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is bronchopneumonia contagious

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Hello, bronchial pneumonia, is not very serious, with some infectious, can bring a mask, it should be taken to avoid the Hello, bronchial pneumonia, is not very serious, with some infectious, can bring a mask, it should be taken to avoid the
This back to you useful? I'll ask 00 questions to help more>> Related question how to treat children with bronchial pneumonia and the "bronchial pneumonia" how to govern? How children with bronchial pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia and how to prevent conditioning? 9-year-old girls how to do bronchial pneumonia? More>> drugs refer to my answer to 5000 characters or less, answer the user logged in to submit Name: Password: Register Replies specification statement:
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is bronchopneumonia contagious

The biggest characteristic of interstitial pneumonia: insidious onset, progressive increase, eventually leading to lung and heart failure. The disease is not a prevention, early detection is not easy, bad treatment, progressive damage to the "incurable." Because Western medicine for the treat
ment of interstitial pneumonia has not been a particularly effective way, can not cure, the end result of Western medicine are respiratory failure and heart failure leading to death, so the disease is called "sub-cancer."
Professor Kong summed up the coherent formulation of interstitial pneumonia, the implementation of the clinical effect is significant, patients treated with dyspnea and cough 20 days after the symptoms improved after taking the gradual improvement of 3-7 months until the rehabilitation recovery.
Direct role in the pharmacological composition stellate cells, reduce fine bubbles of pulmonary interstitial collagen and basement membrane damage, thereby inhibiting and reducing collagen synthesis caused by fibrosis, promote collagen degradation, thus blocking the process of pulmonary fibrosis, reversal of pulmonary fibrosis, fibrotic lesions then gradually reduced. Can be combined with the clinical condition of patients with the disease in different Treating patients after treatment were significantly improved clinical symptoms, patients with high-resolution CT and pulmonary function tests after that pulmonary fibrosis better than before treatment, and then gradually recovered.
Condition analysis:
The course more than 3 months of chronic pneumonia. In recent years, mortality is lower in children with acute pneumonia, but severe pneumonia in children were not always complete recovery, relapse and chronic pneumonia turned into quite rare. Thus, in a timely manner is important in chronic pneumonia .
The treatment of this disease requires long-term comprehensive measures persist. Treatment of the following elements:
(1) to strengthen nutrition: supply of nutritious and vitamin diet. Aggressive treatment of malnutrition and rickets.
(2) physical exercise: often do outdoor activities or outdoor sleeping. Gymnastics, cold water sponge bath or a cold bath and other training, enhance the body's resistance to cold. Indoor ventilation should keep the air fresh. Actively prevent respiratory infections.
(3) Chinese medicine: the main body is replenishing and recovery of lung function, refer to the Chinese medicine section of bronchial pneumonia and pneumonia recovery treatment.
(4) removal of disease: If the coexistence of sinusitis and bronchiectasis, etc., should take appropriate treatment or surgery.
(5) Other treatments: inhaled appropriate antibiotics, repeated infection, antibiotics to control infection. Glucocorticoid inhibition of proliferation and promotion can play the role of respiratory lesions. Tianjin Children's Hospital has treated 5 patients with prednisone, treatment 2 ~ 12 months wi
th good results. In addition, also available electromagnetic therapy, FM diathermy, massage and physical therapy such as mustard dressing.
Life care:
Pathology of acute pneumonia recover later than clinical recovery. Therefore, the recovery in severe pneumonia should be physical therapy and gymnastics, active treatment concurrent rickets and malnutrition, and in follow-up and further treatment after discharge, until completely healed up. In addition, infant early childhood, should try to prevent measles, one hundred cough, influenza and adenovirus infection. of diffuse recurrent sinusitis and bronchitis, but also should actively combat. with immune deficiencies in children can be immune to promote therapy, respectively, according to the specific circumstances human serum globulin use, transfer factor, thymosin or Chinese medicine treatment, if necessary, bone marrow transplantation can be used to rebuild the immune function, prevent recurrent infections and chronic pneumonia.
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