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campylobacter jejuni infection in humans

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Acute infection in children with multiple nerve root inflammation Campylobacter jejuni infection and anti-GM1 ganglioside antibodies relations Relationship Between Campylobacter Jejuni Infection and Anti-Ganglioside GM1 Antibodies in Children with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
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The purpose of acute infectious inflammation of multiple nerve root (GBS) cause is not clear at present considered to infection, especially with Campylobacter jejuni (CJ) infection, this study CJ infection and ganglioside (GM1) injury, and to explore GBS pathogenesis. Methods Using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in children with 31 cases of GBS (acute infectious classic multiple nerve root inflammation AIDP 23 cases of acute motor neuropathy AMAN 8 axis hormone cases), acute phase and recovery phase serum and acute phase CSF CJ-IgG antibodies and GM1-IgG, GM1-IgM antibody changes; and with non-GBS nervous system diseases in children (NGBS group) and 10 normal children (control group) comparison. AMAN results of the acute phase and recovery phase CJ-IgG antibody levels in serum than NGBS group (P <0.01), AIDP acute phase serum than NGBS CJ-IgG group (P <0.01). AMAN, AIDP acute than NGBS CSF CJ-IgG group (P <0.01 ). GBS acute phase and convalescent serum GM1-IgM higher than NGBS group and normal group (P <0.05); GM1-IgG higher than the normal group (P <0.05), but NGBS group no significant difference (P > 0.05). GBS cerebrospinal fluid levels of GM1-IgM than NGBS group (P <0.05). CJ-IgG and GM1-IgG, GM1-IgM has a significant correlation (R = 0.722, P = 0.05). Conclusions Campylobacter GBS infection is an important cause of morbidity. ganglioside GM1 in GBS pathogenesis of immune injury play an important role. of: iron bolt Chen Li Li Bing Yang Libin Huang Jian Xiang Hu Yanliao Author: Li Bing, yellow iron bolt, Chen Li, Hu Yan, Liao Jianxiang ( Neurology, Children's Hospital of Shenzhen City, Guangdong, Shenzhen, 518026)
Yang Libin (the First Hospital of Jilin University, Pediatrics, Jilin, Changchun, 130000) Title: Contemporary Pediatrics ISTICPKU English title: CHINESE JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY PEDIATRICS, the volume (of): 2003 5 (6) Key words: R745 Keywords : Gangliosides Campylobacter jejuni infection of children of multiple nerve root inflammation machine marked DOI: R74 R51 machine standard Key words: acute infection in children with multiple nerve root inflammation Campylobacter jejuni infection in acute anti-ganglioside antibody levels cerebrospinal fluid of neurological diseases convalescent serum enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in acute exercise-induced immune pathogenesis of experimenta
l determination of cause of injury-related neuropathy difference between the classical methods Fund Project: DOI: References (13) Asbury Ak.Cornblath DRAssessment of current diagnotic crit -era for Guillain-Barre syndrome 1990 (27) Rees JH.Soudain SE.Gregson NA.Hughes RACampylobacter jejuni infection and Guillain-Barre syndrome 1995 (21) Hadden R. Karch H. Zielasek J. Weissbrich B, Schubert J, Neishaupt APreceding infection, immune factors and out come in Guillain-Barre syndrome 2001 (03) Yuki N. Tak T. Inagaki FCross reactive antigen between nervous tissue and bacterium ganglioside GM1 and lipolysaccharide from penners serotype 19 of campylobacter jejuni 1992 (11) Xu Xinjiang human Campylobacter epidemiology of infection in 1985 (06) Xu Xianhao Journal of Neuroimmunology 1993 ZHU Chun Ni. Caifang Cheng Campylobacter jejuni infection complicated with neurological disorders 1996 (03) Mckhann GM.Comblath DR.Griffin JW.Ho TW, Li CY, Jiang ZAcute motor axonal neuropathy: a frequent cause of acute flacdd paralysis in China 1993 (04) Silani V. Bonifati C. Buscaglia M. Sampietro A, Ghezzi G, Scarlatro GGanglioside sub (GM1) expression during human spinal cord and neural crest development 1993 (06) Yuki N.Yoshinoh.Sato S. Tadshi MAcute axonal polyneu ropathy associated with anti-GM1 antibodies following campylo bater enteritis 1990 (12) Tang Jian. Hao Qi. Yuan Mei Jin. Shorey. Haohong Jun Guillain - Barre syndrome in the anti-ganglioside GM1 antibody 1994 (06) tube sun. Qin Zhen. Zhangren Qin Guillain - Barre syndrome in patients with serum anti-glycolipid antibody 1997 (02) Oomes PG.Jacobs BC.Hazenberg MP.Banffer JR, van der Meche FGAnti-GM1 IgG antibodies and campylobacter bacteria in GBS: evidence of molecular mimicry 1995 (02)
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campylobacter jejuni infection in humans

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Hepatitis E is 80 at the end of this century, a new viral hepatitis found in one of the global epidemic, widely found in Asia, Africa and Latin America. China is a high incidence of viral hepatitis, according to statistics, in acute viral hepatitis, hepatitis E incidence rate was 3.4% ~ 20.5%, an average of 8.6%, health and labor productivity of the people great harm. In recent years, in the prevention and treatment of hepatitis E has made a number of advances on two hepatitis E virus (HEV) of the complete genome sequences isolated from different regions of more than 10 partial gene sequences of HEV strains were determined , and Mexico strains of HEV found in the nucleotide sequence homology of 79%, and Myanmar strains of the same subtype, was also found that the variation of HEV strains can not be detected by conventional methods, the discovery of the mutant development of diagnostic reagents and vaccines, hepatitis E have an important significance. It has proved to be experimentally infected monkeys made HEV . see more

