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basi cervical femoral neck fracture

Intertrochanteric fractures of the basic knowledge related to the article more>> Summary of intertrochanteric fracture of intertrochanteric fracture outlines an overview of old fracture classification of traditional Chinese medicine herbs intertrochanteric femoral fractures proximal femoral nail fixation of femoral head necrosis the process of rehabilitation of patients with fractures of 84-year-old signed for their symptoms of leg surgery diagnosis more>> intertrochanteric fractures of the diagnosis of femoral shaft fractures intertrochanteric fracture diagnosis depression clinical manifestations of that? What fracture classification? Preventive health care more>> intertrochanteric fracture of intertrochanteric fracture how to how to care for rehabilitation? Old fractures associated with osteoporosis prevention and care? Intertrochanteric fractures how to care for? How to care for patients with femoral neck fracture? Treatment of femoral head necrosis in patients with drug rehabilitation process more>> intertrochanteric fracture treatment intertrochanteric fractures treated with closed reduction DHS signed his 84-year-old fracture of the leg bones of dynamic hip screw surgery treatment of elderly subtrochanteric Fracture 2 three-pin locking pin external fixation of intertrochanteric fracture of the anatomic plate in the application of intertrochanteric fractures
basi cervical femoral neck fracture

Fracture of bone loss of the integrity and continuity, common fracture sites are: cervical spine fracture, thoracic fracture, vertebral fracture, femoral fractures, femoral neck fracture, patella fracture, tibial fracture, rib fractures, clavicle fractures, fractures of the humerus and the ulna , there are compression fractures, fractures and closed fractures and open fractures, said.
Closed fracture is the fracture skin damage, no crack, fracture fragments is not exposed, also called simple fracture.
Fractures, especially associated with dislocation of the fracture, the key to treatment, a reduction in the bone, one in the blood circulation, activate the bone metabolism. Commonly used in the hospital reinforced bone, cast immobilization method, defects are many: the former is a destructive therapy, not only that old wounds were healed, added a new injury, and impairs the normal growth of bone tissue; which is not conducive to observation and patching , also inhibit blood circulation. Therefore, promoting the use of bone reduction techniques, and topical plaster, blood circulation, promote bone tissue growth, accelerate the recovery process.
"Immortality living bone paste" from the dry Sun Yuan Ge physician, "the god of medicine ten books" collection contains nine true chalcedony cream, this improved extraction method, add special effects components, so that efficacy increased by 20 times, a special treatment of fractures, intractabl
e diseases such as cervical lumbar effects products, modern medical research shows that "immortality living bone paste" has a very strong blood circulation, reduces swelling of relieving pain, can quickly improve the surface of the skin micro-circulation and eliminate aseptic inflammation, and enhance the metabolism of bone cells and promote healing of damaged tissue, painless treatment of swelling and pain, fracture, dislocation, the patient usually 3-5 days after the effective patching, rehabilitation of about 4 courses of individual patients 2 hours after patching there is feeling. For the old fracture, "immortality living bone paste" a unique treatment.
Fracture healing is a complex process, affected by blood supply, mechanical environment and other factors. Way of understanding fracture healing of long bone from the animal experimental model study. In the local brake, without internal fixation, fracture more stable situation, fracture healing through its natural process of development. Fibrocartilage usually takes to go through stages, the last was only bone completely replaced, so it is considered an indirect healing, or 'two healing'. Its development can be artificially divided into three phases to describe the various stages of development connected to each other.
(1) inflammatory phase of fracture of bone and soft tissue damage can cause bleeding, cell death and inflammation, macrophages and leukocytes into the multi-core, removal of necrotic tissue and cell debris. With the gradual removal hematoma, machine technology, neovascularization, proliferation of primitive mesenchymal cells, granulation tissue formation. During this period of platelet, tissue disintegration, perivascular cells will release several cytokines, such as platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor-β family (TGF-β), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and these will start the next phase of restoration activities.
(2) repair callus formation phase of the characteristics of this phase. Callus contains fiber, cartilage and bone components. Involved in the formation of callus cells from the original differentiation from mesenchymal cells, which come from bone marrow, periosteum, endosteum, vascular endothelial cells, perivascular cells, etc. The cells are first differentiated into fibroblasts, it shoots down the proliferation of vascular invasion of the hematoma within the machine, the secretion of type â…¢ collagen fibers constitute the components in the callus. Followed by the original mesenchymal cells into chondrocytes and cartilage cell proliferation, â…¡ collagen and proteoglycan content of the rapid increase in the fiber matrix of cartilage islands begin to form. The stability of the fracture site callus formation may determine the amount of cartilage. Strong in non-braking and non-fixed components of cartilage during fracture healing, while in absolute fixed (absolute fixation) of the fracture healing process is almost not see the cartilage components.
(3) remodeling phase of this stage involves absorption of osteoclasts and osteoblasts form new bone matrix, the two interrelated, but not in the same position. The results of the main stress direction along the bone, woven bone is absorbed in part without the need to be strengthened part, eventually the newly formed lamellar bone replacement, medullary cavity and then pass, the original bone structure and function recovery
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