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incubation period for typhoid fever

Typhoid and paratyphoid how long the incubation period?
The length of the incubation period of typhoid fever due to infection of bacteria and different amount, usually one to three weeks. Paratyphoid incubation period ranging from one to ten days.
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Typhoid fever or typhoid fever, said the original scope of medicine from, a broad and narrow differences. Introduction of modern Western medicine in the Orient, one of a kind of Bacteriology Salmonella typhi (Salmonella typhi) causes the disease, also known as typhoid fever. Western medicine is not the same concept of typhoid fever, not confusion.
【In Medicine
Definition: Generalized typhoid fever is a general term for all exogenous. Typhoid fever is a narrow exogenous pathogenic wind and cold, which made sense of the disease.
"Q fever" theory, said: "This husband fever who are typhoid fever and the like also." Refers to the broad typhoid fever.
"Classic Fifty-eight difficult": "There are five typhoid, a stroke, a typhoid fever, a wet warm, with fever, a febrile disease." Which "typhoid five" of typhoid fever is a generalized typhoid fever, among the five typhoid fever typhoid is narrow.

Records related to typhoid fever, first seen in "Nei Jing Su Wen." Following this meeting, "hard by" clear that there is broad meaning of typhoid fever are narrow, broad narrow typhoid fever, and typhoid fever, including stroke (caused by exogenous wind evil feelings of illness, miscellaneous diseases is different from the stroke), febrile disease, fever, wet temperature and other diseases, that is, the name and Gai typhoid wind, humidity, heat and other pathogenic factors due to a variety of exogenous diseases. Han Dynasty Zhang, "Qin find old saying, gathering public square" to the Treatment of Six for the outline, the author of "Treatise on the" one book, so get prescription medicine Li-fa, harmony and unity, and thus laid the basis for diagnosis and treatment, regardless of external thermal disease and other diseases, have important guiding significance. Risk factors of typhoid fever include external and internal causes. Generalized outside of various diseases as typhoid wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire six evils of the evil; narrow typhoid fever caused by the winter cold feel. The incidence of typhoid fever due to qi deficiency is, if the ferrite weak, or Laojuan hunger, personal disorders, cold temperature and discomfort, improper sexual intercourse, can result in positive Qi deficiency, violation of sick easily evils.