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"West's internal medicine" by the internationally renowned medical experts co-authored a medical masterpiece. Since the first edition came out in 1927, it discusses the rigorous, systematic, especially for pathology, physiological and other scientific principles expounded and welcomed by domestic and foreign readers, medical schools around the world are on this material, and known as the "standard reference books in science." "West's internal medicine" has a strong authority, practicality and reference value. By reading this book, you can better guide clinical practice, and insight into current trends in the development of medical science, on the whole medical field have a deep and systematic understanding of the vast number of clinicians and medical college students, graduate students must have reference book. Volume on the Volume XXII of the original sequence Foreword microbial infectious disease introduction Chapter 347 Chapter 348 Chapter 349 fever fever mechanism 350 Chapter 351 Chapter acute phase response to reduce the host defense function of Chapter 352 Chapter 353 nosocomial infections on tourists bacterial disease of proposed Chapter 354 Introduction 355 Chapter 356 Chapter antimicrobial treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia, mycoplasma infections Chapter 357 Chapter 358 gram-negative aerobic bacteria of aspiration pneumonia Chapter 359 Chapter 360 Chapter 361 Legionnaires disease streptococcal infection s 362 Rheumatic fever Cap 363 Cap 364 of infective endocarditis in Staphylococcus aureus infection of bacterial meningitis bacterial meningitis Chapter 365 Chapter 366 Chapter 367 meningococcal infection caused by Haemophilus infection in osteomyelitis 368 Chapter osteomyelitis diphtheria pertussis Chapter 369 Chapter 370 diphtheria-pertussis Clostridium Clostridium Disease Chapter 371 Clostridium muscle necrosis and other disease pseudomembranous colitis Chapter 372 Chapter 373 Chapter 374 tetanus, botulism anaerobic bacteria intestinal infection caused by mycobacterium other bacterial infections of sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis, diseases other than leptospirosis rash viral croup and bronchitis disease and herpes simplex virus type mumps virus intestinal virus reverse transcriptase Fungal infection of hemorrhagic fever viruses Volume XXIII HIV and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Volume XXIV protozoa and metazoan diseases, see the next volume of media commentary . more
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This book is about the blood-sucking insect protection technology monographs. The book is Chapter 4, including the blood-sucking insects of the hazards and protection methods, blood-sucking insect repellent incense and insecticide-treated fabrics bore and so on. Among them repellent to the main content, more comprehensive and systematic introduction to the development of a repellent, type, dosage form, the use of technology and influencing factors, repellent toxicology, evaluation and analysis technologies. The author not only reference to the large number of documents, but also summed up their years of research and practical experience, theoretical, practical, strong, is engaged in research and prevention of blood-sucking insects, workers, primary health workers, research and production Repellent an important reference persons. The first chapter includes a section I hazardous blood-sucking insects, spread of disease II, biting harassment and loss of skin's protective love of a blood-sucking insects II, meaning blood-sucking insects and the protective role of two common protective three blood-sucking insects, blood-sucking insects Chapter chemical protective blood-sucking insects repellent Repellent Research and Development Section Overview of a foreign research and repellents latest Second, the domestic research and repellents latest botanical repellent II First, a repellent effect of plant II, the active ingredients of plant and insect repellent effect of the third quarter of a synthetic repellent, a good repellent application of the regulations have two main varieties of physical and chemical properties, the effect and toxicity of IV V repellent repellent formulations of a synergist, the second fixative, film former three, four adsorbents, solvents . VI VII repellent repellent to use technology to various blood-sucking effect of insect repellent repellent effect of section VIII of the main factors IX mechanism Repellent Repellent Toxicology Section X Section XI repellent effect evaluation insect repellent section XII Chapter III of the quantitative analysis of insecticide-treated fabric development of insecticide-treated fabric Overview Section II Section III of insecticide-treated insecticide-treated mosquito nets with insecticide-treated nets fourth clothes, curtains and other V Evaluation of methods of insecticide-treated fabrics Section IV mosquito coils and its role in the development of profiles Heater Section II Mosquito coils mosquito electric liquid IV V electric mosquito liquid media reviews . View Details
