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examples of hypochondriasis

How healthy people always say that they got sick? Of: Nerve disorder experts Source: Number of neurosis treatment network attack: A man always suspected their sick, feeling uncomfortable, but each time the hospital's diagnostic results are all normal. He is very distressed that end, Chafanbusi. It took a wife, a disease by the symptoms of medical books to check his condition, he controlled one by one, that each of them and himself, very pleased to say: "I said it I got sick, what disease?" his wife handed him the medical books, he saw that read: gynecological disease.
This is of course a joke, but not sick like him who find the disease, in fact, some heart disease, the disease medically known as hypochondria. Examples of hypochondria is not uncommon in life, if you or around friends and relatives had similar symptoms do not neglect your timely medical treatment.
A typical case of hypochondria case
Members deceased suspect versa
Zhang middle-aged people to see their colleagues died gastric cancer, they suspect that their stomach is a problem, she felt a sense of fullness in the stomach, pain feeling, consciously slow gastric motility, food seems difficult through the gastrointestinal tract. She reviewed many medical books, control their symptoms, she thought he was suffering from stomach cancer. She could not eat, could not sleep, she went to 6 different hospitals, diagnostic results are no problem. Constant state of anxiety all day but she always felt sick and felt all in without the knowledge of his family, and doctors suspected she might be pity not to tell their own truth.
Toothache suspected oral cancer
Small is a 14 year old secondary school students, parents about to divorce, he was suffering, that they should do. One day, he suddenly told his parents to death toothache, may have developed oral cancer. Parents took him to the hospital quickly, but the test results are not what disease it is. Parents did not because he "sick" and divert attention, they eventually divorced. But then, little has really am in a terrible toothache, although the test results are still not sick. But he was sure he had oral cancer.
Fear of heart disease can not take a bath
Fresh graduates to work more than a small, occasionally seen in the magazine introduced on heart disease symptoms, he condemnation, feeling a heart attack. He did not dare to fly, afraid to take a bath for fear of his heart attack. He therefore became very low self-esteem, friends or colleagues do not dare talk for fear of being spread out to others to bring their own negative impact. Despite the countless times to the hospital confirmed that all "good" results, he felt as if the heart is like a knife poking uncomfortable. He felt his heart every day to attack, dreams have often been awakened, and therefore their work performance plummeted.
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examples of hypochondriasis

2009-12-09 19:54:02 From: newlight (taohuawu.net)
Tormented Hope's comments
This book writers and artists have chosen the life of 9 stories for hypochondriasis (hypochondria) the impact on people. Hypochondria from the Greek, means the body cavity below the rib part of the concept as a hypochondriac, then began to rise from the 19th century, the patient's performance is not some unknown symptoms - mostly in the abdominal cavity, or convinced of the body suffering from a disease, seriously affecting the life and mental state.
The author believes that most people could at least have at one time a "suspected" disease state, may be some discomfort, changes in the body, or skin lumps, etc., causing concern for their health, as well as mind restless, even in the lively social occasion will be emotional trance. Of choice are well-known example of hypochondria, 9 cases, the majority of writers and artists, because they left more information statement condition.
This nine cases, from the 18th century British poet James Boswell, 19 century writer Charlotte Brontë, scientist Charles Darwin, has been to the modern artist Andy Warhol, spanning two centuries. As medical advances, some of which now have a more accurate description: for example, James Boswell and Charlottë Bronte is more like depression; Darwin and Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, it does have some unknown symptoms; French writer Marcel Proust had asthma; Andy Warhol is a fear of mental illness symptoms and so on.
But the authors are interested in is how these people face the hypochondria, life-changing. Charlotte Brontë novels of his own experience, The Professor and Villette her role, including her own role based on Lucy Snowe has hypochondria. Darwin is not only due to illness reclusive country, and the daily schedule of activities around the disease, very regular. Of course the most famous is his "hydrotherapy" obsession - Creation of the plot in the film was enlarged to Darwin in the struggle between God and science. Because of the modern piano prodigy Glenn Gould convinced his body weak, just give up live performances, only record an album. These can be said that patients are disease-hypochondria reason to re-organize their work life.
This book won the first of this year to reward "the medical literature," for the purpose of the Wellcome Book Prize nomination, and if you are interested in the life of one person, this book will provide a new perspective. However, in order to state the main book, it seems that the depth of analysis is not enough, after reading, people have enough, the feeling has not been the answer.
UK New Book # 26 (December 7, 2009) Tormented Hope
Tormented Hope: Nine Hypochondriac Lives
On the Brian Dillon
Press Penguin Ireland (Hardcover September 3, 2009 published)
ISBN 978-1844881345
Page 288
Price £ 18.99
Tracking reading: What I'm Reading: Tormented Hope
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Hypochondria (Hypochondriasis), also known as hypochondriacal neurosis (Hypochondriacal neurosis). Or signs that make sense of their own unrealistic sick with explanations which are the resulting physical and psychological concerns, worries and fears are occupied by a nerve disorder
First, the case described
[Case 1]
Li Shan, on the eve of high school students happened to physical examination fever. Listen to the doctor for his heart, the whispered to himself, said: "apex like a little wind noise ." Dr Li Shan is not the heart to nervously? Serious not serious? Doctors told him that this is physiological noise , does not matter. However, students are worried about Li Shan. He recalls the "physical health" class teacher has said heart disease is a murmur. Now the doctor, but consoled himself Bale. So convinced he was suffering from a heart attack, since then, he was everywhere doctor. Although many doctors believe his heart normal, but he always thought the doctor to comfort him. Later, he even left the city of residence to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places around the doctor. Doctors say that he is himself blind suspicion. He was very angry and said: "I really want to get sick do not a? Disease was born in me, I still do not know?" Finally, after a psychiatrist diagnosed, Li Shan students suffering from hypochondria.
