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charcot marie tooth disease x

Document Title: From the syndrome of Charcot, Marie and Tooth to disorders of peripheral myelin proteins. [Review] [94 refs] refer to Chinese Title: From the syndrome Charcot, Marie, and dental diseases around the myelin protein. [Review] [94 participants] Abstracts: The description of the peroneal muscular atrophy syndrome in 1886 by Charcot, Marie and Tooth was followed by an era of nosological confusion. This was partly clarified by the advent of nerve conduction studies and the definition of the most common, but heterogeneous, disorders underlying this syndrome, hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies (HMSN) types I and II. The classification of HMSN is now changing as a result of the identification of underlying mutations in genes encoding myelin proteins. Abnormalities of peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP-22) account for dominantly inherited HMSN type I in approximately 90% of families. The commonest genetic defect is a duplication of this gene and the surrounding region of chromosome 17, although point mutations also occur. A deletion of the same region causes hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies. Point mutations of the P0 gene cause HMSN I in a small number of families. The X-linked type of HMSN is associated with defects of the connexin 32 gene, which encodes a gap junction protein . These molecular genetic advances can be translated into clinical practice, leading to improved diagnosis and genetic counselling. [References: 94] refer to the Chinese Abstract: Description of the peroneal muscular atrophy in the summer of 1886, followed by Mary and dental age nosological confusion. This part is to clarify the arrival of nerve conduction studies and the definition of the most common, but heterogeneous, disease did this syndrome, hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (neuropathy) I-and II. Neurology Now is the change in classification is to determine the result of mutations in myelin basic protein gene. Abnormal peripheral myelin protein 22 (Digital PMP - 22) I-dominant inherited neuropathy of approximately 90% of households. The most common genetic defect is a duplicate of this gene and the surrounding region on chromosome 17, although there have point mutations. Remove the same region of the nerve compression caused by genetic susceptibility. P0 point mutations in the gene result in the literature of neuropathy I: not to show full submission of the request in the forum display units: University Department of Clinical Neurology, Institute of Neurology, London, UK. Literature sources: not to show full request submitted Forum display after the NLM title: Brain: a journal of neurology View all documents published in this Journal countries: ENGLAND the language: English Full-text links: Click to view the Chinese to provide: help text: the green channel (should help fast, high probability of success) for help Reference citation information help translate the information help: help digest human translation (10, limited
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charcot marie tooth disease x

3, two important figures in the history of hypnosis
Two people took to science for the road hypnosis and gradually accepted by people made enormous contributions.
The first was the British surgeon Brad.
Half of the 19th century, with the rapid development of science and technology, psychophysiology has been considerable progress. At this point, Mai Simo Although surgery is considered heresy who were negative, but after all, has some practical because of its still subject to some of the people of all ages. In particular, some surgeons during surgery to reduce it as an effective means of pain patients. November 1841, a British surgeon Brad with a critical eye in Manchester, a Swiss physician carefully observe the patient for surgery by Mai Simo treatment of the entire process. Braid had wanted to find out the deception, the results did not find any flaws, but the patient is really cured. Bread doctors face reality deserves to be a scientist, the courage to abandon their prejudices. This strange phenomenon inspired his strong psychological inquiry, personally engaged in the practice of surgery Mai Simo, and a theoretical study, and achieved fruitful results.
Mai Simo surgery as he did not put a complete denial of quackery, not uncritically accept it. But its essence, to its dregs, to abandon the attitude of the scientific spirit, the right to treat Mai Simo surgery. He abandoned the ridiculous, with a mysterious "magnetic", "fluid" theory. In his "nervous Hypnosis," a book noted: the phenomenon of hypnosis is a special kind of sleep state, is the optic nerve caused by sleep after fatigue. The reason why, with its profound physiological basis. Hypnotic performer does not have any mysterious supernatural powers, but also by patients who did not give anything, the hypnotic state is entirely due to the hypnotist's eyes were staring a long time, so tired face muscles and the "paralysis" caused by the past. Later he found not only visual Ning Zhu, and thinking, the concept of Ningzhu can also induce hypnotic state. He also pointed out: the key to hypnosis is implied. He dropped from the name of "Mai Simo technique", according to the Greek hypnos (hypnosis) to create the English word meaning word hyponsfism, which means hypnosis (although the name is not very complete, is often misunderstood is encouraging people to technology or treatment of insomnia sleep technology). Therefore, the Blade is considered the founder of modern hypnosis is a scientific attempt to explain the phenomenon of hypnosis first.
Another is the famous, known as the most influential of the 20th century, one of three characters psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.
Freudian psychoanalysis known to the world, in fact, he is also a deep bond with hypnosis.
In 1885, the young Freud to Paris under the tutelage of renowned hospitals        Professor Xia Ke, learning and research in neurology. On one occasion, Professor Xia Ke had been rare case when the "big hysterical" demonstrations, is the means used hypnosis. Soon, by the surgeon hallucinations, loss of consciousness, muscle stiffness . all the magical phenomenon that brought great joy to the audience, but also admiration for Freud. However, a doctor from Scandinavia told him, This is a show, and Nancy Law School of hypnotic suggestion is a truly effective treatment. At that time, Freud who is in the inconclusive, but the hypnosis itself has left a indelible impression. In later years, he conducted research on hypnosis and practical, although hypnosis is still difficult at that time recognized by the medical profession.
Freud opened a private clinic in Vienna after the day the cause of interest in hypnosis has become more intense. Soon, he presented a paper on the physiology club on hypnotism. And an Italian women were hypnotherapy, some success. In medical practice, he increasingly found that many of the root causes of difficult cases, not all physiological factors. For these, surgery, drugs are powerless. Later, when he read Professor Bernd Heim wrote, "Hypnosis and suggested," a book, use of hypnosis and suggest means for its treatment of cases of the disease very much interested in further germination of the use of hypnosis in the treatment of heart disease because of the desire . That time, numerous opponents of Vienna, the famous         it comes to hypnosis shouted, furious. Freud is not as swayed by the authority and force of habit, continue to treat patients using hypnosis try.
A lady, can not breastfeed her child. After being introduced, to Freud's clinic. Freud decisively implemented her hypnosis. This time, did not take long to make patients into the hypnotic state. In hypnosis, Freud repeatedly suggested to the patient: your milk well, feeding process is so enjoyable. Twice after the rehabilitation of patients ever, hypnotic suggestion is completely successful. Ironically, the patient's husband, nag, that hypnosis would a woman to destroy the nervous system, and recovered completely God has eyes, has nothing to do with Freud. Freud did not mind. He just felt very hi, hi, since a new treatment has been confirmed! Since then, he frequently used in medical practice hypnosis. Wealth of practical wisdom and talent to make more and more convinced Freud: hypnosis is the golden key to open the gateway to the unconscious.
The idea, in the treatment of his wife Amy have been fully confirmed. The patient in her husband's death 14 years on and off several inexplicable suffering from the disease. Often show the most typical nervous tension and painful look. Particularly afraid of people she met, always a terrible illusion. In the hypnosis process, suggesting their symptoms directly to have disappeared, but it did not work. Freud realized, only to find his wife Amy induced attack the root causes of fear, before we talk about her illnesses and misfortunes. However, in a sober state of consciousness, the reason may be to expose the surface, deep, and is predominated unknown reason, aware of it. In view of this, the help of hypnosis Freud would open the gateway to the unconscious patient.
This method really effective. Like peeling layers of bamboo, were frightened of her previous experience of childhood without reservation, to reveal smooth out. Freud also observed, and she talked about one for every past, must make a chills, facial and body muscles will twitch a few. Shows the impact of these events on her deep, great harm. By reason of the deep excavation, carried out and the subsequent erase the painful memories of the treatment, significantly improved the symptoms of his wife Amy.
As a Master, a unique eye, scientists, Freud's joy does not end successfully relieved the suffering of a patient for many years, but to further understand the whole human race. You see, there are many sick wife Amy's performance, but not difficult to find him and the intelligence and agility. This suggests that there are two self exists in the world of her heart. Depriving her of a mental illness is an abnormal, secondary self, the other is normal, the main self. In her own words, she was "a calm, sharp-eyed observers." Sitting in the corner of the brain, the cold observer of all the other self-madness. Obviously, his wife Amy have two distinct states of consciousness, one is public (ie state of consciousness), one is hidden (ie, unconscious state). Freud proudly declared: I have observed both the full state of consciousness during the activities, these shares are now "second force" (ie unconscious) way of working has a clear understanding. I have caught a glimpse of a no one knows, no one ever exploration of the New World, an extremely important area of scientific research value. Most psychologists have acknowledged that Freud and the whole of human psychology than the maximum contribution to find the existence of the unconscious, and in this discovery process, hypnosis is no doubt gave him great help and inspiration.
People may only know that Freud put forward the "pan-sexual theory" had been subjected to many attacks. In fact, he focused on hypnosis research and practice, particularly in-depth study at Nancy University, after hypnosis, the people of the world view, he has been caught in the "sin" of the Yuan was. The medical profession in Vienna agreed that he has to the scientific dead end, no one wants to discuss this issue with him, and even patients rarely visit his clinic. Freud did not succumb to the pressure of prejudice, but rather to a more deep and sober reflection, so that the use of hypnosis to explore the mysteries of people's unconscious theory and technology is improving daily. Interestingly, advocated by Freud and hypnosis in the most intense opposition held a well-known professor of Meinert, before dying Freud said earnestly: "You are right, you win the truth. Sigmund, the most intense opposition to the person you believe you are correct that most of the people. "
Is well known, Freud later abandoned hypnotism. This is because hypnosis Freud there are some limitations (a reasonable side of this understanding, but not without bias.) First, not all patients are able to lend a hypnosis; the other, not for any patient can lead to the idea of freedom as the depth of the hypnotic state. Third, in his view, the indication is limited to hypnosis hysterical symptoms. However, prompted Freud to abandon hypnosis is due to the direct cause of a medical event. One day, Freud's treatment of certain female patients with episodes of pain in her hypnotic freed from the pain, the man's eyes were wide open like non-open eyes, to embrace Freud, shows that factors of sex drive hyperthyroidism exist. The reason, in the hypnotic state, because it is a time of close, by the surgeon dedicated to his heart treatment, with its pace, and then produce a relatively strong dependence, that is the exception occurred , the tendency to over-rely on. For the above reasons, Freud used hypnosis to stop.
Stop the use of hypnosis in the treatment, does not mean that Freud and hypnosis on the phenomenon of hypnosis denial and abandoned. In his "free association" method, you can faintly see the shadow of hypnosis. Some people even think: free association method is actually a kind of trance. Accepted in the spirit of the people are among the mild hypnotic state. In Freud's later writings, he used hypnosis can still see the phenomenon of human psychology and behavior to explain the discussion. For example, he compared the love and hypnosis, that the former and the latter only one step away. The group behavior is more similar to the phenomenon of mass hypnosis. Discussion like this there are many, not list them.
Fetal disproportion caused by obstructed labor
Bleeding between production
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord off
Complicated labor and delivery before the umbilical cord
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord around the
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord true
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord had
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord cutter
Secondary hypertension secondary to
Unspecified secondary hypertension
Unspecified angina pectoris
Through the anterior wall acute myocardial infarction
Through the inferior wall acute myocardial infarction
Other single-wall acute myocardial infarction
Multi-wall acute myocardial infarction through
Acute atrial myocardial infarction through
Acute right ventricular myocardial infarction
Myocardial infarction after surgery
Transmural acute myocardial infarction
Acute subendocardial myocardial infarction
Acute myocardial infarction is not
Caused by a hemodialysis catheter
Cardiac rupture
Heart Stroke
Menderes after infarction syndrome
Acute myocardial ischemia
Coronary atherosclerotic heart
Old single-wall myocardial infarction
Old multi-wall myocardial infarction
Room wall tumor
Atrial septal artery
Coronary sinus aneurysm
Coronary artery dilatation
Ischemic cardiomyopathy
Coronary arteritis
Malignant bone tumor
Calcaneus fracture
Closed fractures of talus foot
Congenital patent ductus arteriosus
Congenital absence of forearm and hand
Separation of the calf muscle
Ear infections
Ear diffuse otitis externa
Acute otitis externa
Chronic otitis externa
Unspecified otitis externa
Ear perichondritis
Auricular fistula
Acquired ear deformity
Earwax embolism
Ear canal fistula
Acquired external auditory canal atresia
Canal scar
External ear canal necrosis
External ear canal cyst
Ear tumor
TB canal
Acute serous otitis media
Acute subacute secretory
Chronic otitis media blade solution
Chronic secretory otitis media
Secretory otitis media
Accompanied by rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis
Occult hematuria and proteinuria
Perforating granuloma annular ring
Zhi Zhi scleroderma
Lupus erythematosus unspecified
White patchy atrophy
Table human nervous dermatitis
Eosinophilic cellulitis
Skin fistula
Shoulder and upper axillary skin ulcer
Hand skin ulcers
Juvenile spinal joints strong
Hand to bone Myositis
Leg to bone Myositis
Bone head and neck and trunk were
Neurogenic bladder function is not
Congenital ectopic liver and spleen
Congenital ovarian cords
Congenital double uterus associated with twin
Uterine congenital saddle
Congenital absence of vagina
Congenital imperforate hymen
Congenital unilateral inguinal cryptorchid
Influenza disease in acute cholestasis
Acute type B viruses without jaundice
B patients with acute cholestasis
Acute severe liver hepatitis C virus
Acute hepatitis E virus without jaundice
Dual viral infections jaundice
Chronic severe viral hepatitis B
Chronic severe hepatitis C virus liver
Especially in various parts of the secondary Evil
Secondary malignant pituitary
With heart valve plasty
Acinetobacter septicemia
Sequelae of elbow and forearm fractures
Puerperal pelvic inflammatory disease
Mao fungal pneumonia
Thoracic disc prolapse
Lumbar disc prolapse
Lumbar disc prolapse
Thoracic disc degeneration
Lumbar disc degeneration
Die La Foix ulcers associated with the
Pituitary adenoma
Cranial benign craniopharyngioma
Pineal gland benign tumors
Benign spinal nerve
Benign cervical nerve
Benign sciatic nerve
Benign pleural
Peritoneal benign
Benign pelvic
Junction dynamics is not malignant oral
But not for other reasons
Personal digestive cancer
Other respiratory and intrathoracic malignant
Personal history of breast cancer
Personal genital malignancies
Personal history of urinary tract
Dynamic Unknown spinal tumor
Dynamic is not malignant thoracic junction
Vicious dynamic lumbosacral junction
Dynamic facial bone junction is not malignant
Rachitic softening of skull
Enough blood in the other non-joint
Shoulder fistula
Elbow fistula
Wrist fistula
Hand joint fistula
Hip joint fistula
