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calcium hydroxyapatite deposition disease

(A) etiology
Tendon within the joint next to the basic calcium phosphate crystal deposition is due to tendon injury was considered a secondary result of ectopic calcification, and therefore on the classic description of the disease often with shoulder overuse or trauma associated with, but bilateral lesions or calcification of the joints next to the case is not uncommon, is now clearly secondary to the disease can be the body of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in a number of underlying diseases, such as chronic renal failure, diabetes, rheumatism, thyroid or parathyroid disease and tumors, which are secondary to uremia, alkaline phosphate deposition disease is more common, patients often can occur with metastatic calcification of soft tissue, and is often associated with joint inflammation or joint next to the inflammation, also often can be found in other types of crystals, such as calcium phosphate crystals of calcium oxalate crystals and coke, etc., which also tips of secondary alkaline phosphate deposition disease with abnormal calcium and phosphorus metabolism are closely linked, but the predilection sites of the disease seems no obvious underlying disease such between genetic factors related to the disease or HLA typing of research is inconclusive so far.
(B) of the pathogenesis
1. Basic structure and function of calcium phosphate crystals of basic calcium phosphate crystals is the general term for a large class of crystals, the normal deposition of bone tissue in the major minerals calcium hydroxyapatite is a basic, it is for the formation of normal bone, dentin and enamel, it is essential, but apparently extracted from normal bone alkaline phosphate and minerals extracted from the lesions in the composition is significantly different.
The chemical formula of hydroxyapatite is Ca10O (PO4) 2OH, the formula of the hydroxyl can be replaced by other groups, in particular, was replaced by carbonate in normal bone tissue, often part of the carbonated hydroxyapatite, about 50nm in a tiny grain as the main mode of existence, sometimes irregular small grains the transition through some intermediate form (such as octacalcium phosphate) and the formation of larger crystals, the deposition of calcium in the joints next to the stove , often it is easy to see under the light microscope showed a large accumulation of multi-focal distribution of the crystals, these crystals accumulate collagen fibers lesions often isolated from each other in the transmission electron microscope can also see a similar scenario: the form of pellets one accumulated crystal-like
calcium hydroxyapatite deposition disease

[26-BG24836] the coral into hydroxyapatite, "artificial" Preparation of
[Technical Summary] The present invention relates to a coral into hydroxyapatite will be "artificial" in preparation. Is dubbed phosphate 10% to 20% of the
solution soak coral, in 1kg/cm2 ~ 300kg/cm2 250 ℃ under pressure response 68 hours, at 100 ℃ with distilled water to wash salt-free organic ingredients, dehydrated, 100 ℃ drying , high temperature and gas sterilization. This process can be carried out under conditions of low and medium pressure, the reaction time shortened, made of finished slowly dissolved in acid medium, high quality and low prices.
[27-BG24836] Preparation of Hydroxyapatite
[Technical Summary] The present invention relates to a use of natural mineral water and heat conditions in the ion exchange reaction, is converted to hydroxyapatite bioactive materials preparation methods. Reaction is characterized by a PTFE inner lining of stainless steel reactor were sealed, the exchange agent diammonium phosphate concentration of 0.88-6.8mol / l, reaction temperature is 100-240 ℃, reaction pressure ≤ 40 bar, close to atmospheric pressure, reaction of coral stone and diammonium phosphate ratio of 1:1-1:5. Hydroxyapatite produced by this method, the reaction conversion rate of 95% or more, product strength up Mohs6.5 degrees, a single volume up to 15cc or more, to meet a variety of orthopedic surgery to transplant surgery, the present invention technology not ask for much, production conditions easy, simple equipment and low cost.
[28-BG24836] apatite fibers and their production methods
[Technical Summary] The invention provides a nonwoven, fibrous apatite products, which include one or more of the following general formula selected from a group of representatives of apatite: M10 (ZO4) 6X6-type representative of the M Ca, Ba, Mg, Sr, Pb, Cd, Fe, etc., ZO4 behalf of [PO4, ASO4VO4, CO3, etc., X, etc. on behalf of F2CL3OH. This fibrous apatite product has many uses, such as for medical, microbiological culture media and other purposes, especially for living tissue with good compatibility and excellent practicability of the graft material. The invention also discloses a method of preparation of fibrous apatite product.
