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aplastic anemia myelodysplastic

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aplastic anemia myelodysplastic

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Wechsler Hospital of Henan Zhoukou: Henan Province, the new rural cooperative medical district designated hospitals; Henan Province, the municipal basic medical insurance for urban workers, medical units. The new rural district in Henan Province . Integrative Medicine co-impaired regeneration of a multiple blood disease . the difficult . More News founder president of the hospital introduced Wei Wei Ruqing starting from the twentieth century, the sixties, in the long-term clinical practice explore the formation of a "heat, cooling blood, blood, stop bleeding" as the unique blood disease treatment. 1985, he has jacob Hospital in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhongshan Hospital, Department of Hematology of any director. Founded in 1994, to Zhoukou Zhoukou Wilcoxon hospitals, homes built more than a decade, the cure of blood diseases . [more] In the media men in his wife confirmed aplastic anemia . deficiency does not mean do not blindly . aplastic Conventional treatment of anemia . regeneration clinical diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia Aplastic anemia . TCM . "Lei Feng successor" to see renewable barrier . On the treatment of aplastic anemia symptoms treatment of test characteristics of bone marrow transplantation into detoxification method Zhoukou first hand . can cure myelodysplastic . cause aplastic anemia and aplastic anemia Pro . myelodysplastic syndrome type myelodysplastic syndrome .
Analysis of myelodysplastic disease:
Myelodysplastic hematopoietic stem cells is currently considered to be caused by abnormal proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic dysfunction. Mainly as peripheral blood pancytopenia, bone marrow cell proliferation, mature and immature cells that form abnormal dysplasia. Some patients experience after a certain period of MDS transformed into acute leukemia; part due to infection, bleeding or other causes, the course does not always translate into acute leukemia.
Myelodysplastic opinions and suggestions:
Current clinical diagnosis of western medicine is generally based on the Differential Diagnosis and Treatment. MDS-RA, RAS two types of common deficiency of qi and blood, Qi and Yin Deficiency, spleen and kidney yang; RAEB is more common in liver and kidney; RAEB-T model is more bleeding will be found in phlegm and blood stasis syndrome. Therefore, treatment should be different clinical manifestations and different stages.
Myelodysplastic life care:
Usually can eat eggs, fresh fish Denghai products, and increasing physical activity, increase body resistance.
Proposed Yichi blood food, introduce you to the following:
l) Fowl Meat: Silky Fowl meat is the meat of animals Phasianidae, that Ukraine chicken. Wu chicken sweet nature, with blood Yi Yin, fever Chufan effect. For Consumption Gu Zheng, frail, night sweats, body tired eat less, Diabetes throat, and muscle wasting five upset hot blood, such as yin deficiency less by dense heat of the card. Wuji into the blood to regulate menstruation, gynecological medicine. Consumption may be due to irregular menstruation women tyranny, Yaoxisuanruan and other diseases.
2) Longan: longan Sapindaceae plants. Mature longan flesh, that is, longan flesh. Longan flesh of sweet, non-toxic, is considered tonic since ancient times. Heart with replenishing, nourishing and sedative effect. Longan tonic effect for Heart and Heart and eat less due to the second virtual body fatigue, dizziness, weakness and other various cards. Nourishing and soothe the nerves of the power applies startled flustered, distressed, disturbed sleep soundly the night, insomnia, mental depression and forgetfulness.
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