Knee fistula
Ankle fistula
Other joint fistula foot
Paralytic shoulder relaxation
Paralytic elbow relaxation
Paralytic wrist relaxation
Paralysis of the hand joints relaxation
Paralytic hip relaxation
Paralytic knee relaxation
Paralytic ankle relaxation
Ma enough slack in other joints
Shoulder joint flail-like
Flail elbow-like joint
Wrist-like joint flail
Flail-like joint of hand
Hip joint flail-like
Knee-like joint flail
Flail-like ankle joints
Flail like the other foot joints
Shoulder joint effusion water
Ear hemangioma
Pathologic fracture of the trunk Bone Disease
Congenital absence of small intestine without special
Different non-magnetic intraocular old
Optic neuropathy
Toxic myopathy
Gastric volvulus
Inflammatory pseudotumor of the cheek
Tongue fistula
Gastric retention
Tongue lymphoproliferative
Cardiac obstruction
Hemorrhagic esophagitis
Chronic esophagitis
Cardiac inflammation
Superficial frostbite of ankle and foot
Head necrosis associated with frostbite
Frostbite of ankle and foot associated with a bad organization
By other and unspecified firearms
Congenital bronchial diverticulum
Biliary tract bleeding and hematoma after surgery
Abdominal bleeding and hematoma after surgery
Tooth eruption disorders
Apical abscess
Acute pulpitis
Suppurative pulpitis
Paraurethral gland benign tumors
Benign conjunctival
Benign tumor of the retina
Choroidal benign
Benign ciliary body
Benign tumor of the lacrimal gland lacrimal sac
Benign orbital connective tissue
After the ball benign
Tuberculum sellae meningioma anterior skull base
Olfactory groove meningioma anterior skull base
Orbital plate anterior skull base meningiomas
Before the middle cranial fossa meningioma clinoid
Middle cranial fossa cavernous sinus meningiomas
Premature newborns with high bilirubin
Crush injury of hip
Squeeze thigh injury associated with hip
Traumatic hip cut
Multiple injuries of hip and thigh
Knee contusion hematoma
Open knee injury
Closed fractures of patella
Patella fracture
The bottom of closed fractures of tibia
The lower end of tibia fracture
Fibular shaft closed fractures
Fibula fracture
Malleolus fracture
Lateral malleolus closed fractures
Multiple closed fractures leg
Double closed fractures ankle
Three closed fractures ankle
Ankle bone and joint opening
Three ankle fracture
Patellar subluxation
Knee Dislocation
Medial meniscus tear
Medial collateral ligament injury
Lateral collateral ligament injury of knee
Traumatic urethral stricture
Urethral stricture
Urethral fistula
Urethral perineal fistula
Hepatic amyloidosis
Metabolic disorders unspecified
Paranoid senile dementia
Senile psychosis
Organic dementia
Alzheimer Alzh
Laryngeal amyloidosis
Oral amyloidosis
Neonatal birth trauma is not particularly scalp
Phrenic nerve injury caused by birth trauma Ma
Splenic rupture caused by birth trauma
Neonatal eye birth trauma
Congenital brain malformation
Congenital abnormal brain arteriovenous
Congenital cerebral arteriovenous fistula
Congenital arteriovenous cerebral aneurysm
Congenital laryngeal achondroplasia
Congenital subglottic stenosis
Congenital cleft epiglottis
Congenital laryngeal atresia
After the split of congenital cricoid
Congenital tracheomalacia
Congenital tracheal cartilage defects
Intestinal amebiasis
Artery dissection aortic dissection
Coronary artery dissection Dissection Activity
Thoracic aortic aneurysm
Diffuse eosinophilic
Shy Draeger syndrome
Sympathetic nerve inflammation
Autonomic dysfunction
Communicating hydrocephalus
Obstructive hydrocephalus
Traumatic hydrocephalus
Otogenic hydrocephalus
Hydrocephalus unspecified
Subdural effusion
When necessary with toxic encephalopathy
Arachnoid cyst
Brain cyst
Septum pellucidum cyst
Extradural cyst
Cyst under epidural
Acquired brain cyst penetrating
Hypoxic pulmonary encephalopathy
Cerebral anoxia
Brain false benign intracranial hypertension
Intracranial Hypotension
Uremic encephalopathy
Foramen magnum herniation
Brain compression
Cerebral edema
Reye's syndrome, Lai
Atresia syndrome
Acquired brain malformation
Brain calcification
Intracranial cholesteatoma
State of the brain to the cortex
Cranial cavity gas accumulation
Radiation encephalopathy with necessary
Proliferation of cortical glial cells
Ventricle expansion
Thalamic syndrome
Decerebrate rigidity
Central respiratory failure
Brainstem lesion
Cerebral malaria
Acute spinal cord infarction
Spinal cord hemorrhage
Spinal artery thrombosis
Anterior spinal artery insufficiency
Anterior spinal artery thrombosis
Spinal cord ischemia
Spinal cord compression
Radiation myelopathy necessary
Spinal cord lesions
Spinal lesions
Ovarian dysfunction
Delayed puberty
Delayed sexual development
Sequelae of shoulder and upper arm fractures
Other sequelae of lower extremity fractures
Cycling in the unspecified
Any motorcycle in the
Any bus crew
The crew of the train and rail vehicle
Unspecified non-delivery of motor vehicles
Unspecified non-non-motorized vehicles
Congenital mitral regurgitation
Congenital mitral valve prolapse
Fully congenital hypoplastic left heart
Congenital bicuspid aortic valve
Congenital aortic valve malformation
Congenital dextrocardia
Congenital heart left bit
Funnel-shaped congenital pulmonary valve
Congenital subaortic stenosis
Splenic artery thrombosis
Subclavian artery embolization
Substantive keratitis
Epistaxis epistaxis
Umbilical hernia with obstruction
Bladder neck obstruction
Bladder neck
Bladder fistula of small intestine
Bladder fistula
Bladder fistula
Bladder fistula
Vesico-ureteral fistula
Abdominal bladder fistula
Perineal fistula of bladder
Bladder diverticulum
Non-traumatic bladder rupture
Subacute vulvitis necessary
Annexitis unspecified
Multiple colonic polyps
Bladder tumor
Urethral abscess
Non-gonococcal urethritis
Urethra inflammation
Turn malignant granular cell tumor
Metastatic malignant lymphoma
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Metastatic lymphosarcoma
Post laminectomy syndrome
Not particularly acute glomerulonephritis
Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis associated with focal type
The strabismus
Inferior oblique hyperfunction
Recurrent dislocation of hand joint
Recurrent dislocation of the knee
Abdominal anaphylactoid purpura
Articulated purpura
Small blood platelet insufficiency
Dilated capillaries purple ring
Sequelae of cervical spine fracture classification
Unspecified knee injury
Vein injury
Leg muscles and tendons loss fibular
Ankle bruise
Open ankle injury
Closed fractures of calcaneus
Benign tumor of median nerve
Unspecified joint mass
Autoimmune vasculitis
Giant cell arteritis temporal artery
LEN lupus nephritis
Lisa Jakob disease atypical
Systemic scleroderma lung disease
Fengxi Pei Lin Road,'s Comprehensive
Lower leg tumor
A patella syndrome
Al Alport syndrome
Congenital abnormalities of spleen
Congenital parathyroid
Accompanied by a marginal placenta previa
Associated with extrahepatic bile duct stones
Common bile duct stones associated with chronic
Hepatolithiasis associated with slow
Bile duct stones associated with chronic
Intrahepatic bile duct with acute
Extrahepatic bile duct Bile Duct Stones
Open thoracic esophageal injury
Biliary Colic
Residual stones after biliary tract surgery
Foreign body in lung bronchioles
Chest muscle and tendon injuries
Muscle sheath hernia unspecified
Muscle compartment syndrome unspecified
Tendon calcification unspecified
Shoulder area of chronic suppurative bone
Chronic wrist forearm
Chronic purulent hand bone
Ankle ankle and foot bones slow
Chronic knee lower leg
Metastatic astrocytoma
Metastasis of malignant schwannoma
Psychotherapy were followed up after the inspection
Gonorrhea carriers
Syphilis carriers
Ridge of cytomegalovirus encephalitis
Giant cell inclusion disease
Mumps orchitis
Mumps meningitis
Unspecified open fracture of hip
Prosthetic devices in the genital tract explants
Machine after total hip replacement
Internal mechanical prosthesis and
Spinal mechanical devices
Other bone internal fixation devices
Caused by an internal sense of joint prosthesis
Caused by muscle and tendon graft
Other internal orthopedic device
Skull caused by bone plate implant
Caused by spinal fixation implant
Any part of the fixtures
Mechanical complications of intraocular lens
Prosthetic devices implanted in the gastrointestinal tract
Mechanical peritoneal dialysis catheter
Tuberculous uveitis
Late syphilitic heart disease
Hepatitis B associated glomerulonephritis
Herpes zoster of eyelid inflammation
Herpes zoster conjunctivitis
Congenital short femur lack of longitudinal
Congenital cleft foot
Intestinal bleeding on behalf of the bladder
Urethral stenosis
Urethra granuloma
Testicular torsion
Dry wrinkled white spot disease penis penis
Vas deferens abscess
Breast fibers sclerosis breast
Subinvolution breasts after nursing
Severe vaginal anterior and posterior wall prolapse
Sports hemoglobinuria line
Congenital pure red cell regeneration
Secondary aplastic anemia
Secondary sideroblastic anemia
Jakes sick leave white blood baby
Acquired vitamin K dependent due to
Vice carpal congenital
Secondary malignant esophageal
Sulfa poisoning
Congenital anomalies sinus wall
Evil nature of secondary retroperitoneal lymph node
Acute for small organizations
Cytomegalovirus cystitis
Gastric intestinal metaplasia
Lightning shock
Electric shock
Renal failure after extrusion
Infusion of blood transfusion and therapeutic injections
Water of congenital microcephaly
Cerebral aqueduct of congenital malformations in
Congenital atresia of the fourth ventricle
Congenital absence of olfactory brain
Congenital forebrain non-cleaved
Non-filarial Xing chylous ascites
Pulmonary actinomycosis
Acute gangrenous cholecystitis
Acute exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis
Latency associated with childbirth
Delivery delays associated with accelerated phase
Associated with accelerated delivery of stagnation
Uterine contractions associated with adverse birth
Labor associated with uterine relaxation
Rapid production
Labor associated with the opening of the cervix too fast
Delivery associated with fetal head too fast
Labor associated with cervical dystocia
Dystocia deliveries associated with uterine
Labor income associated with uterine tonic
Labor associated with pathological uterine
Prolonged stagnation of labor productivity is not
Bronchial fistula
Bronchial fistula gastrocolic
Bronchial fistula
Hepatic fistula
Mediastinal fistula
Oral mucous membrane bleeding
Chronic heart failure
Ventricular function
Dana Putnam's Syndrome
Unspecified vitamin deficiency
A lack of vitamin B group around
A lack of vitamin C ascorbic
Uterine-vaginal fistula
Cervical-vaginal fistula
Graf follicular cyst
Corpus luteum hematoma
Rupture of corpus luteum
Eyelids and the skin secondary to tarsal gland
Secondary malignant brain
Cerebellum secondary malignant
Secondary bone cancer is not
Secondary malignant tumors of maxillary
Sacral secondary malignant
Lower limb secondary to evil human nature
Secondary ovarian malignancy
Abdominal aorta secondary malignancies
Secondary testicular cancer
Perineum secondary malignant
Secondary cervical cancer
Oral secondary malignant
Secondary malignant pelvic
Mental disorder of childhood
Childhood autism, autism
Child Schizophrenia
De la Tourette syndrome
Eyelid twitching eyes whirl turns myoclonic
Hemifacial spasm
Stutter stammer
Excessive masturbation
Proteus meningitis
Salmonella meningitis
Tuberculous meningitis
Neisseria meningitis
Herpes meningitis
Chronic meningitis
Various hip and thigh muscles and
Multiple superficial leg injury
Hydroxylase deficiency
Early male sexual adrenal hyperplasia
Adrenogenital syndrome
High-renin aldosteronism
Adrenal necrosis
Adrenal cortical hyperplasia adrenal
Infantile testis
Sc Schmidt's syndrome
Thymic cyst
Testicular feminization syndrome
Small intestine and colon associated with diverticulosis
Cardia ulcer
Duodenal diverticulitis
Unspecified obstructive ileus
Expansion of the esophagus
Accompanied by acute gastric ulcer bleeding
Ulcer bleeding associated with chronic Helicobacter
Associated with acute duodenal ulcer
Chronic duodenal ulcer
Gastric ulcer associated with wear
Urethral prolapse associated with bladder prolapse
RH factor infusion or blood transfusion
Post-operative tonsil bleeding and blood
Intentional self-harm by explosive
Hereditary cerebellar ataxia
Hereditary spinal muscular atrophy
Atherosclerotic renal disease
Atherosclerotic renal hypertension
Hypertensive heart disease and kidney
Renovascular hypertension
Shaer Ke Xia Keshi joint disease
Late neural syphilitic dementia
Neurosyphilis syphilitic gums
Type of renal tubular acidosis
Radiation damage to optic neuropathy
Torsion spasm secondary secondary
Eosinophilic granuloma lymph gland
Idiopathic acute non-specific heart
Cyclists in the bike and
Congenital dislocation of shoulder
Vice-toe with congenital
Shortage of congenital absence of radial longitudinal
Congenital short thigh and calf
Shortage of congenital limb deformities
Three knuckles abnormal congenital thumb
Congenital absence of patella
Congenital limb deformities
Congenital failure of cartilage growth
Incomplete fusion of congenital skull
Congenital flat base of the skull base of skull concave
Bleeding unspecified
Residual bleeding unspecified
Unspecified intestinal bleeding
Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage unspecified
Granulomatous hepatitis
Liver infarction
Idiopathic portal hypertension non-rigid
Hepatocellular jaundice
Common bile duct fistula after surgery
Area of corrosion damage
Over an area of corrosion damage
Phenytoin poisoning
Methaqualone poisoning
Atropine poisoning
Nitroglycerin poisoning
Caustic alkali and alkali-like substances
Hydrogen sulfide poisoning
Rodenticide poisoning
Almond poisoning
Radiation injury
Food allergies
Traumatic shock
Part of congenital pulmonary venous connection
Finger sprain and strain
Hemangioma of parotid gland
Salivary gland hemangioma
Hemorrhagic otitis externa
Coxsackie virus infection is not particularly
Unspecified viral infection
Pus ringworm
Tinea capitis
Hand ringworm
Tinea pedis
Tinea ringworm money
Jock itch
Yellow ringworm
Dermatophytes fungal skin rash
Tinea versicolor pityriasis piebald
Pityrosporum folliculitis
Black ringworm
White ringworm
Candida stomatitis thrush
Candida dermatitis
Candidal nail inflammation that
Candida urinary tract infections
Urethral Candida stomatitis
Candida endocarditis
Candida septicemia
Disseminated candidiasis
Gastrointestinal candidiasis
Coats's disease exudative Watch
Traumatic proliferative retinopathy
Proliferative retinopathy
Macular degeneration
Peripheral retinal degeneration without special
Retinal cell degeneration
Retinitis pigmentosa
Retinal dystrophy
Macular hemorrhage
Retinal hemorrhage
Retinal hemorrhage
Traumatic chorioretinal disease
Macular edema
Ruptured tubal pregnancy
Interstitial tubal pregnancy
Interstitial tubal pregnancy, miscarriage
Rupture of interstitial tubal pregnancy
Myopathy, glycogen storage disease
Cardiac glycogen storage disease
Hereditary fructose intolerance
Open leg injury
Tibia fracture
Of dry closed fracture of tibia and fibula
Small saphenous vein leg injury
Foot ligament sprain and strain
Spirit of the immunogenicity of dysmenorrhea
Writer's cramp patients
Psychogenic vomiting
Chemical diabetes
Prostatic obstruction unspecified
Shoulder and upper extremity melanoma skin
Lower limb hip skin melanin
Sheath benign tumor
Prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities
Using ultrasonic and other physical
Single live births
One child stillborn
Upper extremity venous stenosis
Congenital atrioventricular node dual-channel
Gram-positive bacterial sepsis
High-density lipoprotein hyperlipidemia
Balanced translocation and normal individuals
Stained abnormal balance of individuals
With autosomal fragile site
Bilateral post-traumatic knee joint disease
Candida pneumonia
Coccidioidomycosis pneumonia
Histoplasma pneumonia capsular
Post-traumatic unilateral knee disease
Bilateral first carpometacarpal joint of the record
Dynamic upper shoulder skin is not
Bad shoulder at the junction of upper limb skin
Skin cancer is unknown dynamic trunk
Malignant skin trunk dynamic junction
The junction of the neck skin malignant Activity
Dynamic is not the head ear skin
Ear skin at the junction of the evil head
Forearm muscle contracture
Benign carotid body
Involving multiple endocrine glands
Benign lymph nodes
Stone nephritis
Renal cryoglobulinemia
Cryoglobulinemia lung damage
Cryptococcal lung disease
Rheumatoid arthritis, nephrotic
Rheumatoid arthritis, myopathy
Rheumatoid arthritis of more than God
More negative parts of serum response
Rheumatoid nodules
More than other seropositive
Inflammatory joint disease more
Many parts of seropositive
Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sites
Zhi Zhi internode psoriatic
Psoriatic spondylitis
Zhi Zhi leather joints between sections
Juvenile arthritis, unspecified
Erosion of bone and joint diseases
Multi-joint disease secondary
Primary bilateral hip disease
Bilateral hip dysplasia caused by
Neck skin melanocytic nevi
Throat skin fistula after trauma
Cryptococcus neoformans pulmonary disease
Pleural amyloidosis
Residual foreign body in soft tissue upper arm
Hypertensive heart disease associated with heart
Hypertensive heart disease is not associated with
Hypertensive renal disease associated with slow
Hypertensive renal disease is not associated with renal
Acquired pelvic arteriovenous fistula
Dynamic is not malignant pharyngeal junction
Rheumatic fibromyalgia is not particularly
Other corrosion especially burn injuries
Corrosion of unspecified injuries and burns
Cavity through the mouth into the different nature
External effects of other and unspecified
Certain early complications of trauma
After surgical and medical complications
Esophageal fistula after gastric surgery
Gastric fistula after surgery
Stomach cramps
Stomach tumor
Cancer meningitis
Otogenic meningitis
Limitations of meningitis
Skull base arachnoiditis