[29-BG24836] for the chromatographic separation of calcium hydroxyapatite and its production method
[Technical Summary] for the chromatographic separation of calcium hydroxyapatite is a 0.5_50 micron average particle size, the best ball for the 1_10-micron particles. Spherules are mainly hexagonal needle-like crystallite aggregates on the a-axis lattice constant of the unit is 9.58 ± 0.08A, C-axis of 7.00 ± 0.05A. hydroxyapatite is the type of apatite grains of calcium phosphate gel, and then in the presence of oxygen or air, in the 400_700 ° C Best 500_600 ° C calcined given time and complete.
[30-BG24836] calcium phosphate-type hydroxyl (base) Preparation of apatite and
[Technical Summary] hexagonal hydroxyapatite calcium phosphate-based, the unit lattice constant, a axis is 9.58 ± 0.08 ∴, c axis is 7.00 ± 0.05 ∴. Ca / P ratio of 1.50-1.90. It can be used for the chromatographic separation of biopolymers column packing material is 400 ° -700 ℃ was under the burning gel or hydroxyapatite powder preparation. gel, suspension or paste with hydroxyapatite liquid form. hydroxyapatite in the gel to remove water, then dried into a powder. in the presence of oxygen or air at 500 ° ~ 600 ℃ heating the gel or powder burns.
[31-BG24836] collection of hydroxyapatite particulate matter and liquid matter using this set of columns
[Technical Summary] The invention provides a small and uniform particle size of hydroxyapatite particulate assemblage. The average particle size of 1 to 10 microns, a collection of objects at least 90% of the particle size of not more than 25 microns. This collection of hydroxyapatite particulate matter can be used as filling liquid column.
[32-BG24836] a stimulus for chondrocytes and osteoblasts composition (collagen, hydroxyapatite compounds) for their preparation and pharmaceutical composition containing the
[Technical Summary] A stimulation of chondrocytes and osteoblasts of the composition to about 12 months of age in the mammalian fetal skeletal way to extract this composition and its preparation. The agent can be used for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, can be used to heal fractures, cartilage defects and bone defects.
[33-BG24836] dense polycrystalline hydroxyapatite particles production methods
[Technical Summary] dense polycrystalline hydroxyapatite particles production methods, by chemical synthesis of hydroxyapatite by aging, washing and filtration, the wet material will squeeze into thin strips, cut into granules, after tumbling sintering. The method less process, the required simple equipment, easy to operate, can shape the rules of the particles obtained, the cost is low. Product is pure hydroxyapatite composition, a single hexagonal structure, density and strength are higher. Non-toxic, no stimulation, cytotoxicity was grade 0, no hemolysis, good biocompatibility. For higher clinical atrophy alveolar ridge, alveolar bone defect repair and jaw bone cavity filling material.
[34-BG24836] hydroxyapatite artificial bone material preparation
[Technical Summary] The invention belongs to hydroxyapatite artificial bone material preparation technique, was synthesized by oxidation of phosphate and hydroxyapatite, and then by forming into pellets or sintered artificial bone materials, human bone block, raw materials cheap easy to get advanced technology simple. Product quality and reliable application of the system of material by the hospital clinical orthopedic and hand surgery, with satisfactory results, no failure case detection. This material high mechanical strength, good biocompatibility and osteogenic.
[35-BG24836] porous hydroxyapatite particles and preparation methods
[Technical Summary] porous particles of hydroxyapatite is a spherical or artificial materials of spherical porous particles, the particles inside of the through pores, these pores are conducive to fluid circulation and long into the new bone, new bone in the pores The results can accelerate the formation of bone formation process and to build their bone is closer to natural bone. The preparation method is to wet synthetic hydroxyapatite, the Jingxi filtration, drying, grinding, particle shape, sintering processes and then divided into different levels of granularity screen spherical or spherical particles, and by controlling the fine silt degree to control the porosity of particles.
[36-BG24836] bone china by apatite production process method
[Technical Summary] The present invention is a use of hydroxyapatite bone china production process method, which involves porcelain technology. It is the natural apatite does not contain the ashes directly into the production of bone china ingredients in the raw materials needed to replace the ashes, the usual process method, biscuit firing temperature at 1240 ℃ -1260 ℃; a variety of materials group into (weight%): 35-60% apatite, talc 2-5%, 10-15% quartz, feldspar, 8-13%. Whiteness of the production of bone china to reach 65-85%. With the production process is simple, low cost, raw material sources of advantages.
