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enough endolymphatic hydrops

Lymphedema early due to changes in light skin and subcutaneous tissue, should be differentiated from other diseases:
1. Venous edema
Prevalent in the lower extremity deep venous thrombosis, the sudden unilateral limb swelling of acute onset, with bluish skin color, gastrocnemius and femoral triangle was tenderness, its clinical features revealed superficial vein, dorsal edema is not obvious. Relatively slow onset of lymphedema is to be more common dorsal ankle swelling.
2. Angioedema
Allergic edema factors to stimulate the outside world, the rapid onset, regression is also fast, intermittent episodes of its features. Lymphedema is the trend was gradually increased.
3. Systemic disease
Hypoproteinemia, heart failure, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, such as mucous edema can produce edema. Generally bilateral symmetry, and accompanied by their respective primary clinical manifestations of disease. Usually by a detailed history taking, careful physical examination and necessary laboratory tests to identify.
4. Congenital arteriovenous fistula
Congenital fistula can be expressed as body movement edema, but the general long-Chong and limb circumference greater than the healthy side, skin temperature increased, varicose veins, local area and the vascular murmur could be heard around venous oxygen content close to the arterial oxygen content. These are its unique features.
5. Lipoma
A wide range of small lesions of fat or fatty tissue tumor can be confused with lymphedema. However, the limitations of the growth was mostly Lipoma, course slower, no soft subcutaneous edema, if necessary, feasible soft tissue X ray mammography to help diagnose.
enough endolymphatic hydrops

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Xinhua Shanghai on Sept. 26 (Xinhua Chou Yi) 21st session of the 26th International Congress of the lymphatic held in Shanghai, the experts called for a large number of congenital diseases and lymphedema secondary to the tremendous human suffering and heavy burdens Although these diseases is difficult to cure, but it must be given adequate attention to the timely prevention and proper treatment.
Lymphedema is a difficult disease worldwide, is the main subject lymphatic disease. The lymphatic system is an important human circulatory system, the organization through the delivery of water, macromolecules, cell activity factor, immune cells and metabolites to maintain the stable internal environment; lymphatic drainage once blocked, water and other molecules on the stasis in the organization the formation of edema. Lymphedema, more common in the limbs, lower limbs common.
General Assembly President, Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Liu Ningfei said that the reasons for lymphedema caused by genetic variation in addition to congenital, surgery, trauma, bacterial infection and so can cause secondary lymphedema. In 2006, China to the World Health Organization report filariasis elimination, but filariasis lymphedema caused by a large number of patients still exists, the World Health Organization will lead to lymphatic filariasis as the second largest disability edema disease. Lymphedema resulting from cancer surgery can not be ignored. In recent years, the constant increase in the incidence of breast cancer in women after surgery in patients with upper extremity edema, also will increase.
Lymphedema is a chronic disease, early and often overlooked, as the swelling increased, the formation of advanced fibrosis, increased limb as "elephant legs"; lymphatic flow and reducing tissue immune disorders, frequent infections will in
crease the organization edema, a vicious circle. There is the possibility of malignant lymphedema.
Experts also pointed out: the face of the urgent need for prevention and treatment, the current study are engaged in clinical and basic research lymphatic professionals shortage, only the Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital, Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital, Shandong University carry out the corresponding work. Among them, Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital Surgical treatment of lymphedema has been 40 years, Academy of Engineering Professor Zhang Disheng creation of the "bake tied therapy" known home and abroad.
This is the International Society of lymphatic set up the first time in 41 years at the International lymph our highest level of academic conferences, research institutions from around the world more than 200 experts and scholars attended the conference.
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