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injury to the median nerve

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The names of diseases (English) median nerve injury classification of phonetic ZHENGZHONGSHENJINGSUNSHANG code alias Western disease and peripheral nerve ganglia diseases, bone diseases, traditional Chinese medicine classification of diseases code median nerve by the Western disease name defined neck and chest 5-8 1 nerve root fibers. Separation of the lateral cord of brachial plexus from the lateral roots, and the separation of the inside of the cable from inside the root, both of which the median nerve, median nerve forearm flexor side of most of the muscles, and hand in a large semi-radial part of the muscle and the radial side of palm skin feel. Median nerve injuries were more common. While a small number of cases with ulnar nerve injury. Western medicine Shiming common cause of median nerve injury cuts, jarring injuries, gunshot wounds and fractures due to improper treatment of ischemic contracture Erzhi forearm. Cause of seasonal strength of Chinese population with the incidence of the pathogenesis and dissemination of TCM diagnostic criteria for pathological pathophysiology Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic criteria for diagnosis of median nerve palsy Western diagnostic criteria:
1. Pronated forearm not the wrist flexor weakness, not buckling radial three fingers, not on the palm.
2. Thenar muscle atrophy, was "ape hand" state.
3. Radial side of the palm of your hand, three fingers and the radial half of ring finger radial hypoesthesia.
4. Electromyography nerve conduction velocity extension of the icon.
Western medicine diagnosis is based on a history of symptoms and signs of disease at the site of injury and more wrist or forearm, upper arm or axilla in those rare injury. If the injury at the wrist or forearm (initiated at the distal muscular branches), mainly the thumb and the palm can not outreach, to refer to. Radial side of half-palm sensory dysfunction, but the sensory loss limited to the show, much finger and the back half of the palm skin. Late thenar muscle atrophy, and the formation of an ape-shaped hand deformities. If the injury site at the elbow or more parts, in addition to the above symptoms, refer to the radial side of the superficial flexor and half refers to the deep flexor paralysis. Therefore, the thumb and index finger in a straight position, not buckling, because the middle finger and ring finger between the deep flexor tendon bundles connected, and have some degree of flexion. Because of the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus muscle paralysis, wrist, been able to bend, due to flexor carpi ulnaris compensation, but the ulnar deviation during wrist flexion. Pronation pronator movement due to spin round in front of muscle and muscle paralysis can not be significantly affected, or pronation. Late contraction of forearm flexors. Medical diagnostic imaging diagnostic laboratory diagnostic power of urine feces blood cerebrospinal fluid immunological histology other diagnostic test certificat
e in Traditional Chinese Medicine Western differential diagnosis evaluation standard 1. Cure: the signs and symptoms disappear.
2. Improvement: the symptoms and signs of improvement. Western medical treatment the prognosis of complications is broken for whatever reason the median nerve injury, early surgical treatment should be considered. The case of ischemic contracture of the forearm, should be within 24h in the incidence of surgery, muscle and nerve decompression. If median nerve is missing, change the position of a joint approach can be used directly to match. Can also use nerve graft. If the median nerve and ulnar nerve injuries at the same time more off the shortage, not a direct suture, respectively, can be nerve loop grafting, the ulnar nerve for some fractional parts of transplant shortage of the median nerve, median nerve function after repair better recovery. If you can not function recovery can be superficial branch of radial nerve and median nerve distal stitched to restore the feeling of the hand or the thumb with tendon grafting on the fingers and thumb restore, index finger flexion function. Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Integrative Medicine Massage preventive care and rehabilitation of historical research
injury to the median nerve

Cause of firearm injuries, glass cuts, wounds and injuries more common in the machine, especially hand branch of the median nerve of a nerve injury is more common. Lower end of humerus fractures and forearm fractures, can be combined median nerve injury. Offenders are usually combined with ischemic contracture of the median nerve injury. Symptoms (a) of the wrist median nerve injury in 1. Movement: that the three thenar muscle of thumb opposition, and abductor pollicis brevis flexor pollicis brevis superficial head and paralyzed on the palm so the thumb can not move forward with the palm of the hand plane to form 90 °, can not touch that belly with the other fingers, thenar atrophy, the formation of the thumb adductor ape hand deformity, flexor pollicis brevis sometimes abnormal ulnar nerve supply. 2. Feeling: loss of sensation in the hand of the largest median nerve injury. Thumb injury, food, middle finger, ring finger and radial half of the palm of the corresponding section of the back refers to the loss of much feeling, seriously affect the hand function, easy to hold things fall, no physical sense, and vulnerable to trauma and burns. 3. Nutritional changes: finger skin, nails, a significant nutritional change, phalanx shrink smaller sharpened tip of finger. (B) of the elbow, median nerve injury in 1. Campaign: In addition to the above, there are round pronator muscle, flexor carpi radialis, pronator quadratus muscle, palmaris longus, flexor that shallow, that the radial side of half and deep flexor flexor pollicis longus paralysis, so the thumb index finger can not buckling, fist when the finger is still straight, and some part of the middle finger can be bent, the index finger and middle finger metacarpophalangeal joints to some buckling, but the interphalangeal joint was still straight. 2. Feel the same before and nutritional changes. Check routine physical examination. Treatment of early surgical suture, the effect is generally better, but often less intrinsic hand muscles recover. Such as poor neurological recovery, viable ring finger flexor digitorum superficialis or the little finger abductor muscle of thumb opposition transfer of angioplasty, but also possible other flexor tendon transfer to improve the thumb flexor function.
