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chronic pancreatitis life expectancy

Pancreatic cancer in the digestive system is also more common, its onset is rapid, the higher the degree of malignancy, and because the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer is not obvious, the lack of effective diagnostic methods, clinical cases and more in late, so the mortality rate is also high . Early stage of pancreatic cancer to regional lymph nodes (90%), transferred to the mediastinum and supraclavicular lymph nodes, more than half the time of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer patients have liver metastases, peritoneal seeding have been more than a quarter of patients, one third of the patients duodenal ulceration and may have been violated. Histological types of pancreatic ductal cell carcinoma of the largest, accounting for about 90%. For the treatment of pancreatic cancer for early treatment as soon as possible to take measures, is the only possible cure for pancreatic cancer means. Early treatment of pancreatic cancer surgery should be the preferred method, most patients receive long-term survival after surgical resection, therefore, once diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early, early surgery should be. Whipple early treatment of pancreatic cancer surgery is a major surgical procedure, but prone to postoperative pancreatic fistula, which is the leading cause of death Whipple surgery. Possible pancreatic jejunostomy to prevent the occurrence of pancreatic fistula. In addition, pancreatic cancer surgery more difficult, require a higher degree of precision, it is proposed to the regular large hospital patients for surgery. In addition, early treatment of pancreatic cancer for some time after taking the medicine recommended to prevent recurrence, improve resistance to disease.
Difficult to tolerate surgical resection for early treatment of pancreatic cancer, combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be taken to medical treatment in the comprehensive treatment model. Early chemotherapy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer is widely used, and the efficacy of combination chemotherapy is better than single agent chemotherapy. In addition, chemotherapy and radiotherapy used in early treatment of pancreatic cancer, the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiotherapy alone than to be good. In addition, in view of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the human body injury, early treatment of pancreatic cancer in the medical treatment can be combined to play a synergistic role of attenuated, such as China Academy of Traditional righting Xiaozheng capsules in pancreatic cancer made encouraging early treatment efficacy.
After receiving early treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer, but also correct the daily care, to speed up the recovery of bodily functions. In the diet, pancreatic cancer patients with cancer pain should be the role of eating foods such as walnuts, bitter, malt, etc.; should eat food fight infection, such as olive, plum, green beans, bitter gourd, etc.; avoid greasy and high fat foods . There may also rely on taking the r
ole of anti-tumor and spleen and kidney of Chinese medicine, such as China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jianpiyishenfang particles to enhance immune function.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common pancreatic tumor, its incidence in recent years, a significant increase in patients aged population increases, the incidence of the population, the average life expectancy increased significantly increase and improve diagnostic techniques, detection rate is related to but can not ignore the role of certain risk factors. Early pancreatic cancer, due to lack of early diagnosis and treatment, prognosis is poor. Pancreatic cancer of unknown etiology. More common in male patients than in premenopausal women, the onset, similar to the male menopausal women, so it was that endocrine factors may be related to pathogenesis. The high incidence of consumption in the diet of animal fat and protein increase in population, with smoking or drinking coffee, hobby, how many years is not more than 2 times higher and higher non-diabetic patients with pancreatic cancer interest groups. Usually related to chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer related to the presence, but so far failed to prove that the incidence of chronic pancreatitis in pancreatic factors.
Retroperitoneal pancreatic cancer tumor, often with adjacent common bile duct, liver and associated near the door, is the duodenum, stomach and colon surrounded. When the tumor compression or erosion of the solar plexus, in addition, resulting in abdominal pain and back pain, but also can cause diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal inflatable and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Digestive tract cancer can also cause erosion of hematemesis and melena. Pancreatic obstruction or extensive damage of pancreatic tissue can occur with diarrhea and steatorrhea meat, suggesting that the exocrine pancreas (pancreatic lipase, trypsin) less.
According to incomplete statistics, China accounted for 1% of human cancers. Japanese statistics, 70 years after a clear upward trend, which may be related to dietary protein, fat content increased year by year on. Multi-age between the ages of 40 to 70, more men than women. Pancreatic cancer can occur in the pancreas head, body, tail, or involving the entire pancreas, but in most pancreatic head, pancreatic cancer accounts for about 60% to 70%. Bell 609 cases by autopsy statistics, the cancer in the pancreatic head were 59%, 18% of body, tail 7.5%, diffuse in 15%. Different size and shape of pancreatic cancer, were round or oval.

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chronic pancreatitis life expectancy

Problem (the problem is over, welcome to continue the discussion!) Suffered from pancreatitis who heard relatively short life span have this true?
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Hello 1 no scientific basis, and take it easy. , Pancreatitis diet and maintenance is very important. Prevent recurrence. Users are most concerned about the problem of acute pancreatitis (search related issues:) had acute pancreatitis, what to eat good Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute pancreatitis efficacy of acute pancreatitis can be cured? Will not have acute pancreatitis caused by what? What is acute pancreatitis acute pancreatitis in the attention which the checks? Acute pancreatitis is what you have symptoms of acute pancreatitis is how the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis acute pancreatitis users what is proposed hottest issue 10 acute intestinal matter how loud rolling an acute hospital chicken razed after months of chronic pancreatitis acute pancreatitis in mind what to eat how many days of full recovery? ? When does acute edematous pancreatitis had to eat how to do? Serious? Acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis diet pancreatitis cholecystectomy in acute pancreatitis discharge criteria
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