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
Purulent meningoencephalitis
Encephalitis after infection
Acute ascending myelitis
Chronic myelitis
Acute spinal cord nerve root inflammation
Spinal nerve root inflammation
Focal encephalitis
Brainstem encephalitis
Ventricular tube meningitis
Scarlet fever
Meningococcal meningitis
Meningococcal septicemia
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Streptococcal sepsis is not particularly
Staphylococcus aureus septicemia
Staphylococcus epidermidis septicemia
Saprophytic Staphylococcus septicemia
Staphylococcus aureus septicemia is not
Proteus septicemia
Acute malignant tertian malaria
E. coli septicemia
Pseudomonas septicemia
Klebsiella sepsis
Bacillus subtilis septicemia
Pseudomonas aeruginosa septicemia
Enterococcus septicemia
Mold fungus septicemia
Sepsis, sepsis
Neck facial actinomycosis
Actinomycosis unspecified
Nocardia actinomycosis not
Epidemic adenoviral angle
Traumatic iridocyclitis
Recurrent iridocyclitis
Acute iridocyclitis
Chronic iridocyclitis
Chronic iritis
Chronic uveitis with chronic eye
Iris abscess
Uveitis corneal
Prerenal acute renal failure
Prostate cyst
Severe anterior vaginal wall prolapse
Splenic tuberculosis
Hip joint disease unspecified
Lymphocytic leukemia Transfer
Corrosion of trunk injury was
Corrosion second trunk injury
Shoulder and upper extremity burns was
Shoulder and upper second degree burns
Corrosion of shoulder and upper extremity injuries was
Corrosion of second degree shoulder and upper extremity injuries
Wrists and hands and was burned
Bacterial food poisoning is not particularly
Acute amoebic dysentery
Chronic amebic intestinal disease
Jejunal fistula of abdominal aortic
Hepatic vein and inferior vena cava obstruction
Multiple chest and back and pelvis complex
Pyloric ulcer
Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis
Cancer myasthenic syndrome
Fat deposition disease myopathy
Bilateral spastic cerebral palsy
Papillary mucinous cystadenocarcinoma
Unspecified dense osteitis
Metastatic dysgerminoma
Metastatic endodermal sinus tumor
Neurogenic shock
Generalized lymph node enlargement cream
Limitations edema
Bulimia overnutrition
Weight gain
Dry mouth
LDH lactate dehydrogenase
Chronic respiratory failure
Primary unilateral knee disease
Mental mental retardation
Chronic obstructive pyelonephritis
Unspecified urinary stone
Sex after renal acute renal failure
Renal acute renal failure
Hydronephrosis associated with renal pelvis
Hydronephrosis associated with ureteral
Hydronephrosis associated with infection
Acute renal failure associated with acute renal
Kidney stones diverticulum
Kidney stones, kidney stone disease
Cancer after combined treatment
Other cases after radiation therapy
Other cases after chemotherapy
Admission examination
Reposition IUD fitted
With other adverse obstetric early
Very young, pregnant women in early pregnancy monitoring
On prenatal screening for alloimmune
NOS prenatal screening
Three live births
Three births live births in a certain
Four live births
Multiple births stillbirths
Involved in lower limb orthopedic hand
Maintenance of nephrostomy
Ureteral stoma maintenance
Maintenance of urinary stoma
Digestive malignant tumors
Malignant respiratory and intrathoracic organs
Melanoma and other skin
Disposal according to law means not specified
Penicillin drug reactions
Aminoglycoside streptomycin
Immunosuppressive drug class drug reactions
Anticoagulant drug reactions
Anti-rheumatic drug reactions
Barbiturates drug reactions
Digitalis drug reactions
Anti-arrhythmia drug reaction barriers
Multiple myeloma nephropathy
Type of renal staghorn calculi, shape of Results
Multiple kidney stones
Ureteropelvic junction stones
Pelvis stones
Bladder diverticulum calculi
Old ectopic pregnancy
Cervical esophageal contusion
Unspecified lower urinary tract stones
Renal infarction
Acquired renal cysts isolated
Vena cava of congenital malformations is not
Congenital arteriovenous into the brain before
Congenital ectopic cited the superior vena cava
All vena cava of congenital ectopic cited
Single umbilical artery with congenital
Umbilical artery with congenital malformations
Peripheral vascular congenital arteriovenous
Congenital scrotal testes and penis
Subacute severe hepatitis C virus
Acute viral hepatitis E
Acute cholestatic hepatitis E virus
Purulent pleurisy empyema
Superior orbital fissure syndrome
Eye superior oblique palsy
Eye on the rectus palsy
Tol painful ophthalmoplegia
Eye lateral rectus palsy
Immediate superior oblique palsy
Now rectus palsy
Unspecified paralytic strabismus
Diabetic cataract
Metabolic cataract
Exudative choroiditis
Disseminated chorioretinitis
Har Harada syndrome
Retinal scar
Choroidal atrophy
Choroidal sclerosis
Choroidal hemorrhage
Choroidal rupture
Hemorrhagic choroidal detachment
Septic choroidal detachment
Choroidal detachment
Choroidal detachment after surgery
Choroidal ischemia
Pregnancy associated with uterine cancer
Pregnancy associated with uterine scar
Cervical pregnancy associated with relaxation
Dan White of urinary red blood
Acetone in urine
Urinary calcium
CSF abnormalities
When necessary with traumatic impotence
Nephritis syndrome, pulmonary hemorrhage
Closed injury of the lung
Mesenteric artery insufficiency
Orthostatic hypotension orthostatic
Hypotension unspecified
Type of anxiety neurosis
Anxiety and depression
Compulsive behavior disorders
Reactive psychosis
Psychogenic mental disorder
Knee lateral collateral ligament or the old
Benign nasal skin
Brow benign tumors
Benign facial skin
Benign skin swollen upper shoulder
Benign breast tissue
Submucosal uterine leiomyoma
Dynamic unknown adrenal tumor
Junction dynamics is not malignant pituitary
Dynamic unknown pituitary tumor
Mental disorders and nervous system diseases
Cerebral vascular disease complicating pregnancy
Cardiovascular disease complicating pregnancy
Disease complicated appendicitis in pregnancy
Other digestive disease with
Skin and subcutaneous tissue and
Benign tumors complicating pregnancy
Leukemia and lymphoma complicating
Eye ear and mastoid disease appendage
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases
Other genitourinary system diseases
Ovarian cysts complicating pregnancy
Disease and other congenital malformations
Congenital cardiovascular disease with
Emergency births
Term small for gestational age children
Full-term small for gestational age
Full-term fetal malnutrition
Not full-term fetal growth retardation
Very low birth weight children born preterm
Fasciitis unspecified
Fibromatosis unspecified
Glucose phosphate dehydrogenase
Lack of pyruvate kinase PK
Myalgia unspecified
Neuralgia unspecified
Neuritis unspecified
Panniculitis unspecified
Chronic sinus inflammation
Chronic purulent inflammation purulent ethmoid
Ethmoid inflammation unspecified
Chronic purulent inflammation purulent sphenoid
All chronic sinusitis
Chronic sinusitis unspecified
Sinus fistula, unspecified
Sinus granuloma unspecified
Sinusitis unspecified
Sinus polyps
Sphenoid sinus polyp
Ethmoid polyps
Peritoneal tuberculosis
Uterine rupture of blunt trauma
Amebic liver abscess
Amebic skin ulceration
Amebiasis unspecified
Breaking prostate blunt trauma
Seminal vesicle breakdown of blunt trauma
Adrenal break open injury
Prostate break open injury
Seminal vesicle breakdown of open injury
Breaking open the vas deferens injury
Piriformis syndrome
Sciatic nerve damage
Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis
Open lung injury
Bronchial blunt trauma
Mediastinal hemangioma
Intestinal Hemangioma
Colorectal hemangioma
Hepatic hemangioma
Splenic hemangioma
Pancreatic hemangioma
Renal tumor
Bladder and urethra vascular
Adrenal hemangioma
Genital hemangioma
Celiac and superior mesenteric hemangioma
Pelvic and retroperitoneal hemangioma
Shoulder and upper limb soft tissue
Hip soft tissue lower limb
Trunk soft tissue hemangiomas
Abdominal wall soft tissue tumors
Cervical hemangioma
Thoracic spine hemangiomas
Vertebral hemangioma
Sacral hemangioma
Meningioma Cervical hemangioma
Meningeal hemangioma lumbar
Sacral segment meningeal hemangioma
Cervical spinal cord hemangioma
Thoracic spinal cord hemangioma
Lumbar spinal cord hemangioma
Idiopathic megacolon class giant Results
Congenital intestinal malrotation
Congenital intestinal adhesion
Congenital ectopic anus
Congenital malformations is not prostate
Congenital absence of gallbladder
Congenital biliary atresia
Congenital bile duct atresia
Congenital bile duct abnormalities are not special
Congenital bile duct abnormalities
Hepatic fibrosis of congenital hepatic cyst
Congenital pancreatic cyst
Congenital ectopic pancreas
Congenital absence of ovary
Wrists and hands and second degree burns
Urate tophi without heart
Unspecified renal gout
Bullous keratoconjunctivitis
Adhesion keratitis
Reaction keratitis
Fungal keratitis
Suppurative keratitis
Unspecified keratitis
Adhesive leukoma
Metabolic acidosis
Respiratory acidosis
Mixed acidosis
Lactic acidosis
Calcification in the shoulder area and muscle paralysis
Hand joint tuberculosis
Reactive arthritis Shoulder
Reactive arthritis wrist
Reactive arthritis hand
Reactive arthritis of the hip
Reactive arthritis ankle
Joint meningococcal infection
Grams of syphilis infection and joint disease
Yersinia enteritis infection
Caused by infective endocarditis
Rheumatoid bursitis
RA pericardial
Rheumatoid arthritis of the heart
Lip and oral pharyngeal cancer
Psychiatric history
History of penicillin allergy drugs
Sulfa drug allergy history
Nephrotic syndrome associated with immune complex
Nephrotic syndrome associated with lipoprotein
Nephrotic syndrome associated with IgM
Nephrotic syndrome associated with IgA
Nephrotic syndrome associated with proliferative
Motherhood Maternity inspection before the screening
Other circulatory system disease with
Premature rupture of membranes in the hours
Sacral and sacrococcygeal vertebral instability
Newborn shortness of breath
Upper arm elbow joint
Forearm wrist fiber
Hand fibrous dysplasia of bone
Pelvic region and thigh off the hip
Small leg knee fiber
Bus passengers in a public steam
Synovial tuberculosis
With a reduction of congenital narrowing of the forearm
Jing Fu hypertrophy and hyperplasia
Filamentary keratitis
Neonatal hyperglycemia
Rib cartilage inflammation
Ankle and foot osteochondritis
Yeast pneumonia
Pathologic fracture of lumbar
Non-Hodgkin's malignant facial bone
Eyelid injury
Ethmoid bone ethmoid closed
Ethmoid bone ethmoid open
Senile osteoporosis, cervical
Senile osteoporosis in lumbar spine
Cartilage syringoma
Other complications of anesthesia
Then the other wall myocardial infarction
Hemopericardium as acute heart
Common bile duct closed
Drugs and other external factors cited
Mi associated with acute glomerulonephritis
Various composite closed bilateral lower extremity
Acute edematous pancreatitis
Late syphilitic cardiovascular disease
Late syphilitic myocarditis
Late syphilitic aortic valve off
Late syphilitic aortic aneurysm
Gastric crisis tabes
Congenital abdominal vascular malformation
Congenital intestinal vascular malformations
Congenital biliary malformations
Congenital hepatic vascular malformation
Familial calcification of cartilage
Chronic pulmonary insufficiency after surgery
Pleural effusion, pleural effusion
Pleural adhesion
Pleural calcification
Pleural effusion after surgery
Non-acute lung machine after thoracic surgery
Mendelssohn pulmonary syndrome
Respiratory failure
Associated with ocular herpes simplex and
Iris incarceration after surgery
Iris prolapse after surgery
External auditory canal boil
Acute suppurative cholecystitis
Postoperative sepsis
Separation of ankle and foot muscles
Separation of head and neck and trunk muscles
Remnant gastritis
Gastric antral gastritis verrucosa
H. Yan
Retinal artery occlusion
Submandibular area abscess
Acute icteric viral G
Acute without jaundice virus G
Lower limb neuromuscular atrophy
Trachea and bronchial tuberculosis
Intrauterine infection
Cardiac hamartoma
Pancreatic fistula after surgery
Concomitant esotropia
Alternating esotropia
Disuse exotropia
Concomitant exotropia
Alternating exotropia
Oblique V sign
Vertical strabismus
Intermittent exotropia
Alternating intermittent exotropia
Vertical syndrome
Puerperal fever postpartum morbidity
Static superficial thrombophlebitis postpartum
Postpartum deep vein thrombosis
Puerperal varicose veins
Obstetric air embolism
Other joint effusion foot plot
Elbow pain
Wrist joint pain
Hand joint pain
Ankle pain
Foot pain in other joints
Shoulder stiffness
Elbow stiffness
Acquired Atlantoaxial pillow slip
Craniofacial bone cyst
Spastic paraplegia
Incomplete intestinal obstruction
Small bowel obstruction
Colonic obstruction
Unspecified intestinal obstruction
Late syphilitic cerebral arteritis
Bone stress fractures hand
Trunk bone stress fracture
Acute osteomyelitis of hand bone
Acute head and neck and trunk bone bone
Subacute osteomyelitis of hand bone
Other streptococcal arthritis and
Chronic osteomyelitis with bone hand
Familial polyposis coli
Benign colon
Colorectal neoplasia
Benign rectal
Benign tumor of the anus and anal canal
Benign esophageal
Cardiac benign tumor
Benign gastric
Benign tumor of the duodenum
Brain mumps meningitis
Mumps encephalitis
Mumps pancreatitis
Vice thumb congenital
Non-filarial Xing chylothorax
Phlebitis unspecified
Lymphatic flow disorders
Post-operative residual ventricular septal defect
Amebic liver abscess
Gaucher's disease cerebroside piling
Nepal nerve sphingomyelin deposition disease
Metachromatic leukodystrophy
Juvenile xanthoma
Lipid storage disease
Vagus Nerve Cancer
Nerve tumor
Irregular intermenstrual bleeding
Secondary dysmenorrhea
Ventricular thrombosis
Sequelae of viral myocarditis
Congenital upper limb arteriovenous fistula
Congenital limb arteriovenous fistula
Congenital vascular malformation of spinal cord
Congenital vascular malformations of head and neck
Congenital vaginal cyst Nuuk
Congenital fusion of the labia
Congenital vaginal malformations undifferentiated
Congenital malformations clitoris
Congenital malformations of vulva
Congenital absence of the vulva
Congenital cyst of the vulva
Congenital ectopic testis
Congenital bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism
Multiple congenital testicular
Congenital bilateral inguinal cryptorchidism
Congenital erectile pain
Congenital vascular malformation of lung
Spasmodic torticollis
Idiopathic orofacial dyskinesia
Closed brain injury
Myasthenic syndrome associated with thyroid
Hyperthyroid liver disease
Hyperthyroid myopathy
Acute thyroiditis
Cervical internal carotid artery insufficiency
Subclavian steal syndrome
Innominate artery steal syndrome
Chronic lymphangitis
Deep vein thrombosis
Lymphatic fistula
Congenital septate uterus
Congenital absence of endometrial
Congenital hip instability
Congenital tarsal merging
Congenital hemifacial atrophy
Gouty arthritis unspecified
Allergic polyarthritis
Primary unilateral hip disease
Caused by unilateral hip dysplasia
Bilateral knee joint disease secondary
Bilateral first carpometacarpal joint of the following
Acquired wrist sag
Off ankle and ankle joint bone
Comprehensive compression knee plica
Recurrent dislocation of the wrist
Recurrent foot off the other joints
Other joint contracture foot
Shoulder adhesion
Whipple's disease Whip
More post-traumatic joint disease
Systemic osteoarthritis
Snapping knee unspecified
Unspecified post-traumatic joint disease
Hyperostosis of bone and joint diseases
Capsulitis foot
Acquired valgus
Acquired varus
Acquired hammer finger hammer toes
Acquired foot deformity toe Yang
Acquired foot deformities
Acquired cubitus valgus
Horseshoe valgus acquired
Acquired valgus
Acquired coxa vara
Acquired varus
Acquired deformity of elbow flexion
Epididymal mass
Epididymal tuberculosis
Testicular tuberculosis
Penile tuberculosis
Delayed healing hand
Hand muscle paralysis calcification and
Encephalitis secondary to Parkinson's
Fracture of the shoulder area are not connected
Even before the wrist joint is not off
Pelvic region and thigh hip
Fractures of the ankle and the ankle joint
Head and neck fractures are not connected
A sign inside the ramp
Superior oblique hyperfunction
Prader-Willi syndrome
Hypertriglyceridemia with low high-density lipoprotein
Transplantation hepatic artery stenosis
Ventricular cyst
Urinary retention after surgery
Small residual soft tissue foreign body
Various open hip and thigh damage
Associated with extrahepatic bile duct stones
Retroperitoneal tumor
Drug-induced hepatitis
Liver fibrosis
Portal cirrhosis
Cancer after chemotherapy
Hepatitis B virus carriers
Way by deliberately drowning and submersion
Therefore, by way of fireworks and flames
Intentional self with sharp object
Harm with corrosive substances
Hemorrhagic shock after surgery
Post-operative shock, unspecified
Severe closed head injury
Medium-sized closed head injury
Abscess wound infection after surgery
Abscess abdominal infection after surgery
Coronary artery bypass grafting and valve
Classification of multiple injuries leg S
Toe contusion unspecified
Foot contusion
Multiple superficial ankle and foot injuries
Toe injury unspecified open
Foot injury unspecified open
Ankle and foot of multiple open
After the middle cranial fossa brain clinoid slopes
Rock slopes in the posterior fossa meningioma
Digitalis toxicity
Spinal degeneration
Disease Azore Azores
Alpers disease gray matter degeneration
Corticostriatal spinal degeneration
Brain degeneration
Many neurodegenerative atrophy
Childhood brain atrophy
Peripheral nerve degeneration
Brain atrophy
Degeneration of the central nervous system is not
Systemic disease middle cerebral fat deposition
Multiple sclerosis
Devic neuromyelitis optica
Diffuse sclerosis
Schild's disease diffuse axis
Acute transverse myelitis is not
Demyelinating encephalopathy
Human milk and neonatal aspiration reflux
Neonatal transient myocardial ischemia
Neonatal umbilical cord bleeding
Neonatal rectal bleeding
Neonatal jaundice caused by contusion
Pharynx tumor
