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iron deficiency anemia in kids

Now the city's children are living conditions are good, no shortage of food do not lack clothing, better nutrition than ever before to many. Children's Hospital of Wuhan City can be doctors have found that compared with the past come to seek treatment for anemia in children has not diminished in recent years, the incidence of anemia also rising.
Department of Hematology, Children's Hospital of Wuhan on the main Rending Fu said that there are many types of anemia, such as hemolytic anemia, blood loss, anemia and poor blood anemia, anemia caused by cancer. People often say more than anemia nutritional anemia is also known as iron-deficiency anemia is anemia due to lack of blood elements in one. It anemia in children occupy an important position. The disease is due to the lack of blood necessary for the body of nutrients - iron, the formation of hemoglobin produced by the obstacles of anemia. According to Beijing Medical Center for Maternal and Infant Health in 29 cities nationwide health survey of children: 7-year-old boy, children, the incidence of anemia 42.1%, 44.8% girls of the future increases with age, illness decreased gradually, but the 12-year-old male to female ratio is still 27%, respectively, and 32.9%.
Why have iron deficiency anemia
As the name implies, since the child nutrition and nutrition-related anemia, and why now living conditions are good, children suffering from nutritional anemia did not decrease?
In fact, iron deficiency anemia in some children from the mother began. Body of the fetus in the mother gave birth to a baby last three months of their most critical period of storage iron, keep the baby in the three months the body absorb iron from the mother, who was born during the first four months because they can not get iron from food elements and a lot of hoarding, after the birth of the hematopoietic system to meet the needs of iron. Unfortunately, some pregnant mothers were picky eaters, the partial eclipse so that your baby can not store enough iron, so many of the baby shortly after birth suffered iron deficiency anemia. Preterm children and mothers most likely to fussy baby contracting this disease, so the last three months of pregnancy the mother should be appropriate iron supplementation.
Children are often in the past because of malnutrition, inadequate intake, leading to iron deficiency anemia, the majority of children now suffering from this disease, it is to eat out. Some children eclipse, like to eat greasy and heavy flavor of the food, the result of excess nutrients to withstand overload stomach, causing digestive disorders, resulting in children with simple obesity and children due to obesity-induced fatty liver. Such as excessive drinking cold drinks, the spleen and stomach diseases caused by overeating are also many, so obstacles are inevitable iron absorption occurs. Some families eat food is too fine, the iron in these foods in their finishing process has long been consumed to make lazy,
unable to meet the body's intake of iron, a long iron deficiency anemia in children's nutritional occurred.
Eating is one of the important aspects, so the prevention of anemia in children but also fundamentally a reasonable diet, make good parents for the children of this mouth shut. Secondly, children grow too fast increase in body iron requirements, but not in time for the parents and children iron supplements can also lead to iron deficiency anemia. The same disease also causes gastrointestinal iron absorption barriers, such as gastritis, intestinal bleeding disorders.
Iron deficiency anemia harm to children
Anemia great harm to human health, while the rapid growth of fetuses, infants and children more dangerous. The clinical symptoms of anemia, pale or sallow complexion, pale eyelids and tongue, dizziness, fatigue, palpitation shortness of breath, dizziness, listlessness, poor sleep, and so on. Many suffer from iron deficiency anemia parents see their children cry no trouble to iron deficiency anemia that has little effect on children, it is not. Children with severe anemia (hemoglobin concentration of less than 50g / L) in the mortality rate can be as high as 3% to 12%, the younger, higher mortality, anemia, weak immune system of children vulnerable to infection, the risk of death higher. Anemia also have an impact on children's behavior, mental and motor development and normal children there were significant differences, typically manifested as irritability or lack of interest in things around. In addition to physical effects of iron deficiency anemia, but also on intelligence and brain function have an impact on attention and memory mainly affects the adjustment process, and anemia than normal children, children with low intelligence.
Anemia caused by a variety of reasons, parents soon found that children suffering from anemia, and must not think that is iron-deficiency anemia, iron supplements blind to the children. One parent thought the child had had low hemoglobin iron supplements to the blind, make up the 2-3 weeks that there is no improvement, the results to the hospital I saw a leukemia. Dingzhu Ren said that many types of anemia, without self-diagnosed case of iron supplements for children great harm, such as hemolytic anemia, the disease need to iron chelating therapy, if the parents own iron is undoubtedly worse.
