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bronchiectasis epidemiology

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Bronchiectasis with asthma in epidemiological studies and clinical features - "Clinical Pulmonary Medicine" 1998, 01 of the literature sources CNKI www.cnki.net
Bronchiectasis (hereinafter referred to as branch expansion) and asthma are two common respiratory disease. Hinson and other British scholars in 1952 first reported in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) can be expanded both asthma and support. So far 200 cases have been reported over the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and China also have been reports in this respect. However, in non-ABPA population, supporting expansion of asthma with reported
【Author】: Second Clinical Medical College, Beijing Medical University 100044, People's Hospital (Cui, such as the public); Second Clinical Medical College, Beijing Medical University People's Hospital 100044 (HE Quan-ying)
【Keywords】: R562.22
】 【DOI: cnki: ISSN :1009-6663 .0.1998-01-003
Snapshot】 【text:
Bronchiectasis (hereinafter referred to as branch expansion) and asthma are two common respiratory diseases .1952 Hin-son of the British scholars such as first reported in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) can be expanded simultaneously and support of asthma [ l]. So far 200 cases have been reported over the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and China also have been reports in this respect. However, in non-ABPA population, supporting expansion of asthma with
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bronchiectasis epidemiology

[Chinese name of disease] [Medical Education Network finishing pm]
Chang Lung network
Chinese Source: Medical Education Network
Photo refers to the network due to lung Fanfei evil, lung Blockage, phlegm intrinsic lung expansion of the network. With chronic cough, spit a lot of phlegm or purulent slightly, the performance of intermittent hemoptysis as the main lung diseases.
Western Medical Education Network collected
Bronchiectasis is a chronic bronchial inflammation and damage to surrounding tissue wall, causing bronchial lumen expansion and deformation. Clinical features of chronic recurrent cough, purulent sputum, and hemoptysis is a common clinical disease of bronchial purulent collected Medical Education Network.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hot, phlegm, blood stasis is a common cause of bronchiectasis.
1 lung and spleen prime virtual Congenital lack of lung and spleen deficiency is the root cause of the disease occurred.
2 evils invasion led to the passage of the lung evils external causes of this disease. Evils to cold, wind heat, the main evil epidemic toxin.
3 hurt feelings go rather then to the liver as the main factors Yu Nu.
4 Virtual Shangyin long illness of lung burns, or exogenous pathogens attack the lungs, Hao Shang Yin, endogenous virtual fire, burns network and the cost of lung disease.
5 or more of several causes of bleeding lung disease resistance healed the course of time, can lead to lung congestion, blood Zhise, sticky into stasis that may cause bleeding lungs, aggravate the disease.
Western medicine
A bronchial infection and cavity block the vast majority is due to bronchiectasis and obstruction caused by bronchial infection. Such as measles, whooping cough, influenza can occur such as serious bronchial and lung infections, the bronchial mucosal edema, hypertrophy, and partial obstruction caused by stenosis.
2 external compression and traction of bronchial lung or mediastinal tumor, enlarged lymph nodes distal bronchial compression pressure can occur bronchial expansion.
3, a variety of genetic and congenital abnormalities of genetic or acquired immune deficiency disease, due to immune dysfunction, airway defense function defects or low, easy-to-tract infection associated with gas, leading to bronchiectasis.
4, a few cases, other factors, caused by inhalation of corrosive chemicals (eg hydrocarbons), resulting in bronchial wall damage that may cause bronchiectasis.
A cough, chronic cough, intermittent increase, at bedtime and early morning can make worse cough.
2, the majority of mucoid sputum or green purulent sputum, if mixed infection of anaerobic bacteria, the smell.
3 About half of patients with hemoptysis hemoptysis symptoms, hemoptysis large amount of difference can be brought up to the amount of blood, sputum hemoptysis. Some patients cough, sputum obvious symptoms, only the performance of repeated hemoptysis, known as dry bronchiectasis.
4, persistent symptoms of systemic toxicity secondary infection, may have fever, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia.
A routine blood, urine, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, serum electrolytes measured.
2 blood gas analysis.
3 X line is lateral chest film.
4 respiratory function tests.
5 sputum culture, drug susceptibility test.
6 bronchial lipiodol angiography.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
A longer course and more time in the incidence of children and young people. Often secondary to measles, whooping cough, when the line of cold, disease and other lung-heat later.
2 sooner or later, chronic cough particularly at night, spit a lot of purulent sputum, sputum volume and position related to standing can be divided into bubble sputum, mucus and necrotic tissue sediment layers.
3, the amount of intermittent hemoptysis hemoptysis very different from the sputum may be blood to massive hemoptysis, with or without cough and showed only repeated massive hemoptysis.
4 characteristics of recurrent pulmonary infections for the same site infection and delayed healing repeated.
5 physical limitations often heard in the lesions sector coarse, medium moist rales, coughing, after may be temporarily reduced or disappeared, some patients have clubbed fingers (toes).
6 X-ray shows increased pulmonary step down texture, rough mess, or translucent ring or strip-like shadow of the shadow and hair.
7 bronchography, lung CT, fiberoptic bronchoscopy may be a corresponding change.
Western medicine
More than one with childhood pneumonia, whooping cough history of severe pulmonary infection.
2 chronic relapse, longer duration, the main symptoms are cough, purulent sputum, and hemoptysis.
3 signs: limitation of local lesion can be heard coarse, medium and wet rales, cough may be temporarily reduced or disappeared, some patients have clubbed fingers (toes).
4 Chest X-ray examination.
(1) Chest plain film see the markings thickening or rough random markings translucent strip in the ring or see the shadow, or in hair-like shadow.
(2) The diagnosis of bronchial lipiodol angiography, and to clear the lesion, the scope, nature and severity.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
A traditional Chinese medicine treatment.
2 acupuncture.
(1) Body Acupuncture therapy.
(2) point injection therapy.
3 postural drainage.
Western medicine
Treatment principles for the control of infection and removal of sputum, or surgical treatment.
1 infection control.
2 for purulent sputum excluded.
3, the treatment of hemoptysis.
4 surgery.
Bronchiectasis itself is irreversible pathological changes, and actively control the infection, eliminate sputum, control and reduce the development of bronchiectasis, good or bad prognosis of this disease is closely related.
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