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disorder and short term memory

Memory and transfer of information coding disorder

- Introduction of a π value of the memory of hundreds of ways
Memory is an important factor in understanding. Memory is the integrity of the individual to grasp the information and playback. Prompt the brain to grasp without the aid of any of the integrity of information, also remember the information and can play back information.
Some of the information itself is orderly, relatively easy to remember such information.
Some of the information itself is basically a disorder or disorder, such information more difficult to remember.
For example, the number of natural numbers in sequence, because of its extremely orderly, almost do not rely on memory of the number of ordinary people can keep going.
The value of π, is a disorderly flow of information - at least not today - what order to sort out from the memory value to the hundreds of π, the actual proof is indeed not easy. Some people can write to the hundreds or more digits, or by extraordinary memory; or spend a lot of time and energy to bear in mind that the above two cases, most people (usually students) are difficult to do.
Can not extraordinary memory, not to spend too much time and effort to remember the number of random (but useful) information? The answer is yes. One kind of author named "transfer of information encoding memory and disordered" way to have this capability.
Transfer of memory -
Disorder of memory required information, the strategy adopted roundabout, turn hard to remember information easily remember the information, thereby reducing the memory to remember the difficulty of the subject and the purpose of improving the efficiency of memory;
Disorder information coding -
The high degree of disorder of information by a certain set of rules A mapping (injection) to a high degree of ordering of the information carrier in the form B, form a more orderly information C, C is a man-built double-information coding, that is, information with B, and A was the underlying message, but also as a form of B (A), read as B in A.
Stripping B were A (or known as the translation of B A).
Memorized information on C, and then follow the map (injection) of anti-operation, stripping B (A) of the housing B and reveal A, that is programmed to remember the A.
That is, for the transfer of information encoded memory and disordered memory method mode of operation.
Specifically, the program recorded the value of π as follows: First, disordered information coding: Writing songs set the rules: π value (before and after the order) on the number of Members

↓ corresponding
Number of strokes of Chinese characters, select the appropriate character building has a clear meaning of the words linked combination of songs written and easy to remember. (Code)
[Π 0 on the value of the digital, optional 10 draw more than the corresponding word instead. ]

Second, the mat
erial from the encoding of memory required subjects to extract information; recite and write songs, the words in order to count the number of strokes that back out (write) a value of π.
Through this program I constructed a song called "a lion children," the songs, it can be recorded and 128-bit memory value of π. To remember more digits can be, but need to extend more longer songs only.
This approach has more than 100 middle school students made experimental testing, in the 5 - 10 minutes, the original has not been any special training in 12 - 14-year-old children, they were able to record 36 songs and recorded the word before the π value of 36, made an unexpected result.
Conclusion: The transfer of information encoded memory was constructed and disorder, a memory of scientific laws consistent with the memory of the information, and in some areas the use of this method can reduce the difficulty of the memory, improve memory efficiency, thereby improving student understanding of thinking in mind quality, enhance the intellectual level of students, a sense of accomplishment and success while enhancing self-confidence and interest of students and make students more free time, providing the overall quality of their own possibilities to expand the breath and depth.
In a more specific level, the cultivation to a large number of π values "from the normal" children.

128-bit memory value of a few Wu songs
A lion children

- Π story

A day, a lion children in the first grass in Dongshan


Bile on the big rock, then see the sun children.

Ah hillside and went down again to the grass slope.
One place from a scarp on the grass, rush to go under the ditch.
Camellia seedlings to open until noon, shaking children are fragrant.
And Lower staring for a day.
Morning and now the sheep run, Green hastily, Sheep children,
Bear mountain dog play and go,
Report three days and one by one in the village before the speech.
A day of climbing slopes, Showers over at the mountain and green.
Cliff hidden in the cloud itself, and so from Xiangshan floating volume.

disorder and short term memory

Sports Network movement (Hubei Daily Chen Huijun, trainees Mozhi leaf) of 27 primary and secondary students that each random 4 digits, 2 minutes later, he was not only unequivocally positive read out that 108 number, and verse. Down the gauntlet yesterday, is Hongshan Li Tong indecent training institutions to observe a meeting, Wuhan University, Master Yuan Wenkui demonstrated his remarkable memory.
After the meeting, reporters Midao Yuan Wenkui, the cards will be an upset to him, he looked again, nutation meditation instantly, 37 seconds after either color or number, he does not leak one by one to suffer in accordance with display response times out.
Yuan Wenkui said that he was dominated by right brain image memory method, that is,
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End the birthday party, also means that he started to become true meaning of "3" prefix
4 years have flashed by.
Second, is the most recent
to do badminton and kung fu tea
Can result in playing badminton at night into the most suitable movement
Kung Fu tea gift for the friend's birthday into the most appropriate recreation office
Always considered himself sometimes too narcissistic, but still go its own way, since no one else can love, at least love yourself!
After four years of
Can say that they experienced
Although only 30
Or four years it
Around a large circle, back to the feelings of the starting point!
Friend gave me: is not that age, and experienced so much, you'll run into you at first glance, because in your heart have a very clear template. You need to do is wait .
Jay Chou concert in Hangzhou six, although the sea of people, but compared with the buddy, or just does not professionalism.
Suddenly have to skip the winter coming autumn, to winter, bought three scarves in one breath!
For more and more things, also said that no alternative!
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