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia
Dingzhu Ren said that the prevention of iron deficiency anemia and to improve the situation of children in need from food to start. Improve diet, increase the use of special attention to proper animal liver, blood, meat, fish food ratio, should also eat more beans and green leafy vegetables; pregnant women and nursing mothers with high iron requirements, should be noted that increased iron intake during lactation intake, while vitamin C and A Note to eat fruits and foods high in order to promote the absorption of iron; birth the body's iron storage can only meet the needs of 4-6 months, followed by food supplement to be added to meet the demand for iron and other nutrients.
Once the diagnosis was anemia, to active treatment, generally 2-3 weeks of treatment effect can be seen, but it needs two to three months to ensure continued treatment of the body reserves of sufficient iron.
iron deficiency anemia in kids

When a child born glowing, and can grow to a half years old, the face becomes pale, there was even anorexia, the original is suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Reporter learned from Qingdao Children's Hospital, although many children now drink milk every day to eat meat, but there about three children into the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. The doctor analyzed that this was mainly due to unreasonable diets, picky eaters, and caused partial eclipse.
Anemia in children eat meat every day
4, who lives with his son Liu Shinan's stuff came to the Children's Hospital child protection families. Year and a half this year, Liu said his son, just born plump, with the grew up, his face a little pale recently, but the spirit is very poor.
Ms Lau said that his son had particularly like to eat meat, but recently with a different person-like, interested in nothing, when fed too hard mouth.
Children's Hospital, deputy director of child health physicians Zhang Liqin, so that stuff did blood tests and found that only 70 of hemoglobin stuff (more than the normal 110), are moderate anemia. Subsequently, the doctors found that stuff to iron tests, stuff the body's iron is low. "Children are iron deficiency anemia, because anemia, anorexia was a result of the child, not the spirit." Zhang Liqin said.
"The children eat well, ah, drink milk, eat meat every day, how anemic it?" For his son's diagnosis, Ms. Liu did not want to know how.
Anorexia is a symptom of pale
"Every day out-patient admissions to the iron deficiency anemia in children." Zhang Liqin told reporters, according to a survey of Chinese Nutrition Society, the National aged 0 to 7-year-old children, iron deficiency anemia, 26% of children, although Castle is currently no investigation in this area, but the medical report from the children and out-patient statistical point of view, about three years into a 0 to 7 years of age suffer from iron deficiency anemia.
Now the child's nutrition is very rich, why do so many of anemia? "Irrational diet, picky, and partial eclipse is the cause of children suffering from an important cause of iron deficiency anemia." Zhang Liqin told reporters that many parents there is a misunderstanding that the more nutritious for children to eat better, and some parents also Senior nutrition often buy some to eat the children, but these senior nutrition, often a lack of iron, and intake of iron deficiency children, will inevitably cause anemia.
Zhang Liqin said that children eat too much meat, not easy to digest absorption, so a long time, will increase the burden of liver and kidney, thus affecting the child's appetite and digestion. Some children, especially after 3 years of age, intake of dairy products to reduce the child once the partial eclipse of dark vegetables (black fungus, seaweed and other high iron content) does not like it, it will affect the absorption of iron, resulting in anemia.
Zhang Liqin said that the child will often appear anemic pale and symptoms of anorexia, growth and development of a long time will become slow, memory is also easy to decline.
Pay attention to the children there to eat
"When small children developed quickly, adding food can lead to iron deficiency anemia can not keep up." Zhang Liqin told reporters that she had had a reception 7 months old child suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Zhang Liqin suggested that parents should train their children develop good habits, under normal circumstances, children 6 months to add the transition when the food supplement, can be added to include the strengthening of the beginning of the iron rice and gradually increase the pulp, purée; 7 months by the addition of egg yolk; 8 months you can add lean meat and fish paste at the end of the. Parents when their children supplementary food, from less to more, from one to many, from thin to thick, met several times a child does not want to eat to add Do not give up.
In addition, older children should eat cereal food, not a partial eclipse, picky eaters, protein, carbohydrate intake should also have a certain percentage. (Editor: Terence Lee Lin)
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re may iron deficiency. If the mother is very picky eaters, or for the nutrition knowledge is not very understanding, did not pay attention to add animal liver and other foods high in iron content, so the mother may give birth to babies suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Why did the baby grow up or have anemia it? Also may be due to diet .
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Ying Jiu topic
Recently, Ying Jiu daughters kindergarten where the children had a hemoglobin test and found that 10% of children are anemic. Parents are wondering, the last child of anemia due to malnutrition, can now eat well, and children all came to a large, and how it will be anemia?
Aspects of the child because of anemia
Anemia in the past, people called the tube
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