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"Pilot and demonstration: the early 21st century Southern rural health service system of" re-throws a heavy topic: the decline of traditional rural cooperative medical model, how to effectively protect the health interests of the farmers is not compromised, not poverty caused by, back into poverty? Value creation from the point of view, China may not say is a big agricultural country, the agricultural sector to create value in the whole of China in the proportion of gross domestic product less and less. However, from the population, China is still a peasant country. 1.3 billion more than the total rural population is still more than half. Farmers are still the main force of China's modernization. This is a major contradiction: the total population of more than half the population does not create value to the gross domestic product, 1 / 4, per capita GDP and per capita income certainly much lower than the urban population. In 2005, net income of farmers and disposable income than the urban population has reached 1:3.3. Lower capacity to pay, a huge population base . see more
☉ "little-known story: AIDS, sexually transmitted disease mass Reader"
Gao and other preparation of the Department of the Central Plains farmers 2003-1-1 Press Release
The writer is AIDS, STD prevention for many years, we often feel the spread of AIDS and STD prevention knowledge, poorly understood. AIDS in China has entered a period of rapid growth, due to AIDS is an infectious disease, a long incubation period, at present incurable, causing great harm to mankind! To make everyone understand and master the prevention of AIDS, STD knowledge, of itself experienced little-known things, and the form of stories and photos to tell you that AIDS is all around us. Although no cure, but can be prevented. Normal life with AIDS patients infected with HIV will not touch, no need to talk about AIDS at the mere mention. When an accidental injury, you can take immediate remedial measures to prevent HIV infection. Care for AIDS patients presented, that is, care for themselves; stay away from drugs, to prevent the spread of intravenous drug use; careful blood transfusion, blood to prevent blood transmission; regulate their own behavior, prevention of sexual transmission; Live Life . View Details
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Textbook 21st Century China Higher medical materials. View details
☉ "field epidemiology"
Ye editor of People's Health Press 2009-11-1 Linxiang
Deal with public health need for a comprehensive multi-disciplinary advanced technology at home and abroad without a suitable material. Since 2003, "Field Epidemiology" (first edition) published since the point of almost all the country MPH with the training materials, many of-the-job training also used this book. Science Press has reprinted the first, is now out of stock. School of Public Health this year I have nine eleven specialized professional graduate degree are required to learn field epidemiology. (3) New and better: "field epidemiology" in the first edition of the second edition is based on the extensive collection of the views of field staff, for the need to add more and better content, a practice a theory, both practical and easy to master, help to improve the professional standards of technical and practical skills. Introduction Chapter Field Epidemiology Section II field of epidemiology and characteristics of the application of field epidemiological study III the basic methods of field epidemiology Field Epidemiology Section IV the relationship between the second and other subjects measure disease and application of Chapter Section Index Section incidence of illness and frequency measurements measure the burden of disease frequency index Section IV of death and survival rate of the scene described in Chapter III of standardized research methods outlined in Section II descriptive study investigated the content of the site III-site investigation methods of descriptive analysis of Chapter IV Section Field Research Methods II cohort case-control study case-control studies and cohort III study comparing the advantages and disadvantages Chapter site overview of Intervention Research Methods Section I Section II Section III-site intervention study design data collection and analysis should pay attention to the problems in section IV of Chapter VI of the survey sample size field is estimated first section surveys the status of the second sample size estimation section of sample size case-control study estimated cohort study III IV Sample size estimation Sample size estimation Intervention Section V Sample size estimation screening test Sample size estimation VI Chapter VII of the computer software causes and causal Section II concluded the cause of the cause of the methods outlined in Section IV the cause of the epidemiology of ideas inferred cause of the problem in Section V should be concerned about several instances of epidemiological methods to explore the cause of Chapter VIII of popular site Diseases Section of the organizations surveyed during the Preparation for and management of organization and management of the implementation phase II Section III summarizes the stages of organization and management of the organization and management of Chapter II of public health surveillance system to monitor the first section I overview three modern information technology in public health surveillance of the fourth quarter national JE surveillance (examples) Chapter field investigation methods and techniques of Section II site investigation field survey methods in interviewing techniques III site investigation in the design of the questionnaire survey in Chapter XI of multi-site system support social mobilization