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developmentally disabled child

【Abstract】 【purpose of this study in 2004 Beijing O ~ 6 years old children with disabilities on the basis of sample survey of a follow-up study to understand their prognosis and influencing factors, for further planning of children with developmental disabilities in Beijing prevention, rehabilitation, relief and other policies and measures to provide a scientific basis. 【Methods】 269 patients were followed up for children, because of multiple disabilities, the actual follow-up survey of 237 intellectual disability, physical disability and mental disability 57 26; mental diagnosis Gesell Developmental Diagnosis Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and infants - junior Health and Social Adjustment Scale; limbs of children diagnosed with reference to perinatal factors and symptoms; autism diagnosis CARS Scale, Clinton Scale, Autism Behavior Checklist. The basic situation of children and families with own questionnaire. 【Results】 The overall follow-up rate of 93.40%. "Developmental disability" the direction of a variety of outcomes of children, mental development outcome of children with disabilities "non-intellectual disability," the number is 124, accounting for 52.32%, limb outcome group "non-physical disabilities," the number 5, 8.77%, the spirit of group outcome as "non-mental disabilities," the number 4, accounting for 15.38%. Conclusion "developmental disability" children can have different outcomes, and even a "non-disabled"; 6 children before the age of uncertainty "disability"; should "developmental disability" for long-term interest of children.
developmentally disabled child

By teachers and volunteers "tutor" means to complete their studies; college students volunteer recruitment started last month, more than 400 people gap
(Reporter Wen Ru) this year in Beijing a total of 685 overweight children as a disability, can not go to school. Beijing Disabled Persons Federation, said yesterday that the future of these children through school teachers and student volunteers "tutor" means to complete their studies. From now on, the first batch of 164 disabled children will begin to accept the "tutor"; next year this figure will be extended to 407 people.
An initial cycle of 9 years of education
This year, the city launched a CDPF of 0 to 18 years of education of handicapped children in the household survey the situation. Qi Jing CDPF chairman, according to city reports, the age of children with disabilities more than 6,000 people, most through the regular class or special education schools in all districts and counties to complete their studies, but there are still 685 school education resume is "blank". City CDPF through communication with the parents of these children, a total of 407 parents agreed to "tutor" approach means providing education for children. In the future, for c
hildren with disabilities increased year by year, the city will be included in CDPF tutor object.
November, the City CDPF and the City Board of Education launched in college students volunteer recruitment, as of now has 381 people applied. Disabled children need "one to two" service, each with two children needs volunteers. So, there is notch more than 400 volunteers.
Qi Jing, said the children sub-severe physical disabilities, intellectual disability, three types of cerebral palsy and other disabilities. For each child, the first teacher to be home where the county's assessment of mentally retarded, to work out a teaching program. "They may not be the same education cycle, the initial reference to 9 years of compulsory education patterns, designed for 9 years."
For severely disabled children, "tutor" will conduct more teaching counseling; for intellectual disabilities, the teaching will focus on self-care; cerebral palsy children to both rehabilitation counseling. Qi Jing frankly, even through the "tutor", these children into general education is difficult to track, such as participation in the exam, college entrance examination and so on. But education for their physical and mental development, improvement of social adaptability will be of great help.
According to children with disabilities need to recruit volunteers
"Will be based on the specific needs of children recruiting volunteers." Hao Disability Welfare Foundation, said Wyatt, for example, some mentally disabled children need music education, that will require volunteers to have some musical skills.
In the future, for the eight districts of the disabled children, student volunteers will rely mainly on home tutoring; for children with disabilities in rural counties are mainly in the local recruitment of retired teachers nearby. City CDPF, said volunteers will be on the insurance, they also enjoy traveling and food subsidies.
Volunteer Recruitment Hotline: 63585163
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"Tutor to help disabled children to grow up"
Previously, some counties have CDPF, the Board of Education and other departments have jointly adopted a "tutor" in the form of some help learning disabled children at home.
"I'm not on the child before the age of 13 a day to learn." Yesterday, Haidian District, the mother of a disabled child, said Jing Ran, child health and health 17 years old this year, due to physical disabilities caused cerebral palsy, had two operations, has been Pok Oi Hospital rehabilitation treatment. Until 2005, Pui Chi Center, Haidian District, school teachers and other students Yangtie Mei Kin Kin volunteers to do the assessment, development of a "tutor" program, launched the "cognitive" learning self-care curriculum -, rehabilitation techniques, each week of classes two to three times for 3 hours.
4 years later, Kin Kin can recite poetry, completed less than a hundred addition and subtraction. "I do not look into what children can learn, but if possible, I hope he has been learning forever." Ran Jing said, Kin Kin had withdrawn, now wiser, could understand my mother, "he grew up." Ran Jing said.
Congenital malformations, acquired disability (referred to as induced disability) is to decrease the population quality is one important reason, which seriously impede children's healthy development. Induced disability status of children's physical development, children's health, prenatal and postnatal care need to address the problem of work, but also concern for the community concerned. This paper analyzes the 0 to 14-year-old residual abnormal physical development of children, for engaging in child care, prenatal and postnatal care of the person and society of their fellow reference. Object and Methods, the survey by unequal probability cluster sampling method, taking two cities in Guangdong Province eight counties, then cities and counties in the selected range of 10 villages were selected (neighborhood) committees, the survey select
ed village (neighborhood ) Committee that all children aged 0 to 14, a total of 31,410 people.
【Author】: First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, Pediatrics; of Pediatrics, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College; of Pediatrics, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College
】 【DOI: cnki: ISSN :1008-1836 .0.1991-03-024
Snapshot】 【text:
Congenital malformations, acquired disability (referred to as induced disability) is to make rl a major reason for lower quality, which seriously impede children's healthy development. Induced disability status of children's physical development, children's health, prenatal and postnatal care of work issues to be addressed, but also for community concerns related parties Ding. This paper analyzes the age of 0 to said residual abnormal physical development of children, for engaging in child care, prenatal and postnatal care of the fellow and the community about their
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