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loss of libido after hysterectomy

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loss of libido after hysterectomy

How to avoid loss of libido after hysterectomy? Study: Yunnan Women . Women's Health Source: Hits: Update Time :2010-5-19
Hysterectomy in gynecological surgery are very rare form of surgery. Where uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding in patients with refractory, severe endometriosis, and uterine prolapse and other diseases of women, surgery must be carried out, while some patients even a single cut side or both sides of the ovary.
So, hysterectomy will not affect sexual desire and sexual life after unilateral or bilateral oophorectomy do?
There are basically two kinds of hysterectomy:
1, hysterectomy surgery, the surgical removal of the uterus, but reserves the cervix. Since this did not affect the surgical cervical and vaginal anatomy, cervical secretion remain (in the same room when their discharge the role of vaginal lubrication), so, in addition to postoperative patients may be in the spirit of a certain psychological outside interference, in essence, has no effect on sexual life.
2, hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus including the cervix, including all. In the treatment of malignant tumors of the uterus, this complete resection is clearly more reasonable. However, post-hysterectomy patients lost the entire uterus, proximal vagina had to suture closed. Thus, when the postoperative recovery of life, to be in direct contact to the suture, and then faced with two problems: one is not too early resumption of sexual life, so as to avoid the occurrence of wound dehiscence has not fully healed; other is If left at the wound healing granulation, it may occur after sexual pain.
How to avoid loss of libido after hysterectomy?
Some patients need for treatment, the removal of the uterus must also be ovariectomized. These patients has also been removed because of gonads, the source of the loss of female hormone, there are often loss of libido. Even if sex will result in estrogen deficiency due to vaginal dryness, causing pain. Therefore, they resume sexual activity should be under the guidance of a doctor giving female hormone replacement t
herapy, or use of vaginal lubricants during sex to avoid discomfort.
Some patients while at the same time hysterectomy, only then cut the side of the ovaries, just this side of ovarian preservation of normal development, function well, the patient will not female hormones on the significant reduction, therefore, sexual desire, sexual activity does not affected.
In short, due to vaginal hysterectomy is not involved, not involved in gonad - ovary, so no impact on sexual life. Also, because hysterectomy cure cancer, stop the repeated and severe vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, no longer subject to torture, or even eliminate the concerns of another pregnancy, therefore, in a sense, not only does not affect the future sexual life, even good sex life.
However, in real life, because of the lack of medical knowledge, many patients hysterectomy misgivings, many people even more anxious after surgery, fear of surgery due to degeneration, thereby artificially stop the sexual life, affecting the marital relations, it is totally unnecessary. Obtained after the nature of medical knowledge, such patients should eliminate concerns, physical rehabilitation after surgery, still can and should continue to maintain a happy and harmonious sex life. Even if the ovaries were also removed, but also under the guidance of a doctor by taking to exogenous female hormones, or take local measures to maintain adequate sex life.
Okay first of all, to know women's primary symptoms and secondary sexual characteristics. First sign refers to the female, the internal genital organs, external genitalia including the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and vaginal vestibule of the various structures; the genitals, including the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Secondary sexual characteristics is defined in the female reproductive organs other than the specific signs, such as the pitch of female than male, breast fullness, pelvic diameter greater than the anteroposterior diameter and so on. Therefore, hysterectomy is the loss of an organ within the reproductive organs, and most of the characteristics of female genital mutilation still exists. Sec
ondly, it is necessary to understand the different functions within the reproductive organs. The primary function of the uterus to form and nurture the menstrual discharge fetus. Therefore, hysterectomy after losing two main functions, namely, menstrual cramps and children. There can be completed vaginal intercourse, there can be to produce ovarian sexual desire and the pursuit of men, sexual life, like in the post-surgical wound healing can be completed. In addition, the survey found that most of the women after hysterectomy satisfied with sexual life, with no significant difference between normal, part of which had been increased, but there are also some women hysterectomy libido, the reason the vast majority of them due to mental disorders. Of course, as the organ is not a million people who may not, or try to keep better. In short, after hysterectomy is a monthly loss of menstruation and fertility, women still retain other functions, the charm of femininity and women have not lost.
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