Obstructive pulmonary emphysema
Unspecified Emphysema
Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Adult hyaline membrane disease
Pulmonary granuloma
Fistula associated with empyema
Esophageal bronchial fistula
Thoracic pleural fibrosis fiber
Encapsulated pleural effusion
Esophageal pleural fistula skin
Tympanic inflammation
Tympanic adhesions
Adhesive otitis media
Ossicular chain disruption
Middle ear polyps
Allergic vasculitis
Traumatic joint disease more
Intermittent multi-joint effusion
Primary systemic osteoarthropathy
Post-traumatic unilateral hip disease
Bilateral hip joint disease secondary
Unilateral hip joint disease secondary
Disorders are not knee meniscus
Acetabular protrusion
Posterior fossa meningioma of the cerebellopontine angle
Posterior jugular foramen meningioma
Atrium posterior fossa meningioma
Craniocervical junction foramen magnum
Calvarial convexity meningioma
Calvaria parasagittal meningiomas
Falx meningioma skull brain
Lateral ventricle
Third ventricle meningioma
Fourth ventricle meningioma
Take the leap of intracranial meningiomas pay
Foreign ride across intracranial meningiomas
Shape of intracranial meningiomas diploic
Herman's disease juvenile Shaoyin
Acquired spinal fusion
Acquired spinal bending deformation
Unspecified deformation spondylitis
Spinal joint disease spine off
Cranial sympathetic cervical syndrome neck
Neck syndrome
Unspecified backache
Unspecified spinal instability
Muscle calcification and ossification are not special
Myositis is not traumatic bone
Myositis into the bone
Paralytic calcification and ossification of muscle
Calcification and ossification of muscle burns
Separation of unspecified muscle
Non-traumatic muscle rupture is not
Ischemic infarction in undifferentiated muscle
Hematopoietic and lymphoid organ malignancies
Hip joint adhesion
Knee adhesions
Ankle joint adhesion
Primary bilateral knee disease
Graft failure
Shock caused by anesthesia
Classification of nasal fracture sequelae
Cranial nerve injury sequelae points
Classification of brain injury sequelae
Sequelae of carbon monoxide poisoning
Mainly non-toxic medicinal substances
Pharmaceutical drugs and biological products
Other rehabilitation
Pedestrian and not particularly in relation to other
In the motorcycle and motorcycle
Pedestrians and cars in the light
Congenital dislocation of the elbow
Dislocation of lower extremity and multiple compound
Various composite upper and lower limbs
Various composite lower extremity crush injury
Extruded composite upper and lower extremities
Trunk and limbs composite extrusion
Hartnup Disease Hart
Rockwell eye brain syndrome
Urine amino acids
Lactose malabsorption
Glycogen storage disease
Mumps hepatitis
Mumps conjunctivitis
Mumps unspecified
Cytomegalovirus monocytes
Sequelae of unspecified injury of lower limb
Amebic lung abscess
Congenital absence of skull
Congenital malformations forehead
Congenital skull malformation
Congenital absence of the spine
Congenital malformations coccyx
Vice rib congenital
Congenital thoracic deformity
Congenital malformations of lumbosacral vertebrae
Congenital spinal deformity
Congenital spinal fusion
Development of congenital vertebral epiphysis does not
Congenital cervical transverse process is too long
Of congenital lumbar sacral
Congenital lordosis
Additional congenital spinal vertebrae
Congenital spinal deformity half vertebral
IgD multiple myeloma
IgE multiple myeloma
IgG multiple myeloma
IgM multiple myeloma
Mesenteric gangrene
Congenital bronchial stenosis
Paraurethral cysts
Degree of uterine prolapse
Renal diabetes
Acquired orbital arteriovenous fistula
Vein stone
Streptococcus pneumonia
E. coli pneumonia
Metabolic myelopathy
Epidemic conjunctivitis unspecified
Cog Cogan's Syndrome
Chest and back abscess
Pruritus unspecified
High vaginal laceration of birth trauma
Yin and Blood of female genital birth trauma will
Acquired renal pelvis and ureter with
Dependent on kidney dialysis CAP
Congenital not bow leg bone
Junction dynamics is not malignant skull
Osteitis trunk bone density
Salmonella arthritis
Flagellate diarrhea
Protozoa colitis abdominal
Junction dynamics is not malignant gallbladder
Epiglottis junction dynamics is not vicious
Tuberculosis of prostate
Non-moving traffic of ruptured anterior cerebral
FORD spp infections Burke
Intestinal non-Hodgkin's malignant
Streptococcus pneumonia
Congenital abnormal cerebellar arteriovenous
Toxoplasmosis, choroidal Watch
Malignant bone and limbs, swollen joints
Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia infection
Bacteria Haemophilus influenzae infection
Streptococcus bacteremia
Reactive spondyloarthritis
Multiple osteochondromatosis
Deep palmar arterial arch injury
Thumb vascular injury
Refers to the vascular injury
Vascular injury of wrist and hand more
Wrist and hand muscle and tendon injuries
Ischemic infarction in the forearm muscles
Hand muscles of ischemic infarction
Calf muscles of ischemic infarction
Ankle and foot muscles of ischemic infarction
Head and neck and trunk muscle ischemia
Recurrent corneal erosion
Machine of auricular hematoma
Noise-induced hearing loss
First carpometacarpal joint arthritis
Acquired limb deformity is not particularly
Unspecified joint pain
Unspecified joint disorder
Mixed hyperlipidemia hyperbilirubinemia
Progressive lipodystrophy
Stiff wrist
Acquired wrist flexion deformity
Acute duodenal ulcer
Neonatal conjunctivitis
Neonatal dacryocystitis
Neonatal urinary tract infection
Fetal blood loss, unspecified
Newborn Umbilical bleeding is not particularly
Neonatal hemorrhage
Neonatal vitamin K absence
Neonatal gastrointestinal tract bleeding
Neonatal bleeding in the skin
January newborn vaginal bleeding false
Gingival hyperplasia
Maxillary hypoplasia
Mandibular hypoplasia
Congenital coarctation of the aorta guide
Rheumatoid arthritis, heart
Spermatic cord hydrocele
Surrounding hydrocele
Infected hydrocele
Sperm cyst
Epididymal torsion
Testicular abscess
Primary male infertility
Unspecified reduction of sperm
Foreskin adhesions
Phimosis incarcerated
Vaginal dryness balanitis obliterans
Penile abscess
Shrinking penis
Penile hypertrophy
Penile thrombosis
Spermatic cord abscess
Vas deferens inflammation
Sheath meningitis
Spermatic cord inflammation
Scrotal abscess
Scrotal inflammation
Solitary breast cyst
Breast cysts
Benign breast dysplasia is not
Breast enlargement macromastia
Cracked nipple
Nipple fistula
Inverted nipple retraction
Nipple discharge
Breast induration
Fallopian tubes and ovaries in acute inflammation
Vesico-vaginal fistula after surgery
Old perineal laceration
Vaginal anterior and posterior wall prolapse
Uterine ureteral fistula
Cervix of bladder fistula
Uterine bladder fistula
Vaginal perineal fistula
Closed fractures skull is not particularly
Facial bone closed fracture is not particularly
Suspected fetal Down's syndrome
Hemophilic arthritis
Acquired iodine thyroid function
Congenital goiter
Congenital thyroid insufficiency
Epididymal abscess
Epididymal orchitis
Anterior vaginal wall prolapse does not
Balanitis need additional B
Penis inflammation
Painful penile erection
Ovarian adhesions
Need for acute vulvovaginitis
Ovarian tubal adhesions
Kidney unspecified
Kidney tumor
Ureteral tumor
Renal tuberculosis
Ureteral TB
Renal amyloidosis
Acute cystitis
Chronic interstitial cystitis
Chronic cystitis
Necessary radiation cystitis
Iridocorneal endothelial syndrome
Prominent iris
Ciliary body detachment
Early senile cataract is not
Ganglioside deposition disease
Spontaneous rupture of extensor tendon
Spontaneous rupture of other tendons
Toxic synovitis transient
Before the patella bursa bursitis
Postural lordosis
Recurrent cervical spine is not completely de-
Recurrent dislocation of thoracic spine does not fully
Cardiac neurosis Da
Functional cough
Psychogenic aerophagia
Non-organic insomnia
Non-organic dyspareunia
Unspecified postpartum depression
Unspecified puerperal psychosis
Paranoid personality disorder
Yi Xing disease
Special diffuse developmental disorder not
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis AL
Bacterial meningitis unspecified
Purulent meningitis unspecified
Secondary lateral sclerosis lateral
Non-purulent intracranial venous sinus quiet students
Progressive spinal muscular atrophy P
Pleura blunt trauma
Open intrathoracic multiple organ damage
Blunt traumatic diaphragmatic hernia
Phrenic open injury
Chest crush injury
Classification of multiple injuries chest S
Lower back contusion
Hip and pelvis contusion
Inguinal abdominal wall contusion
Abdomen lower back and pelvis
Iliac fossa hematoma
Lower back and pelvis hip
Congenital hepatic artery portal vein
Congenital cervical atresia
Paratyphoid B
Paratyphi C
Unspecified paratyphoid
Salmonella enteritis
Salmonella gastroenteritis
Salmonella septicemia
Salmonella pneumonia
Salmonella infection unspecified
Salmonella food poisoning
Freund B Shigella dysentery
Shigella sonnei dysentery
Shigella dysentery amorphous
Bacillary dysentery unspecified
Chronic persistent type of bacterial
Poisoning, dysentery unspecified
Immunogenicity of Escherichia coli enteropathy
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli of
Invasive Escherichia coli bacterial
Hemorrhagic Escherichia coli of
E. coli enteritis
Neonatal E. coli enteritis
Campylobacter enteritis property
Yersinia enteritis
Clostridium sexual difficulties
Proteus enterocolitis
Parahaemolyticus isolated bacterial enteritis
Staphylococcus aureus enteritis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa enteritis
Unspecified bacterial enteritis
Staphylococcal food poisoning
Clostridium botulinum of food
Turner's syndrome, sexual function
Fine Klinefelter syndrome
Male syndrome
Pure gonadal dysgenesis
Chromosomal abnormalities are not specific to
Tachycardia unspecified
Bradycardia unspecified
Lumbar sacral and pelvic sympathetic
Amebic colitis in non-Shigella
Injuries involving multiple body
Sequelae of unspecified injury
Corrosion of head and neck injuries and burns
Corrosion damage and frozen body burns
Pituitary Tuberculosis
Lip TB
Corneal nebula patch
Corneal clouding
Ear and ear canal skin melanin
Aortic rupture
Aortic aneurysm
Aortic dilatation
Carotid artery dilation
Sacrum closed fractures
Sacral fracture
Coccyx closed fractures
Coccyx fracture
Iliac closed fractures
Brain abscess
Brain granuloma
Puerperal breast cysts
Obstetric causes of death of any
Protozoan diseases complicating
HPV and genital warts
Other sexually transmitted diseases complicating pregnancy
Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy complicated
Diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Three fetuses
Other endocrine nutritional and metabolic
IGT impaired glucose tolerance
Breast open injury
Lens dislocation
Calcium bloody foot cataract
Watch old choroid
Traumatic choroidal detachment
Choroidal effusion
Associated with prolonged first stage labor
First disclosed the amount of obstructed labor caused by
Width of shoulder dystocia caused by obstructed labor
Complicated labor and delivery before the umbilical cord
Degree perineal laceration during delivery
Inverted uterus
Hematoma vaginal birth trauma
Delayed postpartum hemorrhage
Part of the placenta is not associated with a
No indication for cesarean delivery
Postpartum reproductive tract and other infections
Sacral plexus sacral spinal cord injury
Portal vein injury
Abdomen and pelvis lower back more than
Congenital rib abnormalities
Chronic urinary retention
Diabetic peripheral circulation
Congenital means the joint adhesion is not
Unspecified congenital polydactyly
Head lice
Leech invasion of external gangrene disease mapiri
Small poliomyelitis
Hand fracture malunion
Abnormal knee fractures leg
Fracture of the head and neck
Multiple fractures are not connected
Spinal fractures are not connected
Postmenopausal osteoporosis
Osteoporosis after ovariectomy
Drug-induced osteoporosis
Idiopathic osteoporosis
Shoulder area of senile osteoporosis
Senile osteoporosis hand
Age-related pelvic area and thighs
Age-related ankle and ankle joints
Torso bone fracture malunion
Gallstone pancreatitis
Alcoholic chronic pancreatitis
Acquired abdominal aortic abnormalities
Associated with chronic duodenal ulcer
Associated with peptic ulcer bleeding
Accompanied by a stomach ulcer
Stress ulcer bleeding associated with
Stress ulcer perforation associated with
Chronic cervicitis
Cervical endometritis
Cervical external meningitis
Female pelvic peritonitis undifferentiated
Tubal adhesions
Uterine adhesions
Female pelvic adhesions
Hemorrhagic cystitis
Xanthogranulomatous cystitis
Diverticulitis of bladder
Cystitis unspecified
Intestinal obstruction on behalf of bladder control bladder
Non-venereal urethritis
Tympanic membrane
Of fixed syndrome Paraplegia
Muscle strain unspecified
Tendon sheath abscess unspecified
Infectious synovitis tendon
Calcific tendinitis unspecified
Waist tendinitis
Metatarsal pain
Iliotibial band syndrome iliotibial
Iliac crest bone spurs
Medial epicondylitis
Glomerular nephritis associated with radical-type
Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis with diffuse-type membrane
Acute nephritis associated with glomerular micro-
Chronic glomerulonephritis associated with diffuse hair
Nephropathy associated with focal section
Kidney disease associated with diffuse
Kidney associated with glomerular
All of congenital pulmonary vein connection
The right bit of congenital aortic
Congenital pulmonary artery aneurysms
Congenital left superior vena cava forever
Pericardial effusion
Pericardial tamponade
Gonococcal pericarditis
Lupus pericarditis
Uremic pericarditis
Infective endocarditis
Acute bacterial endocarditis
Unspecified acute endocarditis
Fat celiac disease Diarrhea
Fat malabsorption
Comprehensive primary intestinal malabsorption
Intestinal malabsorption
Comprehensive after vagotomy
Gastrectomy dumping syndrome
Short bowel syndrome after bowel resection
Postoperative ileus
Exposure to house or building structure
Serum allergic shock
Transfusion reactions unspecified
Post-operative wound bleeding and hematoma
Retinal hemorrhage and blood after surgery
Anastomotic gastrointestinal bleeding after surgery
Anastomotic bleeding after surgery and
From exposure to highly combustible materials
Under fire exposure to the views of pajamas
Exposure to other articles of clothing and
Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Congenital epidermolysis bullosa
Accidental injury bladder operation
Accidental injury endoscopic operation
Operation of ureteral injury accident
Postural orthostatic protein
Acute jaundice hepatitis E virus
Delayed union of head and neck
Delayed healing of spinal fractures
Pathologic fracture of multi-site bone disease
Forearm wrist pathology
Pathologic fracture of the hand bone disease
Congenital tracheal atresia
Congenital tracheal stenosis
Lymph node calcification
Portal vein obstruction
Portal vein thrombosis
Hepatic venous occlusive meningitis
Hepatic veno-occlusive
Idiopathic hypotension
Chronic hypotension
Splenic vein thrombosis
Vein thrombosis unspecified
Unspecified venous thrombosis
Varicose veins with ulcer
Reproductive tract infections during pregnancy
Urogenital tract infection during pregnancy
Gestational diabetes occurs
Intrauterine contraceptive device with pregnancy
HSV Herpes Pregnancy
Pregnancy, childbirth and the
Pregnancy associated with peripheral neuritis
Twin pregnancy
Three pregnancies
Four pregnancies
More than five fetal pregnancy
Flat tire tire pattern
The beginning of the first full-term high yield floating head
Composite first exposed
Flat tire caused by pelvic disproportion
Stenosis caused by fetal pelvic inlet
Causes conjoined twins birth
Cephalopelvic disproportion unspecified
Pregnancy associated with double-horn
Pregnancy associated with uterine anomalies
Pregnancy associated with uterine fibroids
Eyelids open injury
Open eyelid and tear duct injury
Expansion of congenital cystic intrahepatic bile duct
Simple endometrial hyperplasia
Zhi Zhi necrosis
Congenital left pupil
Congenital optic nerve pit
Congenital defect of the choroid
Giant congenital glaucoma eyes
Congenital ear malformations without ears
Associated with congenital aural stenosis
Middle ear associated with congenital hearing loss
Congenital ear deformities more
Congenital ear
Congenital pointed ears
Unspecified congenital ear deformity
Congenital branchial cleft cyst
Congenital preauricular fistula
Congenital anterior cervical fistula
Congenital giant mouth
Common congenital heart arteries
Congenital persistent truncus arteriosus
Congenital double outlet right ventricle
Great vessels of congenital complete
Congenital atrial appendage associated with non-heterogeneous
Congenital ventricular septal defect
Congenital common atrioventricular canal room
Congenital endocardial cushion defect
Tetralogy Tetralogy of Fallot
Eisenmenger's Syndrome
Congenital pulmonary atresia
Refers to the nerve injury
Wrists and hands and nerve damage more than
Ischium closed fractures
Injury of superficial palmar arterial arch
Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis associated with diffuse type
Closed fracture medial epicondyle
Shoulder girdle open injury
Systemic atherosclerosis
Type of thalassemia
Oral pharynx, and salivary gland lip action
Stomach cancer is unknown dynamic
Dynamic unknown intestinal tumor
Malignant appendiceal junction dynamics is not
Portland End Dynamics unknown tumor
Dynamic Unknown colon cancer
No congenital brain malformations gyrus
Congenital optic nerve in the septum
Congenital perforation
Congenital cleft
Congenital pachygyria
Neck associated with congenital spina bifida
Spina bifida associated with congenital chest
Lumbar spina bifida associated with congenital
Sacral spina bifida associated with congenital
Congenital cervical spina bifida
Congenital thoracic spina bifida
Acquired follicular keratosis
The third transverse process syndrome
Infection in head and neck and trunk muscle
Infectious myositis unspecified
Interstitial myositis unspecified