Chengdu, the performance of median nerve injury
Hospital of Qingyang District, Chengdu, there are five therapy;
First, the Dornier sleep detection system
American Dornier sleep test system adopts the most advanced mobility technology to acquire biological signals from the human body, through the automatic processing of medical software, eliminating the impedance of the test based on the impact of volatility, so that a more stable waveform to obtain the basic dynamic of human sleep vital signs. Observation based nystagmus, the eye movement image is visually displayed on the monitor and computer processing of nystagmus by the relevant parameters for vestibular function test provides an easy and intuitive means of detection; give a true record of nystagmus direction, rhythm, especially suitable for rotary nystagmus, conjugate nystagmus observed out of control, changes in facial expression for sleep recording image information to determine the quality of sleep only 5 to 10 minutes. Predictable insomnia, depression, mental disorders, severity of illness, can cure a measuring glance. For insomnia, depression, mental disorders, vertigo disease detection and diagnosis of psychosis, insomnia is the first choice for neurological specialist and high-tech testing equipment.
Second, NDT-medicine genetic immunotherapy
The therapy is caused by various causes for insomnia, depression, mental disorders and psychosomatic diseases, research, development, out of the new therapy. Proven through a large number of clinical medicine treatment of insomnia caused by various reasons, intractable insomnia, forgetfulness and more dreams, dizziness, headache, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, neurosis, autonomic disorders, menopause syndrome, neurasthenia and other mental disorders have strange effects
The first stage is the treatment period: control of the disease symptoms for patients, with appropriate therapy, the use of attack methods, and clear qi cured disease, while the inhibition of dopamine release, to adjust various hormone secretion. (Molecules into the body directly into the brain stem at the end, the release of the super natural biological activity of static tie factor and nerve glycosides activating enzyme, activates the brain's own immune function, and produce a large number of biologically active substances rapidly enter the relaxation state of the cerebral cortex and natural sleep, regulate the brain clock. to improve brain blood circulation, increase blood oxygen, the brain quickly relieve fatigue, improve brain excitatory and inhibitory processes, can significantly improve sleep quality, so that sanity clear, the spirit of ease.)
The second stage is the recovery period: a comprehensive treatment we mainly use TCM syndrome differentiation, regulating qi and blood, adjusting the body's internal organs function, the patient's normal physiological functions were fully restored, to restore the body to a new equilibrium state. (Meridians open up the brain, inhibiting the release of dopamine excess, and to correct disorders of brain function, nourish the brain, protecting the brain's normal delivery and transmission. Discharge patients because of insomnia and for a variety of undesirable symptoms such as headache, dizziness, irritable , mental fatigue, so that patients can get a normal sleep.)
The third stage is the consolidation phase: As the symptoms of the disease in patients with two-stage attack by the complement treatment, the patient's basic symptoms have disappeared, so that damage to restore the function of organs, the brain cell excitability and inhibition as a normal physiological balance yin and yang to be balanced, and gradually reduce the dosage to achieve the consolidation therapy, less recurrence purposes. (The effective exclusion of forgetfulness, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, tired body fatigue, irritability, manic, auditory and visual hallucinations such as Zhu Zheng, eliminate stress. In ensuring the health and mental state of sleep, based on the gradual reduction of dosage, the patient recovered well self- control ability to rid itself of disease problems)
Third, the mental intention to guide immunotherapy
Mental intention to guide the immune therapy: is the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Qingyang District, specialist for the treatment of insomnia insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders, a new psychological therapy. Because modern life, work pressure and other factors to psychological imbalance, can lead to insomnia, anxiety, depression, serious harm to human health. Therefore, we must try to get rid of psychological disorders, and guide the soul out of misunderstanding. Reasonable arrangements of life, cultivating a variety of interests, moderate and orderly work to avoid breeding of psychological sense of loss, making life more fulfilling; and fulfilling life can improve depression in people. Correct understanding of the relationship between insight and social, put right the relationship between individual and society, the correct treatment of personal gain or loss, success and failure, it is students experience more meaningful. Intention to guide the therapy is a positive and optimistic way of thinking and behavior, and guide people to pay attention to the positive side of things (for the crux of the intention to boot), so as to reduce or transfer the negative side of fear and anxiety, to resolve the crux of the problem, eliminate the psychological barriers aim is to treat mental and nervous system is another important therapy.
