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hashimoto's hypothyroidism

Nutrition and diet therapy
● nutrient-rich
Food should be nutritious, eating high-calorie, easily digestible food. Molasses, egg yolk, parsley, apricot, dates coconut, dried plum, fish, chicken, raw milk, cheese are all good food.
● Avoid cruciferous vegetable dip
Need to control the amount of the following foods: cruciferous vegetables, such as turnip, cabbage, broccoli, mustard leaves, spinach, kale Levin bud, peach, pear. If symptoms are severe, they should ban these foods, because they may further suppress thyroid function. Avoid processed and refined foods, including white flour and sugar.
● only drink distilled water
Avoid fluoride (including toothpaste contains fluoride) and chlorine (found in drinking water.) Fluorine, chlorine and iodine have similar chemical, fluorine and chlorine so easy to block the thyroid - BU iodine receptors, the reduction of iodine in the manufacture of hormones, resulting in hypothyroidism.
● add nutrients
â‘  tyrosine
Dosage of 50 mg 2 times a day, fasting combined with small amounts of vitamin B6.
â‘¡ kelp tablets
10 tablets per day. Iodine, which is the basic material of thyroid hormone.
â‘¢ raw thyroid extract
Accordance with the physician. The synthesis of thyroid hormone is usually ineffective. See the volume of the biotin therapy.
B group vitamins, including riboflavin â‘£ (B2), Bl: tablet
Dosage was 100 mg, 50 mg and 15 mg, taken with meals 2 times a day. Bl2 empty stomach. The role of oxygen and the improvement of cell and energy.
⑤ yeast
In accordance with product labeling. Rich in various essential nutrients.
â‘¥ unsaturated fatty acids
In accordance with product instructions. Help the thyroid function was normal.
⑦ B-carotene plus vitamin A
Daily 15000IU.
⑧ vitamin c
Dosage of 100 mg 4 times a day. Do not use very high doses, this may affect the manufacture of thyroid hormone.
Vitamin E ⑨
Daily 400IU. Do not exceed this amount.
â‘© zinc
50 mg per day. Enhance immunity.
● Health Diet
â‘  seaweed and radish soup
Seaweed 50 grams, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, chopped carrot 250 Kocse, soup every day use. With phlegm, soft Jian, Xiaoying, Sanjie achievements.
â‘© seaweed tea
Kelp, algae, seaweed, asparagus, 30 grams Levin, Jiantang on behalf of the tea used. Iodine.
â‘© oyster seaweed soup
Oyster sauce (oyster meat) 100 grams, 50 grams of kelp, add water and spices Gong Zhu. Take 2 times a day. Tonic aphrodisiac oysters, seaweed iodine.
â‘© vinegar soaked seaweed
Kelp 120 grams, 1000 ml of vinegar, citron leather 9 grams. Kelp, citron leather soaked in vinegar, then 7 days later. Eat kelp. -9 Grams 6 grams per day, and even served for 10-15 days. Effectiveness of qi Jieyu, Xiaoying. For simple goiter due to liver Qi stagnation, poor mood, hypochondriac pain bloating, or breast before menstruation,
abdominal pain and sickness.
â‘© Jellyfish
Jellyfish 250 grams, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, ginger, green onion, the amount of MSG. Jellyfish 1 will wash over the rough, cold water soaking 4-6 hours, remove, wash and drain, cut into small pieces, Sheng bowl, add soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, ginger, green onion, monosodium glutamate and mix well. Adorned with food.
Effectiveness of phlegm and Water, Endometriosis, blood pressure. For iodine deficiency goiter and chronic lymphadenitis embolism. Hypertension is also a good resort food.
● natural herb
Can be used bayberry, North America cohosh, golden seal grass.
● Note
Avoid the use of curing agents and antihistamines except under the guidance of the doctors to take.
During treatment, patients such as palpitations, tachycardia, asthma, insomnia, hot feeling, dizziness, nausea, medication should be reduced or suspended.
Fast-acting thyroid tablets, can cause angina, should be used with caution.
● warning
If the following symptoms, dashing doctor:
*, Fatigue, unresponsive.
* Heart rate.
* Increased sensitivity to cold.
* Tingling numbness in hands.
* Thyroid increases.
* Feeling cold, sleepy, fatigue, edema, coma may be mucus, which is suddenly
Appear dangerous complications of hypothyroidism, can cause loss of consciousness and death.