Syndrome differentiation
Typhoid fever by the differentiation program of six. Six of the sun, Yang Ming, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yin and Jue Yin, hand, foot and twelve meridians of the body collectively. Meridians are related to organs within and outside network limb, in the physiology and pathology related to each other and influence each other. Six meridians is to yin an
d yang meridians and organs physical properties based on the evolution of the exogenous diseases have shown a variety of syndromes to be integrated, analyzed, grouped into six different types (Sun disease, Yangming disease, Shaoyang disease, collectively known as Sanyang disease; Lunar disease, Shao disease, Jue Yin disease, collectively known as yin disease), to illustrate the site of disease, nature, pathogenesis, disease trends and their potential inter-conversion, as the basis for the diagnosis and treatment.
Typhoid Six basic symptoms of the disease: ① Sun disease. Exogenous disease mostly occurs in the early primary card is a fever, bad cold fear, the head term pain, floating pulse, etc. Table cards, also known as the sun by the card. If the table understand evil, and the transfer of bladder, bowel, compared with the Sun card. See fever certificate evil wind, polydipsia want to drink the water into the spit, dysuria, or floating and floating and rapid pulse; or certificate see hard over the lower abdomen Acute Results, urine Tom Lee, the person mad or crazy, pulse Shen Shibuya ( See the Sun disease). ② Yangming disease. Be filled for the evil heat, stomach heat. Main symptoms of high fever sweating, no aversion to cold, anti-evil heat, a large vein. If hot evil smoke burning stomach, and see polydipsia lead to drink, pulse loud for Meridian card; if heat evil and intestine Zaoshi each knot, and see at Asr hot flashes, delirium, Fu Man pain, stool barrier, the pulse was real or slippery, thick yellow tongue coating, Yangming organs for the card (see Yang Ming disease). ③ Shaoyang disease. Disease manifested in the half exterior and half between. The main card is a bitter mouth, throat, dizziness, cold and heat exchanges, Xiong Xie bitter over, upset hi vomit, silently do not want to diet, pulse string (see Shaoyang disease). ④ lunar disease. Mostly the spleen yang deficiency, dampness caused by violations of evil, the main card for the Fu Man, vomiting, food high, diarrhea, abdominal pain hi, Rouan, mouth thirst, slow weak pulse (see lunar disease). ⑤ Shaoyin disease. Kidney failure due to heart more, pathogenic cold or heat evil violation of Foot Shao Yin Kidney Meridian or hand Shao Yin Heart Meridian, to re-stage of typhoid fever in critical condition. Shaoyin disease-free hot chills main card, pulse fine, but Yumei. If you see tiny pulse, chills, white face, limbs Jueleng, vomiting and lower profit clearing Valley, that is, Shao Deficiency syndrome; and see if the nerves insomnia, dry mouth, throat sore throat, the pulse breakdown, red tongue red, as Shao and Hot Card (see Shaoyin disease). ⑥ Jue Yin disease. The struggle between good and evil typhoid fever the final stage of more complex syndromes serious, extreme heat is not very cold, so the heat back and forth as the main performance Jue. Jue, referring to the cold limbs, and even The Zhouxi, in general, Yang Jue retreat complex is fever, the disease can gradually more, then the limbs Jueleng Xie Sheng, Yang Wei are prone to die waiting (see Jue Yin disease).
Six for the disease typhoid fever, is not static, one by the disease, often affecting the other classics, so there is a mutual transfer Six patients become symptom. Six patients in the mass change is evil by the sense of the gravity of the strength of righteousness, treatment when not, or whether the chronic disease and other factors determined. Changes in pulse card is to determine whether the six mass change by the Diseases of the main basis. Clinically, the mass change of typhoid are not fixed by order of June.
Treatment of typhoid fever should have a diagnosis and treatment principles. Typhoid Six patients get rid of evils compared to the general rule, support healthy trends. Sanyang mostly facie evidence of disease, heat syndrome, evidence to Quxie based, disease morbidity, mostly in the cold syndrome, therapy should be based on righting the main. However, more complex diagnosis and treatment of typhoid fever, if the wrong treatment, can lead to change cards again and again now. Although the table as the sun evil disease, but not sweating too much, or body fluid Hao Shang, rather then sweat more dead Yang; Sun disease Table evil unsolved, not to misuse the line capture, or swelling of the liver can become a card or statement chest; Shaoyang Evils in the half exterior and half, so the sweat, spit, all in the cut-off dismount; Yangming disease stomach hot flashes, sweating, and it is forbidden Lee urine, body fluid in order to avoid serious injury; Yangming evil heat in the classics, yet with Zaoshi consistency, not too early to take; Shao Yang disease are true, not false Khan, the next, and so wrong.
Outline of the sun pulse card typhoid card:
"Treatise on the" Article 3: "The sun disease, or fever, or fever, will be aversion to cold, body pain, vomiting inverse pulse bear both yin and yang, who called typhoid fever."
Treatment of typhoid fever certificate sun:
"Treatise on the" Article 35: "The sun disease, headache, fever, Shenteng low back pain, joint pain, evil wind, no sweat Erchuan who MHT Lord."

【Modern Medicine
Salmonella typhi (Salmonella typhi) caused by typhoid fever, often referred to as "typhoid fever" (typhoid fever), whose symptoms include high fever, up to 39 ° to 40 ° C (103 ° to 104 ° F); other symptoms of abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, headache, his body rose stain (rose spot) and so on. Intestinal bleeding or perforation is the most serious complications. The mode of transmission is fecal-oral route, infectivity is very high.