[37-BG24836] biological activity of fluorapatite ceramics and manufacturing methods
[Technical Summary] a pure fluorapatite (FAP) bio-ceramic manufacturing methods, the appropriate amount of powders, forming agent FAP, after molding, cold isostatic pressing, sintered ceramics can be obtained FAP. The present invention sol - gel powder obtained by the FAP, high temperature stability, suitable for biological activity by high-temperature sintering ceramics. Thus obtained the FAP ceramic artificial bone, artificial tooth has a good biocompatibility, not only can promote growth, but also effective against body fluid and oral fluid erosion, preventing dental caries.
[38-BG24836] used as a substitute for bone or tooth hydroxyapatite
[Technical Summary] In order to produce substitutes for bone or tooth, hydroxyapatite, apply a first calcium phosphate and at least one other radical ion of the calcium salt of the water phase is mixed reaction to precipitate hydroxyapatite, the total calcium and total phosphate molar ratio range of 1.6:1 to 1.8:1 basically. In another method for use in a first calcium salt and at least one other calcium phosphate acid radical ions are mixed in a solution.
38-BG24836 as bone or tooth replacement version of hydroxyapatite
39-BG24836 hydroxyapatite by homogeneous precipitation method of preparation of the right to ball
40-BG24836 type of special structure of the mesh of the hydroxyapatite orbital implant
41-BG24836 petaloid porous hydroxyapatite particles and its manufacturing method
42-BG24836 medical implants by ion beam enhanced deposition method for preparation of hydroxyapatite coating:
43-BG24836 prepared from natural coral porous hydroxyapatite biomaterials technology blog
44-BG24836 natural coral porous hydroxyapatite biomaterials Valley Chemical reaming technology
45-BG24836 improved the coral into hydroxyapatite, "artificial" information on preparation
46-BG24836 toxic metal ions in wastewater to remove the carbon activation technology information fluorapatite
47-BG24836 apatite mud and its preparation method
48-BG24836 paste of hydroxyapatite and its manufacturing method 0
49-BG24836 antibacterial preparation of hydroxyapatite coatings 7
50-BG24836 bone morphogenetic protein and hydroxyapatite composite formulations, manufacturing methods 5
51-BG24836 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nano Hydroxyapatite Coating Preparation 5 Compound
52-BG24836 transparent apatite glass ceramics:
53-BG24836 an increase of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coating crystallinity Method 2
54-BG24836 hydroxyapatite dental toothpaste 8
55-BG24836 as a drug carrier of porous hydroxyapatite particles 5
56-BG24836 a low temperature sintering of hydroxyapatite powders Method 2
57-BG24836 α-tricalcium phosphate / hydroxyapatite bone cement and its manufacture of two-phase Method 6
58-BG24836 hydroxyapatite implant skull 6
59-BG24836 biological hydroxyapatite coating of titanium skull implants 2
60-BG24836 hydroxyapatite and liposome core - shell nanocomposite particles prepared by Method 6
61-BG24836 self-combustion synthesis of hydroxyapatite powders
62-BG24836 hydroxyapatite composite paper sebum absorption
63-BG24836 extent controllable nano-crystalline hydroxyapatite powder preparation methods
64-BG24836 zirconia and hydroxyapatite nano-composite powders in situ preparation
65-BG24836 apatite in the flame-retardant plastic as the matrix of composite materials
66-BG24836 high aspect ratio and preparation method of Hydroxyapatite Whiskers
67-BG24836 mesoporous nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite synthesis of microbial catalysis
68-BG24836 situ vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes / hydroxyapatite composite powder method
69-BG24836 hydroxyapatite micro tube and its preparation method
70-BG24836 in aqueous solution Preparation of a dispersion of nano-hydroxyapatite sol method
71-BG24836, a nano hydroxyapatite / polymer composite bone substitute preparation
72-BG24836 ordered porous hydroxyapatite preparation methods
73-BG24836 an apatite-type oxide electrolyte powder preparation methods
74-BG24836 LCD hydroxyapatite / polymer composite anisotropic material and its preparation method of bone replacement
75-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite / nylon artificial and preparation method of nano
76-BG24836 a micron Preparation of Spherical Hydroxyapatite
77-BG24836 an Eu labeled hydroxyapatite nanoparticles preparation methods
78-BG24836 RP crystal collagen - hydroxyapatite bone repair materials and preparation method
