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to induce vomiting in children

Wrong medication is common in the elderly and children aged 2 to 6. Children's lack of common sense, if the unsafe storage of drugs at home, it is easy for children to get that wrong clothes; and the elderly poor memory, and sometimes take the wrong medication. If you find wrong medicine children or the elderly services, family, first of all to be calm, and then as soon as possible to take measures to enable them to spit out the wrong medication regimen.
Generally within 6 hours of the wrong medication, need to induce vomiting. If a child the wrong medication, parents should quickly with your fingers, chopsticks stimulate a child's throat (pharynx), causing vomiting, stomach medicines will spit out; and then drink some cold water for children (about 250 ml), then the above method vomiting, gastric retention further washout. Methods in the emetic, the elderly and children, no difference. However, the stomach capacity of the elderly and children differently, at least give the elderly more than 500 ml of cold drinking water, to achieve the emetic effect.
Induce vomiting, if the wrong clothing and toxic side effects, and a certain dose limits, such as sleeping pills, antipyretic analgesics, antibiotics, etc., but also allow children or the elderly to drink a few glasses of milk and 3-5 pieces of raw egg , and toxins and reduce the stimulation of the stomach, but to immediately take them to hospital. If a child was wrong to go on iodine water to drink cough medicine when they should immediately give them to drink batter, rice soup and other starchy liquid, then put out these compounds induce vomiting, repeated several times until no significant blue vomit up.
If the wrong clothing is highly corrosive substances, induce vomiting law should not be used to prevent further damage to the esophagus and throat. After taking the unconscious or of convulsions associated with the children or the elderly, it should not be used emetic law should be sent to hospital. â–²
"Global Times, Life Magazine" (April 26, 2005 Fourth Edition)
to induce vomiting in children

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Summary: "Why should induce vomiting and gastric lavage," . and eating the poison is corrosive, is not timely cleaning the stomach, the consequences are extremely dangerous. Induce vomiting and gastric lavage of the methods are there? Here are the symptoms used in the home, gastric lavage method. Emetic approach: using a chopstick or
spoon handle, fingers can also let the children big mouth, gently stimulating the .
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Why should induce vomiting and gastric lavage?
If you find that the child ingested the poison, drugs, medicine. Immediately wash the stomach poison and must not mistakenly believe that as long as the hospital quickly on the line, to know the delay time, and toxic substances quickly absorbed by the body may cause serious consequences.
As soon as possible to clean out the poison from the stomach, on the sick child's life and treatment have a positive effect. If I had not treated, poison in the stomach to stay for a few minutes, ten minutes, poison into the intestine, small intestine absorption capacity of more poison, then even if sent to the hospital, even with good conditions, gastric lavage, in the intestine and can not be absorbed into the bloodstream where the poison has been washed out.
In particular, fasting and eating the poison is corrosive eating poison, do not be cleaned stomach, the consequences are extremely dangerous.

Induce vomiting and gastric lavage of the methods are there?
Here are the symptoms used in the home, gastric lavage method.
Emetic approach:
With a chopstick or spoon handle, fingers can also let the children big mouth, gently stimulating the throat, when the sick child can cause vomiting reflex action, the stomach thing spit it out. Cause vomiting, vomiting after drinking, and then stimulate the throat, and then induce vomiting.
If you stimulate the throat is still not spit, you can put the kids to drink warm water, and then stimulate the throat, causing vomiting, vomiting after drinking, and then stimulate the throat and then induce vomiting.
No matter what stimulate the throat, are required to pay attention to calm the child's throat must not panic will not puncture or irritation due to the timing of delayed vomiting.
Emetic action should be patient and do repeatedly, almost invisible to need something to stop, we must allow the child to stomach all the spit out everything.
If the child is not able to stimulate vomiting, conditional, and can be a number of emetic drugs, such as no emetic drugs at home, can add 10 to 20 grams of salt a cup of warm water, let the children drink, can quickly lead to vomiting reflex.
Gastric lavage method
After vomiting, gastric lavage is necessary. Families generally do not have gastric lavage device, the method can be simple. Specifically: let the children drink water or juice to wash, and then induce vomiting, so that repeated water, spit water all the way to drinking water and spit into the color of the water, cleanliness, the same, to show that a more thorough gastric lavage. Latest release of this column [child care] [Photo] teach you how to children in summer haircut [child care] prejudicial to the baby car exhaust pollution, intellectual [child care] six massage helps the baby to digest [child care] [Photo] children frequent blinking, in the end is the reason [child care] to eliminate the violent tendencies of the baby [child care] to eliminate the violent tendencies of the baby [child care] to teach your baby establish good sleep habits [child care] benefits of baby food to eat with the clutch more [children Care] When visitors questions baby [child care] stealing behavior towards the baby calm latest information on the lamb meat cleve
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