Foreign body granuloma of soft tissue
Necrotizing myositis unspecified
Myofascitis unspecified
Myositis unspecified
Other ossification of muscle ossifying
Upper arm muscle contracture
GMC subgluteus contracture
Thigh muscle contracture
Unspecified muscle contracture
Upper arm muscle disuse atrophy
Disuse muscle atrophy pelvic area
Cavernous sinus compression syndrome
Dysfunction after colostomy
Stenosis after colostomy
Cholecystectomy syndrome
Baby Jane papular dermatitis limb
Idiopathic urticaria
Contact urticaria
Carpometacarpal dislocation
Black tar-like feces feces
The whole of the external female genital organs involved in
Maintenance of artificial vagina
Adjustment and maintenance of infusion pump
Cardiac rehabilitation
Other physical rehabilitation treatment
Alcohol Rehabilitation
Drug Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy
Training to correct the visual axis
Occupational therapy and occupational health
Donor who
Those for corneal
Recovery period after radiation therapy
With other ocular herpes zoster and
Pneumonia, toxoplasmosis
Schizophrenia-like psychosis
Cervical muscle strain
Hemolytic jaundice
Chronic acquired pure red cell re-
Acquired cervical spondylolisthesis
Acquired cervical spine spondylolisthesis
Acquired thoracic spondylolisthesis
Acquired thoracic and lumbar spondylolisthesis
Acquired spondylolisthesis sacrococcygeal
Associated with rheumatic mitral stenosis
Associated with rheumatic combined valvular disease
Congenital hand deformity
Congenital absence of ulna longitudinal shortage
Congenital claw hand
Disuse muscle atrophy
Calf muscle detachment
Bacillary sepsis sticky ball
Various composite head and neck dislocation
Lumbar spine tuberculosis with fistula formation
Multiple vertebral tuberculosis
Tuberculous synovitis
Tuberculous tenosynovitis
Chronic cervical lymphadenitis
Chronic mediastinal lymphadenitis
Diabetic peripheral vascular
Femoral vein thrombosis
Iliofemoral venous thrombosis
Pancreatic cancer
Tire tube and hose compression
Traumatic posterior urethral stricture
Infratentorial cerebellar pontine angle CP
Temporal lobe brain tumor blood vessels
Congenital heart hypoplasia
Chronic viral hepatitis D
Associated with intrahepatic bile duct stones
Anastomotic biliary stones
Residual common bile duct stones
Bile Duct Stones
Open bronchial foreign body
Retinal detachment
Retinal phlebitis
Astec intraepidermal epithelioma Thomson
Osteoporosis, the bone associated with shoulder
Bone fracture of the shoulder area
Disuse osteoporosis
Senile upper arm elbow
Delayed healing of the shoulder area
Pathologic fracture of the shoulder area and Bone Disease
Ankle and foot muscles and tendon injuries
Subluxation ankle
Congenital aortic stenosis
Paralysis of the pelvic region and thigh muscles
Ankle and foot muscle paralysis calcification
Head and neck and trunk muscle weakness
Multi-site burn muscle calcification
Calcification of the upper arm muscle and burn
Hand burn muscle calcification and
Pelvic region and thigh muscle burns
Ankle and foot burns muscle calcification
Head and neck and trunk muscle burns
Crush injury shoulder and upper arm and trauma
Elbow and forearm crush injury and trauma
Wrist and hand crush injury and traumatic
Mixed hemangioma
Juvenile hemangioma
Mixed meningeal tumor
Lymphocytes by Hodgkin's disease
Retinal arteriosclerosis
Skin and skin flap failure
Foreign body in soft tissue residue
Cough variant asthma allergy
Fibrous dysplasia of bone
Output loop gastrointestinal anastomosis
Secondary exotropia
Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
Open inguinal abdominal wall
Penis open injury
Open the scrotum and testis injury
Vulva and vagina open injury
Open perineal trauma
Open anal sphincter injury
Chronic blood loss anemia blood loss
Hypochromic small cell anemia
Iron deficiency anemia
Congenital pernicious anemia
Nutritional megaloblastic red cell anemia
Folic acid deficiency anemia drug
Protein deficiency anemia
Megaloblastic anemia
Scurvy, anemia
Nutritional anemia
Accidental injury in the intestinal operation
Accidental injury in the biliary tract operation
Postoperative wound dehiscence
Congenital vascular malformation stomach
Severe acute viral hepatitis E
Subacute severe hepatitis E virus
Type D acute jaundice-free virus
Dual viral infections without jaundice
Acute Viral Hepatitis G
Behcet syndrome Behcet
Unspecified connective tissue disease
Carpal fracture
Congenital oblique vaginal septum
Unspecified uterine cancer
Ovarian cancer
Broad ligament cancer
Malignant round ligament
Multiple rib fracture
Estrogen polycythemia
Excessive ovarian androgen secretion
Stan polycystic ovary syndrome
Premature menopause
Fat hernia unspecified
Asymptomatic human immunodeficiency
Various bilateral lower extremity open complex
Abnormal albumin
False-positive syphilis serologic test
Abnormal thyroid function
EMG EMG abnormalities
I do not know the cause of death
Superficial injury of lip
Cheek and temporomandibular area opening loss
Scalp foreign
Sphenoid bone sphenoid closed
Penetrating corneal injury with iris prolapse
Dislocation of septal cartilage
Tooth dislocation
Ocular tissues in eyes with tear off
Penetrating corneal injury with vitreous overflow
Malignant spinal cord
Mandible secondary malignant
Secondary abdominal cancer
Secondary thyroid cancer
Congenital aortic right place
Congenital double inlet ventricle
Common congenital heart single atrium
Congenital left ventricular diverticulum
Congenital right aortic arch
Multiple myeloma joint disease
Acquired lordosis
Recurrent cervical spine is not completely
Recurrent lumbosacral not completely off
Hand abscess infectious myositis muscle
Hand interstitial myositis
Interstitial myositis ankle and foot
Hand soft tissue foreign body granuloma
Myositis shoulder area of bone injury
Bone head and neck and trunk injuries
Ankle and foot muscles to bone resistance
Pericarditis of acute myocardial
Pericardial calcification
Congenital aniridia
Congenital glaucoma, aniridia
Congenital corneal opacity
Congenital corneal
Chronic suppurative otitis media with meat
Mastoid tuberculosis
Benign paroxysmal vertigo
Vestibular vertigo ear
Vestibular dysfunction
Labyrinth fistula
Labyrinth dysfunction
Knock deafness
Sensorineural hearing loss is not particularly
Conductive and mixed hearing loss
Congenital deaf-mute patients
Acquired DMC
Traumatic deafness
Unspecified hearing loss
Optic neuritis
Shotgun and rifle fire was larger
By other and unspecified firearms
Caused by explosion and rupture of boiler
Varicose veins with ulcer and
Thalassaemia unspecified
Sickle cell anemia is not accompanied by
Hemoglobinopathies HB
Congenital hemolytic anemia
Hereditary spherocytosis
Oval red blood cells by genetic
Hereditary hemolytic anemia
Hemolytic uremic syndrome
Autoimmune hemolytic non-poor
Infectious hemolytic anemia
Hemolytic anemia secondary
Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Congenital spinal vertebrae flat
Congenital kyphosis
Congenital absence of ribs
Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis
Fungal pneumonia, fungal
Septic arthritis knee
Sinus node cells by
Biliary fistula after surgery
Traumatic skin and subcutaneous tissue
Acute lower limb arterial embolism
Chronic coronary insufficiency
Paraplegia after spinal surgery
Herpes simplex herpes virus
Congenital aortic arch high
Congenital uterine hypoplasia
Congenital cervical septum
Congenital cervical stenosis
Congenital pulmonary stenosis
Congenital pulmonary arteriovenous fistula
Congenital pulmonary hypoplasia
Congenital inferior vena
Portal vein connection with congenital abnormalities
Gastrocolic fistula
Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord blood
With labor and delivery complicated pseudoknot
Uterine rupture before delivery
Uterine rupture in childbirth
Production of traumatic cervical fracture injury
Production of traumatic bladder injury
Birth trauma of the pelvic joints and ligaments
Bleeding associated with placenta accreta
Bleeding associated with placenta accreta
Immediate postpartum hemorrhage
Choroidal tuberculosis
Optic TB
Tuberculous otitis media
Breast tuberculosis
Tongue tuberculosis
Acute miliary tuberculosis
Chronic miliary tuberculosis
Sub-acute miliary tuberculosis
Unspecified miliary tuberculosis
Tuberculous serositis
Plague unspecified
Brucellosis brucellosis
Unspecified rat bite fever
Uremia of chronic renal failure
Penis skin cancer
Prostate cancer
Cryptorchid testes undescended different
Cancer epididymis
Scrotal skin cancer
Seminal vesicle cancer
Except for a single kidney Kidney Cancer
Upper limb arteritis
Lower limb arteritis
Senile nuclear cataract nuclear
Optic nerve tumor
Nerve tumor
Trochlear nerve tumor
Abducens nerve tumor
Facial nerve tumor
Multi-joint disease segmental enteritis
Congenital discoid meniscus
Systemic juvenile rheumatoid Off
More children with juvenile arthritis
Jejunum cancer
Ileum tumor
Unspecified intestinal cancer
Cecum cancer
Thoracic dislocation
Rib dislocation
Thoracic spinal cord injury
Intercostal nerve injury
Superior vena cava injury
Intercostal vessel injury
Breast vascular injury
Different open injury associated with cardiac
Blunt cardiac injury is not particularly
Traumatic closed pneumothorax
Traumatic hemothorax closed
Traumatic hemothorax open
Traumatic pneumothorax open blood
Traumatic blindness
Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is not particularly
Unspecified lower gastrointestinal bleeding
Unspecified corneal opacity
Corneal melanosis
Corneal blood-stained
Bullous keratopathy
Sore throat
Chest pain
Unspecified chest pain
Respiratory arrest
Respiratory and circulatory failure
Unspecified abdominal pain
Nausea and vomiting
Non-rheumatic mitral valve prolapse
Off non-rheumatic mitral valve chordae
Non-rheumatic aortic stenosis
Regression of non-rheumatic aortic valve
Non-rheumatic aortic valve prolapse
Non-rheumatic aortic valve calcification
Non-rheumatic tricuspid stenosis
Non-rheumatic tricuspid stenosis
Non-rheumatic tricuspid valve prolapse
Ebstein non-rheumatic
Non rheumatic pulmonary valve closure
Non-rheumatic valvular heart disease
Non-rheumatic valvular calcification
Slow non-rheumatic endocarditis
Late syphilitic aortic valve narrow
Gonococcal endocarditis
Viral necessary
Infectious myocarditis necessary
Bacterial myocarditis necessary
Myocardial abscess required additional
Toxic myocarditis
Gonococcal myocarditis
Acute rheumatic fever
Metastatic islet cell carcinoma
Metastatic insulinoma
Acute jaundice hepatitis B virus
Acute viral hepatitis B
Severe acute viral hepatitis B
Subacute severe hepatitis B virus
Acute hepatitis C
Acute jaundice hepatitis C virus
Acute hepatitis C virus without jaundice
Orbital Hemangioma
Benign tumor of the mastoid bone
Benign tumors of orbital bone
Benign nasal
Congenital subclavian artery abnormality
Congenital aneurysm around
Bilateral renal benign tumor
Benign tumor of renal pelvis and calyceal
Benign bladder
Benign urethral
Esophageal hemorrhage unspecified
Recurrent dislocation of the ankle
Elbow contracture
Wrist contracture
Hand joint contractures
Ankle joint contractures
Hard shoulder
Other joints strong enough
Acute necrotizing pancreatitis
Bile duct
Abnormal reaction to tuberculin test
Acute pancreatitis
Acute exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis
Suppurative pancreatitis
Related cervical myelopathy
Female infertility and anovulation
Women with tubal infertility
Alcoholic hepatitis
Unspecified alcoholic cirrhosis
Alcoholic liver injury
Ma Bell's palsy
Hemifacial spasm
Facial atrophy syndrome
Facial paralysis
Facial nerve disorder unspecified
Glossopharyngeal nerve disorders
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy
Recurrent laryngeal nerve disorders
Hypoglossal nerve disorders
Hypoglossal nerve palsy
Multiple cranial nerve palsy
Multiple cranial neuritis
Nerve disorders
Cranial nerve palsy unspecified
Cranial neuritis, unspecified
Cervical nerve root damage
Thoracic nerve root damage
Lumbosacral nerve root injury
Mucopolysaccharide store of heart disease
Unspecified hyperlipidemia
Scrotal hematoma
Scrotal contusion
Penis hurt
Appropriate for gestational age in preterm children children
Lack of viability of premature children
Gestational age children
Neonatal birth trauma caused by a subdural
Neonatal birth trauma caused by the epidural
Neonatal brain contusion caused by birth trauma
Intracranial hemorrhage caused by birth trauma
Neonatal birth trauma caused by facial nerve damage
Neonatal scalp hematoma caused by birth trauma
Neonatal cranial injury caused by birth trauma
Neonatal femoral fractures caused by birth trauma
Neonatal birth trauma caused by tibial fractures
Neonatal birth trauma skin
Neonatal birth trauma unspecified
Unspecified fetal hypoxia
Severe neonatal asphyxia
Neonatal hypoxemia
Hyaline membrane disease
Neonatal transient tachypnea
Neonatal pulmonary edema
Neonatal meconium aspiration syndrome
Neonatal amniotic fluid aspiration
Perinatal Neonatal pneumothorax
Zhang onset neonatal pulmonary
Neonatal cyanosis cyanosis
Neonatal respiratory failure
Neonatal heart failure
Neonatal arrhythmia
Congenital rubella
Neonatal sepsis, unspecified
Listen neuritis
Mastoid cavity after complicated
Acute rheumatic pericarditis
Acute rheumatic myocarditis
Infectious mononucleosis syndrome
Nevus sebaceous
Bai Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus
Foreign body of skin and subcutaneous tissue
Vascular skin leucocytoclastic
Purulent skin and subcutaneous tissue
Bad diabetic foot disease
Recurrent dislocation of the patella
Knee TB
Chondromalacia patella
Giant congenital renal
Congenital male epispadias
Narrow mouth of congenital bladder and urethra
And toes accompanied by congenital fusion
Gram-negative bacterial sepsis
Optic candidiasis
The bottom of closed fractures of humerus
Closed fracture of orbital bone
Accidental poisoning by antiepileptic drugs
Corrosion of upper limb burn injury and cold
Pulmonary hemosiderin deposition disease
Esophagitis after surgery
Old or the posterior cruciate ligament of knee
Pathological dislocation of shoulder
Pathological dislocation of the elbow
Pathological dislocation of hand joint
Pathological dislocation of ankle
Recurrent dislocation of the elbow
Dynamic unknown pelvic tumor
Dynamic unknown orbital tumor
Junction dynamics is not malignant peritoneal
Dynamic unknown abdominal tumor
Dynamic unknown tumors Heart
Junction of orbital dynamics is not vicious
Cicatricial alopecia areata false
Crisp complications
Acne party
Acne acne-like
Superfluous nose
Hair cyst
Acne keloid
Bromidrosis disease
Color hyperhidrosis
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Brown macular
The stain
Colored skin crawl Purpura
Dry skin dry skin disorders
Cerebellar degeneration
Cerebellar atrophy
Diencephalic epilepsy
Fully central sleep apnea
Ulnar neuritis
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Purulent laryngitis
Acute laryngitis
Laryngitis unspecified
Bronchitis unspecified
Expansion of the ascending aorta
Acute epiglottitis
Cervical internal carotid artery false aneurysm
Thoracic aortic aneurysm
Maxillary sinusitis unspecified
Carotid aneurysm
Rhinitis unspecified
Chronic pharyngitis
Hypertrophic pharyngitis
Frontal sinusitis unspecified
Sinus fistula
Chronic frontal sinusitis
Pus of chronic suppurative frontal sinusitis
Chronic sinusitis involves multiple
Unspecified nasal polyp
Tonsillitis, unspecified
Nasal stenosis
Nasal adhesions
Sinus tumor
Nasal septum
Acquired nasal atresia
Throat abscess
Throat ulcers
Malignant spinal canal at the junction of the dynamic
Malignant thyroid dynamic junction
Malignant adrenal junction dynamics
Rheumatic mitral stenosis
Seminal vesicle tuberculosis
Penis herpes simplex virus
Cystic hyperplasia of male breast
Breast fibrocystic breast disease
Mammary duct ectasia
Juvenile polyarteritis
Multi vasculitis overlap syndrome
Too little blood complement vasculitis
Systemic calcium calm syndrome
Systemic scleroderma myopathy
Blood in non-traumatic shoulder
Recurrent panniculitis Weber
Idiopathic scoliosis
Post-polio scoliosis
Unspecified scoliosis after spine
Unspecified scoliosis
Spondyloarthropathy tough
Unspecified lordosis
Proteobacteria singular Morgan
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Enterococcus infections cause sub-
Klebsiella infection causes
Aerobic Gram-positive Bacillus
Morgan infection causes sub-genus
Citrobacter infections cause
Cause an infection of Bifidobacterium
Screw spp infected with H. Lo
Classification of adenovirus infection causes
Enterovirus infections cause categories
Papillomavirus infection causes
All bald head
Candidal balanitis
Acute pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
Chronic pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in the lung
Triple viral infections without jaundice
Elbow gout nodules
Gouty nodules multi-site
Superficial injuries and neck and trunk open
Sequelae of thoracic organ damage
Intra-abdominal and pelvic organs after injury
Tuberculous pleurisy by bacteria
With artificial prosthetic eye device status
With artificial prosthetic device status
Poisoning marine animals and plants
Adult T cell precursor acute
Library welcomes syndrome
Screening of multiple pregnancy fetal reduction
Pelvic fluid
Tubal atresia
Ovarian necrosis
Chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disease
Fiber bone marrow fibrosis in acute
Chronic relapsing demyelinating
Traumatic cataract
Step paralytic spastic gait
Break intracranial aneurysm
Cerebral artery aneurysm broken
Decompensated cirrhosis
Secondary malignancies with multiple bone
Demyelinating optic neuritis
Acute hemorrhagic subacute
Acute disseminated demyelinating disease
Corpus callosum central demyelinating disease
Destruction of central pontine myelinolysis
Central nervous system demyelinating
Concentric die hard Baoluo disease
Lip mucocele
Oral ulcers
Non-gastric rupture gastric perforation
Traumatic wrist cutting
Classification of multiple injuries of wrist and hand
Hip contusion hematoma