[Case 2]
There is a village of young teachers, perceived physical unusual for more than three years. Before the onset of cycling was on his way home was a bit hit and fell to the ground, the misfortune to scratch the scalp, swollen left wrist joints, but has not been unconscious before. He went to townships, the red paint on the point of medicine, with the point of anti-inflammatory drugs will go home. After arriving home, he has been headache, dizziness, a piece of skull concave, or even the body blood flow was much faster, that their brain is broken. A week later, he went to the county hospital internal medicine clinic, a young doctor said he might be a slight concussion, and opened in some medication. However, after taking home no signs of improvement condition, from his own brain to think that bad. He then abdominal discomfort, we think you definitely have cancer, so anxious all day. He also estimates he live much longer, Pianxiang family funeral account and wrote a suicide note. During this period he has to go seven or eight home market hospital internal medicine, neurology, brain disease seen and done B-, EEG, brain CT and other various tests. Often see one or two to another hospital, the doctor prescribed drugs that are not available, very few adhere to the medication by your doctor. In addition, he often buy medical books and journals, condemnation, into a dead end, someone to explain to him will not work. Later, he was introduced to come to counseling. From the personality test results, his anxiety, suspicion and sensitivity of such high scores, indicating that he is strict easier sensitive, suspicious and worried about trouble. In addition, as a secondary school teacher, has a high educational level, so his ability to self-examination and many medical books, magazines to verify the verification of doctor's diagnosis and treatment. This, in turn lure him into errors just to the wealth of medical knowledge and exchange of experience writing copy the typical case, a mechanical condemnation, resulting in poor self-suggestion. In looking for the young teacher when the crux of hypochondria, with particular attention to the search of their past life, suffered setbacks and psychological trauma that he hours of family poverty, childhood is very sensible, to help parents work, look after younger siblings. But he was 9 years old his mother left them, which gave him a heavy blow. But he still study hard in school performance has been top-notch, free time helping his father fight the grass must be cut firewood, look after younger siblings, and later he attended secondary school teacher training in the clinical study before graduation, his father's sudden death due to overwork, he was distraught, two days and nights without sleep, eat. Before being knocked down on the bike, his salary of school, he was brushed off, then something crashes. By the argument shows that the early years of secondary school teachers through the ups and downs, especially the mother's early death and father's sudden death brought pain and hardship, making him the feeling of a sense of insecurity, helplessness and loneliness, lack of warmth, care and love. The head and abdomen while he exaggerated the results of illness, you can so that he has sufficient justification to continue to play the role of patient, peace of mind to enjoy the treatment and rights of patients, such as sick leave to recuperate at home, taking care of loved one, unit leaders and comrades to visit and sympathy, as a temporary escape healthy people should assume all obligations.
Second, the case studies
Hypochondria prolonged course are most welcome, efficacy is often poor, with a hard work to convince the simple explanation, excessive and improper interpretation of the inspection will cause many nosocomial hinted that the patients themselves to read the medical books and could easily lead to self-suggestion, Some practices that are easy to make complicated refractory symptoms. Therefore, young patients have to do early prevention work, even though suffering from hypochondria, also do self-regulation work. The adjustment method has the following main aspects:
1. Through psychological counseling methods to be adjusted. Hypochondriac patients do not read the point of his book on medical aspects of "condemnation" that some of their own bodies or with the book does not describe the symptoms are similar to or similar to the diagnosis she was suffering from a disease. In fact, many symptoms can occur in many diseases, that is normal also to be seen. Therefore, do not fail to see a doctor myself, "condemnation." To the hospital, the most important three:
First, we should trust doctors, I believe that a variety of medical examination, that doctor's explanations and advice, believe that medical examination by repeatedly made by a variety of non-organic diseases of the conclusions.
Second, an objective statement of illness accurately, do not exaggerate and make unrealistic interpretation of, and actively with the doctor's diagnosis, not to impose their own sense of a doctor.
Third, a correct view of the diagnosis among physicians inconsistency.
2. Through psychological adjustment method to be adjusted. Patients through the correct understanding of their condition, establish a correct outlook on life, actively participated in various activities and to seriously study all subjects, the energy, mental focus to the other with the "disease" nothing to do, so that their mental been completely adjustment. Therefore, patients must do the following three aspects of psychological adjustment:
First, a correct understanding of their condition. It is not physically sick, but mentally ill. To "no organic disease" to lay down the premise is the ideological burden and psychological burden from the individual "diseases" jumping out of a small circle, easier to move forward.
Second, we should focus on learning, develop their own various interests and hobbies, and actively participate in some beneficial cultural and sports activities, and enhance physical and mental qualities, transfer themselves to the "disease" too much attention. Idleness and long-term leave of absence is not helpful.
Third, to establish a correct outlook on life. Do not "Zhongtian want him," wide field of vision to some, measure to be bigger, usually considered to be mostly the peo
ple around them.
3. Implied by law to be self-regulating. Language can be a self-suggestion: "My body is very good, and this has been checked and all of the results of laboratory tests had confirmed the doctor also said that he is no disease, and now you should be convinced of this point. the past she felt the pain here, pain there, here are not comfortable there, not comfortable, are too sensitive for their own sake. In fact, any normal person would have such a phenomenon, this is not a disease, is a normal person's "abnormal" phenomenon will soon be over. I do not want it in the future, do not feel comfortable will go. Now, I have felt more comfortable, and no longer worry about this, and now I am confident in their own health . "autosuggestion language according to their suspected case of disease, re-written. But we must not hesitate to suggest language and straightforward, so that they got "no doubt" concept. Usually once a day or days of self once implied, the effect is better.
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