Section I Section II Section III risk communication, media communication and public health emergencies of Chapter XII and emergency on-site survey methods Section sudden public Health Events in the emergency Scene Investigation Section III of thinking-site survey methods chapter XIII emergency field investigations outlined in Section II of personal protective equipment classification requirements of individual protection individual protective equipment section III IV Personal Protective Equipment V selection and use of personal protective equipment and protective capacity reserve with Chapter XIV of the laboratory work-site investigations of the role of laboratory work and Section Note II field study methods in the laboratory and characteristics of the site investigation work in Chapter XV of the legal and ethical Field Epidemiology Section of the work of the relevant laws of China Field Epidemiology Section Introduction to the work of the legal basis for the third quarter related to work-related ethical issues of field epidemiology X chapters on-site survey data and expression data analysis data processing section I the general principles of statistical methods and basic content of Section III Choose the basic idea of common research methods statistical analysis results of statistical analysis of survey data in section IV expression Chapter XVII Field Epidemiology in data management, analysis software, Section I Introduction Section II software instructions EpiData Chapter XVIII site investigation report writing section II, section I survey the classification of the basic requirements of report writing Report Section IV format and report writing process of writing Chapter XIX Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Section II foci handle management of infectious diseases vaccination Chapter III of chronic non-communicable disease prevention and control Section II outlines the main contents of the third quarter of chronic non-communicable diseases and measures of intervention strategies Chapter XXI injury prevention and control of intoxication Section II Section III injuries flood, earthquake disaster Chapter XXII of biological and chemical terrorism prevention and emergency response and prevention of biological terrorism and Section Emergency Section and Chemical Terrorism Prevention and Emergency XXIII Health Education Health Education and Health Promotion Section Section III in the field of health promotion in epidemiological studies and significance of the role of health education and health promotion in the fourth quarter common method of section V of the core strategy for health promotion - Social Dongyuan VI Health Education and Health Promotion in the practice of intervention in the field twenty-four chapters of psychological stress outlined in Section II Section III of post-traumatic stress disorder post-traumatic stress disorder prevention measures twenty-five chapters systematic review and evidence-based public health decision-making Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based decision-making Section II an overview of evidence-based systematic review of public health policy and meta analysis of Section III of Chapter human health risk assessment of soil pollution soil pollution section I, Method II human health risk assessment epidemiological research methods in health risk assessment of certain non-carcinogenic pollutants in Appendix 1 of the reference dose of some chemical carcinogens in Appendix 2 strength factor of cancer in Appendix 3 BMDS software and its application in instance: with influenza Investigation of an outbreak of viral hepatitis in English abbreviations References . see more

☉ "Field Epidemiology to justice"
Li Chengyi editor of Military Medical Press 2008-1-1
This book is the author of the collection, refer to the relevant domestic and foreign large number of field epidemiology literature on the basis of information compiled from. The book covers the basic principles and methods of epidemiology, disease outbreaks in the same field steps and basic content of the survey, R and the application of epidemiology at the scene, the classic case of field epidemiology; Appendix are "live stream Diseases Quick Reference "and" data used in this book. " Book practical, strong and feasible, for readers, including public health and disease prevention and control workers, teachers and students of medical colleges and the professional interests of all walks of life field epidemiology. Can be used as disease prevention and control and disposal of public health emergencies of the reference manual. Li Chengyi, Liaoning Haicheng, 1982 graduated from Liaoning University, Department of Biology, Environmental Biology. In the Military Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, MS and PhD degrees has been . View Details
☉ "Metabolic and nutritional diseases of modern"
Off Dashun, Xu first gold, editor of the relevant child safety 2008-1-1 Tianjin Science and Technology Translation and Publishing Corporation
Book looks at the sugar, fats, proteins, vitamins and other metabolism regulation mechanism of the basic theory and the interaction between various types of metabolic disease and nutritional diseases, by definition, classification, pathogenesis, pathology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, laboratory and imaging and control other aspects of the elaboration. Book related diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperlipidemia mucopolysaccharide, glycogen accumulation disorder, obesity, hyperlipoproteinemia, congenital amino acid metabolism disorders, amyloid disease, porphyria, pigment metabolic diseases, metabolic heart disease , metabolic diseases, bone and joint diseases and metabolic disorders such more than 40 kinds of vitamin deficiency diseases and absorb new concepts, new theories, new results as the main content of the book, especially for some metabolic diseases are closely related with the genetic point of view, in some ways more in-depth study done in order to be useful in clinical practice. View details
