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cytomegalovirus and hearing loss

Location: Xunyiwenyao> ganciclovir to prevent cytomegalovirus baby (Cmv) deterioration of hearing loss associated with ganciclovir to prevent cytomegalovirus baby (Cmv)-related deterioration of hearing loss
Article Posted by: Source: Xunyiwenyao net collections this SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters Health) - Ganciclovir can prevent hearing loss or progression of hearing loss in infants with symptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), according to the results of a study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2001 national conference and exhibition.
Since 58% of infants with symptomatic congenital CMV will develop sensory hearing loss, Dr. David W. Kimberlin, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said that based on the study findings "ganciclovir should be considered for treatment of symptomatic congenital CMV."
Dr. Kimberlin and colleagues with the National Institute of Allergy and Immunology Collaborative Antiviral Study Group evaluated 100 infants over a 9-year period. All but two infants were younger than 30 days at enrollment and two were enrolled at 33 days.
Because ganciclovir is a "highly toxic drug," the study enrolled "only the worst of the worst," in terms of CMV complications. Children were randomized to either 6 weeks of IV ganciclovir 12 mg / k per day or no treatment. Both groups were monitored for 12 weeks and followed at 6 months, 1 year and 2 years, he said.
The primary endpoint was improved brain stem-evoked response by one gradation, or maintenance of normal hearing. Secondary endpoints were either biologic hearing, measured by hearing in both ears, or functional hearing, measured by "best ear" hearing, he said.
He said that the findings were based on 44 assessable patients. At 6 months, "85% of the 25 ganciclovir-treated children had improved or maintained their hearing. None had worsening hearing," he said. Forty-four percent of the children in the untreated group had improved or maintained hearing at 6 months.
At 2 years, 52% of the ganciclovir children improved or maintained hearing compared with 25% of the children in the no treatment group, he said. Moreover, at 2 years, 70% of the children in the no-treatment group "had worsening hearing compared [with] 20% in the ganciclovir group, "he said.
Ganciclovir improvement was "apparent at 19 days," said Dr. Kimberlin. An interesting finding was that at 6 weeks the ganciclovir children "had greater weight gain and greater gain in head circumference." But he said that change was not sustained at 6 months or after. "It may reflect the really different treatment these children received because they were hospitalized during those 6 weeks," he said.
He noted, however, that two thirds of the children treated with ganciclovir "developed grade 3-4 neutropenia compared with just one fifth of the children in the no-treatment group."
Dr. Kimberlin said that in December the NIH would begin a dosing trial of orally available valganciclovir fo
r older CMV-infected children.
He said the NIH estimates that in the US 40,000 children are born with CMV each year. "Of those, about 2800 are symptomatic at birth and 336 have fatal disease. The number who will have sequelae is estimated at 2160."
About 5500 of the asymptomatic children will also develop CNS sequelae, he said, "so the total number of children affected each year is about 8000." The costs associated with caring for those children are about $ 1.86 billion, he added.
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cytomegalovirus and hearing loss

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Abstract: Objective: To analyze the cytomegalovirus (CMV) hepatitis in children with hearing loss and to explore ganciclovir for CMV hepatitis, hearing loss treatment. Methods: 103 patients with CMV hepatitis were randomly divided into treatment group (65 cases) and control group (38 cases). Ganciclovir treatment group, supplemented by protecting liver gallbladder and other symptomatic treatment, the control group, only symptomatic treatment such as use of Liver gallbladder. Periodic inspection routine, routine biochemistry, blood and urine CMV-pp65 CMV-DNA, detection of brainstem auditory evoked potentials (ABR). Results: The treatment group before and after treatment in children with CMV-pp65, CMV-DNA positive rate was statistically significant difference between (P <0.01); control group before and after the CMV-pp65, CMV-DNA positive rate of urine showed no s
tatistically significant changes (P> 0.05). 103 patients with CMV hepatitis patients before treatment, ABR testing, hearing loss of 27 ears (13.1%). 65 patients in treatment group, hearing loss of 17 ears (13.08%), 38 cases of hearing impairment control group of 10 ears (13.16%), 1 year after ganciclovir treatment, the treatment group 15 ears hearing impairment (11.54%), the control group hearing impairment of 17 ears (22.37%), compared two groups, rates of hearing loss was significantly (P <0.05). Conclusion: The existence of partial hearing loss in children with CMV hepatitis, ganciclovir treatment of CMV-pp65 enable children with blood and urine CMV-DNA negative conversion, reduce the incidence of hearing impairment. Number of pages: 4 Page Range :926-929 Key words: CMV brain stem auditory evoked potential hearing loss subject classification: R51 [medicine, HEALTH "within SCIENCES" infectious diseases] Related Articles: Topics related references (13 articles) coupled literature (91)
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