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multiple myeloma chemotherapy

Light chain multiple myeloma Advisory Chen Dafu chemotherapy to chemotherapy for multiple myeloma
Illnesses: multiple myeloma 3, iga k light chain type b group
Q: disease description (main symptoms, onset time): My mother occurred in June 2 t12 thoracic vertebrae fracture, the doctor said was caused by osteoporosis, compression fractures, has been using Dragon's Blood .
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Hematology CHEN Wenming replies:
The end of this chemotherapy first, and then bring patient information to treatment. More>> 51 years old woman suffering from multiple myeloma, oral chemotherapy is now ten days can feel my heart .
Illnesses: multiple myeloma
Q: disease description (time of onset, the main symptom, visiting hospitals, etc.): female patient, 51 years old, this disease about 3 years, multiple fractures, severe anemia, there is now paralyzed in bed two or three .
Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Blood Keli Da reply:
Hello! I do not know whether the treated illness for three years? What program? Currently receiving the most basic program (composed by the melphalan), a simple, oral, the effect can still; if the gastrointestinal . more>> multiple myeloma has two courses of chemotherapy, plasma cells from 15% to 2 %, post-chemotherapy you need to
Multiple myeloma after chemotherapy is able to continue chemotherapy for acute renal failure?
Multiple myeloma to chemotherapy it? To chemotherapy when
Zouda Fu is good, multiple myeloma, three courses of chemotherapy after Vanke has been half a year taking thalidomide, the proportion is 19% plasma cells .
Multiple myeloma in a steady consolidation of the need for chemotherapy
With multiple myeloma, another disease, myocardial infarction, how to control the post-remission chemotherapy
Multiple myeloma is the best way not to do drugs? Or eat Chinese>
Ken Chen Dafu exercise regimen for multiple myeloma
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multiple myeloma chemotherapy

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jt *** chemotherapy for multiple myeloma
1 #, and his exchange
Multiple myeloma
Description disease (onset time, major symptoms, visiting hospitals, etc.):
Dear Director Wang Hello: I was the last president of the Jin-ming-law introduced me to find your right foot to see the end of malignant melanoma of the small river Tai boy, you gave me a treatment program. My mother is now consulting, our family of two cancer patients, her illness in September 2008, female, 59 years old, waist pain of life can not take care of themselves and the patients in Tai'an Central Hospital
And effectiveness of treatment was:
September 2008 Taian Central Hospital in the fight after two courses of conventional chemotherapy drug Velcade to switch to imports hit four after treatment, bone marrow plasma cells to 1%, in May 2009 and was discharged home, living on interferon eat oral thalidomide to maintain the basic stability of the situation, the recent pain in the waist to the hospital complex had a new protease found, doctors recommended chemotherapy again, but taking into account the drug Velcade is too expensive, plus I heard Velcade In the secondary effect of chemotherapy is not very good, so now do not know how to do
How do want to help:
1: In the context of health insurance out of a program of treatment of multiple myeloma
2: do not consider the economy in order to treat as a fundamental, out of a treatment program
3: After the end of chemothe
rapy, in addition to playing interferon and thalidomide to eat, are there any alternative medicine for the patient's response to that very different drugs
Thank you, very grateful
Posted at 2010-07-20 11:27:14 Wang Zhehai doctor replies: chemotherapy for multiple myeloma
# 2 Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, MD, medical director of Cancer Research Fellow
Hello: Truly sorry. Has repeatedly re-treatment patients, the main treatment needs of individual physicians. So I can only offer a few suggestions: chemotherapy may consider the application of etoposide (VP-16) combined with cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone, the proposed low-dose, longer treatment time. Efficacy evaluation after chemotherapy, if effective may consolidate two cycles of oral melphalan for the maintenance and treatment. Best regards, Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences Department of Oncology, Wang Zhehai
Wang Zhehai Posted at 2010-07-21 15:40:44 my doctor
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