☉ "Modern Environmental Health (2nd Edition)"
Chen Xuemin, eds People's Health Press 2008-7-1
"Modern Environmental Health" on l edition since its inception, more than 10 years, not only teachers and students by colleges and universities generally welcomed by environmental health workers have been well received. The reason is that "modern environmental hygiene" is a comprehensive and systematic large-scale professional reference books, but also because of its informative, readers become difficult problems encountered in the work, the regular inspection of the professional "tool" book . Readers need it, need it the objective reality, which the authors say is really a great relief. However, with the development of science, especially in recent years in disciplines related to environmental hygiene promotion, environmental health science related concepts, theories, techniques and methods have made great progress so that today's environmental hygiene and more than 10 years ago The situation has not in the same language. Thirst for new knowledge students a strong desire; young teacher urgently looking for a general instinct theory and application of environmental health, status and trends, research and working methods of the advent of large reference books; practitioners hoped to publish an instinct to help them quickly improve the ability to solve practical problems of professional reference books . see more
☉ "Modern Clinical Epidemiology"
Fruit of the Shanghai Medical University Press 2000-2-1 . see more
☉ "Modern Clinical Epidemiology (2nd edition)"
Fruit as, Shen Fumin with Fudan University Press 2007-1-1
The book is actually designed for clinical research and evaluation methodology. The book is divided into sixteen chapters, describing the nature and tasks of clinical epidemiology, clinical research design ideas and methods of census and sample survey methods, the evaluation of diagnostic tests, clinical assessment of efficacy and prognosis, etiology and risk factors methods of investigation, bias in clinical research to identify and control methods, the choice of statistical methods and interpretation, clinical economics, quality of life assessment and clinical decision analysis. Discuss the book with examples, theory with practice to use for beginners. This book is rich in new information, scientific and practical, strong, a large number of practical examples to facilitate understanding and application. System for many years undergraduates, graduate students as teaching materials are available to clinicians, training doctors, medical journals editorial staff continuing education as a reference. The book is actually designed for clinical research and evaluation methodology. The book is divided into sixteen chapters . see more
☉ "modern clinical nutrition"
Chen Ren Tun editor, Charles Liang, eds ingot 1996-7-1 People's Medical Publishing House
Journal of Clinical Nutrition is a comprehensive treatment of modern medicine is not an integral part of the town is missing. This book has extensive experience in domestic organizations and experts in the preparation of high theoretical level, is a theoretical basis for both diseases, but also about nutrition therapy and clinical nutrition introduced the latest progress of the Senate Study book. The book is divided into 11 of 52 chapters, including Zonglun, nutritional deficiency diseases and diseases caused by excessive nutrients, nutrition standards and dietary guidance, nutrition, foreign price, clinical nutrition therapy, Chinese medicine, nutrition, maternal and child nutrition and the elderly, the research progress. Including cancer prevention guidelines for hiding food, maternal and child nutrition, kidney disease nutrition therapy, nutrition, and conditional gene and essential amino acids are the current international focus on the clinical nutrition research. The contents are new, practical, is suitable for all levels of clinicians, nutritionists, medical schools and students must read books. Zonglun first chapter the definition of nutrition, development history and the Second Revolution of Clinical Nutrition Chapter II China's current nutritional status and problems of second common nutritional deficiency of the third chapter IV of vitamin A deficiency Riboflavin deficiency Chapter Chapter Chapter VI of iron deficiency anemia and calcium deficiency of vitamin D diseases - rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis disease endemic goiter and cretinism Chapter VII third the oversupply of dietary nutrients in the diet and heart disease, Chapter VIII, the relationship between cerebrovascular disease IX guidelines for cancer prevention dietary salt and hypertension Chapter XI Chapter XII of nutrition and obesity, oral health Chapter XIII Part IV alcohol diet nutrition health standards for nutrient supply XIV standards of the world supply of nutrients Introduction Chapter XV of the Chinese recommended daily dietary nutrient supply in the fifth chapter the standard dietary guidelines Chapter XVI dietary guidelines around the world introduced XVII dietary guidelines