79-BG24836 collagen - chitosan - hydroxyapatite bone repair materials and preparation method
80-BG24836 Titanium - collagen - hydroxyapatite bone repair materials and preparation method
81-BG24836 A spherical nano-hydroxyapatite preparation methods
82-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / diopside ceramic composite material and its preparation of biological
83-BG24836 a nano hydroxyapatite / silk fibroin composite materials preparation
84-BG24836 nano-hydroxyapatite and gelatin sheet and preparation method of composite materials
85-BG24836 pure titanium or titanium alloy surface preparation method of containing drugs apatite
86-BG24836 pure magnesium prepared by biomimetic apatite coating
87-BG24836 suspension of hydroxyapatite plasma spray coating method of biological activity
88-BG24836 biological activity of hydroxyapatite coating plasma spray injection device
89-BG24836 biological glass ceramic hydroxyapatite tooth root
90-BG24836 hydroxyapatite surface of artificial joints
91-BG24836 HYDROXYAPATITE rhinoplasty surgical instruments
92-BG24836 line of porous coralline hydroxyapatite with orbital
93-BG24836 ocular fixed porous hydroxyapatite orbital activities
94-BG24836 with diverse biological apatite composites and their preparation for medical
95-BG24836 hydroxyapatite and β-tricalcium phosphate ceramic composite preparation of biological
96-BG24836 calcium phosphate ceramic surface apatite layer formation method
97-BG24836 hydroxyapatite renaturation and simultaneous purification method of recombinant proteins
98-BG24836 polylactic acid and hydroxyapatite composite compression molding method of direct heating
99-BG24836 carbonate ion nano-synthesis of hydroxyapatite powders
100-BG24836 ordered nano hydroxyapatite coating of the electrochemical preparation
101-BG24836 containing hydroxyapatite microspheres and their preparation methods
102-BG24836 one kind of hollow hydroxyapatite microspheres and their preparation methods
103-BG24836 apatite using metal modified food preservation methods and its use in food containers
104-BG24836 with containing apatite photocatalytic activity and preparation method of thin film
105-BG24836 Preparation of Hydroxyapatite
106-BG24836 the surface of nano-hydroxyapatite coating method
107-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / titanium oxide coating Preparation of Gradient
108-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel preparation
109-BG24836 ultrasound induced the Preparation of bovine serum albumin hydroxyapatite rod
110-BG24836 machinable hydroxyapatite / titanium silicon carbide ceramic composites of biological methods
111-BG24836 strontium substituted hydroxyapatite bone cement preparation and application
112-BG24836 membrane with photocatalytic apatite, its formation method, coating liquid and a membrane containing apatite coated photocatalyst of the parts of the electronic equipment
113-BG24836 apatite photocatalytic film forming method
114-BG24836 a preparation method of strontium hydroxyapatite
115-BG24836 reinforced resin composition of apatite
116-BG24836 one kind of hydroxyapatite bone cement preparation method
117-BG24836 create a kind of nano hydroxyapatite surface layer of silane modified method
118-BG24836 Making fluorapatite
119-BG24836 plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coating post-processing method
120-BG24836 coralline hydroxyapatite bone substitute and its preparation method
121-BG24836 porous metal-based metal oxide / hydroxyapatite composite bone and preparation methods
122-BG24836 one kind of titanium alloy co-sputtering deposition of hydroxyapatite (HA) / titanium (Ti) layer gradient method and its bioactive products
123-BG24836 nano-apatite composite tissue engineering scaffold material preparation
124-BG24836 an extract from the rare-earth method of apatite
125-BG24836 used for in situ embedding of the dual function of drug coating and the hydroxyapatite microspheres
126-BG24836 rod with a specific aspect ratio of the apatite crystals
127-BG24836 porous calcium carbonate - hydroxyapatite Graded Materials and Preparation
128-BG24836 the use of porous hydroxyapatite and cover the smell of the stable form of pharmaceutical preparations
129-BG24836 bone apatite rapid synthesis of membrane
130-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / carbon nanotube nano-composite powders and in situ synthesis
131-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / polyamide series of bio-medical composite preparation methods
132-BG24836, a nano Preparation of hydroxyapatite powders
133-BG24836 hydroxyapatite biodegradable aliphatic polyester composites preparation
