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adult langerhans cell histiocytosis

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Islet cell proliferation
Patients Sex: Male
Age: 52 years
All symptoms: low blood sugar, coma, convulsions.
Onset time and reason: May 2007 suddenly collapsed convulsions.
Treatment: The March 2009 at the Atlanta hospital to do a pancreatic tail resection, postoperative coma and convulsions often still.
Want to get help: ask the experts how to treat.
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Condition analysis:
Depending on your circumstances described pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia is characterized by insulin secretion of pancreatic duct epithelial cells showed diffuse processes and these cells in the pancreas micro-adenoma, islet cell proliferation caused by low blood glucose starvation is rare in infants, even in the adult rare.
This treatment is rarely surgical treatment are generally considered the specific treatment should be based on your specific conditions and detailed analysis of their own development programs I hope for your help
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adult langerhans cell histiocytosis

1. Insulinomas pathological type of the relationship between insulin release index Didier Qinying Fen Huang Xian Zhou Jia Jing Luo Zuojie
Guangxi Medical Research 11 31 2009
Keywords: Insulinoma; insulin release index; malignant insulinoma;
Abstract: Objective tumor pathological types of insulin and insulin release index relationships to improve the clinical diagnosis of insulinoma. Methods A retrospective analysis of 32 cases clinical data of patients with insulinoma. Results of 18 cases of benign insulinoma, malignant pancreatic . 2. Adult diffuse islet cell hyperplasi
a Ting-Ting Chen
Medical College of Shandong 31, 2009 Volume 05
Key words: insulin; low blood sugar; adult islet cell hyperplasia;
Abstract: 1 Introduction continued organic high insulin hypoglycemia (PHH) is occurring in newborns and adults, a pancreatic endocrine disease. PHH often occurs in newborns of non-tumor caused by defects in β cell function and . 3. Insulinoma diagnosis and treatment of 54 cases of bovine Seagull
Zhengzhou University (Medical Sciences) 43, 2008 Volume 05
Keywords: Insulinoma; islet cell proliferation; diagnosis;
Abstract: Insulinoma is a tumor derived from the islet B cells, with a strong independent secretion of insulin function, decrease of blood glucose lead to the clinical autonomic symptoms of over-excited and nervous symptoms of hypoglycemia and its main performance [1]. Of nearly 2 . 4. nodular hyperplasia of islet cells with a case of hypokalemia and hypoglycemia Huagao Xin Bian Tan Yun Shan
Endocrinology and Metabolism 22, 2006, Volume 03
Key words: islet cell proliferation; hypoglycemia; hypokalemia;
Abstract: The case of repeated hypoglycemia, hypokalemia, diarrhea-free islet cells of female patients with nodular hyperplasia of pancreatic body and tail resection, after resection of pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia, the patient's blood sugar and serum potassium levels return to normal .5. islet cell hyperplasia in the diagnosis and treatment (1 case) Haitao Jiang Ping Wu Jianping Lu Shichun Yan Lunan
Of Bases and Clinics Volume 10 05 2003
Keywords: pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia; insulin; subtotal resection of the pancreas;
Abstract: Objective To summarize the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia of experience to explore the extent of surgery and the surgery. Methods The subjects were treated 1 case of pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia of the data and the analysis of literature. Results of the first-line pancreatic patients the end of resection, intraoperative . 6. islet cell tumor and islet cell hyperplasia MRI (7 cases) package Qiang Wang Zhen Lin Mei Lin Mengguang Yan Gang Seoul
Fujian Journal of Medicine Volume 06 24 2002
Key words: islet cell tumor; islet cell proliferation; magnetic resonance imaging;
Abstract: Objective islet cell tumor and islet cell hyperplasia and enhanced the image plain. Methods confirmed by surgery and pathology of islet cell tumor in 6 cases (including multiple 3 cases), islet cell hyperplasia in 1 case of MRI images characteristics, and with B-. 7. islet cell hyperplasia in children with surgical treatment of Li Guisheng Kalun Tse Cheng Jun Liu
Journal of Pediatric Surgery Volume 06 22 2001
Keywords: pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia; neonatal diseases and abnormalities; surgery;
Abstract: Objective rare islet cell hyperplasia in children diagnosis and surgical treatment elements. 10 years admitted to our hospital were collected 4 cases of children with data from the symptoms, blood glucose, insulin and their ratio, surgical technique, postoperative monitoring, etc. analysis. Results . 8. 1 case of islet cell proliferation Report Cheng Jinxia
Medical Innovation in China Volume 7 24 2010
Key words: islet cell proliferation; postprandial hypoglycemia;
Abstract: a case report patient, male, 64 years old, because of "repeated episodes of palpitation, cold sweat 4 months" treatment. Mostly episode 3 ~ 4 h after the meal, even when the infusion of glucose still attack, attack, blood glucose 1.5 ~ 2.25 . recorded a total of 8 1 / 1 Page 93 [1] 4:
I'll try translate a summary of this interesting case:
We report a rare case of pancreatic islet cell hyperplasia, α cell hyperplasia, with micro-glucagon tumor and non-functional islet cell tumors. Review the patient's clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up cases of pancreatic pathology. Patients 60 years old, accidentally discovered pancreatic mass, with glucagon levels
were significantly increased, but no glucagon performance tumor syndrome. First diagnosis is glucagon tumor, and had the tumor removed. Pathological examination proved that the tumor is non-functional islet cell tumor, and surgical margins appeared in islet cell hyperplasia, α cell proliferation and tumor micro-glucagon. Patients after glucagon levels remain high, and receive treatment to inhibit the somatostatin analogues of glucagon levels. 36 months after surgery, the pancreas no tumor recurrence. This case is reported in the English literature 3 cases of α cell hyperplasia. Α islet cell hyperplasia and cell proliferation factors must be the same high glycemic hyperinsulinemia differential diagnosis. Α somatostatin analogs can be used to inhibit the proliferation of glucagon secretion.
("In the apparently normal surgical margin" how to translate? Otherwise inappropriate translation, please correct me teachers. Thank you!)
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