation, forgo the use of blood products Jun strong. Success stories of patients, male, 46 years old, cadres. National Medical Record No. 8,901,402 medical patients in May 1989 found that the liver, splenomegaly, hemoglobin 102g / L, WBC 4.2 × 109 / L, neutral 0.62, lymph 0.35, monocytes 0.02, 0.01 naive cells, platelets 132 × 109 / L . On May 24 in my hospital for further treatment. Confirmed by bone marrow biopsy of primary bone marrow fibrosis (chronic type). The use of Maryland and other treatment, the spleen has narrowed, 1 month after discharge, stop taking Maryland, transferred to hospital out-patient Chinese medicine treatment. See first visit, dark complexion, emaciation, mental fatigue, sweating more, threatening abdominal distension and pain from time to time, Notani not fragrant, sometimes bleeding skin, tongue pale, thin tongue, thin pulse string. Liver ribs 3CM, spleen and ribs 6CM, stroma. Peripheral blood showed: Hb 86g / L, WBC 4.8 × 109 / L, neutral 0.64, lymph 0.36, platelets 84 × 109 / L, reticulocyte cell 0.03. Deficiency syndrome of blood loss, Therapeutic Qi stasis key context spleen, nourishing and meridians. Diagnosis of primary myelofibrosis Recipe Kang Kang Xue Ning Xue Ning adjuvant VI VIII (Modified Redstone ears, seven brooms, etc.) taking the square plus or minus 3 years, significantly improved mental consciousness, Notani increased, decreased sweating , hepatosplenomegaly little improvement, looking a little shiny, after intermittent medication and still keep working on the basic peripheral blood in the normal range. Experience in 1) bone marrow fibrosis are "consumptive deficiency of blood", "Zhengjia accumulation" category. Governing Law kidney stasis should be the fundamental law throughout the entire treatment. Such as bone marrow fibrosis and early, just show splenomegaly, mild anemia without obvious clinical symptoms, the medicine can improve clinical symptoms, but also through the beneficial blood, liver or kidney, to improve the hematopoietic microenvironment, and promote the recovery of hematopoietic function . Pulp fiber medium, due to disease progression, aggravated anemia, or fever and other symptoms of infection or bleeding tendency, measures should be strengthened at this time, the actual situation of Chinese medicine, mostly mixed, in addition to taking traditional Chinese medicine TCM syndrome, medullary advanced fibers, ascites or splenomegaly, lower extremity edema were Chinese medicine, is the virtual standard of the certificate, should be treating the symptoms, Qi and blood, nourishing the liver and kidney to the root cause, the symptoms of qi and Water. 2) for the treatment of chronic myeloid Fiber Consumption in the clinical treatment from the gas from kidney, yin deficiency syndrome type for the gas type, gas type yang, yin and yang qi deficiency syndrome both be differentiation in order to Qi and blood, make renal marrow, chemical and biological energy and blood, and thus a better correction of anemia. 3) blood circulation, Poxue Ruanjian fiber method in the treatment of spinal cord, according to "blood stasis and new students," Treatment in Chinese medicine on the basis of the above, plus blood circulation Smell, common Taibai meters, peaches VII Salvia, notoginseng the circulation of new students, the breeding of Yin and Blood; patients with chronic myeloid fiber accumulation is often accompanied by swelling of the liver block, is toxic Yun stasis, stroke Results Xiexia walls have imposed Poxue detoxification, Endometriosis Treatment ,, Endometriosis treatment, quite good results. Bone marrow fibrosis in patients with therapeutic side 1. Ginseng lean red ginseng or American ginseng 10g, lean pork, a little, add water, 200ml, simmer for 2 hours, a little salt for human consumption. Dabu strength. Qi obvious for those. 2. Rooted in the black-bone chicken bone chicken stew half a constitutive, constitutive root 10g, water 300ml, 2 slices ginger, and simmer gently for 2 hours, a little salt for human consumption. Nourishing kidney yin. Those for kidney yin deficiency. 3. Longan meat, mutton soup element to the days of black beans, black beans into a small, 2 slices ginger, mutton 50g, simmer for 2 hours, a little salt for human consumption. Kidney yang. Those for deficiency. 4. Cat Fish soup black beans black beans into a small, stir fry, ginger 2, Cat Fish Fish 1, washed with water 1000ml text Huoao a little salt, 1 hour fuel consumption. Warming yang. Those for deficiency. Bleeding in patients with myelofibrosis Nursing 1. Good psychological care, reduce stress anxiety. 2. Bed rest was bleeding until the bleeding has stopped increasing activity. Easy bleeding patients should pay attention to the safety and to avoid excessive and traumatic events. 3. Close observation of bleeding site, bleeding, watch for skin and mucous membrane petechiae, ecchymosis, gum bleeding, nose bleeding, vomiting blood. Blood in the stool, urine, women with excessive menstrual whether, in particular, observe whether the headache, vomiting, blurred vision, disturbance of consciousness and other symptoms of intracranial hemorrhage, bleeding and if there are important organs hemorrhagic shock should be given first aid treatment. 4. The orders were given drugs to stop bleeding or blood transfusion therapy. 5. Various operations to be gentle movements, to prevent tissue damage caused by bleeding. Avoid surgery, to avoid or reduce the intramuscular injection, the purposes of oppression need to puncture should be local or pressure bandage to stop bleeding. 6. Avoid spicy food, food allergy, and thick, hard foods, patients should be fasting gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding stopped giving cold, warm liquid, later given to semi-liquid, soft food, common food. When the latest understanding of bone marrow fibrosis in bone marrow reticulin or collagen fibers did not increase, a considerable portion of cases were diagnosed MPD-not classified (MPD-U) or when accompanied by a significant increase in platelets was diagnosed when the ET (essential thrombocythemia) . Thiele and so that (the Cologne criteria) exclude other
CMPD or MDS-related subtypes, splenomegaly (palpable or ultrasound examination revealed ribs 11cm), thrombocytosis (≥ 500 × 109 / L), did not mesh fibrosis ( similar clinical and ET) can be diagnosed as early fibrosis, which is consistent with WHO new classification. Since fibrosis clinical manifestations of early and ET is so similar, both how the difference? Foreign scholars believe that early bone marrow fibrosis, and ET is the difference between the apparent generation of megakaryocytes (megakaryopoiesis). Fibrosis is a pre-granulocyte cell lines with the proliferation of megakaryocytes, characterized, and the morphology of megakaryocytes mature obvious obstacles, mainly for the nuclear giant cells were rod-shaped cloud-like or leaf fat, unbalanced development of nuclear and plasma abnormal megakaryocyte clusters and common set of bare nuclei. The ET is not obviously myeloid cell proliferation, with a great, well-differentiated, characterized by increased megakaryocytes.
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