134-BG24836 surface of β-tricalcium phosphate synthetic bone and coralline hydroxyapatite preparation
135-BG24836 a system of porous titanium coated with hydroxyapatite layer method
136-BG24836 nano-apatite reinforced composite material and its preparation method
137-BG24836 nickel-titanium alloy surface of hydroxyapatite / collagen composite layer of the chemical preparation
138-BG24836-micron holes of a production method of carbon hydroxyapatite
A spherical 139-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite Preparation of Nanocrystalline
140-BG24836 Hanguang resin catalyst apatite
141-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite / polymer composite preparation methods of biological
142-BG24836 near-infrared fluorescent quantum dots labeled hydroxyapatite and its preparation method and application
143-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite / zirconia ceramic composites of biological methods and products
144-BG24836 plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coating post-processing method
145-BG24836 Ti4 hydroxyapatite nanoparticles containing disinfectant material absorption
146-BG24836 containing nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite adsorption Ti4 disinfection preparation methods
147-BG24836 TiO2 / Composite Titanium hydroxyapatite adsorption and disinfection of nano-materials
148-BG24836 TiO2 / Composite Titanium hydroxyapatite adsorption and disinfection preparation of nano-materials
149-BG24836 an absorbable hydroxyapatite artificial bone preparation
150-BG24836 hydroxyapatite - zirconia ceramic composite material and its preparation method of biological
151-BG24836 with autologous tissue of apatite / collagen composite cross-linked apatite / collagen porous body and its preparation method
152-BG24836 containing silver and zinc inorganic antimicrobial agent of hydroxyapatite and its manufacturing method
153-BG24836 sol - gel wollastonite / apatite (AW) bioactive glass ceramic
154-BG24836 hydroxyapatite powder and the preparation method of porous
155-BG24836 galactose hydroxyapatite - polylysine nanoparticles preparation
A SF 156-BG24836 hydroxyapatite composite material and its preparation method
157-BG24836 silver nanocomposite hydroxyapatite / titanium dioxide disinfection preparation methods
158-BG24836 needle-like hydroxyapatite application in toothpaste
159-BG24836 apatite ultra-fine fiber materials and preparation method
160-BG24836 a synthesis of nano-hydroxyapatite
161-BG24836 of a titanium - hydroxyapatite composite preparation methods
162-BG24836 with biocompatible fluorine - the biocompatibility of hydroxyapatite coated implants and coating method
163-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / carbon nanotubes composite coatings preparation
164-BG24836 porous nano-hydroxyapatite artificial bone collagen composite preparation methods
165-BG24836-Ni3A1 a hydroxyapatite composite material and its preparation method
166-BG24836 single room sacrificial anode - hydrothermal synthesis method of hydroxyapatite coating
167-BG24836 biological activity of a toothpaste preparation of hydroxyapatite
168-BG24836 no reunion hydroxyapatite manufacturing methods
169-BG24836 of a titanium - hydroxyapatite preparation of biological active materials
170-BG24836 nano-hydroxyapatite / chitosan / gelatin porous scaffold material and its preparation method
171-BG24836 strontium substituted hydroxyapatite nano-manufacturing methods
172-BG24836 Preparation of nano-apatite dialysis
173-BG24836 Polymer / Carbon materials / hydroxyapatite hybrid fiber and its preparation method
174-BG24836 a titanium or titanium alloy surface in the electrophoretic deposition method of Hydroxyapatite Coatings
175-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / silk fibroin protein - chitosan composite scaffold and its preparation method
176-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite is added to the antivirus component of cement primer, the end of the pattern material, paint and cement additives
177-BG24836 an efficient adsorbent of heavy metal ions in the preparation of carbonate hydroxyapatite
178-BG24836 Ti / HA coating transition layer of intermetallic compound material preparation
179-BG24836 a new type of calcium hydroxyapatite particles, their preparation and their use
180-BG24836 hydrothermal method of colloidal nano-hydroxyapatite
181-BG24836 nano-hydroxyapatite / silicone rubber composite bio-medical materials and preparation method
182-BG24836 use of hydroxyapatite chromatography to remove high molecular weight aggregates