Thigh contusion hematoma
Umbilical hernia
Mandibular carina
Alveolar osteitis
Salivary gland atrophy
Acute suppurative parotitis
Urinary obstruction unspecified
Kidney infection unspecified
Chronic renal failure, azotemia
Uremic myocarditis
Bilateral hydrosalpinx
Lower ureteral stones
Renal rickets
Unspecified renal tubular acidosis
Primary renal tubular acidosis
Renal artery thrombosis
Chronic metritis
Incomplete and partial mole
Secondary hypertension with the original
Severe pregnancy-induced hypertension
Imaging of intracranial space-occupying STD
Abnormal head imaging
Unilateral knee disease secondary
Bilateral first carpometacarpal joint of the original
Unilateral first carpometacarpal joint of the original
Unilateral first carpometacarpal joint of the following
Primary joint disease unspecified
Upper arm bone and joint elbow
Hand osteoarthritis
Calf knee joints
Before the wrist joint in
Acquired hand deformities
Old anterior cruciate ligament or
Schistosomiasis pneumonia
Congenital coronary vascular malformation
Congenital coronary arteriovenous fistula
Congenital heart block
Congenital heart
Congenital pericardial defect
Congenital ventricular hypertrophy
Congenital right ventricular outflow tract obstruction
Cirrhosis associated with variceal song
Qu cirrhosis associated with gastric vein
Acute nasopharyngitis
Ginkgo Ginkgo accidental poisoning
Accidental poisoning by herbal drugs
Fever of non-opioid analgesics
Especially the way the other intentionally self-
Harm with a pistol launches
Harm with a blunt object to
Firing pistol with intent uncertain
Abnormal reactions after bone marrow transplantation
Congenital multiple joint contractures
Acquired spondylolisthesis
Metastatic malignant mesenchymoma
Pathological fracture of cervical
Pleomorphic carcinoma metastatic
Anterior myocardial infarction followed
Open common bile duct
Closely associated with acute glomerulonephritis
Congenital urethral fistula
Congenital hip subluxation
Congenital Clubfoot
Yang toe valgus Congenital
Congenital foot bow
Congenital hemifacial hypertrophy syndrome
Congenital funnel chest
Shovel-like hands of congenital hand deformities
Congenital malformations clavicle
ERC pancreatitis after operation
Chronic pancreatitis
Pancreatic cysts
Pancreatic pseudocyst
Viral conjunctivitis heat pharyngeal
Enterovirus epidemic hemorrhagic
Unspecified viral conjunctivitis
Chest pain epidemic myalgia
Lymphocytes by acute infectious
Adenovirus infection unspecified
Eco Unspecified viral infection
Schizophrenia-like personality disorder
Unspecified eye injury
Pertussis pneumonia
Gonococcal pneumonia
Parainfluenza virus acute bronchitis
Lobar pneumonia unspecified
Hypostatic pneumonia unspecified
Ventilator-associated pneumonia machine
Mycoplasma pneumoniae acute bronchitis
Acute bronchitis, unspecified
Lytle urethritis conjunctiva
Reactive arthritis unspecified
Felty syndrome Fei
Rheumatoid lung disease
Vascular rheumatoid vasculitis
Relations involving the internal organs of the rheumatoid
Relations involving the whole body of rheumatoid
Rheumatoid arthritis, myocardial
Corneal edema
Corneal degeneration
Corneal band degeneration
Corneal keratosis
Old Central corneal
Fuchs syndrome Fu
Hereditary corneal dystrophy
After the elastic layer of corneal swelling
Corneal staphyloma
Spherical cornea
Corneal xerosis
Corneal Cyst
Scleral tuberculosis
Herpes simplex keratitis
Corneal tuberculosis
Late congenital syphilitic interstitial
Herpes zoster keratitis
Hydronephrosis Hydronephrosis
Immunogenicity of renal pelvis renal pelvis next to the cyst
Calyx water
Perirenal renal water
Hydroureter associated with infection
Urinary bladder inflammation Triangle
Cystitis glandularis
Eosinophilic cystitis
Bladder abscess
Congenital epicanthus
Congenital absence of tears
Congenital eye
Transplant renal artery stenosis
Secondary malignant rib
Ventricular enlargement
Cardiac hypertrophy
Enlarged heart
Rectal fistula associated with congenital atresia
Fistula associated with congenital anal atresia
Congenital rectal atresia
Congenital rectal stenosis
Fistula associated with congenital anal stenosis
Congenital stenosis is not especially large intestine
Congenital choanal atresia ago
Congenital cerebral vascular muscle fiber
Abdominal aortic stenosis
Arterial necrosis
Inferior vena cava obstruction syndrome
Thoracic duct obstruction
Cervical prolapse
Testicular atrophy
Cyst of seminal vesicles and vas deferens
Testicular tumor
Scrotal mass
Granuloma of the epiglottis
Laryngeal disease induration
Laryngeal cyst
Epiglottic cyst
Epiglottis ulcer
Abnormal upper limb congenital defects shortage
Closed fractures of lumbar
Lumbar fracture
Light needs of drug toxicity
Drug allergic reactions to be light
Other anti-infective drugs allergy
Analgesic history of drug allergy
Serum allergy history
History of allergy vaccines
Acquired partial skull missing
Acquired maxillary part of the missing
Acquired partial deletion of the liver
Acquired renal Missing
Nephrostomy after state
Kidney transplant status
Bone graft status
State of corneal transplantation
State of bone marrow transplantation
Installation of permanent pacemaker
Transplantation with heart valve prosthesis
Loaded with intrauterine contraceptive
Status after cardiac surgery
State of the brain after spinal surgery
Depends on Respirator
Bacteriology of tuberculosis NES
Congenital nephrotic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome unspecified
Other Streptococcus infections
Staphylococcus aureus infection
Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus
Drug rash
Closed fracture upper tibia
Fibular shaft fracture
Multiple open fractures leg
Patellar dislocation
Malignant bone and articular cartilage
Tracheostomy maintenance
Adjustment and maintenance of cardiac pacemaker
Toxoplasma myositis
Schistosomiasis myositis
Sarcoidosis, myositis
Sarcoidosis of multiple cranial nerve
Synovial hypertrophy unspecified
Bursitis ischial bursitis
Collision shoulder syndrome
Bleeding and hematoma in the chest after surgery
Old dislocation of the wrist joint
Old hand dislocation
Old dislocation of the hip
The other foot off the old joint
Elbow adhesion
Retinal arteritis
Retinal vasculitis
Ear cellulitis
Acute myringitis
External auditory canal
Vertigo syndrome, unspecified
Bullous myringitis
Hearing loss
Acute rheumatoid arthritis
Primary idiopathic cardiomyopathy
Non-rheumatic mitral valve perforation
Cerebral arteriosclerosis
Secondary cardiomyopathy
Hard carotid artery
Acquired meningeal arteriovenous fistula
Non-vertebral artery aneurysm ruptured
Non-ruptured vertebral pseudoaneurysm
Acquired carotid artery sea
Pneumonia in immunosuppressed host
Vasospasm unspecified
Insufficient blood supply to limb ischemia
Infarction before the syndrome
Congenital wine stains
Colon telangiectasia
Endometrial hyperplasia
Increased uterine hypertrophy
Cervical ulcer
Hypertrophic cervical extension
Acquired vaginal atresia
Congenital tracheal mucosal hernia-like protrusion
Tension incontinence
Senile cataract unspecified
Pre-senile cataract
Complicated cataract
Heterochromatic iris cataract
Glaucoma, cataract
After cataract
Secondary cataract
Mixed cataract
Unspecified cataract
No crystals after surgery
Lens subluxation
Cholesterol pneumonia
Interstitial pneumonia, unspecified
Lung abscess
Mediastinal abscess
Pus pneumothorax
Exudative pleurisy
Pleural thickening
Spontaneous pneumothorax
Pneumothorax, unspecified
Ataxia syndrome
Transient hypertension of pregnancy
Threatened abortion
Acidosis associated with hyperemesis gravidarum
Gravidarum trimester of pregnancy
Varicose veins pregnancy
Will shade the vulva during pregnancy
Intrauterine infection during pregnancy
Tracheal osteomalacia
Tracheal compression
Tracheal stenosis
Tracheal tumor
Bronchitis unspecified
Chronic simple bronchitis
Unspecified chronic bronchitis
Unspecified chronic bronchitis
All whole leaf acinar emphysema
Central lobe emphysema
Bullae rupture
Branches which chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema
Chronic asthmatic bronchitis
CO chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Bronchial asthma, allergic asthma
Asthma in infants and young children under the age of
Asthma-like status asthmaticus
Bronchiectasis with hemoptysis
Lung pneumoconiosis of coal carbon powder
Silicosis silicosis
Silicosis, pulmonary fibrosis
Allergic allergic alveolar
When necessary with aspiration pneumonia
When necessary with lipid pneumonia
When necessary with radiation pneumonitis
Need for radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis
Traumatic wet lung
Acute pulmonary edema
Pulmonary eosinophilia
Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Pulmonary Sporothrix
Delivery is not associated with uterine fatigue
Are small pelvis caused by obstructed labor
Obstruction caused by pelvic stenosis entrance
Twin locking points caused by obstruction caused by
Conjoined twins obstructed labor caused by
Disseminated intravascular delivery period
Part of the placenta or fetal membrane retention
Sepsis during the birth process
Delay after the birth of artificial rupture of membranes
Postpartum hemorrhoids
Chronic myringitis
Tympanic membrane atrophy
Sclerosing hemangioma
Bone Myositis hand injury
Pelvic region and thigh bone injury
Vas deferens TB
Congenital anal atresia
Congenital absence of the anus
Congenital skin fistula rectal
Congenital colonic diverticulitis
Congenital ectopic appendix
Congenital absence of pancreatic
Congenital ovarian torsion
Congenital malformations is not tubal
Congenital ureteral atresia
Congenital urethral stricture
Benign cicatricial pemphigoid
Disseminated eczema
Atopic neurodermatitis
Diaper dermatitis diaper rash
Plant contact dermatitis
Optic papillitis
Light skin contact dermatitis spices
Polymorphous light eruption
Many parts of the body pain
Secondary trauma and recurrent
Traumatic air embolism
Traumatic fat embolism
Lupus liver disease
Lower limb muscle and tendon injury
Especially the aftermath of other chest injuries
His lower back and pelvis abdomen
Loss of other especially the spine and torso
Ventilator-associated pneumothorax
Neonatal multiple organ failure
Sequelae of open injury upper limb
Congenital cataract
Congenital lens shift off
Congenital defect of the lens
Recurrent dislocation of the spine do not completely
Acquired torticollis
Acquired myogenic torticollis
Spondylitis, unspecified
Cervical vertebra Cervical Ankylosis
Tough thoracic spine bone joints
Lumbar spine bone joints strong
Phalanx of multiple fracture
Carpal dislocation between
Interphalangeal joint dislocation
Various dislocation of finger joint
Metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint ligaments record
Wrist sprain and strain
Common bile duct stones
Wrist blood in non-invasive
Blood in the hand of non-traumatic joint
Shift congenital ear low set ears
Annex congenital auricular neck
Congenital absence of lower jaw and ear deformities
Congenital branchial cleft undifferentiated
Congenital small mouth
Congenital lip
Congenital face and neck fistula
Congenital face and neck cyst
Acquired cardiac septal defect
Congenital two-bedroom three-chambered heart in a room
Common single ventricle congenital heart
Congenital atrioventricular discordant
Congenital aortic septal defect
Congenital atrial septal defect is not
Congenital aortopulmonary window
Congenital aortic
Congenital mitral
Congenital tricuspid valve malformation is not
Congenital dislocation of the heart
Yule disease
Complex congenital heart disease
Congenital aortic atresia
Wrist joint adhesion
Huge deformity
Mandibular protrusion
Maxillary protrusion
Associated with mandibular retrusion maxillary protrusion
Temporomandibular joint ankylosis
TMJ is not correct
Dermoid cyst of oral epidermoid
Benign skull
Congenital absence of the lower leg and foot
Non-ruptured cerebral artery pseudoaneurysm
Results junctional ectopic rhythm
Acquired pancreatic Missing
Congenital unilateral soft-hard palate
Congenital unilateral renal atrophy
Congenital bilateral renal atrophy
Sequelae of sub-maxillofacial fracture
Congenital snapping means
Multiple soft tissue injuries are not special
Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
Idiopathic atrial fibrillation is unknown
Sellar tumor
Other parts of the chest wall and unclear
Other parts of the pelvic and unclear
Secondary malignant intrathoracic lymph nodes
Stomach obstruction
Closed fractures pelvis
Sacrum closed fractures
Ischial fracture
Bronchial pyogenic granuloma
Sprain and strain of shoulder girdle is not
Axillary nerve injury
Musculocutaneous nerve injury
More shoulder and upper arm nerve injury
Axillary artery injury
Brachial artery injury
Brachial vein injury
Various shoulder and upper arm blood vessel damage
Two long head of the brachial muscle and tendon
Meat and triceps tendon injuries
Various shoulder and upper arm muscles and
Upper arm tendon and muscle damage
Traumatic shoulder cut off at
Between shoulder and elbow trauma cut
Multiple injuries shoulder and upper arm points
Elbow contusion
Forearm contusion
Open elbow injury
Various open injury of forearm
Not particularly open injury of forearm
Closed fractures of olecranon
Upper end of ulna fracture
Olecranon fracture
Meng Tegu off of open fractures
Meniscus tear
Acute necrotizing lymphadenitis
Acute lymphadenitis
Acute necrotic lymph nodes
Subacute necrotizing lymphadenitis
Congenital skin sinus pus
Pilonidal cyst
Red ringworm
Sinus infection back
Abdominal wall sinus infection
Proliferative pyoderma
Head and facial skin and subcutaneous tissue
Sense of neck skin and subcutaneous tissue
Perineal skin and subcutaneous tissue
Inflammatory mass in the perineal mass
Hand skin and subcutaneous tissue infections
Foot skin and subcutaneous tissue infections
Non-neonatal infection omphalitis
Sense of abdominal wall skin and subcutaneous tissue
Benign floor of the mouth
Benign tongue
Benign alveolar
Buccal benign
Oral benign tumor
Benign gingival
Pharyngeal palatine tonsil door
Pharynx unspecified benign tumor
Benign parapharyngeal
Benign tumor
Submandibular gland benign tumors
Sublingual gland benign tumors
Not particularly large benign salivary gland
Benign cecal swollen ileocecal valve
Microvesicular keratoconjunctivitis
Corneal abscess
Benign tumor on the jaw
Fetal Rh blood group is not the mother
Accidental contact with other hot fluids
Stress urinary incontinence
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
Prostate fibrosis
Chronic prostatitis
Prostatic abscess
Prostate stones
Residual foreign body in soft tissue is not particularly
Biliary Ascariasis
Tuberculous brain granuloma
Myelitis sequelae
A total of Mary Marie
Progressive bulbar palsy
Cancer encephalopathy
Peripheral neuritis
Multiple diabetic nerve
Myasthenia gravis
Muscular dystrophy
Myotonic dystrophy
Oddi's sphincter stenosis
Pustular rash impetigo
Bile duct hemorrhage
Small pustular dermatitis under the stratum corneum
Hypertrophic lichen planus
Recurrent pancreatitis
Bullous lichen planus
Peripancreatic hemorrhage
Non-surgical blind loop syndrome
Vomiting after gastrointestinal surgery
Malabsorption syndrome after surgery
Sacrococcygeal vertebral fracture sequelae of sub-
Flaccid quadriplegia
Spastic quadriplegia
Quadriplegia unspecified
Paralysis of both upper limbs
Unilateral upper extremity paralysis
Monoplegia unspecified
Lower extremity traumatic paraplegia
Systemic necrotizing vasculitis
Otolith otolith disease syndrome
Hypertonic dehydration
Low weight gain during pregnancy
The original and malnutrition-related
Drug-induced gastritis
Antral gastritis
Small bowel fistula after surgery
Duodenal inflammation
Pregnancy associated with uterine torsion
Incarceration associated with uterine pregnancy
Pregnancy associated with uterine prolapse
First pregnancy with vaginal stenosis
Pregnancy with vaginal diaphragm
Genital malformation associated with pregnancy
Pregnancy associated with bladder prolapse
Suspected fetal hydrocephalus
Anencephaly suspected fetal
Unilateral hydrosalpinx
Fallopian tubes and ovaries are not particularly inflammatory
Suspected fetal hemophilia
Intrauterine death
Pregnancy with low birth weight children
Pregnancy with intrauterine growth
Pregnant women with small for gestational age less than
Great children during pregnancy
Abnormal fetal heart rate
Child meningitis
Ocular injury with magnetic foreign body
Penetrating eye injuries
Corneal penetrating injury
Scleral penetrating injury
Traumatic avulsion of the eye eye
Duct injury
Traumatic retinal concussion
Female genitourinary tract malignancies
Early congenital syphilis latent
Typhoid carriers
Armpit secondary malignant
Secondary vaginal cancer
Scrotum secondary malignant
High-pressure gas tank explosion and rupture of the
Actinic type cells increased reticulocyte
Light dermatitis
Ingrown toenails
A crisp disease
Over a foot of the bed of
A hemorrhage
As early as the old non-cicatricial alopecia
Non-scarring alopecia seborrheic
NS non-scarring alopecia
Acne unspecified
Additional required perioral dermatitis
Epidermal cyst epidermal cyst
Trunk epidermal cyst
Head and neck epidermoid cyst
Multiple sebaceous cysts sac fat
Congestive prostate bleeding
Prostate atrophy
Aortic body tumor
Uterine cancer is not particularly
Knee medial collateral ligament or the old
Short of breath
Enterovirus infection
Viral gastrointestinal disease
Tuberculosis pulmonary fibrosis by
By microscopy Tuberculous pneumothorax
Tuberculous pneumonia by microscope
By tuberculous bronchiectasis
Tuberculosis pulmonary fibrosis only
Tuberculous pneumothorax by sputum culture alone
Tuberculous pneumonia by sputum culture alone
Tuberculous bronchiectasis only
Histologically tuberculous pneumothorax
Histologically tuberculous pneumonia
Unspecified tuberculosis by
Tuberculous pneumothorax by unspecified
Tuberculous pneumonia by unspecified
Hilar lymph node tuberculosis by
Mediastinal lymph node tuberculosis by
Tracheobronchial lymph node tuberculosis
Hilar lymph node TB has permit