Fourth, physical therapy
ES-100E Haikun car double-pass medical treatment for insomnia
ES-100E Haikun car double-pass medical treatment for insomnia
ES-based treatment for insomnia, the use of electrical stimulation of cerebellar fastigial nucleus ways, such treatment as an adjuvant treatment of cerebrovascular disease means fastigial nucleus stimulation can activate a number of intrinsic reflex nerve pathways activated protection systems, resulting in a specific nerve protective reaction, that is, the endogenous CNS-derived neural protection and sustainable over time, from the cells, molecules, DNA, and other over-the level of inhibition of neuronal excitability, maintaining a stable environment within the nervous system, used in clinical ischemic stroke, ischemic retinopathy, cervical disease. Fastigial nucleus stimulation treatment of insomnia in the general sense of different low-frequency electrical / magnetic stimulation. In terms of stimulus location, intensity, waveform, and pathways are not consistent. Low-frequency electrical / magnetic stimulation to induce sleep, the role of fastigial nucleus stimulation is to restore the sleep system disorders and rebuild normal sleep - wake rhythm and protect damaged nerve cells. Moreover, the low-frequency electrical / magnetic stimulation excited the cells only to a quiet, fastigial nucleus stimulation also has a repair role in nerve cell excitability.
Insomnia treatment device is mainly used in the treatment of non-organic insomnia. After treatment, the patient improved subjective feeling, body movement recorder in addition to the main parameters of total sleep time, sleep, the other parameters were significantly improved sleep latency, sleep efficiency, sleep - wake rhythm became normal, suggesting that as a kinds of non-drug treatment, ES-based treatment for insomnia effective in the treatment of non-organic insomnia, and become an ideal, the new, non-drug therapies.
Fifth, Chinese intravenous therapy:
Traditional intravenous therapy "features are:
1. And expensive proprietary intravenous injection of drug molecules through the blood-brain barrier quickly, directly on the damaged nerve cells, resulting in a large number of biologically active substances rapidly enter the relaxation state of the cerebral cortex, but also to improve brain blood circulation, increase blood oxygen, the brain quickly relieve fatigue, to correct disorders of brain function, restoring the normal spread of brain neurons.
2. Expensive intravenous therapy combined with Chinese medicine treatment can also enhance cellular immune function, improve sleep quality, boost brain memory.
3. With expensive intravenous therapy can be effective for the removal of proprietary Chinese medicines sleep, depression, body waste resulting from the retention or long-term use sleeping pills hypnotic drugs in the body retained factors, the effective removal of nerve in the body of sleep by the sleep over to the core sleep "stumbling block "- toxins. Forgetfulness, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, body weakness, fidget irritability, auditory and visual hallucinations and other symptoms disappeared;
4. Meridians open up the brain, removing the excess of dopamine fibers, inhibit excessive neurotransmitter - dopamine. Correct the disorder of brain function. AIDS so as to achieve liver and stomach, spleen keys stomach Gu, Ning Anshen effect, and to internal organs "fine, gas, god," the opening in the brain, nourishing human brain.
5. When the drug molecules to the way intravenous targeting lesions
in the brain, quickly relieve the symptoms of mental stress, patients feel more energetic and feel happy, generally taking 5-7 days to see the significant effect, after one or two course of conditioning, the condition gradually recovered.
Tens of thousands of patients by clinical testing and tracking survey showed that: the treatment with (1), doubling the effectiveness of more traditional therapies; (2) short-term effective, a significant effect, treating the symptoms; (3) form a series of drugs, according to disease type, Dialectic governance; (4) General effective in patients with 3-7 days, one to three treatment cured; (5) efficacy and stability, lasting, and less recurrence, five major advantages of insomnia patients can free themselves from insomnia, depression, pain, restore healthy sleep.
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