183-BG24836 an improved preparation of hydroxyapatite powders
184-BG24836 a helical structure of nano-apatite-type bone implant implant
185-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite preparation of hollow microspheres
186-BG24836 composite hydroxyapatite / polymer materials for medical tissue engineering scaffold materials and preparation method
187-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite in aqueous solution of liquid crystal method
188-BG24836 the base of a polylactic acid / hydroxyapatite composite biomaterials and its preparation method
189-BG24836 an Apatite - wollastonite / β-tricalcium phosphate bioactive ceramics
190-BG24836 strontium hydroxyapatite coating and its preparation method of biological activity
191-BG24836 RE - bioactive hydroxyapatite coating and its preparation method
192-BG24836 a tetracycline marker apatite nanoparticles and its preparation method and application
193-BG24836 biological hydroxyapatite ceramic matrix composite material and its preparation process
194-BG24836 carbon fiber reinforced polylactic acid / hydroxyapatite composite preparation methods
195-BG24836-based polylactic acid / hydroxyapatite composite scaffold material and its preparation method
196-BG24836 with apatite / collagen composite fibers in the average pore size of porous control
197-BG24836 apatite and its manufacturing method, and apatite substrate
198-BG24836 a kind of method of hydroxyapatite coated carbon nanotubes
199-BG24836 repair enamel coated hydroxyapatite Electrochemical Preparation
200-BG24836 α-emission of particles of hydroxyapatite
201-BG24836 porous bone-like apatite / polyamide composite preparation methods
202-BG24836 A new method for preparation of hydroxyapatite
203-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite Preparation of calcium phosphate particles
204-BG24836 an ion synthesis method of nano-hydroxyapatite
205-BG24836 of a hydroxyapatite and alumina composite coating preparation
206-BG24836 hydroxyapatite titanium dioxide nanotube array embedded in composite coating preparation methods
207-BG24836 PCL - chitosan network / hydroxyapatite composite scaffold preparation methods
208-BG24836 porous hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate ceramics preparation
209-BG24836 silicone rubber surface of biomimetic apatite coatings prepared
210-BG24836 a hollow spherical nano-hydroxyapatite materials and their preparation methods
211-BG24836 with apatite / collagen composite fibers manufacturing method of porous body
212-BG24836 plasma prepared by micro arc oxidation ceramic coating of hydroxyapatite method
213-BG24836 ordered polycrystalline hydroxyapatite powder preparation methods
214-BG24836 an antimicrobial hydroxyapatite composite coatings, preparation and application of
215-BG24836 a composite of hydroxyapatite collagen / chitosan scaffold preparation
216-BG24836 porous magnesium / HA production process methods
217-BG24836 cisplatin - Hydroxyapatite - chitosan microspheres and their use
218-BG24836 a kind of functionally graded Hydroxyapatite Preparation of Nanocomposite Coatings
219-BG24836 an apatite contrast imaging and positron emission tomography
220-BG24836 apatite / polyamide composite preparation methods
221-BG24836 titanium / hydroxyapatite composite material and its preparation method
222-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with chitosan / polyvinyl alcohol gel and its preparation method and use
223-BG24836 polylactic acid / hydroxyapatite composite bone repair materials Preparation of compatibilizer
224-BG24836 silver method of manufacturing hydroxyapatite and its application as an antibacterial agent
225-BG24836 hydroxyapatite coating of magnesium alloy for medical implant materials and its preparation method
226-BG24836 mesoporous nanoparticles Preparation of hydroxyapatite crystals
227-BG24836 a surface modified with a Tb Hydroxyapatite Preparation of fluorescent nanoparticles
228-BG24836 silicon hydroxyapatite artificial biomimetic synthesis of ceramic
229-BG24836 Titanium / Hydroxyapatite coating of silicon preparation
230-BG24836 in the nuclei of apatite nano-magnesium hydroxide flame retardant composition and preparation methods
231-BG24836 a prepared fluorapatite / hydroxyapatite solid solution nano-powder method
232-BG24836 Silver - hydroxyapatite nanocomposites preparation
233-BG24836 one kind of hydroxyapatite nanorod preparation
234-BG24836 nano hydroxyapatite / collagen particles and preparation method of bone repair material
235-BG24836 hollow hydroxyapatite nano-materials, preparation methods and surface modification methods carboxyl