● Medical Tips
Self-test of thyroid function
Morning when the thermometer placed under the arms, 15 minutes. During this period need to keep the body still does not speak. Any move could disrupt the body temperature readings. If the measured body temperature 36.4 ℃ or less, that the thyroid may be organic to the shortage. The daily temperature values measured are recorded, if has been so low, I suggest you see a doctor soon.
hashimoto s hypothyroidism

[A flat]
Hashimoto's hypothyroidism my neck is very thick, but the T3 T4 TSH screening is within the reference value, so the doctor said that surgery can not choose to eat mine for Sri Lanka levothyroxine sodium tablets, you need life-long medication, pregnant also need medication, will affect the fetus during pregnancy taking it? My email: ping2250@163.com
Hello friend.
Sick, really made us a serious decline in quality of life, according to our concept of Chalei years of clinical Adams levothyroxine sodium tablets for the treatment requires a certain indications. If the dose handled badly, could easily lead to life-long medication, and clinical observation may have some side effects.
Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in the traditional treatment is more difficult to treat, treatment and rehabilitation of the key is to choose effective programs. Clinical verification through the decades: Western palliative treatment, side effects, causing liver damage. I suggest you hurry up and get in touch with hospital specialists.
Light condition were not affected pregnancy, miscarriage or stillbirth rate but higher
1. Hypothyroidism is hereditary, maternal hypothyroidism may affect the intellectual development of children.
2. Thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism), can also cause eye symptoms, a hospital with Shu activation therapy, functional recovery of the eye at the same time, anti-thyroglobulin, thyroid peroxidase antibodies can gradually resume , and can solve the problem of the system to improve the body's endocrine balance, aim to achieve full recovery, the treatment time is short, anti-recurrent, surgery without hospitalization, to ensure efficacy. Praise by the majority of patients!
Wish you a speedy recovery, rehabilitation can successfully conceive after a healthy baby!
Patients before and after the 5-1 more. Consultation before the proposal to make an appointment in advance by telephone, I arranged Professor Wang hospital clinic for you parents!
Reservation Hotline 0311-80803850
qi *** Hashimoto's hypothyroidism caused by contact
1 #, and his exchange
Disease description (main symptom onset):
February of this year due to dizziness during sleep and wake up suddenly in the cervical spine CT examination found that the density of thyroid uneven, especially to do T3, T4 inspection, the result is: T3, T4 normal, TSH values increased (7.43).
March 28 in color Doppler ultrasound, the result is:
Under the rules of thyroid morphology, left and right side leaf size measurements were about 15.2 * 15.8 18.8 * 16.5mm, thickness of the isthmus as 4.5mm, the echoes slightly in real terms, differential, abnormal nodules in apparent echo of the end.
Ultrasonic Tip: diffuse lesions consistent with thyroid ultrasonographic appearance.
Then, another test TG-AB by thyroglobulin antibody, result: 564.2.
TPO-AB anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies, normal (15.98).
Doctor diagnosed as: Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Let me take "a gifted music", a quarter piece every two days.
And effectiveness of treatment was:
I started on 4 April at the request of a doctor to start taking a superior music, May 2 test results are: TSH 4.37, FRT4 15.55, TPO-AB 42.4IU/ML, TG 7.52NG/ML the normal, but I'm feeling is: sleep well, dizziness, ahead is unclear, uncomfortable back of the head, memory loss, irritability, fear of the wind cold, nausea, anorexia, general weakness, as if the whole body can not control himself, every morning there is always a period of time the symptoms, uncomfortable, feel better after a bite to eat, this situation typically lasts 30-60 minutes.
Together with cervical degenerative disease I: 1, C4/C5, C5/C6, C6 / C7 disc herniation 2, cervical bone hyperplasia.
How do want to help:
For the above, please give the doctor diagnosed the case as I do in the end is kind of thyroid disease?
Dizzy from the beginning to now has three months, I did a brain CT examination was normal, and whether thyroid related? I would also like to do the pituitary, hypothalamus and other aspects of inspection?
Testing, inspection
results (use the right tools to upload):
Posted at 2009-05-08 21:53:04 Dr Chang Yung-Silver Re: Hashimoto's hypothyroidism caused by contact
2 # Taian Central Hospital, Associate Professor, MD, deputy director of Department of Nuclear Medicine
Network administrator to issue hanging in my page, I'll answer this question. Depending on your current test results, the possibility of large Hashimoto's disease, but the diagnosis is to rely on thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology. Hashimoto's disease in the hyperthyroid - normal - conversion between hypothyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism you currently only (TSH high value), you can add appropriate amount of thyroxine supplement after your thyroid function is normal, your symptoms most of the This has nothing to do, you can go to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment of related departments. Silver Taian Central Hospital, Chang Jung Department of Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Chang Yung-silver Posted at 2009-05-09 08:57:34 I
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