The bacterial bronchial tuberculosis
The bacteriology of tuberculosis glottis
Laryngeal tuberculosis by bacteriological and
Tracheal tuberculosis by bacteriological
The bacteriology of tuberculous empyema
Primary respiratory tuberculosis
Mediastinal tuberculosis by bacteriological
Nasopharyngeal tuberculosis by bacteriological
TB of any sinus sinus
The bacteriology and nasal tuberculosis
Respiratory tuberculosis NOS
Small tuberculous bronchiectasis
Tuberculosis pulmonary fibrosis fine
Bacterial pneumonia and tuberculosis
Tuberculous pneumothorax bacteriologically and
Tuberculous bronchiectasis is not
Tuberculosis pulmonary fibrosis is not
Bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis without making
Tuberculous pneumothorax without making bacteria
Tuberculosis of lung fibrosis by
No mention of pulmonary tuberculosis
Cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis did not mention
Did not mention the proliferation of pulmonary tuberculosis
Pulmonary tuberculosis without mention of hemorrhage
Nodular pulmonary tuberculosis did not mention
Tuberculous abscess without mention of
Details not mentioned in tuberculous pneumothorax
Silicosis and tuberculosis did not mention details
Lumbar spine tuberculosis with abscess
Luo Teer chronic syndrome
Wilson liver degeneration
Zhi Zhi joint tuberculosis
Tuberculous osteomyelitis
Sternal tuberculosis
Phalanx TB
Metatarsal TB
Tarsal bone tuberculosis
Other special phalanx TB
TB osteonecrosis
Genitourinary tuberculosis
Bladder Tuberculosis
Urinary tuberculosis
Endometrial Tuberculosis
Female pelvic tuberculosis
Cervical tuberculosis
Ovarian tuberculosis
Tuberculous renal abscess
Tubal tuberculosis
Tuberculous ureteral stricture
Tuberculous hydronephrosis
Contracture of the shoulder area muscles
Endometrioid cystadenoma
Unstable thoracolumbar
Lumbosacral instability
Late neonatal metabolic
Neonatal Dehydration
Neonatal hyponatremia
Neonatal hypernatremia
Neonatal hypokalemia
Neonatal hyperkalemia
Neonatal meconium ileus
Neonatal meconium plug syndrome
Transient neonatal intestinal obstruction
Neonatal intestinal paralysis
Neonatal necrotizing colon
Neonatal meconium peritonitis
Neonatal intestinal perforation
Neonatal swallowing syndrome
Neonatal pharyngeal blood syndrome
Neonatal amniotic fluid swallowing syndrome
Neonatal diarrhea
Traumatic tendon scar stick
Scar after surgery
Facial eosinophilic granuloma of the skin
Single fetus breech eutocia
Occlusion of basilar artery stenosis
Stenosis of carotid artery occlusion
Embolization of cerebral artery infarction
Brain, cerebral venous thrombosis
Multiple cerebral infarction
Massive cerebral infarction
Large cerebral infarction
Lacunar infarction
Capsular infarction in the brain
Cerebral infarction external capsule
Vertebral artery occlusion
Vertebral artery thrombosis
Basilar artery thrombosis
Carotid artery occlusion
Carotid artery occlusion
Carotid artery thrombosis
External carotid artery occlusion
Dynamic trunk malignant bone junction
Junction vicious elbow forearm
Spinal cord associated with cervical disc prolapse
Adrenal tumor body segment next to the body
Dental bone hyperostosis
Various unspecified superficial injury
Obstetrics amniotic fluid embolism
Obstetric pulmonary blood clot embolism
Postpartum cardiomyopathy
Postpartum acute renal failure
Postpartum uterine involution failure
Not associated with congenital esophageal atresia
Congenital short esophagus
A lack of vitamin A associated with corneal
A lack of vitamin A associated with dry eye
A lack of vitamin Unspecified
A lack of thiamine vitamin B
Men Menkes syndrome
High Phosphorus urine disease
Abscess chest infection after surgery
Abscess pelvic infection after surgery
Accidentally left inside the uterus
Subcutaneous emphysema after surgery
Mechanical heart valve prosthesis and
Concurrent mechanical pacemaker
Mechanical and hemodialysis catheter
Caused by heart valve prosthesis implantation
IUD mechanical concurrent
Mechanical limb bone fixation device
Intracranial ventricles traffic diversion
Breast implants and implants in the machine
Disease graft-versus-host reaction
Accelerated rejection of bone marrow transplantation
Hyperacute rejection of bone marrow transplantation anti-
Chronic rejection of bone marrow transplantation
Adrenal hemorrhage
Trigeminal neuralgia
Suspected disease
Functional weakness
Functional dysphagia
Spiritual drink
Spontaneous abortion and reproductive tract after the basin
Delayed bleeding after spontaneous abortion
After the shock of ectopic pregnancy
Shock after abortion
Intestinal perforation after abortion
Abortion pelvic organ
Organization property lag after ectopic pregnancy
Vaginal hemorrhage
Uterine fibrosis, unspecified
Cervical ectropion
Mild cervical dysplasia
Severe cervical dysplasia
Congenital absence of the prostate
Shi Hirschsprung Hirsch
Long segment Hirschsprung's Type
Short segment Hirschsprung's Type
Dislocation of the eyeball
Ocular cysticercosis
Retrobulbar neuritis
Multiple congenital malformations
Trisomy love
Fragile X syndrome
Unspecified cardiac murmur
Dry gangrene limb necrosis
Pulmonary hemorrhage unspecified
Oriental boil cutaneous leishmaniasis
Toxoplasmosis unspecified
Skin schistosomiasis cercariae Xing
Pork Taeniasis
Intestinal taeniasis
Epididymal cyst
Gonococcal prostatitis
Chronic mastitis
Acute mastitis
Galactorrhea has nothing to do with the birth
Myositis unspecified uterine
Women with acute pelvic peritonitis
Testicular contusion
Vulva and vagina bruise
Perineum contusion
Deep vein valve function is not
Venous sclerosis
Venous reflux disorder
Acute mesenteric lymphadenitis
Chronic submandibular lymphadenitis
Submental lymphadenitis Chronic
Colonic pneumatosis
Various unilateral upper limb complex open
Various composite closed unilateral lower limb
Benign thoracic
Urinary tract tumor
Triple infection of jaundice
Nutritional cardiomyopathy
Flat xanthoma
Generalized lipodystrophy
Subclavian artery thrombosis
Acquired subclavian vein
Bronchial calculus
Bronchial stenosis
Acute rheumatic heart inflammation
Accidental damage caused by fireworks launched
Compound nerve damage in various
Middle ear foreign body
Hypopharyngeal foreign body in larynx
Duodenal foreign body
Vulvar and vaginal foreign body
Corrosion of head and neck injuries was
Cystic thyroid nodules
Puberty goiter
Toxic nodular goiter
TSH Tumor TS
Hyperthyroid heart
Hashimoto thyroiditis
High calcitonin hyperlipidemia
Not sensitive to thyroid hormone synthesis
Diabetic acidosis
Diabetic autonomic
Malignant peripheral neuropathy
Lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin
Nodular sclerosis Hodgkin evil
Mixed cellularity Hodgkin's
Lymphocytes lack of Hodgkin
Howard Hodgkin's lymphoma
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Neonatal diabetes
Neonatal tyrosinemia
Unspecified neonatal hypothermia
Neonatal inhibition of brain
Wide neonatal cranial skull softening
Cervical cancer is not particularly
Maxillary cancer
Bronchial benign tumors
Congenital upper limb axillary shoulder
Osteoporosis associated with lumbosacral
And upper secondary axillary lymph node
Secondary malignant mediastinal
Secondary malignant colon
Secondary malignant peritoneal
Urinary tract infection during pregnancy is not
Maternal hypotension syndrome
Deformation caused by fetal pelvic disproportion
Pregnancy associated with uterine polyps
Deformation of the pelvis caused by obstructed labor
Pregnancy with vaginal cancer
Maternal rubella virus RV
Sense of the fetus suspected toxoplasmosis
Anterior pituitary hypofunction crisis
ACTH generation
Masseter space infection
Especially the shoulder and upper arm injury in the other
Villous adenocarcinoma metastatic
Parietal hemangioma
Extension of the pons cerebral aneurysms
Granuloma wound surgical wound
Sequelae of leprosy
Staphylococcus infection unspecified
Neonatal respiratory acidosis
Sprain and strain of lower limb dislocation
Other especially ankle and foot injury
Congenital esophageal stenosis
Congenital esophageal hiatal hernia
Exposure to unspecified smoke
Dynamic Unknown rectal cancer
Sphenoid sinus cancer
Sinus malignancy unspecified
Nodal escape beat
Ventricular arrhythmia in parallel
Heart disorder atrial
Sinus tachycardia
Sinus bradycardia
Sinus arrhythmia
Atrial rhythm in parallel
High exposure to excessive natural heat
Exposure to excessive natural cold too
Lightning victims
Rheumatic mitral regurgitation
Generalized disseminated herpes zoster
Gonococcal synovitis and tenosynovitis
Thoracic spinal nerve root injury
Open bronchial injury
Blunt chest injury lymphatic
Long thumb flexor and tendon injuries
Portal hypertensive gastropathy
Kidney associated with membranous nephropathy
Protein losing enteropathy
Other especially after head injury
Lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration
Gastrointestinal obstruction of upper digestive tract
Maternal B virus small
Placental transfusion syndrome
Double fetus
Abnormal fetal alcohol syndrome
Comprehensive newborn twin to twin transfusion
Comprehensive Neonatal maternal-fetal blood transfusion
Sample term low birth weight children
Extremely immature preterm children have
Full pregnancy expired births
Over cooked baby unspecified
Neonatal birth trauma caused by subarachnoid
Neonatal brain damage caused by birth trauma
Birth trauma caused by neonatal cranial nerve damage
Neonatal scalp contusion caused by birth trauma
Mediastinal hernia
Respiratory failure, unspecified
Tooth enamel plaques
Deciduous teeth of early
Iliac bone fracture
Closed fracture acetabulum
Acetabular fracture
Pubis closed fractures
Pubic bone fracture
Lumbar spine and pelvic closure
Lumbar spine and pelvic opening
Traumatic rupture of lumbar intervertebral disc
Lumbar spine dislocation
Sacrococcygeal dislocation
Traumatic rupture of pubic symphysis
Sprain and strain of lumbar spine
Lumbar spinal cord injury
Cauda equina injury
Abdominal aortic injury
Inferior vena cava injury
Hepatic vein injury
Celiac artery injury
Splenic vein injury
Mesenteric vein injury
Renal vascular injury
Iliac vascular injury
Ovarian vascular injury
Abdominal vascular injuries
Closed rupture of the spleen injury
Rupture of the spleen injury open
Open rupture of liver injury
Rupture of closed injury of pancreas
Open fracture injury of the pancreas
Closed rupture of the stomach injury
Closed rupture of the colon injury
Colon injury open fracture
Closed rupture of rectal injury
Blunt abdominal multi-organ damage
Open intra-abdominal multi-organ damage
Break mesenteric blunt trauma
Retroperitoneal blunt trauma
Closed retroperitoneal hematoma
Closed rupture of renal injury
Weeks of closed renal hematoma
Deputy refers to congenital
Watch two syphilitic choroid
Unspecified gastrointestinal bleeding
Unspecified gastrointestinal disorders
Skull fracture is not particularly
Genital herpes simplex virus single vaginal
Skin and subcutaneous lower limb hip
Ocular hemangioma
Multi-site bone stress fracture
The bone stress fractures shoulder
Upper arm elbow stress
Benign tumor of facial bone
Benign tumors of temporal bone
Benign tumor of the parietal bone
Frontal benign
Personal history of radiation therapy
Implants with genitourinary
Otology and audiology with plant
State with artificial larynx implants
With root and mandibular implants
Skull plate with the implantation of the state
After intestinal bypass and anastomosis status
With cerebrospinal fluid drainage shunt
Middle cranial fossa and the orbital optic nerve
Meckel middle cranial fossa
Concomitant strabismus
Upper arm elbow bone cyst
Before the wrist joint bone cyst
Hand bone cyst
Calf knee cyst
Spastic hemiplegia
Lymphocytes and red blood cells of macrophage
Open injury of bladder rupture
Tubal broken blunt trauma
Multiple organ damage in closed pelvic
Closed injury of the vas deferens break
Non-Hodgkin's malignant pleural
Non-Hodgkin's malignant urethral
Non-Hodgkin testicular and prostate
Plasma cell leukemia
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Acute myeloid myeloid
Sub-acute myelogenous myeloid
White eosinophilic myeloid
Lymphosarcoma cell leukemia
Pneumoconiosis eye copper scrap
Old vitreous different non-magnetic
Intraocular hemorrhage
Orbital apex syndrome
Optic nerve tumor
Nerve inflammation
Ocular rectus muscle paralysis
Extraocular muscle paralysis
Myasthenia gravis strabismus
Esotropia V sign
Intermittent alternating esotropia
Neonatal clavicular fracture caused by birth trauma
Asphyxia unspecified
Neonatal wet lung
Neonatal Perinatal lung
Cesarean section child syndrome
Congenital Virus
Of newborn
Intrauterine infection
Fetal and neonatal intraventricular
Neonatal hemorrhage unspecified
Neonatal jaundice unspecified nuclear
Neonatal jaundice
Closed fractures of ulnar and radial shaft
Multiple closed fractures forearm
Elbow dislocation
Elbow sprain and strain
Sensory nerve injury in the forearm skin
Various vascular injury forearm
Female urethral prolapse
Urethral fistula after surgery
Urethral diverticulum
Urethral caruncle
Urethral mucosa prolapse
Eclampsia of pregnancy
Postpartum eclampsia puerperal eclampsia
Streptococcal acute bronchitis
Acute cholecystitis
Exposure to lifting and transmission devices
Accidental loss of contact with sharp glass
Contact with a sword or dagger views
Contact with non-powered hand tools
Power hand tools and home contacts
Accidental contact with agricultural machinery
Hirschsprung's disease the entire colon
Congenital malformations undifferentiated epididymal
Congenital bile duct stricture
Expansion of congenital bile duct
Acute rheumatic heart disease
Chorea is not associated with rheumatic heart
Neonatal transient reduction of platelet
Neonatal polycythemia
Anemia in premature children
Neonatal hemorrhagic anemia
Poor neonatal congenital anemia
Neonatal transient neutral white cell
Comprehensive infant of diabetic mother
Neonatal hypoglycemia
Neonatal hypocalcemia
Neonatal hypomagnesemia
Neonatal tetany without special
Neonatal parathyroid function by
Neonatal hyperthyroidism
Associated with congenital absence of the eustachian tube to listen to
Congenital inner ear malformation accompanied by listening
Congenital hearing ear accompanied by lack of
Non-purulent intracranial venous sinus bolt Health
Sinus rhythm migratory
Upper fingers neuroma
Femoral nerve damage
Peroneal nerve injury
Tarsal tunnel syndrome small
Peroneal nerve palsy
Phrenic nerve paralysis
When necessary with drug-induced myopathy
Need for radiation polyneuropathy
Cerebrospinal fluid leakage after lumbar puncture
Familial periodic paralysis
Periodic paralysis
Viral infection fatigue syndrome
Eyelid cellulitis
Eyelid abscess
Orbital deformity
Corneal ulcer
Scleral abscess
Sclera bulging
Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis
Cutaneous Allergic Purpura
Superficial keratoconjunctivitis
Mixed allergic purpura
Old iridocyclitis
Chen old eye uveitis
Iris disarticulation
Rupture of the anterior chamber angle
Pupil shift
Eye adhesions
Combined age-related cataract
Primary angle-closure glaucoma
Angle-closure glaucoma
Primary open-angle glaucoma
Traumatic retinal detachment
Retinal break
Retinal hole
Retinal vein inflammation around the
Chronic glomerulonephritis associated with fibrin
IgA nephritis associated with radical-type
Rapidly progressive type of glomerulonephritis associated with proliferative
IgA nephritis associated with chronic renal
Chronic glomerulonephritis associated with proliferative kidney
Puerperal cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
Obstetric embolism
Postpartum nipple reduction
Other especially history of drug allergy
Intracranial infection after surgery
Cerebellar abscess
Iris neovascularization
Iris degeneration
Iris atrophy
Self-accelerated nodal rhythm
Congestive Heart Failure
Heart failure
Acute left ventricular failure
Laryngeal keratosis
And related rheumatic mitral stenosis
Rheumatic aortic stenosis
Multiple Cerebral Infarction Vascular crazy
Subcortical vascular dementia package
Lips and skin melanocytic nevi
Tracheostomy tracheal Paper
Canthal eyelid melanoma cells
Facial skin, melanocytic nevi
Head skin melanocytic nevi
Backbone of the inflammation is not specific to
Sclerosing osteomyelitis unspecified
Granuloma of bone unspecified
Periostitis unspecified
Unspecified osteomyelitis
Unspecified acute periostitis
Sertoli cell carcinoma
Ureteral stricture is not associated with renal
Pelvic abscess
Obstructive nephropathy
Unspecified drug-induced nephropathy
Balkan nephropathy
Renal abscess
Suppurative renal perirenal abscess
Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis
Perirenal infection unspecified
Slow chronic tubal oophoritis
Transplant pyelonephritis
Acute renal failure unspecified
Difficulty breathing
Common bile duct stones associated with acute biliary
Acute suppurative diffuse peritoneal
Purulent peritonitis
Intrahepatic bile duct stones associated with acute
Bile duct with acute gallbladder
Fine support acute Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Acute cytomegalovirus fine yarn
Cytomegalovirus acute bronchitis
Large-cell anemia
And edema of lumbar spinal cord concussion
Thoracic spinal cord concussion, and Edema
Lumbar and sacral spinal nerve root damage
Uterine vascular injury
Hepatic artery injury
Mesenteric artery injury
Gastroduodenal artery injury
Splenic artery injury
Gallbladder blunt trauma rupture
Gallbladder rupture of open injury
Duodenal open injury
Closed rupture of the small intestine damage
Closed duodenal injury
Rupture of small intestine injury open
Cut off the testicles of traumatic
Peritoneal rupture of open injury
Retroperitoneal break open injury
Weeks of open renal hematoma
Traumatic scrotum cut off
Cut off penis traumatic
Proximal humerus fracture
Open fracture of surgical neck of humerus
Humeral head fracture
The total external carotid artery injury
Vertebral artery injury
External jugular vein injury
Jugular vein injury
Narrow gastrointestinal anastomosis after surgery
Congenital double cystic duct
Liver failure after surgery
Post-operative inflammatory bowel anastomosis