for formulating the recommendations of Chapter XVIII of chapter VI of the patient's Dietary Guidelines for Evaluation of Clinical Nutrition, Chapter XIX Hospital Nutritional Metabolism Article Chapter intake of hospital patients Chapter XXI evaluation survey and the patient's dietary energy consumption of the twenty-second chapter surveys computer applications in clinical nutrition in liver disease patients twenty-three chapters Evaluation of Clinical Nutrition Clinical Nutrition twenty-four chapters Clinical evaluation of the progress of nutrition therapy VII article VIII article IX Chinese Maternal and Child Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition and Aging Nutrition tenth chapter of the new advances and trends in the tenth a clinical nutrition management, nutrition counseling and nutrition in the pseudo-science . View details
☉ "Modern Epidemiology (Second Edition)"
(U.S.) Greg book, Zhang Shunxiang Hunan Science and Technology Press 2005-11-1 Translation
This book Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to strengthen prevention efforts and a series of books published, one of the style of a lively summary of the CDC field work experience; describes how they were monitoring, management and field research work; list a CDC epidemic disease outbreaks and routine; describes the use of personal computers in the field, sampling, data processing, information exchange and other work, especially in the press release, legal advice, media exposure has done a more detailed elaboration. This book can be regarded as an important health and epidemic prevention departments readings. Brendan Gregg is a Solaris consultant and in Australia and Asia for the Sun, taught the course instructor. He is also the writer and the OpenSolaris community leaders, he wrote numerous packages, including DTraceToolkit . see more
☉ "modern chronic non-communicable disease prevention and treatment"
Phase there are rules, LI Ming-long editor of Shandong Science and Technology Press 2004-10-1
This book is a financial systematic, practical, scientific, novelty is one of the new monograph. The first part of the concept of chronic non-communicable diseases, health outlook and the medical model, the monitoring and investigation, prevention services, medical clinics, health education and health promotion were systematically discussed. Xiapian details the 11 (groups) of chronic diseases, focuses on a contemporary new concept of its prevalence, clinical characteristics, risk factors, related diseases, prevention and treatment and community intervention, emphasizing theory and practice, basic and clinical, prevention and treatment phase combination. Part One Chapter One Introduction Section II the basic concepts of status and the prevalence of chronic disease prevention and treatment of chronic disease characteristics of Section IV chronic disease prevention strategy for the opportunities and challenges facing the health chapter and the medical model view of healthy first quarter outlook. View Details

☉ "modern water-borne Diseases"
Water-borne Diseases is a new subject. It is the many disciplines, including ecology, microbiology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, environmental health, occupational disease prevention, water supply and sanitation, socio-economic development and tourism cross. Water pollution is divided into three categories: microbial contamination, chemical contamination, physical contamination. This book focuses on water as the main vector of the disease, mainly epidemiology and ecology, and cited a number of examples of environmental testing at the same time, pathogenesis and prevention of the progress, also made the right amount of description . The book is divided into three chapters. Book available in epidemiology, occupational medicine, infectious diseases research scientists, graduate students, and engaged in basic medicine, clinical teachers and students and other reference reading. Chapter saving water and water sanitation and distribution of the first water pollution and water purification II Section III Section IV of water pollution on the health effects of drinking water and sanitary drinking water treatment requirements V VI Festival of drinking water quality assessment of health monitoring and biological pollution Section I Chapter II of hepatitis E hepatitis Enterovirus III IV V adenovirus infection rotavirus infection Nova VI grams of bacillary dysentery-like virus infection VII VIII IX non-typhoid Salmonella typhoid disease section XI, section X of E. coli infection in Yersinia enterocolitica infection of cholera in section XII XIII solar terms Section XIV of Aeromonas infection of Aeromonas infection adjacent to section XV, section XVI, Pseudomonas infection of Helicobacter pylori infection and legionellosis section XVII Section XVIII Section XIX Tura disease melioidosis bacteria first twenty blue tuberculosis disease campylobacteriosis Section XXI Section XXII       leptospirosis mycobacterial disease schistosomiasis       fourteen fifteen twenty giardiasis six Cryptosporidiosis    seventeen eighteen He spores Lai Gele echinococcosis echinococcosis       nineteen guinea worm disease first chapter of chemical water pollution, chemical pollution of the second body section of the adverse effects of pregnancy does not comment on the media . View details in Appendix
☉ "Modern Health Chemistry (2nd Edition)"
Xiao-Yan Du editor of People's Health Press 2009-10-1