236-BG24836 a raft-like hydroxyapatite and its preparation method
237-BG24836 a peptide grafted nano-hydroxyapatite hybrid material preparation
238-BG24836, a synthetic method of hydroxyapatite
Preparation of Ti 239-BG24836 a Hydroxyapatite / titania nanotube composite coating method
240-BG24836 an in situ growth of carbon nanotubes and hydroxyapatite nano-composite material
241-BG24836 a fixed metal hydroxyapatite method of lead in contaminated sediments
242-BG24836 surface modification of hydroxyapatite whiskers and its preparation method and application
243-BG24836 titanium / hydroxyapatite preparation of gradient composite coating
244-BG24836, a nano-level silk protein - hydroxyapatite mineralization Preparation of composite fibers
245-BG24836 an ordered magnetic hydroxyapatite porous materials, their preparation and application
246-BG24836 glycerol gel hydroxyapatite and its preparation method and application in toothpaste
247-BG24836 titanium apatite coating surface activation method to quickly generate
248-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite preparation of microspheres
249-BG24836 nano-hydroxyapatite sol and its preparation method and application in toothpaste
250-BG24836 a Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Preparation
251-BG24836 hydroxyapatite ceramic spinal fusion
252-BG24836 aligned nano-particle hydroxyapatite / chitosan scaffold method
253-BG24836 the surface of the metal implant a thin coating of hydroxyapatite particles electrochemical method
254-BG24836 could be loaded microspheres of hydroxyapatite bone cement preparation methods of porous microspheres
255-BG24836 strontium and fluorine compound containing a nano-hydroxyapatite and its preparation method
256-BG24836 chitosan and hydroxyapatite composite scaffold for bone repair Preparation
257-BG24836 pulse electrochemical deposition of hydroxyapatite / zirconia composite coating method
258-BG24836 Pulse Electrochemical Deposition of a hydroxyapatite / chitosan composite coating method
259-BG24836 high on lysozyme adsorption and controlled release and the preparation of nano-hydroxyapatite
260-BG24836 Nano Hydroxyapatite Composite Coatings Preparation
261-BG24836 metal substrate hydroxyapatite / protein hybrid materials prepared by electrodeposition method
262-BG24836 silver and preparation of hydroxyapatite
263-BG24836 and modified with functional monomers PMDM hydroxyapatite dental composite resin and its application
264-BG24836, a nano hydroxyapatite preparation of biological active materials
265-BG24836 chitosan - hydroxyapatite composite spherical particles and its preparation method and apparatus
266-BG24836 gelatin - hydroxyapatite composite spherical particles and its preparation method and apparatus
267-BG24836 gelatin - chitosan - spherical porous particles of hydroxyapatite material and its preparation method and device
268-BG24836 collagen - chitosan - spherical porous particles of hydroxyapatite material and its preparation method and device
269-BG24836 COLLAGEN - hydroxyapatite composite spherical particles and its preparation method and apparatus
270-BG24836 a titanium alloy coated with hydroxyapatite coating methods
271-BG24836 high dispersion preparation methods of nano-hydroxyapatite
272-BG24836 magnesium alloy surface of hydroxyapatite / polylactide composite coating preparation
273-BG24836 nano-apatite in situ fixation of heavy metals in sediment cover method
274-BG24836 biological activity of a biodegradable hydroxyapatite artificial bone and its preparation method
275-BG24836 hydroxyapatite for a method of fluorescent labeling
276-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite / alginate nanocomposites preparation
277-BG24836 core-shell Sr / Ca hydroxyapatite nanoparticles and preparation methods
278-BG24836 hollow hydroxyapatite nano-structure and preparation method
279-BG24836 a nano-hydroxyapatite synthesis of bioactive materials
280-BG24836 strontium hydroxyapatite bioactive bone cement preparation
281-BG24836 magnesium ultrafine crystal hydroxyapatite ceramic production process methods of biological
282-BG24836 high purity hydroxyapatite natural leaching process
283-BG24836 Nano Antibacterial Hydroxyapatite and its preparation method
284-BG24836 two-step preparation of hydroxyapatite - SF method of composite scaffolds
285-BG24836 Hanguang resin catalyst apatite
286-BG24836 apatite coated rutile titanium dioxide nano-composite powders (TiO2 @ HAp) the preparation method
287-BG24836 a pulsed electrochemical deposition of hydroxyapatite / silver composite coating method of antimicrobial