Pyloric obstruction after surgery
Gastrointestinal dysfunction after surgery
Explorer narrow hepatic duct after surgery
Explorer narrow bile duct surgery
Jejunal anastomosis after surgery of liver
Hip sacral fistula
Skin and subcutaneous fistula after surgery
Oligoarticular juvenile arthritis
After chronic rheumatic joint disease
Dilated pancreatic duct
Bone ankle and foot injuries muscle resistance
Upper arm to bone Myositis
Forearm bone Myositis
Radial styloid tenosynovitis
Fossa synovial cyst associated with rupture
Synovial cyst rupture is not accompanied by
Chronic fragmentation hand and wrist synovial sound
Hand bursitis bursitis
Other slip elbow bursitis
Fibromatosis palmar aponeurosis
Plantar fascial fibromatosis
Hip tendinitis
Small pituitary adenoma
Nose open injury
Sinus open injury
Ears open injury
Tongue open injury
Lip open injury
Gum open injury
Soft palate open injury
Head and face multiple open injury
Open head injury
Facial open injury
Facial foreign body
Parietal bone closed fracture
Frontal bone closed fracture
Open fracture of the parietal bone
Frontal bone fracture
Closed fractures of skull base
Occipital bone closed fracture
Closed fractures of temporal bone
Skull fracture
Occipital bone fracture
Temporal bone fracture
Nasal bone closed fracture
Nasal bone fracture
Closed fractures of orbital floor
Orbital floor fracture
Closed fractures of zygomatic arch
Closed fractures cheekbone
Maxillary sinus is closed
Zygomatic arch fracture
Zygomatic fracture
Maxillary sinus opening
Closed broken teeth
Broken teeth open
Closed fracture of mandible
Mandible fracture
Closed multiple facial bone skull
Multiple facial bone skull open
Separation of the upper arm muscle
Other prosthetic devices planted inside
Closed fractures of femoral head
Closed fractures of femoral neck
Femoral head open injury
Femoral neck fracture
Between the greater trochanter intertrochanteric
Subtrochanteric subtrochanteric
Closed fractures of femoral shaft
Femoral shaft fracture
Closed fractures of femoral condyle
Closed fractures of femoral condyle
Shortage of congenital limb defects in abnormal
Congenital absence of limbs
Congenital radioulnar joint fusion
Malignant melanoma of skin of foot
Infection after surgery endophthalmitis
Histoplasmin pneumonia
Lower limb skin at the junction of evil
Congenital giant ear
Smallpox-like acute pityriasis lichenoides
Lymphomatoid papulosis
Small plaque psoriasis class
Large class of plaque psoriasis
Mesh type psoriasis
Planus-like drug reactions need to
Sub-acute pancreatitis
Pancreatic abscess
Persistent occipito transverse position caused by obstructive
Breech caused by obstructed labor
To the first exposed surface of obstructed labor
To compound the first exposed obstructed labor
Pancreatic duct dilation
Luster lichen
Stripe-like lichen
Rosary-like red lichen
Pancreatic necrosis
Pancreatic stones
Pancreatic fistula
Pancreatic calcification
Pancreatic granulomatous
Pancreatic tumor
With other heart valve transplants
Tuberculous meningitis
Tuberculous peritonitis
Cause of Acinetobacter infection
Exogenous osteochondroma
Myxoid chondrosarcoma metastasis
Various composite head and neck opening
Various composite closed bilateral upper limb
Various composite trunk and limbs
Various composite head and neck squeeze
Traumatic amputation of arms complex
Hard and soft palate with unilateral congenital
Congenital bilateral cleft lip with cleft palate
Congenital lip fistula
Unspecified congenital lip deformities
Van Ward syndrome
Congenital adhesions of tongue
Congenital macroglossia
Congenital cleft tongue
Congenital absence of the tongue
Congenital absence of the uvula
Congenital pharyngeal diverticulum pharyngeal pouch
Congenital esophageal atresia associated with gas
Congenital esophageal expansion
Congenital esophageal double
Congenital esophageal shift
Congenital absence of the esophagus
Congenital double stomach
Hirschsprung stomach
Congenital gastric
Congenital gastric shift
Congenital gastric diverticulum
Congenital absence of the duodenum
Congenital jejunal stenosis
Congenital jejunal atresia
Congenital absence of the jejunum
Congenital stenosis of ileum
Congenital absence of the ileum
Congenital stenosis of small intestine is not particularly
AC take over female genital
Contact with hot drinks and animal food
Moffat malignant ampullary junction
Malignant bile duct junction dynamics is not
Junction of uncertain malignant liver
Dynamic esophageal cancer is unknown
Junction dynamics is not malignant pancreatic
Dynamic unknown pancreatic tumor
Malignant tracheal junction dynamics is not
Dynamic unknown lung cancer
Junction dynamics is not malignant mediastinal
Malignant nasal cavity at the junction of the dynamic is not
Dynamic unknown uterine cancer
Dynamic unknown ovarian cancer
Junction of malignant invasion of malignant
Vaginal junction dynamics is not vicious
Dynamic unknown vaginal cancer
Prostate cancer is unknown dynamic
Malignant testicular junction dynamics is not
Renal dynamic unknown tumor
Dynamic is not malignant pelvic junction
Dynamic Unknown ureteral tumor
Junction dynamics is not malignant bladder
Dynamic Unknown meningeal tumor
Malignant spinal junction
Malignant brain stem at the junction of the next screen action
Brain tumors are not particularly dynamic Unknown
Dynamic spinal cord tumors is unknown
Lateral condyle fracture
Heart and vascular prosthetic devices
Prosthetic devices planted urinary organs
Laryngeal granuloma
Senile emphysema
Nasopharyngeal bleeding
Nasopharyngeal cyst
Nasopharyngeal adhesions
Pharyngeal cyst
Pharyngeal stenosis
Throat ulcers
Parapharyngeal space infection
Pharyngeal keratosis
Diffuse pulmonary fibrosis
Schizoaffective disorder mixed
Excited psychosis
Exacerbation of depressive psychosis
Affective psychosis
Compulsive neurosis
Spiritual pain
Epidural and subdural infusion guide
Unspecified tendinitis
Sacroiliac joint sprain and strain
Radius and ulna bones soft juvenile
Calcaneus apophysitis
Chondromalacia unspecified
Explosive materials, explosive gas
Accidental rat bite
Accidents dog bites or scratches
Accidentally bitten or scratched by a cat
Mammalian bite or scratch accident
Acquired absence of unilateral finger
Means the loss of acquired hand hands
Acquired absence of hand and wrist and hand
Unilateral acquired upper limb deficiency
Acquired absence of both upper hand
Acquired absence of toe surgery
Acquired absence of leg surgery
Acquired absence of both lower extremities hands
Acquired partial deletion of the lung
Lack of ovarian part of the acquired
Recent long-term anticoagulant
Long-term aspirin and drugs in recent
State after colostomy
State after ureteral stoma
State of the urethra after colostomy
State Heart and Lung Transplantation
Skin graft status
Plants with coronary angioplasty
Outside the heterophoria
Disuse strabismus
Duan Duane syndrome
Spastic strabismus
Strabismus unspecified
High myopia
Refractive errors
Disuse amblyopia
Eye fatigue
Field defect
Visually impaired ischemic
Blind eyes
Eyes and poor vision
Monocular vision loss
Congenital nystagmus
Addison's syndrome pupil
Iris paralysis
Eye pain
Eye cyst
Syphilitic A Luoshi pupil
Non-traumatic femur epiphysis
Epiphysis inflammation unspecified
Osteochondrosis unspecified
Traumatic thumb cut off completely
A single traumatic finger cut off
Cut off several fingers of traumatic
Finger and the wrist part
Bile duct and duodenum after surgery
Intestinal anastomosis after surgery narrow
Double congenital bile duct
Ethmoid benign
Congenital kidney stones
Malnutrition, congenital cartilage
Congenital cartilage hyperplasia
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Congenital umbilical hernia umbilical prominent
Unspecified corneal scar
Break open ureteral injury
Closed rupture of the bladder injury
Urethral rupture of blunt trauma
Open fracture urethral injury
Closed rupture of ovarian damage
Neonatal alloimmune dissolved RH
ABO alloimmune neonatal
Unspecified hemolytic disease of newborn
Neonatal cholestasis syndrome enrichment
Non-viral neonatal hepatitis
Tuberculosis of the intestines
Mesenteric lymph node tuberculosis
Nasal furuncle
Nasal abscess
Nasal carbuncle
Nasal cyst
Congenital Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis
Integration of congenital vertebral malformations
Congenital cervical rib
Congenital achondroplasia
Congenital ectodermal cartilage
Congenital brittle bones osteogenesis imperfecta
M Albright syndrome
Congenital polyostotic fibrous growth
Dali congenital bone sclerosis
Ao Liye Olli's disease
Lack of aseptic necrosis of femoral head
Ischemic aseptic necrosis of bone
Mandibular deformity unspecified
Congenital ureter is not
Congenital skull styloid process
Recessive congenital spina bifida
Grams of congenital short neck syndrome
Malignant craniopharyngioma dynamic tube junction
Malignant pineal gland at the junction of the dynamic
Carotid body tumor
Jugular vein body tumor
Aortic body tumor
Many parts of senile osteoporosis
Acquired femoral arteriovenous fistula
Acute lower extremity arterial thrombosis limb
Acute femoral artery embolization
Male sex chromosome anomaly table
Mixed angina
Functional heart murmur
Shoulder and upper limb gangrene axillary
Apnea, unspecified
Acute abdomen
Lack of bowel sound
Cramps and spasms
Pale skin
Gait ataxia
Frequent urination
Urinary extravasation
Hallucinations unspecified
Slow and poor response
Brain and other central nervous system
Benign thyroid
Retrosternal thyroid benign tumor
Unilateral benign adrenal
Benign adrenal
Benign parathyroid
Tail of pancreas cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Spleen cancer
Nasal cancer
Olfactory neuroblastoma
Renal arteriosclerosis
Hand joint stiffness
Hip stiffness
Exfoliative dermatitis
Multiple superficial injuries of hip and thigh
Open hip injury
Open thigh injury
Thigh avulsion
Blunt ureteral injury break
Water resistance No congenital brain
Congenital bronchial hypoplasia
Congenital bronchial atresia
Vice lobe congenital
Congenital absence of lobe
Congenital bronchiectasis
Unspecified congenital malformation of lung
Development of congenital pulmonary hypoplasia
Congenital ectopic lung tissue
Congenital pleural abnormalities
Congenital nasopharyngeal atresia
Hard palate congenital bilateral
Congenital cleft palate among
Congenital bilateral cleft palate is not particularly
The hard palate associated with congenital bilateral
The hard palate associated with congenital unilateral
Harm using pesticides
Strangulation and suffocation by hanging into the Le
Harm with explosives
Increase with the fireworks and flame
Harm by sharp objects
Hand with the violence inflicted
Especially the means by other
Anesthetics and uncertain intentions
Kidney damage
Congenital portal vein cavernous sinus-like
The unexpected cardiac catheterization
Endotracheal anesthesia interpolation operation
No diagnosis was normal
Cancer after radiation therapy
Chronic hepatitis
Osteoporosis associated with cervical spondylosis
Conjunctival granuloma
Systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Hemorrhagic omental or mesenteric
Obstructive intestinal necrosis
Various unspecified frostbite
Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic
A lack of vitamin A with skin
A lack of vitamin A associated with hair follicles
Lack of after-effects of vitamin A
Lack of after-effects of vitamin C
Congenital absence of lactose
Lactose intolerance
Scarring alopecia NS
Lack of secondary lactose
Disseminated xanthoma
Congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicle
Hip non-traumatic hemorrhage
Blood in non-traumatic knee
Radioactive otitis media required
Acute suppurative thyroiditis
Enterobacter septicemia
Sepsis, septic shock
Necessary radiation esophagitis
Late syphilitic polyneuritis
The victims of earthquake
Disastrous tornado storm
With steam heat and hot objects
Flood victims
Rheumatic aortic valve does not
Rheumatic aortic stenosis and
Rheumatic tricuspid stenosis
Suture after surgery
Peritoneal dialysis
Cancer after radiation therapy
Personal history of malignant brain sub-
Umbrella of the Ministry of tubal pregnancy
Esophageal muscle hypertrophy
Needs of chronic vulvovaginitis
Bladder relaxation
Disorder of copper metabolism
Other nervous system malignancies
Those for bone
Kidney donors
Heat stroke
Bladder contracture
Recurrent rheumatic
Optic atrophy
Hypertrophic gastritis
Myelodysplastic syndrome
Details not mentioned in tuberculous empyema
Male pelvic abscess
Bladder Varices
Acute exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis
Alzheimer's disease
Gallbladder perforation
Abdominal abscess
Septic shock
Obturator nerve injury
Ai broad ligament tear syndrome
And edema of the cervical spinal cord concussion
Hunger of ketosis
Nodular prurigo
Ovarian cyst
Bladder stones
Pseudomembranous colitis
Chronic conjunctivitis
Orbital granuloma
Atopic dermatitis
Points in the pregnancy complicated by sepsis
Details not mentioned in bronchial tuberculosis
Duodenal tumor
Asymptomatic plague
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
Tinea imbricate
Polycythemia vera
Bile peritonitis
Mycobacterial disease
Cerebral artery of listeriosis
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome
Disseminated discoid lupus erythematosus
Flat Wart
Molluscum contagiosum
Brain death
Chest tightness
Scrotum eczema
Tibial nerve
Uterine polyps
Other and unspecified parts of face
Benign tumor of the third ventricle on the screen
Simple goiter
Venereal disease
Gynecological examination
Pain during intercourse
Tongue Map
Unspecified congenital clubfoot
Maxillary sinus cancer
Chronic subdural hematoma
Pemphigus-like leaves
Bullous pemphigoid
Tuberculous mastoiditis
Pulmonary hamartoma
Macroglobulinemia Walden
Crabs disease
Lumbar muscle strain
Flat Hip
Chronic colitis
Subcutaneous cyst
Premature ejaculation
Peritoneal Adhesions
Sideroblastic anemia
Bad breath
Urinary retention
Radicular cyst
Deviated septum
Gallbladder calcification
Retinal artery insufficiency
Benign tumor of the lumbar spinal cord
Infectious diarrhea
Fatty liver
Choledochal cyst
Nerve injury
Acute appendicitis
Ulcerative colitis
Ureteral stone
Brazilian pemphigus
Atrial flutter
Renal anemia
Rectal fistula perineal skin
Peripheral neuropathy
Ataxia of cerebral palsy
Multiple lipoma
Periapical abscess
High tyrosinemia
Stomach pain
Pulmonary hypertension crisis
Intestinal stenosis
Persistent erythema uplift
Weight loss
Artificial insemination
Abdominal distension
Fecal incontinence
Intestinal spasm
Common bile duct stenosis
Non-ossifying fibroma
Food Poisoning
Joint relaxation paralytic
Bladder carcinoma in situ
Respiratory infections
Hypertensive crisis
Erythema nodosum
Congenital mitral stenosis
Secondary syphilis
Dengue fever
Oppositional defiant disorder
Other conduct disorder
Migratory thrombophlebitis
Pulmonary stenosis
Gum pain
Picking your nose
With chronic bronchitis, chronic laryngitis
Anal fissure
Anorectal fistula
Perianal abscess
Anorectal abscess
Anal papillitis
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Maternal phenylketonuria
Diabetic nephropathy
Diabetic diarrhea
Atrial myxoma
Osteoid osteoma
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Premature ovarian failure
Growth hormone deficiency
Long tooth crown
Nail-like teeth
Periapical granuloma
Michael resting cancer
Cerebral hemorrhage
Urinary oxalate
Allergic purpura
Renal hypertension
Miners asthma
Bone Syphilis
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Hepatitis G
Chronic Hepatitis B
Meningococcal Meningitis
Arteriosclerosis obliterans
Mental illness
Cerebrovascular Disease
Alveolar cell carcinoma
Thenar hand mucoepidermoid tumor
Heterochromic iritis
Streptococcal infection
Motor neuron disease
Parkinson's disease
Cutaneous leishmaniasis
Fat deposition in the brain degeneration
Heart failure
Purpura fulminans
Plucking mad
Voyeuristic disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Stomach trouble
Pulmonary edema
Tension pneumothorax
Pleural effusion
Upper respiratory tract infection
Chronic renal failure
Renal failure
Gallstone ileus
Intestinal obstruction
Pulmonary embolism
Kidney stones
Lupus nephritis
Chronic nephritis
Vesicoureteral reflux
Other obstructive urinary tract disease
Night sweat
Appendiceal abscess
Abdominal infection
Chronic hepatitis
Schistosomiasis cirrhosis
Purpura Hepatitis
Gallbladder polyps
Obstructive jaundice
Duodenal ulcer
Benign migratory glossitis
Atrophic gastritis
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Milk spots
Upper scar
Lip plasty
Solar keratoses
Bo's line
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
Annex cyst
Ovarian hernia
Skin disease
Pregnancy bleeding
Osteochondritis dissecans
Chest wall depression
Breast lumps
Breast pain
Herniated disc
Thoracolumbar intervertebral disc degeneration
Low back pain
Root resection
Toenail paronychia
Non-gonococcal urethritis
Acute prostatitis
Puncture of the posterior fornix
Spleen Qi deficiency
Testicular pain
Pulmonary wedge resection
Long head
Irritant dermatitis
Consulting Services
Liver Transplantation
Anastomosis complications
Iontophoresis therapy
Low Temperature
Prostate massage
Sequelae of cerebral concussion
Disharmony of liver and certificates
Aneurysm resection
Gallbladder anastomosis
Gallbladder anastomosis
Traumatic Brain Injury
Growth retardation
Urinary bladder eversion
der lithotomy incision
Suprapubic ostomy
Partial cystectomy
Total resection of bladder
Toxic effect of fusel oil
Lack of post-operative femur
Shedding skin
Milroy edema
Spinal Cord Injury
Epididymis resection
Toe extensor tendon rupture
Ear shift
Small mouth
Stuffy nose
Hold one's breath
Baby colic
Sexual abuse
Bohlen syndrome
Ammonia burns
Yin intestinal dryness
Disturbance of consciousness
Instantaneous death
Ciliary body cryotherapy
Spleen wet storm card
Bladder injury
Peritoneal lavage
Cleft nose
Pulmonary sequestration
Unilateral cleft palate
Artificial respiration
Cardiopulmonary bypass
Hair transplant
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