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bilateral clavicle fracture

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4-year-old boy with bilateral clavicular fractures
Age: 4 years
Patients Sex: Male
Condition Description:
October 21 4-year-old boy by the local police station over the car from the body caused by bilateral cord compression fractures are only a few days the hospital to withdrawal
And effectiveness of treatment was:
1 week drug delivery down the right test cable 8th bone completely fixed dislocation
How do want to help:
Find a good treatment
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Flow-hui Chen
Doctor Certification:
Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province
Credit: 9069
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Condition analysis:
Hello, If the clavicle fracture is a simple case, the children would be more bone toughness is good, is the green sticks fractures, and growth would be more ideal, the current treatment is possible
Hello, this is handled this way, as long as the fixed comparatively satisfactory, bearing in mind the added calcium, I believe it will get better soon, you do not need to be too nervous, I wish you child to be well soon
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Zibo City, Shandong Province
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Condition analysis:
Hello, this is the 8th general bandage, generally do not need surgery, even if there is dislocation does not matter, completely healed
Do not worry too much, clavicle fracture in children with good prognosis, there will be no after-effects
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bilateral clavicle fracture

Medical HEALTH "> Clinical>> bone SCIENCES"> Summary of diagnosis and treatment of bilateral clavicle fractures comments recommend download
the full text online collection of Dou Yusheng this article [1] Liao Yonghua [1] Army Division [1] Sun Yindi [1] Health Department [1 ] Zhu Yujie [1] PENG Bing Party   Xi'an Red Cross Hospital in orthopedics, 710054 [2] Yangling Chinese Medicine Hospital, 712100, "the United States and the International Trauma" 2007 Volume 6, No. 1 fast food prize investigation Abstract: clavicle fracture is more common in the clinical, accounting for about 5.98% body fractures, but the incidence of bilateral clavicle fractures less less reported in the literature at home and abroad. Since May 2004 ~ September 2005, the Division of bilateral clavicular fractures were treated in 3 cases. On the re-fixation by cutting to obtain a good effect. Are reported as follows: Number of pages: 2 pages :61-61 range, 37 pages Keywords: Bilateral fractures of clavicle fracture fixation fracture diagnosis of foreign body subject classification: R683.41 [medicine, HEALTH "outside SCIENCES" Orthopaedic Surgery (Sports Department diseases, orthopedics)> fracture, bone damage> limb fracture> upper limb fractures] Related articles: subject
Children with bilateral clavicular fracture Lu ***
1 #, and his exchange
Description di
sease (onset time, major symptoms, visiting hospitals, etc.):
August 29 accident late things, mainly bilateral fracture, treatment in the Third Hospital of Cixi City
And effectiveness of treatment was:
Was hospitalized for five days, the effect is not obvious, once discharged from hospital, at home recuperating.
How do want to help:
Just turned in January, film shows, in good position, fracture line is slightly blurred, showing a small amount of callus formation, no other special. Excuse me, in this case, whether it is now the party? About the time still needed to improve?
Posted at 2010-09-30 11:59:48 Dr. Feng Xie Re: Children of bilateral clavicle fracture
2 #, Shanghai Children's Hospital, deputy director of pediatric orthopedic physician plus
Hello, this film requires physical examination and other tests, come out-patient diagnosis and treatment of pediatric orthopedics at Children's Hospital, Shanghai, Feng Xie
Fon Posted at 2010-10-04 14:42:20 my doctor
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