50 years in the 19th century, the outbreak of the Crimean War, the soldiers died due to typhoid fever is the result of war injuries and the death of 10 times. Typhoid fever can cause high fever and intestinal bleeding, a high infectious.
To 1898, although the disease remains incurable at the time, Wright has developed a typhoid vaccine. In the following year during the outbreak of the Boer War, the soldiers died of typhoid fever are still to be 5 times of those who died because of war injuries. However, in World War I, this vaccine has been used. Trenches because of the millions of soldiers died in harsh conditions, but only 100 people died of typhoid.
In 1907, typhoid fever caused by chefs Mary Mary Malone incident, can be said that famous case in medical history.
Typhoid symptoms include high fever, rash, chills and sweating.
Wright failed to anticipate a problem is the "Typhoid Mary." Mary, the woman was a cook, she is led to the outside of the spread of typhoid fever, though not her own illness, but transmission of the bacteria carried to the people who eat her food. When the final proved to be the person transmission of infection, she was detained and isolated life.
Typhoid fever were the common source of infection for the bacteria contaminated water, or are carriers of typhoid patients or contact with food. Today, typhoid fever can be cured by antibiotics. Modern medicine has Anbixilin take antibiotics (ampicillin), chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol), sulfonamides (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) and the fluoroquinolone class such as ciprofloxacin.

incubation period for typhoid fever

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Hello! Epidemic typhus: Laboratory diagnosis: a serological diagnosis: room temperature complement fixation test (CF): Platts Rickettsia serum antibody titers greater than Mohs rickettsial titers more than twice, the first serum antibody titer ≥ 1:32, double serum acute phase of recovery than 4 times more prevalence cases can be diagnosed. 2 etiological diagnosis: blood samples from patients with fever of isolated Platts Rickettsia or blood samples from patients with fever of Platts amplified specific rickettsial DNA. Endemic typhus: a serological diagnosis: the room temperature micro complement fixation test (CF): anti-Morse rickettsia serum antibodies than anti-Platts rickettsial antibodies more than 2 times, and the antibody titer of 1 : 32 or more, or convalescent serum antibody titers of acute phase serum antibody titers than 4 times. 2 etiological diagnosis: blood samples from patients with fever of Mohs isolated Rickettsia or blood samples from the heat of Mohs amplified specific rickettsial DNA. Recommended that you have to go to regular hospital under the guidance of clinicians have been examined.
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What is the Typhoid and paratyphoid? Typhoid and paratyphoid are all intestinal infectious diseases caused by bacteria, pathogens were Salmonella typhi and paratyphoid bacilli, cases occur throughout the world. In recent years, due to the improvement of sanitation in many areas have disappeared, most of the current cases in Taiwan by foreign region of the input. Typhoid fever and paratyphoid What are the symptoms? Persistent infection after typhoid fever, headache, malaise, anorexia, relative heart rate slow down, enlarged spleen, body rash, cough, more common in adults with constipation or diarrhea, lymphoid tissue lesions, if untreated, cause intestinal bleeding or perforation. The symptoms of mild fever and paratyphoid fever, the mortality rate is lower. Typhoid and paratyphoid how contagious? Due to ingestion by patients, carriers of the feces and urine contamination of food, water and infection. Contaminated shellfish, fruits and vegetables has become a vector, carriers in dealing with their fingers while dairy products may be contaminated products. Flies are one of the mass media. Typhoid and paratyphoid how long the incubation period? The length of the incubation period of typhoid fever due to infection of bacteria and different amount, usually one to three weeks. Paratyphoid incubation period ranging from one to ten days. How to prevent typhoid and
paratyphoid? 1. Before meals and after should be the proper use of soap. 2. Construction of flush toilets, and feces to be discharged into the sewage system. Toilets to eliminate flies. Adequate supply of toilet paper to avoid faecal contamination fingers. 3. Improve the water should be disinfected, attention can not be drinking water pollution, and sterilized by boiling before drinking. 4. The screens, insecticide spray or bait containing insecticide to kill flies. Regular garbage collection, toilet installation of screens, so that flies can not breed. 5. Handling of food preservation to be especially careful, before handling food should wash their hands properly with soap and cold storage of food. When eating out, should be used in soup category. 6. Isolation should be hospitalized for acute treatment until test results were negative so far, only lift the monitor. Stool, urine and disinfection of contaminated equipment to be implemented. Reference: everywhere i take in the internet .
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