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mycoplasma pneumonia recovery

an *** mycoplasma pneumonia 3 weeks after recovery is still observed heat 2-5 minutes (continued)
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Mycoplasma pneumonia
Yantai Fu, hello, once in the September 23 issue Advisory daughter, soon to get your reply, very grateful. Follow your suggestion, we continue to daily temperature observations. 3-year-old daughter at this stage is that every afternoon, starting with 2-5 minutes of low temperature, until the evening, morning and basically still is normal, even in most cases less than 37 degrees, 36 degrees in about 5. In those two weeks there was only 1 point 2 days were cold and heat and no heat, but the next morning the first 3 days (28 days) there are 4 points, day nursery admission physical examination done a few indicators are higher or lower low
Neutrophils than the column 25.5 L
Lymphocyte ratio of 67.1 H
PLT platelet 307H
PCT platelets than the product 0.27H
1.9L NEU absolute number of granulocytes
LYM lymphocyte absolute 4.9H
I ask the doctor or are recovering from this situation? Need to take drugs? Low-grade fever continued throughout the state now has a month. Thank you, doctor, I wish the doctors Happy National Day!
Briefing before the
Disease description (main symptoms, onset time): 3-year-old daughter in August of fever, after the Xinhua Hospital diagnosed mycoplasma pneumonia, intravenous azithromycin in a total of 8 days (not previously diagnosed ago, intravenous injected penicillin 3 days), body temperature normal change cephalosporins and other drugs services a week, stopping only after taking the core network to increase the resistance, the children with normal body temperature (still occasionally have 1-2 points) nearly 2 weeks since last Wednesday, found that low-grade fever every night 3 assigned 5 points, 7 points last night, is reached. Child is not coughing and other symptoms, body temperature is 36 degrees during the day 5.
And effectiveness of treatment was: stop antibiotic treatment when the child is normal body temperature (still occasionally 1-2 minutes) conducted a mycoplasma, condensation degree is 1:8, or mycoplasma positive.
Posted at 2009-10-02 18:17:09 Yong Yin doctor replies: Mycoplasma pneumonia 3 weeks after recovery is still observed heat 2-5 minutes (continued)
Shanghai Children's Medical Center # 2, Deputy Director General Internal Medicine physician plus
No fever, completely normal. Shanghai Children's Medical Center General Internal Medicine Yong Yin
Yong Yin issued on 2009-10-03 08:42:49 my doctor
mycoplasma pneumonia recovery

Continued recovery of mycoplasma pneumonia treatment
Disease description (main symptom onset):
January 7 shooting in the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital diagnosed as bronchial pneumonia, hanging new Fuxin 8 days, no fever, cough, light, January 14 discharged.
17, and fever
, cough, the doctor diagnosed as upper respiratory tract infection, 21 film and diagnosed pneumonia, a hospital with Kaifu Long 8 days, no fever, no cough, 29 were discharged.
200, allergy. A total of 7 days linked to erythromycin and cephalosporins, February 11 and discharged, no fever, no cough or two after discharge treatment of oral Zithromax (for 3 days, stop 4 days), is no fever, no cough, the spirit can be . Discharge, the doctor said the CT 6 has been improved, not film reviewed.
And effectiveness of treatment was: Hospital: erythromycin for 7 days; discharge: Zithromax 2 weeks.
How do want to help:
Now a child has no symptoms, do not cough, you need to eat Zithromax?
Written prescription for hospital discharge Zithromax 2 weeks after the service, but I usually write 2-3 weeks to see online, do not know the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia, erythromycin and Zithromax course was counted together or separately Operator? (Yesterday, asked before, sorry)

1. For the prevention of pneumococcal vaccine pneumococcal vaccine serotypes caused invasive pneumococcal diseases such as bacteremia, pneumonia, meningitis, septicemia, it can not prevent diseases caused by other pathogens. In addition, any protective effect of the vaccine are not 100%. Therefore, children immunized with pneumococcal vaccine, or may be suffering from pneumonia after the. However, due to pneumococcal pneumonia in children leading to the main bacteria in causing pathogens in children with severe pneumonia, pneumococcal 50% can be accounted for, therefore, pneumococcal va
ccination can minimize the chance of pneumonia in children.
2. Your baby with pneumonia, there are still coughing, it is recommended to continue treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Doctors usually based on the child symptoms, lung auscultation, and laboratory improvement in terms of indicators to determine whether the condition of children recover. Blood tests your baby, which increased the total number of white blood cells may be caused due to inflammation of the lungs. After treatment, the total number of white blood cells gradually decreased to normal range. WBC baby has not decreased, it may be because the inflammation has not yet control, the baby may also be due to emotional, intense crying as a result of a temporary increase in the total number of white blood cells. Recommend that you take your baby to the hospital referral in a timely manner and pay attention to review the routine, observe the white blood cells and platelets returned to normal whether the total number.
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