"Modern Health Chemistry," first edition in February 2000 by the People's Health Publishing House, the highest level of chemistry as a health professional books, the book has been issued by domestic workers, health inspection, health inspection professional, preventive medicine and relevant professional teachers and graduate students, particularly health teacher of chemistry in general praise. View of the recent seven years of science and technology constantly updated, the development of health requirements and training needs of high-level health personnel, it is necessary to revise the original book: Delete the original book has been applied in the field of health inspection, and with few undergraduate raw material in the duplicate of the content. Introduction The first chapter first chapter of data processing and analysis of quality assurance Chapter III trial design and optimization chapter test and calibration of the instruments to collect second sample preservation and pretreatment of the sample chapter Collection and preservation of sample pretreatment Chapter VI Chapter VII of the third molecular spectrometry ultraviolet - visible spectrophotometry molecule fluorescence analysis of Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chemiluminescence Spectrometry Part IV laser analysis Atomic Spectrometry Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Chapter XI Chapter XII inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry AFS Chapter XIII Part V electrochemical analysis analysis XIV Chapter XV voltammetric potential Potentiometric stripping analysis and conductivity analysis of Chapter XVI and Coulomb Analysis Part VI chromatography gas chromatography Chapter XVII Chapter XVIII Chapter XIX High Performance Liquid Chromatography Ion Chromatography Article Capillary electrophoresis analysis of Chapter VII of other analytical methods and techniques Chapter XXI Coupled with Mass Spectrometry and Flow Injection Analysis Chapter XXII Chapter XXIII immunoassay technique twenty-four chapters of the eighth-site rapid test papers New method of hygienic articles IX and test method for health-related substances in the index . see more
☉ "wisdom of prevention and treatment of diseases of modern civilization"
Qiu Baoguo edited 2009-9-1
Preparation process, the author a new perspective of modern diseases of civilization, their concept, the causes are described, with emphasis on modern popular non-communicable epidemics, such as hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome more than ten kinds of common diseases were introduced, and modern people are concerned about the electronic fog, e-waste, hair and other effects on human health for a more detailed discussion. Author based on fifty years of clinical experience of the rich experience of Chinese and Western Medicine, for the most common and clinically important in the prevention and treatment of problems, learn new ideas of modern medicine, new ideas, new methods were described in simple terms. The preparation of this book seeks to informative, knowledge and new, discussed highlight the theme, Arts and clear, so that readers can understand, useful, practical guidance on the meaning of disease prevention and control has become a rare majority of middle-aged health reference books, Meanwhile, the book on the medical workers, also has a good reference value . see more
☉ "of modern medicine, preventive medicine and TCM Progress: Public Health Volume"
Ukraine is editor of Science and Technology Literature Press Dalai 2006-10-1
This book by the Chinese Medical Association, chairman of General Medical Branch, Peking Union Medical College Institute of Public Health, edited by Professor Wu is DL, invited a dozen national public health experts in the field to complete. In recent years introduced a number of major infectious diseases prevention and control of the latest progress. Strengthen prevention and control of communicable diseases, health workers in China is still facing a difficult task. Therefore, the general publication of the book, especially health care workers, medical workers in public health is very instructive. Apart from introducing the book focus on infectious disease prevention knowledge and skills, but also includes attitudes and quality of medical work in the training aspects, highlights the work of medical ethics in the medical significance of medical workers to help establish and maintain a lofty professional ethics, in order to strengthen our medical ethics. Ukraine only DL (1941 -), male Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Professor, Chinese Medical Association . View Details
☉ "critique of modern medicine: the health and survival in the 21st Century"
(O) Horn book, Jiang Xueqing translation 2005-6-1 Shanghai Joint Publishing
Now, every ten people, seven people have died of heart disease, stroke and cancer. The rest died from diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer's disease and other so-called "diseases of civilization." In this regard, can not provide any medical help, but often worse. Ironically, the doctors do not live longer than patients. However, once the elimination of the diseases induced by lifestyle factors, then, not only to avoid all the problems of production, and can cure many diseases. Ross, Mr. Horn is one of Australia's best-selling author, he was a "health revolution", "Puli Di Jin improvement", "anti-cancer, anti-heart disease diet" in the book, Ross, Mr. Horn introduced and evaluated a number of well-known views of medical scientists and doctors to predict the problems and doubts beset mankind, skilled but briefly put forward some solutions. The book provides instruction in traditional medicine ignores the truth of the . See more
