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autoimmune hemolytic anemia associated

Abstract: Objective cyclosporin A (CsA) in autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) and Evans syndrome, immunosuppressive therapy in the comprehensive role. Prospective study of CsA combined method of traditional programs (prednisone danazol (18 patients) and single-traditional program (26 patients) in treating Coombs test positive AIHA and Evans syndrome. Results CsA group was valid for 3 months 94.4%, the average onset time of 19.9d, complete remission rate was 88.9%, of which long-term follow-up of 12 patients only 1 recurrence within 1 year (recurrence rate 3.3%), 2 years, 2 cases of recurrence (recurrence rate (16.7% ), 3-year recurrence rate is still 16.7%; while the traditional scheme valid for 3 months was 92%, the average onset time of 23.2d, complete remission rate was 100%. two groups is efficient, no difference between the average onset time significant, and complete remission rate of CsA was significantly higher than the traditional program group, the recurrence rate within 3 years was significantly lower than traditional programs CsA group. Conclusion integrated with CsA immunosuppression in the treatment of AIHA and Evans syndrome can improve and consolidate for lack of efficacy . Number of pages: 3 page range :581-583 Key words: cyclosporin A Evans syndrome, autoimmune hemolytic anemia therapy subject classification: R556.62 [medicine, HEALTH "within SCIENCES" blood and lymphatic Department of Diseases> Anemia> Hemolytic Anemia> acquired hemolytic anemia] Related Articles: Topics related references (6) citations (9) coupled literature (166)
autoimmune hemolytic anemia associated

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Home> Experts> Content Document Name: and autoimmune hemolytic anemia and related genes expression in the prokaryotes in the Preface: In this paper, the immune plaque in situ hybridization to AIHA serum as a probe, cDNA from human spleen library was screened with autoimmune hemolytic anemia (autoimmune hemolytic anemia, AIHA) genes. Found that CD59 gene and U1 70kd genes have corresponding relations with AIHA, and the number of CD59 gene in patients 3 and exon 4 were sequenced. But did not find any mutations, suggesting that patients with CD59 antibody produced in vivo, thus affecting the function of CD59 on cell protection. This addition to the signal peptide part of the cloned outside the CD59 cDNA, and the use of E. coli expression vector pET28b () expression of recombinant human CD59 (rhCD59). We isolated and purified rhCD59, also made a preliminary study of its biological activity, the results show that the rhCD59 good immunogenicity and can protect cells from complement-mediated cytolysis role. This is further explored in the clinical application of rhCD59 laid a good foundation. Corynebacterium grow faster because, without endotoxin, no extracellular protease, it will not form inclusion bodies, the products easily separated and purified, so the expression of Corynebacterium medical rhCD59 meaningful. This expression vector in the building process of Corynebacterium isolated a new Corynebacterium plasmid pXZ608. The vector length of 5949 bp, GC content of 57%, 6 more than 300 bp in the open .
The genes related wit
h autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) were identified with the probe of AIHA patient serum by plaque hybridization in situ. It was demonstrated that CD59 gene and U1 70 kd gene are related with AIHA. Subsequently the sequences of Exon3 and Exon4 of CD59 genes from AIHA patients were determined, but there is not any mutation detected. It mentioned that there must be some antibodies against CD59's protection of cells from the complement. CD59 cDNA (not including the sequence encoding . Document Name and autoimmune hemolytic Anemia and related genes expression in the prokaryotes Article Name
English (English) Translation Lei Chengxiang; Instructor: Zheng Zhaoxin; Author Author
Author Agencies Fudan University; Document Source
Article From Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy; Materials Physics and Chemistry (Professional) PhD thesis in 2000 Keywords autoimmune hemolytic anemia; CD59; gene expression; Corynebacterium; pXZ608; KeywordsAIHA, CD59, GENE EXPRESSION, CORYNEBACTERIA, pXZ608;
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