29,Jan,2009 | (3073/0)diphenhydramine mechanism of action

diphenhydramine mechanism of action

Anti-allergy drugs of Chapter1, anti-allergy drug classification, type of structure, mechanism and structure-activity relationship2, histamine H1 receptor antagonist: diphenhydramine hydrochloride, chlorpheniramine maleate, cyproheptadine hydrochlori

29,Jan,2009 | (576/0)verapamil cluster headaches

verapamil cluster headaches

Chronic cluster headache, treatment of 20 cases of acute attackSuccessfully added!You can in the "My Services" in the view you add a reference to the notification list, and configure access to notices.Close Download PDF ReaderObjective To investigate

29,Jan,2009 | (1014/0)inflammatory pseudotumor of the lung

inflammatory pseudotumor of the lung

Inflammatory pseudotumorPulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor is a benign tumor, is a chronic inflammatory lung granuloma produced, machine technology, proliferation of fibrous connective tissue disease and the related formation of secondary tumors are

28,Jan,2009 | (1012/0)inflammatory pseudotumor of

inflammatory pseudotumor of

Cause (a) incidence may be due to abnormal immune response mechanism (b) of the pathogenesis of the disease mechanism is unknown mechanism related to the immunopathology not know much about the local people that there are eyes in the blood can attrac

28,Jan,2009 | (574/0)difference between viral pneumonia

difference between viral pneumonia

You are here: Home → Internal past issuesybvip2005 send a message add to friends I want to reward collection of 10 complaints answered (2) Question Time :2008-10-2 22:36:44Can I identify bacterial pneumonia and viral pneumoniaBacteria, mycoplasma, ch

28,Jan,2009 | (942/0)basal carcinoma cell nodular

basal carcinoma cell nodular

Basal cell carcinoma worry 4 (content expertise) to edit entries summaryBasal cell carcinoma (basal cell carcinomaBCC) is one of the most common type of skin cancer called basal cell epithelioma (basal cell epithelioma), basal-like cell tumor, is der
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28,Jan,2009 | (666/0)scoliosis corrective surgery

scoliosis corrective surgery

【Abstract】 Objective To analyze anesthetic management of surgical correction of scoliosis should pay attention to. Methods 50 cases of scoliosis patients, ASA I ~ II level, combined inhalation anesthesia posterior scoliosis correction of deformity an

28,Jan,2009 | (563/0)patellofemoral degenerative joint

patellofemoral degenerative joint

Knee, almost all of the human body to withstand the weight, and therefore also the most vulnerable knee joint degradation. In orthopedic outpatients, patients with osteoarthritis accounted for almost half, according to statistics, every person in the

28,Jan,2009 | (3003/0)recurrent acute pancreatitis

recurrent acute pancreatitis

Current location: China paper Download Center> Medicine> Clinical> text recurrence of acute pancreatitisSource: China paper Download Center [08-08-06 11:21:00] Editor: studa202 DiscussionClinical evolution of acute pancreatitis is more severe by the

28,Jan,2009 | (681/0)induced hemolytic anemia in

induced hemolytic anemia in

Hemolytic anemia caused by what are the main reasons? Author: Source: Medicine, Health / Medical collection of the articles A: clinical reasons on the basis of red blood cell destruction, hemolytic anemia, the red blood cell itself is divided into tw

28,Jan,2009 | (520/0)cure irregular menstruation

cure irregular menstruation

Chinese Yin and nourishing treatment of irregular menstruation early as possibleHow to treat irregular menstruation medicine?Chinese medicine treatment of irregular menstruation should be clear that causes disease, can be symptomatic and treatment. T

28,Jan,2009 | (3518/0)severe intraventricular hemorrhage

severe intraventricular hemorrhage

End of the third ventricular catheter with drainage in the treatment of severe intraventricular hemorrhage pool Nursing End of the third ventricular catheter with drainage in the treatment of severe intraventricular hemorrhage pool Nursing Lateral dr
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