☉ "modern hospital hygiene"
Wang Zhong, Shi-Ping Chen, Lv Zengchun editor of People's Medical Publishing House 2002-8-1
This book by the PLA General Hospital and other units of the experts compiled, the system introduces the various factors in the hospital environment for staff and the patient's body and its preventive measures, the health standard-setting and so on. View details
☉ "Modern Hospital Disinfection (Second Edition)"
Yang Huaming, easy to coast editor of People's Medical Publishing House 2008-7-1
1 book based on the revised version made in close connection with hospital practice, systematically expounded the science of modern hospital disinfection basic theory, basic technology and the latest developments. The book is 33 chapters, including hospital infection and disinfection of the concepts, epidemiological characteristics, infection monitoring and control; heat, ultraviolet, microwave, plasma, filter sterilization, and other physical methods of disinfection and sterilization principles and application technology; peroxidase class, chlorine, iodine, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, guanidine, quaternary ammonium, ethylene oxide and other physical and chemical properties of chemical disinfectants, disinfection and sterilization mechanism, application and precautions; hospital environment , the key departments, special equipment and methods of disinfection and sterilization of blood products; hospital management and the relevant norms of disinfection and sterilization standards. This book is rich in content, guidance, practical, and reflect the most recent national study of hospital disinfection research and development level, suitable for hospital infection control, medical care, sterilization and supply and operating room staff . see more
☉ "Modern Nutrition (2nd edition / translation version)"
Yin Shi-such as the main translation of People's Health Publishing House 2008-11-1
First edition book in 1953, when the last one was found from the vitamin, which is vitamin B12, was successfully isolated only a few years. Version 4 by the Dr.Mark Hegstead editor, published in 1976, including 53; and we compared the current version of Chapter 70, reflects the broad field of nutritional science and interdisciplinary characteristics. As co-editor of the book an exercise in great honor, but also bears a difficult task. Nutrition research shifted the focus is no longer limited to the time of deficiency diseases the role of inadequate intake of nutrients, often also have to consider nutrition on the role of chronic disease prevention, as well as the consequences of excess nutrients. Most of the chapters in this edition are based on the discussion of future research as concluding remarks, including some research needs to encourage and help readers prepare for future years of development. Book in the field of nutrition widely used, making our mission as the editor of the great challenges facing . see more
☉ "Tuberculosis is now practical study"
Who is state editor of Science and Technology Literature Press 2003-10-1
This book comprehensively and systematically discusses the history of tuberculosis, epidemic situation and development trend of TB prevention and treatment of the basic objectives and relevant policies and Mycobacterium tuberculosis biology, immunology, epidemiology; focuses on the pathogenesis of tuberculosis , clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment, clinical classification, acute tuberculosis, complications, characteristics of children and the elderly, and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, tuberculosis control, monitoring, evaluation, health education and other preventive measures, commonly used TB The treatment technology and operating rules. This book is a monograph discusses the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.

People's Health Press 2009-12-31 . see more

What are the characteristics of each?

Chapter newly discovered virus disease
Severe acute respiratory syndrome
Newly discovered variety of viral hepatitis
Hepatitis C
Viral Hepatitis
Of viral
Viral Hepatitis G
Other newly discovered hepatitis
A variety of newly discovered hemorrhagic fever
Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever
Ebola haemorrhagic fever
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
West Nile Fever
Avian Influenza
Nipah virus encephalitis
Human parvovirus infection
Human herpesvirus 6 infection
Human herpes virus 7 infection
Human herpes virus 8 infection
Measles virus infection in horses
Tropism of human T cell lymphotropic virus type â… 
Human T ce
ll lymphotropic virus type â…¡ addicted
Chapter prion diseases tablets
G - Jakob Disease
Chapter Three new bacterial diseases found in
O157: H7 hemorrhagic colitis
Cholerae O139
Campylobacter jejuni infection
Toxic shock syndrome
Diseases caused by Bartonella
Bacillary angiomatosis
Ehrlich human monocytic cell body disease
Oriental spotted fever
Helicobacter pylori infection
Chapter Four newly discovered chlamydia
Chlamydia pneumoniae pneumonia
Chapter Five newly discovered disease spirochete
Lyme disease
Chapter VI of the newly discovered parasitic diseases, Chlamydia pneumoniae pneumonia
Cyclospora infection
Blastocystis hominis infection
Ba Beixi new species of worm infections
Intestinal Cryptosporidium infection than the s
Intracellular protozoan infection of the brain
Intracellular protozoan infection of the brain in rabbits
Kaman Cyclospora coccidian infection
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