288-BG24836 hydroxyapatite powder preparation methods
289-BG24836 carbonate replacement with the biological activity of hydroxyapatite nano-particles and their preparation and compositions containing it
290-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite / Titania Composite Preparation of bioactive coatings
291-BG24836 a carbon fiber reinforced hydroxyapatite composite method
292-BG24836 nano-carbonated hydroxyapatite / chitosan - poly lactic acid scaffold for bone tissue engineering preparation
293-BG24836 controlled preparation of nanometer-sized rod-like hydroxyapatite method
294-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles and Their Preparation and Application
295-BG24836 foam sector Template Synthesis of Porous hydroxylapatite aperture control
296-BG24836 a hydroxyapatite - Preparation of bioactive glass films
297-BG24836 aligned nano-particles of hydroxyapatite / collagen scaffold preparation
298-BG24836 gradient of biological activity of fluorine-containing hydroxyapatite coating preparation
299-BG24836 one kind of Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystals Synthesis
300-BG24836 hydroxyapatite composite degradable bone screws
301-BG24836 hydroxyapatite coated hip prosthesis
302-BG24836 biological activity of hydroxyapatite coating plasma spray injection device

1-BG24836 one kind of silver antimicrobial fluorapatite and its preparation method version
2-BG24836 nano-crystals of bone apatite preparation right
3-BG24836 porous calcium carbonate - Preparation of hydroxyapatite Graded Materials and methods
4-BG24836 Hydroxyapatite whisker production methods
5-BG24836 doped hydroxyapatite and its production methods:
6-BG24836 situ composite preparation of chitosan / hydroxyapatite nano-composite material Bo
7-BG24836 biological activity of polyvinyl alcohol / hydroxyapatite nanocomposite hydrogels and preparation Valley
8-BG24836 can adjust the absorption rate of coral hydroxyapatite artificial bone in the preparation of information
9-BG24836 hydroxyapatite - UHMWPE composites Preparation of bone slices News
10-BG24836 chemical method in the NiTi alloy surface layer of hydroxyapatite method of biological activity
11-BG24836 nanotube apatite / Al2O3-Ti composite material and its preparation method of biological 0
12-BG24836 generation of a modified hydroxyapatite bone material and its preparation method and application of 7
13-BG24836 hydroxyapatite calcium supplements 5
14-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / alumina composite bio-ceramic preparation method 5
15-BG24836 hydroxyapatite and the preparation method and application in toothpaste:
16-BG24836 Hydrothermal Preparation of Hydroxyapatite composite electrodeposition / TiO2 coating method 2
17-BG24836 low-temperature molten salt electrodeposition of hydroxyapatite composite coating methods 8
18-BG24836 hydroxyapatite / carbon nanotube composites and their preparation process 5
19-BG24836 composition containing porous hydroxyapatite bone prosthesis and its preparation method 2
20-BG24836 coral hydroxyapatite artificial bone synthesis 6
21-BG24836 apatite formation of the antimicrobial metal-containing layer modified Method 6
22-BG24836 apatite bioactive gradient coating of artificial joint material and its preparation method 2
23-BG24836 lactic acid from the modified HA / PLA composite materials and preparation method 6
24-BG24836 glass nano hydroxyapatite cement and its preparation method
25-BG24836 hydroxyapatite application in the mouthwash
Basic calcium phosphate crystal deposition disease in whic
h the performance and how to diagnose?
Clinical manifestations】 【
Basic calcium phosphate crystal deposition disease more common in the elderly, its prevalence rate increases with age, mostly affects the large weight-bearing joints, most commonly the shoulder bursa, tendons, ligaments, to the right as a, followed by the other hip, elbow, wrist and knee, in the clinical setting, when the basic calcium phosphate crystal deposition in different parts of the body can cause different symptoms or syndrome, as shown in Table 1.
First, the joint next to the inflammation of calcific
Calcified joint next to the inflammation without any clinical manifestations usually can, but often acute onset, about 70% of patients with calcification of the joint next to the inflammation around the shoulder joint, some attacks may be secondary to trauma, but most patients There is no incentive or before the onset of aura, onset of symptoms typical of sudden pain, often described as
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