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jaw distraction osteogenesis

Distraction osteogenesis and orthognathic surgery have their own advantages and disadvantages. Jiuzheng jaw surgery, although the larger surgical trauma, high risk, but the vast majority of patients with dentofacial deformity surgery may be a good treatment effect. So that treatment time is short, relatively low-cost, no doubt its advantages. Moreover, many developmental abnormalities do not need to increase the over-class of the amount of hard and soft tissue, mandibular distraction osteogenesis in the treatment of these deformities there is no display space. Indeed, maxillary hypoplasia or organizations who are missing jaw deformity class provides a new means of effective treatment, and these abnormalities are often powerless to orthognathic surgery is the treatment or even with a complex combination of orthognathic surgery, treatment effect remains poor. However, osteogenesis requires two operations (the first osteotomy retractor placed, the second removal of traction), requires use of traction devices, traction devices placed there after the interval of the clinical, traction of the stable period (usually in mandible 3 to 4 months, maxillary bone 4 to 6 months). This is to make it a long course of treatment, the high cost of shortcomings. Therefore, we advocate for patients with dentofacial deformities choice of treatment options, if orthognathic surgery using a surgical correction is preferred by orthognathic surgery. Decisions for patients with distraction osteogenesis, it must be difficult for those who are treatment or correction of orthognathic surgery with poor results.
jaw distraction osteogenesis

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Medicine, health
Oral Sciences
Dental Orthotics
(Reporter correspondent Jiang Lin antibiotics flag) port, Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University,
Yan Zheng and Maxillofacial Surgery chamber music director, depu
ty director of Qiming Ouyang maxillary recent application of new technologies
Successful treatment of 5 patients with severe micrognathia patients have received better treatment. Dentofacial deformity commonly known as "to package Days",
"snag", etc., by conventional surgery
Correction of facial lines, but for serious patients with mandibular hypoplasia, with the traditional surgical method
Not reach results. Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Director of QU Yan Zheng,
Ouyang Qiming, deputy director of research designed to distraction osteogenesis of the new technology. The principle is to
Too small to be a minor operation to cut open the mandible, the preoperative measurement design in the ipsilateral mandibular
Osteotomy site placed in the appropriate length of fine titanium metal traction, traction bar buried in the oral cavity,
Drawbar rotating around every day, according to the needs of patients, the mandible can "stretch" 2 ~ 3
Cm, both to extend the mandible and extends along the facial soft tissue and blood vessels of God
By. After 3 months, then surgery removal of traction, you can see very beautiful bone
Formation, short chin, "longer" the.
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